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[Spar - crazE vs Keileon] A Soaring Shadow Above

Discussion in 'Freeform Roleplays' started by Keileon, Apr 27, 2017.

  1. [​IMG]

    Some places never lie dormant.

    A neon city sprawls beneath a night sky, tall skyscrapers reaching up out of sand and dust like colossal fingers to grasp the moon. Though the stars are mostly drowned out by light pollution from this steel rendezvous, a bright and massive planetary ring arcs through the sky to crown the scene. Intense and blinking lights dot the ground below, monolithic building walls, even high above past the ring and into starspace. For all the flashing lights and vivid colors, the area is silent, its inhabitants safely inside, sleeping or working, away from the chaos about to ensue.

    The locale is Kevarus, Daeova, Daeridune. No Aeficeon or Antriquel, that, but still a city worth its neighbors' caliber. The name of the game here is technology and science. While Antriquel and Aeficeon are far more militaristic, oriented towards weapons and defenses, it is here in Kevarus where the research is done. Its larger and admittedly more high-profile neighbors would, indeed, be nowhere without the hard work of Kevarus's inhabitants. Its energy research fuels both utility and weapons- its medical research fuels the long lives of the wealthy in the capital- its infrastructure research keeps the monumental spires from collapsing in in themselves, crumbling to the ground thousands of feet below. From the tallest summits of these steel towers the ground is no longer visible. A fall would not only kill, but flatten the poor victim beyond any human recognition.

    This danger of gravity is of no concern for one of the few living creatures still out and about in the open air of the city. A black and silver shape wings above and through the towers, ignoring the lights, ignoring the distant ground which seems faded from view due to atmospheric conditions creating haze. Even to this dragon's eyes, the sheer distance between himself and the ground strains his vision to the point where he simply doesn't bother. He has other sensory methods, anyway. Stretching vast dark wings with what looks like golden plates protecting them- and the rest of his body, at that- the Darkwing Firedrake who has been torn from his home crests over one of the more medium-height buildings to look around.

    Well, it can't be perfect, he thinks idly, at first to himself before another voice chimes in.

    Best not become complacent, though, Thuri, another voice thinks back. Unfamiliar territory. Potential hostiles, I sense electricity all around us and I am uncertain how many of those signals have noticed us. And of those, how many are unfriendly.

    The dragon snorts, diving back down to weave between buildings. He can sense the signals too, of course. Not all of the electricity is the city's power grid, but enough of it is that he has to suppress the urge to short it out- just to see how much damage he could cause!- but a growing sense of urgency tells him he needs to focus and save his energy. Finally he vaults through the air to come to a momentary rest atop one of the taller buildings. Looking around, the dragon can see for miles, and the city sprawls in every direction until the buildings are out of sight.

    No Euthora, this. It truly cannot be perfect.

    Jason's profile >>>
  2. Metal limbs twitched in response to the landing atop the building roof. An empty mechanical gaze observed and analyzed the creatures before it. The command was clear: these creatures were to be destroyed. Proper startup tuned and optimized each component lining the android's person; every little core of mana, covered by the biological suit surrounding the body of Thaxis, gleamed and shifted in preparation. Capacity to engage was optimal. Already, small surges of the aetheric energy seeped from the android's body.

    A barely visible glisten can be seen through the haze upon Thaxis' visor, reflecting lifeless light from the city below.
  3. The dragon's dorsal membrane twitches as he senses something amiss. Emerald eyes quickly scan the city below, but to little avail, there seems to be nothing out of (what he assumes to be) the ordinary. But a predator must be aware and observant at all times, and the duo's extra sensory capabilities kick in almost automatically. Something he likely would have seen before landing if he wasn't distracted by the unfamiliar city. Both dragon and master register and acknowledge the new presence simultaneously, a single thought between them rising, its mind of origin unknown and irrelevant.


    The Darkwing Firedrake whips his head around, scales bristling, not liking this situation where he nearly did not notice his to-be adversary, though the automaton he is glaring at was likely not even intending to sneak up on him. Jason gives a low warning growl which he imagines will go unheeded as instinct and aggression bubbles up to the surface. He is not sure which part of his brain- dragon, Shapeshifter, or just general wild animal- is reacting so strongly to this new unknown, but it screams at him to be alert, be careful, be wary, be aggressive.

    threat threat threat!

    Without much warning, a discharge of lightning emerges several meters from the vicinity of the armor-clad dragon, discouraging and deterring approach as he leaps from the roof to take flight again. He continues to emit this electricity even as he settles back into flight, several arcs bolting outward to target the machine that had stood before him. The duo send brief, quick feedback to each other- tidbits of information to help keep both of them alert. Machines are something they have little experience with, but perhaps they can short it out.
  4. Despite the immediate surge of electricity and the hostile retaliation to its presence, Thaxis remains still. Measuring the electrical conductivity in the air, it processes its next approach.

    With mana clinging to the android's body, Thaxis disappears from its immediate position and bullets itself toward the shapeshifter at incredible speed. Its limbs prepared for an inevitable impact.

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