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something something something characters something something something ask

Discussion in 'Ask-a-Character' started by CodasterTheDisaster, Apr 30, 2016.

  1. ask my little bastards whatever

    cast list:

    Vulka Urochyon
    Naeova Dest
    Sam Rose (or Vulpina rip Galamion)
    Ra'nun Agma
    Asima Qamar
    Marduk Nejem
    Lucan Dempenwolf
    Lily Fukushima
  2. To ALL characters:

    Do you guys like birds? If so, what kind? Parrots? Finches? Etc?
  3. Vulka: "I have had ravens as companions."
    Naeova: "There are a great many birds I appreciate. Ravens are intelligent, falcons are swift, and eagles are graceful."
    Sam: "I think lovebirds are super adorable. If I didn't live in such a shithole I'd definitely have one of my own!"
    Ra'nun: "I don't really 'like' animals. I do find moas to be useful work beasts, though."
    Asima: "Hm...I like little birds! Oh, I also like eagles too!"
    Marduk: "Macaws be great companions when ya stuck out at sea. But ya gotta respect da ospreys too."
    Lucan: "Eh."
    Lily: "We don't see a lot of birds in Arcania, unless you go to visit the druids. The little ones, like finches, are cute, but pigeons are gross and annoying."
  4. same.
  5. (updated Starro's first question with the additions to the cast list)
  6. To all:

    If every other life form disappeared from your world for a single day (sans plants, I suppose, because we would all just be dead then), what would you do with the 24 hours time permitted completely and utterly to yourself?
  7. Vulka: "I suppose I would enjoy some peace and quiet in a tranquil meadow somewhere."
    Naeova: "Take the time to catch up on reading without being interrupted."
    Sam: "Uh...nap, maybe? I don't like completely alone."
    Ra'nun: "I would get some work done."
    Asima: "Hm...I would probably do something really nice for Miss Mayella!"
    Marduk: "Pillagin' ain't easy but wit nobody 'round, I can take anytin' I want, easy."
    Lucan: "Enjoy a walk in absolute silence."
    Lily: "I would probably die without someone else to talk to."
  8. Asima: Would you let Mayella play matchmaker for you?
  9. Asima: "M-matchmaker? I-err, y-yeah, I think Mayella would pick a wonderful partner for me!"

    Uh-oh boys and girls. Looks like she's flustered!
  10. For Lucan - How did you get into your present position? Your augmentations, joining the cause of the Archmage... what is your story? And how do you feel about these circumstances?

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