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Starr's Library of Curiosity

Discussion in 'Character Database' started by Red Starr, Dec 21, 2011.

  1. ~Raiden Version 23
    Appears in: Quirenyun's Imprinted~ Heaven's Auxiliary
    -* Quirenyun's Divide~ Phantom Convergence
    Character Color: #074C57 Raiden Pthalo
    Theme: [Temp Theme] Raiden Version 23 Theme~ "Come Together"

    Name: Raiden Version 23, Also later known as Takashouha Raiden
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male


    Personality: At first glance, Raiden seems to be a genuine blunt brute that does not hesitate in pointing out something that may conflict with his interest and ideals. Generally respectful, intelligent, and at times sarcastic, it may look as though he does not have any knowledge of fun. He doesn’t. However, his willingness to attempt new things and an overall iron-willed attitude towards situations seem to allow him to adapt to anything quite well. However, Raiden does have some problems regarding his social skills at times, causing him to sometimes miss social gestures and cues.

    Despite being new to Mantua, he seems to portray a sense of security in his surroundings which manifests in him being headstrong, confident, and assertive to what he wants or does. He is a natural calculating man and isn't the one who likes to improvise without making proper arrangements to plan out his actions beforehand. Behind that, he does have some moments of tenderness of sorts; that being understanding, a great listener, and empathetic. Though he restricts such traits a lot out of a backhand survival mentality.

    --Heightened Senses: Raiden’s senses are finely sharp in terms of intensity. His mind and body can sense slick and soft movements from afar to sensing the mood itself with ease. This causes Raiden to usually be in a highly alert state.
    -- Adaptability:The result of Raiden's abnormal psychological/physiological mental form. He is a quick learner and very attentive, and because of such advantages he could even mimic abilities with practice. This ability, some of his friends predict, may give way to the first natural manifestation of a limited Crebrimpery.

    --Vectors: Psychokinetic limbs also known as Vectors are a weapon of choice. These limbs are created by a vast, compressed series of psychokinetic frequencies and can be manipulated by will to go from tangible to intangible states at any given moment. On command, Raiden can manifest up to 9 vectors, but only has control of 3 in present time.

    --Sacred Lightning: As the result of fusing with a gatekeeper Hyphura, Raiden has complete control of what can be called "Sacred Lightning." This heavily magical "property" of sorts is [most of the time] used as a defensive mechanism for Raiden, allowing him to create and scribe seals. In addition, the Diclonius can also command natural lightning from his surroundings and create it as well. Some of his Sacred Lightning techniques range from creating capture seals and isolation seals to much more complex magic such as body takeover techniques and auto-aim barrages. Though those are his well-known techniques, he is the kind of person known to expand his abilities very often and secretly.

    --Socom Handgun: As required in his unit, he must carry around a very hefty Socom tactical handgun for defensive purposes only.
    --Bowie Knife: A slick, sharp tactical knife capable of tearing flesh with one powerful swipe at a target. Although his vectors can be manipulated to be just as sharp as his bowie, Raiden keeps this strapped to his leg for any emergency use.
    --Vectors: At will, his psychokinetic limbs can change into deadly sharpened “javelins” , piercing arcs, and can be split into individual strands of vibrational frequencies that can impact a target from as far as 9 meters away.

    Combat Style:
    Raiden’s combat style is a mix between true physical and precise striking using his slight knowledge of Mantuanese combat style and speedy strikes from his Vectors. Although his tastes and effectiveness are in short-ranged combat, he seems to do just as fine with long-ranged attacks. Although with long-range fighting, he tends to attempt to close in the space between his targets using his vector.
    History: To be revealed in RP
    --Raiden is a very heavy sleeper.  
    --Takashouha, the last name he'll eventually adopt, is a Greno-Mantuanese word meaning "Honorable Spirit Man."
    --Although he was one of the weaker Diclonii in GARNET, he was considered one of the most intelligent of his kind. His mental capabilities enable him to solve problems quickly, learn dialects, and even reverse engineer items. Raiden is a highly-adaptive being, capable of very impressive feats and flexible in any situation or battle. The result of such mind power grants him the ability to "morph" his vectors and even split his psychokinetic frequencies into individual strands that can be very useful and lethal.
  2. ~Ikan Su Lange
    Appears In: Quirenyun's Imprinted~ Heaven's Auxiliary
    -*Quirenyun's Divide~ Phantom Convergence
    Character Color: #478F3F Ikan Jade
    Theme: N/A

    Name: Ikan Su Lange
    Age: 22
    Race: Sky Serpent/Grenian

    Less "Girly" version: http://puu.sh/1coWf

     Personality: Ikan Su Lange, or more known as Ika has a grand reputation for being a totally unreliable Sky Serpent  when it comes to the most daunting tasks. His hapless behavior and tendencies to overreact whenever failure arises gives way to his well-known childish charisma and difficulty upholding tasks of any kind. However, Ikan is usually found in a very good mood overall-- Seeming very respectful to anyone and not short on compliments, especially to pretty young women (Whom he is almost pitifully manipulated by almost every day) Very outgoing and almost “wise” in a sense, Ikan can be seen as a young ecstatic man who despite of his inability to do things normally, can give deep and meaningful advice.

