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Secret Santa 2016!

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Santa Claus, Nov 26, 2016.

  1. [​IMG]


    INTRO (Spoken Word):
    Ho Ho Ho!

    A time for tinsel, a time for toys
    A time for the simplest familial joys
    In a year plagued by heartache and tragedy
    Santa returns with this heartfelt rhapsody

    Let me remind you of the times
    That were good this year
    Let me spread to you, my dear
    Some holiday cheer

    There were simpler days, simpler times
    When sex with a gorilla would keep us alive
    When plant-bread creatures kept a beat to our jive
    And when the three-headed dogs would hump flowers forever
    When eagles would soar, when Sean Penn would keep us together
    And even when the big, bad world is put on the naughty list
    We can always remember the times it made cheeriest

    All of the pleasure that I can give you
    Amidst this swirling white snow
    Is in reminding you of where you came from
    On this day that we, together, have sown

    BRIDGE (Spoken Word):
    Remember your past and be mindful of your future
    Be thankful for your loved ones, and live in the present
    And when life gives you cookies...

    CHORUS (Repeat x2)

    OUTRO (Spoken Word):
    Ho Ho Ho!

    We can feel the love, this holiday season.

    ...It's always a pleasure to interact with you, my dear ZEJian townsfolk, around these most auspicious of times, spreading my holiday cheer from my great jello bowl, straight to your hearts. Despite the strife that 2016 has bore- indeed, for many of us more-so than any other year thus far -I encourage you to remember that your greatest strengths here, on ZEJ, lie in your collective life as a community. Regardless of what divisiveness I've seen here and all around the world here in the North Pole, you are brothers and sisters, and have remained steadfast in your basemost human sentiments of togetherness through thick and thin. It brings a tear to this jolly boy's eye when I see you all, still growing, still learning from one another, and still coming together three years running for a grand Secret Santa event if there ever were one!

    Ho HO!

    What am I thankful for this year, you might ask, here at the homestead? Well, after an extensive bout with the "Ho He Has", I've worked that all out in therapy since 2015's Secret Santa escapades thanks to funding from the Missus... and really, with a reformed Bumble in the yard helping to trim many a tree betwixt amongst the Candy Cane Forest and elves working in higher numbers with greater production than ever, good ol' Father Christmas here doesn't have much to complain about! If anything, all I ask is that you all leave me some fine cookies under your own trees when the time comes rearin' around... and that you all join in on trimming our very own ZEJian tree this year with your glorious sentiment of good tidings, here, in Secret Santa 2016!

    “What do I need to do?”

    With our wondrous introduction out of the way- with special thanks to our friend Zanty Claws for song-based inspiration, as always! -it's time to get down to the nitty gritty of what gets this Claus really rumbling about these charitable times! If you are rearin' to participate in ZEJ's Third Annual Secret Santa event, all you've gotta do to get this lovable fruit cake of fantastical freshness in the know is make a post in this topic letting me know that you're all squared-away and ready to participate in this time of wonder and jolly joy-makin'!

    From there, I'll add you to my special, ZEJian-only list of kiddarinos that make this ol' Claus sing. As always, in your post, you should also give me the skinny on just what you’re interested in receiving this Christmas (gift-wise, such as a book, CD, or video game, a piece of artwork or fan fiction of a roleplay character or something else, an act of charity on your behalf, or whatever makes you jolly)!

    If you are just cool as a snowperson with receiving your present by mail, then you should also let your dear ZEJians and I know in your post! You can then Private Message ol’ Kringle your address, and I can pass it on to whatever fine individual happens to draw your name.

    Keeping things easy and breezy on the monetary side of this jingly-majig, you can bet that we are still maintaining our $25 price limit if you aim to purchase a gift for your jolly ZEJian neighbor!

    To make this gift wrap accessible to everyone (and to give this ol’ bub more time for reindeer games), it is decreed that all presents stay within a $25 price limit, if you so choose to buy a gift for your fellow ZEJ member!

    Lastly, but most certainly not least, we have to remember our deadlines! Just as nobody likes a skinny Santa, nobody really likes themselves a late Chrissymamass giftaroo! Ho Ho! To make sure the Polar Express makes all of its delivery stops in a timely manner this go-around the ZEJian sun, I would like to request that any and all members interested in partaking in this year’s Secret Santa event express their interest no later than Sunday, December 4th, 2016 at 11:59pm EST! We'll do it this way so that we can have all of our gift-giving assignments squared away by the 5th. Once that's said and done, y'all know that you can rock around the Christmas tree mighty finely on your own during this holiday season, and I'd recommend you do your holly jolly best to make sure your gifts are delivered in a timely manner once you are assigned a member to give it to!

