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Spring Cleaning... in Summer

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Eebit, Jul 16, 2015.

  1. Hey all you ZEJians.

    We (as a staff body) have convened over the past couple of days in order to start ushering in a wind of change. The first step towards doing that, however, is sweeping up the dust and doing some cleaning.

    As you may have noticed over the span of last night and today, there have been a few changes to the forum layout and some colour changes too! These are just the first steps in cleaning out the house, which means that soon we will be able to start kicking things into drive once again.

    First off, we have some Staff Changes. Over the past... well, few years, the conversation of us having a disproportionately big staff body relative to our small member base has been a prevalent issue for a lot of people (especially newcomers to our site). We decided that it was time to start addressing that, as we need more people in the trenches and fewer chefs in the kitchen at this point. As @Rose so aptly put it, "we need gladiators." So, effective immediately, the following changes are being implemented:
    • Removed 'Founders' usergroup as an administrative position => Retains access to TSL
    • Effectively removed 'Guardians of Galamion' as a usergroup
      ↳ Demoted @blackoutEquinox to member (from Guardian of Galamion)
      ↳ Promoted @CodasterTheDisaster to Global Moderator (from Guardian of Galamion)
      ↳ Demoted @ShadoeMayari to member (from Guardian of Galamion)
    • Demoted @"Lord X-Giga-X" to member (from Global Moderator)
    • Demoted @Shadow to Global Moderator (from Shadow)
    • Demoted @"The Kakuzato" to member (from Global Moderator)
    While these sorts of changes are never easy to make, everyone has been very cooperative and amicable about these adjustments to the staff body. Rest assured that there are no hard feelings among the staff as a result of these changes.

    Now, you might also notice that I mentioned above that the Guardians of Galamion usergroup is being "effectively removed". As a staff body, we decided that, although Galamion is an awesome project, the open world approach was not necessarily working or meshing with ZEJ in its current state. So it stands that Galamion is being shelved for the time being. We are putting Galamion in a stasis indefinitely; the threads and all characters are still intact, so you just need to send a Private Message to an admin if you are looking to retrieve something from the section.

    In its place on the forums, we have moved the Roleplay Archives to stand in the Roleplay Compendium in order to reduce some clutter on our index page. The links to Magnolia Roleplays' and ZEJ's CreateMyBB forums are now sub "forums" to the Roleplay Archives, but are still intact.

    Speaking of reducing clutter, we have decided to completely flush out Forum Game Land. That's right, folks! We're starting fresh. We noticed that the fun and games in Forum Game Land were getting a little stale, so we thought we would let it begin anew. Note that anyone is welcome to start posting new game threads if they would like to do so!

    For now, that's all folks! Stay tuned in coming weeks, and we should hopefully have some more new-news for you. Until then~
  2. We also decided on removing Land of the Banned. It's a sad day in ZEJ history.
  3. I think that when you flushed Forum Games, it added to everyone's cumulative post count, because mine rose by 400 and Espy's rose by a significant amount as well.
  4. Bizarre. I don't see an actual difference for Eebit and I, for instance, unless I'm merely mistaken. This may have happened, though, since everything was probably moved to an archive instead of outright deleted. If the same parameters are not set on the archive as they were for FGL to restrict posts there being added to your count, then that would mean all posts made there are now pertinent towards said count. Cool! :5
  5. that should probably be fixed at some point regardless tbh
  6. The postcounts have been rebuilt. As the previous Forum Game Land threads were archived rather than outright deleted, that is indeed what was inflating the post counts. Not that having an "artificially" inflated post count is really an issue, but we should remain consistent as FGL posts have never counted in the past. Thanks for pointing it out, Gist.
  7. Sorry to bother you.
  8. No trouble at all. It was an easy fix that I very likely wouldn't have caught otherwise, haha.
  9. Just thought I'd note: this is a quirk of how MyBB works. MyBB treats categories as parent forums with no parent, and lets their settings override child forum settings. The Archives counted posts, so that setting was being used instead of FGL's disabled post counts.

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