     --Serpent Speed: Although being a second generation Sky Serpent, Ikan can move quite fluidly and execute speedy strikes.
     --Air Frequency Sensing: Ikan can accurately sense wind direction to direct movement from miles away in less than 5 seconds. Although because of Ikan himself…he somehow automatically uses this ability to either sense the scent of good food, or pretty women.

     --Eonimpery:Controling the energy of Mantua called Eon, Ikan can manipulate it into small and powerful blasts or his signature Eon weapon- The Eon Whiplash.
     --Sky Serpentry:Due to his highly-dominant “Eon Gene”, Ikan can shift into an emerald-scaled Sky Serpent.

    --Stick: Yes, he prefers to use a plain stick rather than his bowie knife.
     --Bowie Knife: A very sharp-ended large knife strapped onto his middle thigh for protection. Despite the fact that this knife is more effective in combat and compatible with the usage of Eon, Ikan mostly forgets about this piece of weaponry.

     Combat Style: Although he was once a Quirenyunese militant, Ikan’s usual methods of combat is run and strike when threatened. His hapless behavior makes it very hard for him to even withstand the stresses of combat, often leading him to running off in fear or even soiling himself.

     History: Ikan Su Lange was once a successful Quirenyunese soldier and an ex- Grenian defective whom with a legendary group took down the Grenian occupation of T’sen Qi Ren Island. Ikan was  a gifted tech specialist and sharpshooter and gained the reputation and nickname of "Pauion-ho xin T'sekai" or "Luck's only Master." due to his amazing luck with women and with "blind shots". During the Qi-Su Pao incident, he was brutally shot and injured on his thigh while he was standing and scouting near the edge of a marine  cliff and eventually fell 50 feet to his supposed watery doom. But after a few hours, he had been found drifting past the coast of T’eski Naga in the Mein’Gung continental country of Straristria` and was eventually sent back to Quirenyun where he belonged. Upon arrival, he awoke and suddenly began to talk incoherently, which finally arose suspicions of a possible defect in him.

    After three months in the militant hospital of his old base, doctors had a discussion with Ikan’s superior telling her that Ikan was no longer fit for battle as he had gone through a very dramatic personality change and traumatic injuries which left him incapable of performing precise movements and balance. The very next day, Ikan was retired and was sent to Zhennka Shi  to serve as a messenger.

    . Although he is considered a weakling, Ikan does have some brief moments of strength.
    . Ikan is colorblind, but can still identify people in a detailed way.
    .He has been known to suffocate enemies through his air frequency manipulation and create continuous and infinite strikes via Eon during combat.
    . Ikan is arguably the greatest gunman known to Quirenyun
  3. ~Vale Scarletburn
    Appears In: Cult of Ustream/ The Grenian Conspiracy
    Character Color: #AB0000 Vale Crimson
    Theme: Vale Scarletburn Theme~ "Time"

    Cult of Ustream Profile [Original]

    Name: Valen E. Scarletburn
    Age: 24
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human

    Appearance: Under his 'abomination form', Vale possess his signature coal-black hair and scarlet red eyes. His slim-built body and long legs allow him to run more quickly and effectively, which are traits actual Southern people retain- making everyone think he is a pure Southern man. Vale always has a very unemotional face and mysterious eyes, a gaze which can sometimes intimidate his enemies. But in his normal form, Vale- opposed to being usually pale, is a bit more darker with true blonde hair and prussian blue eyes. Usually in this form, his emotions- or rather, his facial expression is ever changing. Vale's usual attire is a black suit with a white base shirt, a black or red tie, and black dress shoes. 

    Personality: From his days as Codename: Five, Vale showed to be a very twisted and cynical man. Often times playing mindgames with his victims just before ending their lives. Towards people he knows, hes quite respectful however. He never tries to lower someone bellow him, but even with that careful consideration he still treats mostly everyone indifferently. Sometimes- in rare /rare/ occasions, he can be slightly joke-like and a tad childish. That side of him has only been shown towards his fellow partner Four and the girl of his eye, Gaga.