    Keep in mind – you will be held responsible for this gift exchange! If I find out that anyone has signed up and hasn’t sent a gift of some sort, then they will be getting a fat lump of coal and a free ticket to the Faces of Santa: Revival event! After all, someone needs to show up to it...

    We have always been a couple of gifts short of a perfect quota during previous Secret Santa events, and while I haven't been privy to add anyone to my naughty list just yet, we need to make sure that everyone has something to open! It's only the jolly thing to do! So, my dear people of ZEJ, please do your best to give a present if you are also hoping to receive one!  


    The final deadline to send me your presents (or, if you plan to send them a present via mail, a picture of the gift), is going to be Wednesday, December 21st, 2016. This should give you plenty of time to buckle down on some ol' Christmas spirit and find your assigned ZEJian something that'll make their heart fill with jolly. Whether you're going to be out shopping for or donating on behalf of your giftee - or perhaps taking some artful creativity by the reins for them, too - it's absolutely your time to make sure that you spread some holiday cheer this season by following through with your Secret Santa mission!

    As almost always, I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a happy holiday season, ZEJ! Have a happy Ramadan! Or Eid al-Fitr! Saint Nicholas Day! Eid’ul-Aha! Fiesta of Our Lady Guadalupe! St. Lucia Day! Hanukkah! Three Kings Day! Boxing Day! Solstice! Kwanzaa! Omisoka! Yule! Saturnalia! Don’t Attract Krampus Day! Ho Ho Ho!

    Now, let’s sign up for some gift-giving action this side of Santa's belly!
  2. Oh, wow! Howdy, Claus! Good to see ya again. You know I'm in.


    EDIT: Oh yeah, what I'm into and all of that. Thanks for reminding me to slip that stuff in here, Santa. :5

    My vibe is pretty similar towards last year to the point that, if you wanted to be charitable and donate to a cause instead of giving me a gift directly, then please feel free to, by absolutely any and all means. I would like to request specifically that you donate to Planned Parenthood if at all possible, since they will need all of the help they can get over a tumultuous few years to come with an agenda set directly against them with the coming presidency. Otherwise, causes that I am passionate about include those revolving around helping the underprivileged in any way - homeless shelters, people (or any animal) in need of medical expenses being covered, and wildlife. I'd be down for donations to a cool music or writing-oriented cause, too, or towards studying Alzheimer's since my grandma's situation has really sobered my view of it and it seems like we're so close to a big breakthrough with it!

    If you're super keen on sending me something directly, though, first and foremost, I'm all about handwritten letters. If you're able and willing to sit down and show off your penmanship in a nice little sentiment along those lines, I'd be up for even just that. :) I absolutely am enamored by a good book, or CD, too, and encourage you to share whatever book or music you're really into at the time if that gets you groovin'! For instance, @whitesubtitlesoncanadianwinter happened upon a great book called Americanah during last year and sent me a copy as her Secret Santa gift that was absolutely incredible and important and I probably wouldn't have read it without her having gifted it to me. The previous year, @'The Kakuzato' was a champ and sent me the first album from The Head and the Heart, who I know freaking love to the point that I'd even had attended a concert of theirs this year!

    You can always check with someone like @turbotaxer or @Eebit if you wanna make sure I don't have something you want to send along that ilk, but chances are I don't anyway, haha. Otherwise, I just recently picked up a PS4 and am always gonna be looking for great new experiences with the system! Here's a list of what I have on it, so far:

    • Assassin's Creed Syndicate
    • Rise of the Tomb Raider
    • Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes
    • Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
    • Uncharted 4: A Thief's End
    • Uncharted Collection
    • The Last of Us Remastered

    If you're in the avenue of art, I'd be beyond thrilled for art or fiction related to any number of the lovable bubs that I'd developed over my years here at ZEJ. A short laundry list of characters (feel free to ask turbo, Eeb, @Flamezone, or @Zantok for added context whenever needed)...

    • Baboy Man
    • Austere Clements
    • Rock
    • Dennis Cade
    • Chance Rivers
    • Blaise Lefebvre
    • Richter Spalding
    • Tomari Spalding
    • Vacuum Duck
    • Plant-Bread
    • Wal "Wally" Walrus
    • Babuta
    • Hagoolsapooloo
    • Joseph Novolo
    • The Eagles
    • The Whales
    • The Faces of Eebit

    Outside of that, I'm up for anything. Wanna send me some beard shavings? A mason jar full of baby plastic zebras? Homemade alligator skin brownies? Oh sweet Nelson, am I up for it. Oh -- and on a more serious note -- memorabilia! We all live in pretty different places from one another, for the most part, so anything that relates to your city/state/province/country, anything local that you love at all, that would make for a badass gift, too. :)
  3. Finally it's back!

