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Sorry aboutthat, but...

Discussion in 'Comings and Goings' started by The Kakuzato, Aug 27, 2012.

  1. Well, I suppose I should come out with this.

    Honestly,I've been missing coming here more than you could imagine, but I couldn't bring myself up to not only explaining it to you guys, but to myself as well.

    Really, I only left because I was, and still am, quite depressed over stuff, and when I left,I had no idea why. Then, a week or two ago, it suddenly hit me.

    I'm homesick, and there isn't anything that can possibly be done about it.

    Really, the best way I can explain it is that I have two homes: One with my mom on the east coast of the United states, and one with my dad and the entire rest of my family out on the west coast. That is about a 3000 mile difference (about 4800 km for those of you who don't use miles). I've always been a lot closer to my mom than my dad, so whenever I'm with him and the rest of my family, I feel homesick for her.

    However, I have such a big family that I hate being away from all of them -- most of all my grandparents, whom I help out quite a bit when I'm with my dad, so I feel homesick for them when I'm with my mom.

    So really,it's like I'm being split in two. It's like trying to live half of the life I want. I want to be with my mom, but I also want to be with the rest of my family. The only solace I have is school, which is what gives me a reason to be one place and not the other. However, this coming school year is my last year of high school, and I'm gonna be doing the first year or two of college online. So it feels like I only have about 9 months of sanity left.

    So anyway, I guess that's the main reason I've been gone. It's my best guess for what's causing my depression anyway.

    Also, for everyone's information, I do not plan on roleplaying again, at least for a while. Recently, I've found myself unable to write smoothly and naturally enough for me to be happy with anything like that. So please don't pressure me to roleplay.

    Anyway, I know that all of this probably sounds like stupid reasoning for some of you, but it's the only way I can reconcile with myself about everything. I'm sorry that I left, and I wanna chat with all of you again. So I guess I'm back now.
  2. Welcome back Nate! I truly hope you get better soon ;)
  3. Hey there, Nate! I know entirely what you mean about homesickness. I had to put up with that for a very long time in the past, and it wasn't exactly the same situation that you're in (I feel for you), but I know what it feels like to miss your family or your close friends. Needless to say, it sucks pretty bad. =| So, nonetheless! I'm glad you're back over here and that you're a part of our community again. I know a lot of people including myself missed your unique presence around the boards, so you're most definitely welcome back with open arms. Cheers to your return, and hope you can eventually come a small bit to terms with this problem at hand. It's very tough, and I realize that, but just keep your mind open a little. It'll all be alright. Glad you're back!
  4. Sanity is a very relative term; in your case it might be too relative in one direction for me to truly empathise. I do sympathise with you however; and on the inside - and I apologise if this seems too off a comment to make - I feel really happy to have you, one of my best friends, back. <3

    As for your situation, I really am not sure what to say; I'm sorry for your dilemma, but I am sure things will work out soon!

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