    ~ Combat ~

    Fighting Style: Vale's primary way of fighting is long ranged. By using his trusted weapons, he usually puts up a good fight from afar as he is one hell of a sharp shooter. If he cannot fight from afar, he usually compromises that with his incredible fist strength which comes with his pretty good close quarters combat.

    --Nosii Energy Manipulation: Vale's most primary energy source comes from Nosii-  or Void energy. He can use this energy to conjure up his deadly assault weapons and other items.
    --Cryoimpery: This ability comes from Oikeus himself, being the god who controls the cold. Vale never uses this ability as it's not so compatible with his body.

    --- Angelic Speed: Being the son of an angelic, Vale was gifted with the ability to speed up into incredible speeds. His body is perfectly built for acceleration: Long legs, enlarged heart, enlarged lungs, and quick wit. Vale's slim body shows it.


    --- Desert Eagle: A nice, strong piece of weaponry Vale creates almost every time he fights. This weapon has a powerful rep of having a fast trigger and strong recoil power.

    Strengths: The thrill of battle is what gives Vale the strength to keep battling. His morale is very hard to break (See: Fight against Ziolang), however, it is said that if direct sunlight is hitting him, his strength is magnified.

    Weaknesses: One big and effective weakness Vale has is simply Divine energy. His body does not react well when in contact with it.

    ~ Other ~

    History: Being told soon on main RP thread.

    Relations: Coming soon.

    Quotes: "It's mercy, compassion, and forgiveness I lack. Not rationality."

    Trivia: none

    General Archiving Profile [Detailed and Revised]
    Name: Valen Ellison Scarletburn
    Age: 24
    Gender: Male
    Species: Human/Angelic
    Interstellar-nationality: Syselsumoian

    Appearance: Under his 'abomination form', Vale possess his signature coal-black hair and scarlet red eyes. His slim-built body and long legs allow him to run more quickly and effectively, which are traits actual Southern people retain- making everyone think he is a pure Southern man. Vale always has a very unemotional face and mysterious eyes, a gaze which can sometimes intimidate his enemies. But in his normal form, Vale- opposed to being usually pale, is a bit more darker with dirty blonde hair and prussian blue eyes. Usually in this form, his emotions- or rather, his facial expression is ever changing. Vale's usual attire is a black suit with a white base shirt, a black or red tie, and black dress shoes.

    Personality: From his days as Codename: Five, Vale showed to be a very twisted and cynical man. Often times playing mindgames with his victims just before ending their lives. Towards people he knows, hes quite respectful however. He never tries to lower someone bellow him, but even with that careful consideration he still treats mostly everyone indifferently. Sometimes- in rare /rare/ occasions, he can be slightly joke-like and a tad childish. That side of him has only been shown towards his fellow partner Four and the girl of his eye, Gaga.

    Physiological Advantages:

    --Slim body structure that is an indicating staple of the Angelic race. Vale retains a very slim yet built figure that aids him in moving at a much lighter pace.

    --Enlarged heart and lungs that allow his body to be more efficient at oxygen intake. All Angelics retain this quality in order to be able to fly at incredible speeds. Since Vale has no wings, though, this physiological advantage is what allows him to endure long periods of rapid mobility and focus.


    --Iritimpery:Vale's most primary energy source comes from Nosii- or Void energy. He can use this energy to conjure up his deadly assault weapons and other items.

    --Cryoimpery: This ability comes from Oikeus himself, being the god who controls the cold. Vale never uses this ability as it's not so compatible with his body.

    Fighting style and preferences:

    Like any swift minded gunslinger, Vale prefers to keep his enemies at a decent distance to allow him for more safer attacks utilizing his guns. His usual strategy is to always slow down an enemy by hitting their weak points using his curved bullets. By doing so he can barrage attack once the enemy reaches a point where it can no longer run off or create unnecessary distance.

    When things do not go as planned, Vale is a great improvisor.

    Equipment and Weaponry:

    --- Desert Eagle: A nice, strong piece of weaponry Vale creates almost every time he fights. This weapon has a powerful rep of having a fast trigger and strong recoil power.

    --Other than his Desert Eagle, Vale specializes in creating automatic weapons such as guns, and occasionally other things.