    There's no question I'm in as well ~

    Edit for posterity:

    Oh my god I don't really know what I want.

    I think what I'd dig most is something that shows off your creativity. Make something for me. I don't care what it is. As long as it's something that really shows you off. Something that only you could do.

    If you really want to buy me something though, food-related stuff would be great, especially for my two big loves right now: spices and tea. I'm a little bit picky when it comes to these things, admittedly, not really wanting spice mixes nor bagged tea, but preferring whole spices and loose leaf tea. Places like Spice Jungle, what-cha, or Yunnan Sourcing would probably be good places to start. I also know that there are a lot of exotic spices on Amazon as well. Also, for tea, I tend to prefer greens and whites, though blacks are great too (in fact, my favorite tea is a black tea...). Just as long is it isn't a ripe/dark/pu'er tea. I don't really like those ones.

    I'd also be up for things from Steam. Whether the games themselves or Steam Codes or whatever. I have a Wishlist on Steam, I guess.
  4. I suppose I'll join in this year too.

    As always the extent of what I can give is art or writing.

    My wishlist is basically the same as last year's, but keep in mind I'll be out of state through late December and if something gets sent to me by mail I likely won't get it until early January.

    Even just money is fine, honestly. It'd probably go towards crowns on ESO anyway.
  5. an excuse for gifts...!
    oh, you spicy boy, you sure do know how to inspire warm feelings in this rocky, lunar satellite :5

    (mostly copypasta from last year, but with a few things added into the art section! I'm a simple woman with simple tastes...)
    -LGBT related
    -Giving to a nearby shelter/soup kitchen (or even volunteering at a soup kitchen for a day! I did it once, very nice.)
    -Heck, do something nice for your neighbor or someone in your community!
    -Always up for Sly Cooper, lbr.
    -Fire Emblem (Really anything after/during the GBA saga except the games focused on Ike and Roy/Eliwood would be especially nice)
    -Tomb Raider (2013) or Rise of The Tomb Raider!
    -Summon Night: Swordcraft Story, tbh, that would be cool (Particularly fond of Sugar, Sanary, and also Lynn from the second title)
    -Ghostbusters... 2016... dir. Paul Feig :5
    -Should probably throw some ZEJ in here, oooh!!!
    -"me" as a dark mage AKA FE splicing wow
    -"me" as a cat AKA I made it gold, added a 76, and put my beauty mark wow
    -this lady from the first set of spoilers (I later labelled this folder as "war ain't for kids" on my laptop)
    -all hail Reginaldsprite
    -I entirely forgot that I drew Hraesvelgr at one point!
    -Really only a steam gift card code or something off my wishlist (the second only really matters if I have you on Steam), I'm not really big on you guys necessarily having to spend money on me since I wouldn't be able to return any of you the favor!
    My wishlist is viewable by anybody now since I changed my settings.
  6. I want in, I think I missed last year's and the person that I got the first year never came back to ZEJ????
    Third time's the charm(though I really liked my gift)

    Right now I'm into gardening, small and cool trinkets, baking, and office supplies.
    I like cute things, animals(although not the ones that aren't mine unless it has an added feature?? or something), Overwatch, Stardew Valley, and the like. If you're not sure, ask santa I guess.
    As far as non-materialistic things go, making something that will boost my already-overblown ego would be nice.

    Some specific things I'd like are:
    Drawings of Clio and Nala (I have a bunch of pics of them everywhere. More will pop up as I start to decorate them with Christmas!Things)
    A written letter(preferably) of how great and awesome I am (it needs to be as possible!!!!!!)
    Cool/Interactive socks
    Clothes for cats and small dogs
    a treasure box filled with small inexpensive trinkets
    The left nipple of your firstborn child
    soft plushies
    cute stationary
    travelsize packs of useful tools
    a snowglobe of your local popular monument
    DIY supplies
    Clio x Nala or Nala x Clio fanfic (only if you know what my cats are like x: )
    Giftcards for steam, google play, bol.com(it's a belgian thing but i think you can still buy for a belgian address), paypal (is that a thing?), and amazon
    cool keychains

    Of course these are all suggestions, you can get something on the list or just your own thing for me. I like gifts <:
  7. Hello, friends! What a positively jolly gaggle of figgy pudding delight it was to see all of your beaming faces sign right on up for this year's Secret Santa straight-away! @Jonno and @'The Kakuzato', I am glad you will be part of the festivities yet again, but please make sure to update your posts with what you might like for this year's gift-giving extravaganza!