    Brief History: Born approximately 11 years after the failed rebellion of Causica, Vale is the youngest and second born male child of Arias Errin and Helena. Vale grew up without any knowledge of his father and barely any memories of his mother after she abandoned him. He always struggled with the inner beast named Oikeus that often demanded sacrifices and killings to keep them alive. Pitted against an otherwise deity-like force and his mother, he was forced under circumstances to live alone in the deep polar regions of the southern Syelsumoi hemisphere. At the age of 8 he was fully capable of surviving on his own and in the wild up to the point where he even began acting like an animal. However, at the age of 11 he was picked up by a group of polar fishermen and taken to a town near the heart of the Croi island to be assimilated into a government-run orphanage.

    Within that orphanage his life changed. He unknowingly met what would be his future associates and partners, Three and Four (Klaus Nortigren and Emma Isokoski). During his time there he formed an unbreakable bond between four and himself and a very light-hearted friendship with three. Unfortunately at the age of 12 his friend three betrayed him, and out of rage the young boy destroyed the orphanage and went into hiding once again until the authorities caught up to him and imprisoned him for the next 5 ½ years.

    Once he turned 17 he was finally bailed out by none other than the Empress of Syelsumoia, Magda Roseasillmillaan (Zero). Confused to as why he was, Magda integrated Vale into the Syelsumoian variant of the *Sadistic Seven to serve as a private group dedicated into equalizing the Northern and Southern frontiers and killing off any political or wealthy figures who are a danger. After that, Vale would find himself within a life changing path that ultimately would send him to a different planet entirely: Euthora.

    In QI Canon, Vale is instead sent to Causica along with Gaga and Emma to spark the stories “The Grenian Conspiracy: Rose within the Fire.” and “The Grenian Conspiracy: Nonexistent Frequency.”

    Trivia and Miscellaneous Things:

    -- This character was once a CoU exclusive, but has now been included within the alternate reality that is QI Canon. The only factor that sends him to either to Euthora or Causica is simply this: In CoU Canon, Vale did not enter the Celestial Library Tower with Gaga and instructs her to “prod anywhere and run”, which sends Gaga to Euthora shortly before Vale and his group enter the tower for themselves. The factor that sends the duo to Causica is simply when Vale forcibly takes Gaga in a panic into the library and selects the farthest point in the Celestial Panel, unknowingly tapping a never before seen area of the usual Celestial Panel which showed Causica as the only visible planet there.

    --Vale is the only sibling of Emriesk’s. He knows of his existence but could care less of his older brother’s whereabouts.

    --He can use both his hands equally, making for a very remarkable gunman.

    --In reality, if it weren’t for Oikeus, Vale wouldn’t be alive at all. He is a walking corpse, so to say, but is still able to reproduce. The reason as to why he is a walking corpse is because he was a stillborn shortly before being infused with Oikeus.

    --Vale ironically shares the same birthday as his father.
  4. ~Emriesk Errin
    Appears In: *Quirenyun's Divide~ Phantom Convergence
    *The Grenian Conspiracy~ Bloodline Purity
    *The Grenian Conspiracy~ Non-Existent Frequency
    Character Color: #27477A Emri Azure

  5. ~Ikane Karoseike
    Appears In: None as of now.
    Character Color: #D63504 Ikane Pumpkin
    Theme: [placeholder]

    Name: Ikane Karoseike [Axis Form]
    Gender: Female
    Age: 22
    Level: 7
    Progress: --/--
    Appearance: Considerably tall with piercing orange eyes, flowing black hair with bangs covering her entire forehead, and slightly pale. She wears an open black jacket that reaches down to her knees, a crimson scarf covering her black shirt, and black combat boots. For axis form, her cyan bandana that is normally hidden in her pockets covers her eyes as her shirt is completely gone; a long wrapped bandage is the only thing keeping her covered.  Unfinished Doodle of her:

    Profession: Momentum Decapitator: Using her skills in swordsmanship and her connection to the Axis Blades, this profession thrives with the thrill of battle and the adrenaline that comes with it. With each hit, a Momentum Decapitator improves their skill exponentially. [*Dual Wield] [*Blade Runner] [Basic Attack- ATK] 

    *Dual Wield: User acquires additional Weapon slot in their Equipment. User may wield two one-handed weapons or one two-handed weapon. When wielding two Weapons, the user’s second hit of a Basic Attack has its damage output reduced by 20%. Additionally, the user receives a Defensive Stat penalty.
    *Blade Runner: User can execute a movement action after each attack that is executed properly.

    --Axis Blade Hevestan’r: A brilliant white-coated katana blade with a slick god’s steel finish and a layer of eerie spirit energy covering it’s surface. [+2 ATK]
    --Axis Blade Konkild’r: Dark as the deepest voids, this hefty black katana blade phases in and out of existence. Some say its made out of Saezerite and various metals, but it seems to be out of this world…. [+2 ATK]
    Armor: Coal Gunner Jacket: A heavy black jacket capable of softening blows. [+1 DEF / +2 SPR]
    Accessory: Cyan Bandana: Now worn to cover her eyes, this torn bandana’s glow pulses each time Ikane breathes. [+10 Max MP / +1 ATK]

    A-Ability: Konkild’r and Hevestan’r

    + Chromatic Storm: Lifting up Hevestan’r, Ikane allows a rush of spiritual energy to dash up to the tip of the blade, then slashes. Upon doing so, the wave of energy breaks apart, causing a rain of shards. 70% ATK damage per hit. 3 hits total. Chance of splash effect at surrounding cells. Range: 3 cells. Element: Neutral. MP: 10

    + Metallic Resonance: When clashing her dual Axis Blades together, each blade releases a unique and downright painful sound frequency. 120% ATK damage. Lowers target’s defense by 25% for 3 turns. No stack. Range: 2 cells. Element: Neutral. MP: 9.

    +Pride of the Essence Devourer: Gliding the surface of Konkild’r on her tattoo’d hand, the Axis Blade’s glow intensifies. Ikane’s blood veins become more visible with a pulsing glow of blue. All Basic Attacks and attacking A-Skills have an Added Effect: Consumption. Lasts 3 turns. Range: Self. Element: Neutral. MP: 10

    *Consumption: Afflicted takes 30% Piercing Atk Damage (of the Caster’s Atk) every Turn. Absorbs Damage as MP to the Caster. Default Duration: 3 Turns.

    +Hyper Observation:A trait of a warrior; Ikane uses her ability to focus on her enemy’s movements in order to pinpoint their attack’s direction and studies their movements for any possible ways to keep herself above and beyond in battle. User receives 10% Evasion boost for 3 turns and 5% Critical boost for the same amount of turns. If Consumption has been afflicted to an enemy during the duration of this skill, the Critical boost is bumped to 10%. Stack Limit: 2. No Damage. Range: Self. Element: Neutral. MP: 8

    +Swift Uppercut: Konkild’r is thrusted forward at the enemy as Ikane moves her beloved Axis Blade upward for a violent uppercut. After striking, Ikane twirls Konkild’r and hits the enemy with the blunt surface of the blade’s handle. 140% ATK Damage. Knockback: 3 cells. Range: 2 cells. Element: Neutral. MP: 12

    R-Ability: Brave Sword, Braver Soul: Whenever Blade Runner triggers, the user can execute a free Basic Attack combo on a target within range.

    S-Ability: Iron will: Cannot be prevented from moving or acting by any means

    E-Trigger: Risks of Consuming: When Consumption is inflicted, an additional 30% damage is added that will also convert into MP for Ikane. All skills that do not have a chance of the effect will gain it, and if they do, increases their Chance Modifier by 1.

    X-Ability: --Rein of the Twin-Dimensional Decapitators: “My Axis blades can bend the fabrics of space and time; they are part of me, and I am their master...their leader in their macabre endeavours.” Konkild’r and Hevestan’r suddenly expand and morph into two scythe-like weapons. Ikane’s cyan bandana and her tattooed arm begins to glow a malicious hue of midnight purple as the two blades handles begin to emit a dangerous flow of energy. With a grunt, she dashes on forward while a massive barrage of energy begins to pierce and detain the victim in a deadly trap. 4 Hits, 50% Piercing Atk Damage. User may redirect the hits to any targets within range. Extremely High Chance of Stasis for initial target. Chance of Slow and Consumption. Range: 4 Cells.

    ~ Statistics ~

    HP: 55
    MP: 40 (Cyan Bandana +10)
    Atk: 8 (Hevestan’r +2)(Konkild’r +2)(Cyan Bandana +1)
    Def: 4 (Coal Gunner Jacket +1)(Dual Wield -1)
    Int: 2
    Spr: 4 (Coal Gunner Jacket +2)(Dual Wield -1)
    Critical: 8% (Level 7)
    Evasion: 6% (Level 7)
    Movement: 2 Cells (Momentum Decapitator +2)
    X Gauge: 0/10

    Skill Points:
    Upgrade Points:
  6. ~Sashna Karoseike
    Appears In: Cult of Ustream
    Character Color: #D64418 Sashna Mandarin
    Theme: [placeholder]