    Ho Ho!
  8. Oh, snap! Thanks for reminding me, dear Claus. Let me get on that in just a jiff...
  9. Oops sorry I put something there now.
  10. Guess who's back? Back again? Santa's back, tell your friends!

    Hey-ho, jolly big Red! I hope you've had a swell year! It's been a while since we've last spoken, but I'm glad to see you're back for some festive cheer! [/rhymes]

    Of course I'm in again. I love me some Secret Santa; it's always been a lot of fun in past years, and I hope that this year's event is no exception to that! As before, I'm certainly open to receiving physical gifts if that is the route that whoever ends up with my name decides to go with it. Just ask the ol' Claus if you need my mailing address!

    Some of my interests...
    - Video games, of course! I'm always interested in cool video game memorabilia, especially stuff from Fangamer. Right off the top of my head, I like Pokemon, Zelda, Chrono Trigger/Cross, Hyper Light Drifter, Final Fantasy (particularly IV, V, VI, IX, and Tactics), oh gosh the list just keeps going on.
    - Handwritten letters are always super neat to read and receive. If you, my future Santa (or any ZEJian, for that matter), should write me then I will make every effort to post you something back!
    - I love the collective works of Christopher Nolan, the director; Interstellar, Inception, The Prestige, etc.
    - Stranger Things, Westworld, and The Crown are some series that I've been enjoying of late. I am also a fan of Doctor Who, particularly the 4th and 10th Doctors.
    - I have a Steam Wishlist if you're really strapped for ideas. I've really wanted to get Tabletop Simulator so we could host a ZEJ board game night sometime in the future! But overall, be warned that I have really fallen behind on my games backlog.
    - Speaking of backlogs, I also have a bit of a backlog on books. But that said, I'd still enjoy reading a book given to me by a friend!
    - Most of all, I like you guys :5 No, but really. As others have said before me, I would love the most something that expresses who you are as a person. Artwork, baked goods, some sort of cherished recipe to try out, a book that you really enjoyed, a CD that you think I might enjoy (or even a homegrown mixtape of several of your favourite songs)... something like that would be absolutely aces in my books.

    And, just like I said last year, if you happen to want any further information on your dear pal Eebit, feel free to shoot @"whitesubtitlesoncanadianwinter" a PM and she can give you some good ideas, I'm sure.
  11. Hey Santa!

    Happy to see you around again this year.  I hope the reindeer are treating you well.

    I am open to receiving physical gifts, I would especially appreciate a Christmas card.  In general I am into music and reading (fiction and poetry particularly).  Mostly for Christmas I would love for the joy to keep on giving with a donation to a charity of your choice.  I am partial to women's shelters, youth programs and animal shelters.

    If you would like more insight into my interests feel free to send a PM to @Eebit.
  12. It's that time of year again!

    For sure I'll participate! I prefer to give gifts that transact over Steam or similar, but if I have an idea for something that requires a physical shipment, then by George I'm going to do it.

    As for things I'm interested in, well, gaming for sure. My biggest favorite series are Fire Emblem, Kingdom Hearts, Super Smash Bros., and the Legend of Zelda. I'm also currently really digging Metal Gear Solid and Stardew Valley. Even though the majority of my actual gaming collection is physical, I do have some games I want to buy online at some point, including Undertale and Her Story. I've also played Hearthstone for almost three years, and like everybody else, I got into Overwatch, which is also a fantastic game.

    I also watch Netflix of course, some of my favorite shows being Stranger Things, Breaking Bad, and Game of Thrones.

    I hope that is enough of an idea for any gift, I honestly don't mind any form of gift, it's all about the thought of giving. Merry Early Christmas everyone. B)
  13. Oh hey look it's this again. Shit though. What in the hell do I want besides peace and quiet? Uhhhhh... WELP! Time for me to look at last year's post and just make some edits to it! Come to think of it I haven't even said anything for my family's Secret Santa yet. Fuck. I gotta get on that.

    A good gaming controller that I can use with my laptop would be nice as well. Keyboard works for most games but for others I realllllly would need a controller. I do have a Steam account that I have some good stuff on. No wishlist at the moment but I can look into putting one together.