    Name: Sashna Karoseike
    Gender: Female
    Age: 11
    Level: 7
    Progress: --/--
    Appearance: Small, thin frame with glossy deep orange eyes and black hair neatly tied into two buns by white ribbons. She tends to wear white whenever possible, which explains why she only wears a white dress everywhere. Since she is an underaged child, Sashna wears a dark orange colored glove with a clear white crystal attached in the middle; this is where most of the young ones in her clan channel their energy and can find it more easy to manipulate when needed. Like her older sister, she wears a long and flowy scarf that is also orange and white earmuffs

    Profession:Fortune Sewer: “The forces bend to my wills and bind to my own amusement!” The one who claims this profession is extremely experienced in handling Matrix Threads; or energy channeled into fine lines, to their liking and using them for their own advantage. [*Sensitivities] [Basic Attack- INT]

    *Sensitivities: Increases the Weakness Modifier by 25% for all the User's Basic Attacks or Abilities which trigger an Elemental Weakness of an Enemy.

    Weapon: Piercing Thimbles: Sewing needles attached to her fingertips in a slightly fashionable way. One can conjure up raw energy threads, create barriers or binds, or even pierce enemies to extract what’s needed. [+3 INT]
    Armor: White Dress: Free flowing to facilitate movement. This dress is her all-time favorite because she sewed it up herself. [+2 Spr/ +1 Def]
    Accessory: Gem Glove: An orange colored glove with a see-through crystal attached to it for energy channeling and absorbing. [+10 MP/ +1 INT]

    A-Ability: The Art of Fine Lines

     +Stamping Thread: “Mana has many surprises. Isn’t it fun that I can discover them all to my liking?” Sashna materializes a clear Matrix Thread and allows it to mix in with her other threads whenever she wants. When Sashna wishes to give an effect to an attack, the clear thread will adapt. All skills and basic attacks that do not have any established elements will gain one of the following elements: Fire, Ice, Thunder. The user may freely choose which element to implement. Duration is 3 turns. Only 1 Element may be in effect at a time. Range: Self or 3 Cells. Element: Neutral. MP: 8

    +Hirann, The Scarlet Binding: Sashna manifests the red Matrix Thread, Hirann, and allows it to thicken. The compressed fire energy bursts open into 4 individual streams of fire only connected by a single finger of the young girl. 50% INT damage per hit. Damage Persist for 3 Turns. Chance of *Entanglement. Range: 2 cells. Element: Fire. MP: 8

    *Entanglement: Target is unable to execute a move command as long as the inflictor is within a 2 cell range.

    +Sharp Ends: Using a thread as a whip, Sashna manipulates its shape to resemble a chain of sharp points much like the ones seen on chainsaws. 150% INT Damage. Chance of *Sensitive Wound. Range: 2 cells. Element: Neutral. MP: 13

    *Sensitive Wound: An affliction that causes the afflicted’s allies to receive 25% of their executed damage (excludes X-Abilities) back when they attack the inflictor. Default Duration: 2 turns.

    +”Like a rocket.”: Sashna manifests threads in each of her fingers, then by the power of the gem glove she amplifies their power and puts her hands back. The power releasing from each of her fingertips shoots and propels her forward. She then follows this with an impressive combo attack. 130% INT damage. Grants user one free Basic Attack to accompany the skill. Overall damage done gets an additional 5% additional damage output if Stamping Thread is in effect. Range: 3 cells. Element: Neutral. MP: 14

    +White Sun Pierce: Taking a breath, Sashna allows the mana within her body to centralize to one point: her gem glove. She whispers to herself “Ka zhenn cuitsu.” and allows her thimble needles to expand and channel out the energy within the glove. Sashna then dashes to the target and goes for a piercing abdominal blow. 130% INT damage. User gains 5% MP restoration every time the skill is used. No Stack. Range: 4 cells. Element: Neutral. MP: 11

    R-Ability: Distance Planning: If attacked, the user has a chance to counter for 120% Int Damage, with a maximum range of 3 Cells. Countering Element is affected by Stamping Thread. Chance of countering is set at 30%, and increases by 10% for every cell closer the attacker is to her.

    S-Ability: Pinpoints: The User’s Elemental Basic Attacks or Abilities will decrease the target’s Elemental Resistance by that Element by 10% as an Added Effect. Cap: -30%.

    E-Trigger: Thread Imprint: Sets an Element Vulnerability for 3 Turns according to the current Element of the User’s Stamping Thread. Range: All Enemies. 5 X-Levels.

    X-Ability: --The Binds of Life, tampered: After keeping a close eye on the enemy throughout the battle, young Sashna pinpoints the exact location of the thread that the goddess of life, Areonie, gives to every living being to sustain and keep them alive. With her light step, she dashes forward and propels herself in the air, flipping over the target. Faster than a blink of the eye, Sashna rapidly taps 4 different points of the target’s back,3 on the back, then at the fourth tap, targets the back of the neck where upon pulling out her finger, she extracts the life thread. Sashna narrows her eyes as she leaps away from the target, then commanding all her Matrix Threads to manifest and ‘invade’ the life thread. The result of which each individual Matrix Thread begins to slowly but painfully corrupt the target’s mind, body, and soul by Sashna’s heavy channeling of her energies. 250% piercing INT damage. User goes through a period of Cooldown, to which her movement is restricted to 1 for 3 turns (cannot be alleviated through normal means).

    ~ Statistics ~

    HP: 40
    MP: 50 (Gem Glove +10)
    Atk: 3
    Def: 3 (White Dress +1)
    Int: 8 (Piercing Thimbles +3)(Gem Glove +1)
    Spr: 5 (White Dress +2)
    Critical: 5% (Level 7)
    Evasion: 6% (Level 7)
    Movement: 2 cells (Fortune Sewer +0)
    X Gauge: 0/10

    Skill Points:

    Upgrade Points:
  7. ~Alma Strona
    Appears In: None
    Character Color: #cccccc Spectre Silver
    Theme: None

    Name:Alma Strona
    Age: 20
    Gender: Female

    Appearance: Having a thin frame and a slightly olive skin, Alma certainly does not fit the normal appearance of the far north sector of Zion. She has fine and silky black hair tied in and very light yellow eyes which exhibit a beautiful aura yet an obvious emptiness within her. Her attire usually consisted of the usual prison mill ware like their grey jumpsuits and red gloves. However, once she was transferred to Castle Newport, she was granted a total change in look to reflect her supposed freedom; A black tank top with crimson lining, a royal red scarf cover, black pants with a wolf fur jacket tied to her waist, and white shoes. Under her formula-induced state[which are known to temporarily change physiological aspects of humans], her right eye changes to an aggressive shade of red and a portion of her hair turns completely white.

    Reference Picture: http://safebooru.org//images/981/2d2de13743e7d9c63bbf38c99e05827f284f68a5.jpg
    Personality: Alma is cunning, aggressive, and quick to act without thinking about consequences. Her brute anger, stemmed from being enclosed for 6 years, is only one of the myriad of mental problems she has. Of course, knowing how the Zion prison system works, she hides this weakness in her persona by acting calm and almost 'lovely'. No matter what, Alma is a very sensitive person deep down. It is almost too easy to throw her off her game with mere words as she often takes them too personally and in addition with insecurity issues, some words can even cause her to break down and become unable to do anything.

    Also, Alma tends to hide her insecurities with spouts of anger.

    Insubstantiality Formula: A clear liquid infused with ivory-colored chemicals mostly found within the deepest sectors of the Eugenics Clinical Trials to enhance and completely change one's genetic code. If one looks closely, you could even see smoke-like fragments twisting and bending graciously. When injected with this formula, the user is almost guaranteed to feel discomfort and body aches for a minute or two as it's effects take some time to settle in. This formula enhances senses to high levels, but comes with the downside of lowering one's pain tolerance.

    --Quantam Phasing: Under the effects of the Insubstantiality Formula, Alma's DNA changes and mutates to the point where her entire body can turn intangible at will. Upon using this power, she is granted the ability to phase through solid objects and cannot be harmed by anything physical. In addition, she is granted the power to float and fly when in her intangible state.

    --Sensitivity to high frequencies: Though it is a useful advantage towards physiological perks when it comes to tracking, it can also prove as a major weak point that can be exploited.

    Combat Preferences: As one who is able to phase through things, she is perfectly capable of close combat. Though her methods of combat are still slightly unknown

    Weaponry: --Wings of Peril: A piece of adaptable technology that manifests fragments of glass-like material in the form of wings that are capable of sending out frequency bullets.

    Brief History: TBA
    --Ironically, her name unintentionally hints towards her chosen genetic formula power.
  8. ~Minaro Klecqluna
    Appears In: None
    Character Color: #D8EB8B Minaro Mint
    Theme: None

    Name: Minaro Klecqluna
    Age: 38
    Gender: Male
    Race:Tundra Shapeshifter
    Appearance:  Reaching the height of 6' 1" in his basic human form, Minaro's hair is of a light tan colour and his eyes are a pale mint green/light yellow mix. He has a pale complexion and strange defining physical traits such as a black mechanical jawline covering half his jaw, reaching up to his right cheek [he covers that half of his face with a white 'dragon ivory' mask with a red imprint below the eye socket]. Minaro also has an athletic build which is hidden by a tan shirt, brown long coat, a brown hat, and classic dark brown boots. Just like his mechanical half-jaw, Minaro also has his left arm in a similar mechanical state.

    Personality: Very little can be said about this lone male. Upon first sight, he seems to be very calm and collective and even projects a feel of security when around him. Minaro is strong willed, stubborn, focused, and almost indifferent to the inhabitants entering and exiting his established territory. The grown shapeshifter has a lax side to him that is usually present when he is not initiating battles with any of the criminals stirring up trouble around him. As opposed to some of his brethren back home whom attack and defend their territory from humans, he does not mind them but does keep a careful and wary eye on them. But.. it doesn't mean he never gets angry when he sees something wrong. If provoked, Minaro can switch to an aggressive and vengeful being no matter if the person who provoked him is a friend or foe.

    --Heightened Senses:Like most shapeshifters, Minaro's sense of smell, sight, sound, taste, and touch are above the average levels found in most Mantuanese species. Minaro is exceptionally well-trained in the field of smell and sound while he was stationed back in what is now the Sushana Nalj, Qyi-Base. During his training, he was often subjected to practice sessions involving him being blindfolded and provided a single weapon of his choice. Relying on his sense of sound and smell, he improved his advantaged senses even more. However, too much time has passed since he practiced.

    --Keen Sight:His most strongest sense [being a descendant of a Syelsumoi Tundra Shapeshifter] is his sense of sight. Minaro's sight range far exceeds that of a Sky Serpent and can easily distinguish traits of animals in just about any environmental condition such as snowstorms, sandstorms, fog, etc. This is an evolutionary trait passed down by his kind for easier hunting during harsh Croitian winters, allowing the Syelsumoi Shapeshifters to survive in such extreme environments.
    --Shapeshifting:Years of experience have granted Minaro a variety of forms to change into. As the name states, Minaro can fluidly change into the forms of animals he has encountered on various occasions. Between forms, Minaro's entire appearance can change including his mechanical parts to fit the animal's physiological form with ease. The biosteel which these parts[His arm and part of his jaw] were forged with are infused with his lymphatic system and circulatory system and have a secondary layer of muscle beneath the metal that was genetically engineered and built to work with both Minaro's artificial body parts and his shift changes. Since the nature of this otherwise old Grenian metal technology graciously works well with Minaro's power, his body has already "fused" with the parts and created complex nerves, blood vessels, and muscle tissue. Nevertheless his jawline and left arm are still mechanical looking on the outside while a complex biological fusion between nature and technology lie beneath it's surface.

    Aside from the technological side of his Shapeshifting, Some of his forms consist of strange, speedy animals such as an impala, various mountain serpents, a mountain lion, puma, Kapiir wolf, Yakur reindeer, Oriphyrin and a Hyphura, and other animals usually he encounters within the forests and spirit plains/mountains of greater Mantua. His base form is a Puma.

    --Humanoid "Mockshifting":Rare among any kind, Minaro has a special talent of shifting into a carbon copy of any person he sees after a set amount of time. A drawback of this ability in present times is his artificial arm and jaw which ruins his cover when he does not cover those inconveniences prior to shifting.

    The ability's name came from a Mantuanese legend of a female pipe fox who was known to "Mock" the appearance of serpents and often transformed in their image to trick them or steal their mates as a punishment. Thus the word "Mockshifting" gained traction among popular Mantuanese culture.

    --His own left arm: Under dire circumstances where Minaro has little to no way out of battles or situations, he can willingly change the physical structure of his arm to match that of a sharp bladed edge. It's painful, though, and is used as a last resort.
    Combat Style: Minaro's preferred method of inflicting damage is by striking from afar and charging toward's the foe's weak points. He isn't afraid of close combat and often invites it in order to inflict internal status afflictions such as poison in his serpent forms. With each enemy, Minaro changes his tactics and rarely sticks to one when fighting different enemies at a time.
    History: TBA
    --Minaro is an avid reader and makes a hobby of collecting books found in Anarchy's Nest's trade stores. He has an old book of various composition works of Friedrich Nietzsche and avidly enjoys reading it on occasion. Minaro is unaware about where the book came from. [The book obviously originated from Terra]
    --You can almost always calm Minaro down by mentioning the nickname "Crane." He holds a special mix of nostalgia and sorrow with that name and always goes off to think after hearing it.
    --Minaro is a peasant name meaning "Acquire"

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