    Some ZEJ artwork would be fun though I'm not sure how easy to make any of my characters would be. I'm no good at it myself but hey if you feel like giving it a whirl I certainly won't stop you.

    As for what series I'm into absolutely the Mega Man Battle Network games. I've beaten them all and recently 100% beat 2 for the first time which was amazing. Game of Thrones is pretty awesome as is Doctor Who. I don't care what anyone says Tyrion is the best GoT character of them all. Survivor is also one of my top favorite shows and it's hard to go wrong with one of their buffs. I only have two right now and I have no idea where either of them are. 

    Marvel and DC is pretty good. I'm more of a Marvel guy myself but DC's shows on the CW kick major ass. (And thank god Arrow is actually good this year. Last year was just garbage.)

    Pokemon of course is great. Cubone, Farfetch'd and Darkrai are some of my favorites. Dark-type is best type. Gotten into RWBY lately and it's pretty good. Wish the episodes were a bit longer but can't really complain. RoosterTeeth in general is pretty great. I watch a lot from the Achievement Hunters.

    Yu-Gi-Oh! is great fun. Haven't gotten to really duel in a long while but I used to play all the time and the show was good. Fuck XYZ though. I can stand Synchros but XYZs and whatever the fuck is in the other new series can kiss my ass. It's all about old school dueling with me. I've got 2000+ cards spread about. A card binder with ZEJ or Yu-Gi-Oh! art would be pretty cool actually so I could store all my cards properly. And what the hell is this Pendulum bullshit? WHY CAN'T WE GO BACK TO THE GOOD OL' DAYS?!


    Duck Hunt Dog, Bowser Jr. & King Dedede are my Smash mains. Wario used to be until they fucked him up in Smash 4. Goddamnit. Brawl Wario was awesome.

    Lions are the best animal on earth.

    Reeses is the best candy on earth and cheesecake is heaven.

    Oh and uh, not that I expect it, but if anyone has a couple thousand dollars lying around I certainly wouldn't say no to a high end gaming computer so that I could actually play some newer games on it >.> Yeah totally not happening I'll go away now.

    Yeah that's all I got. I'm really bad at thinking of things that I want.

    I'm sure if there are any questions whoever has any can ask Santa to send me a letter by owl.
  14. Ho HO WHOA, there! Sweet jolly Nelson from the starry skies above and abound! You all have made this great ol' bowl of jelly happy this evening to see a surge in Secret Santa participants! It warms my heart to see so many grand, lovely, giving souls join our festivities this time around. Please remember that if you would like to join us, to opt-in here as your many constituents have by saying as such before Sunday, December 4! 

    P.S. If you have not sent your address to me yet over private message and would like to receive a physical gift, please do so ASAP!
  15. it is now time

    A-Ho-Ho-Hoy, Santa Sailors! That you're reading this means that our matchings have been made! Many a jolly apology to those thinking about signing up who haven't yet joined in on this year's festivities - our pairings are now wrapped in a bow, so make sure to check your PM box ASAP for more info! And, let's remember this silver-and-golden quote, while we're at it...

    Have a beard-tuggin' good time!
  16. Well in all the chaos I seemed to have missed Secret Santa this year. Whoops. Although I don't exactly have money or means this year so it's probably for the best. Merry Christmas everyone!
  17. Ho Ho Hello there, comrades! It's been a quick jingle jangle, hasn't it? My apologies, my jolly jim-jims, janes, and jummies... I would have arrived sooner for our holiday festivities, but caught myself stuck in a peculiar amount of air traffic - even for this time of year! 

    With all of this said, what I do have for you today is arguably worth the wait. What I'm talking about, of course, is a detailed list of the gifts that you had given to one another. However, it appears that some of you have yet to send me what you have obtained for you giftee, so I will happily extend our deadline to Friday, December 23rd, 2016. We here at Christmas Enterprises hope that this does not inconvenience any of you too much, but we want to make sure that everyone has their gift accounted for this time around! 

    In the mean time, I sincerely wish you and your families all of the best during these trying times. Hopefully we are still spreading as much jolly as we're able!

    Santa Out.
    Sent from my JinglePhone
  18. As actual Christmastime peers its beautiful mug just around the corner, I must announce in pure noggy fashion that our Secret Santa festivities for this year have officially reached their end. You've all been good elves and sent me images and descriptions for you gifts, and on this busy schedule full of many an arduous pre-Christmas question (Do I choose the Red Bull or the Reindeer this year? Do I dawn the traditional garbs or my blazin' fresh Santafied farming ensemble that the Missus gave me for my birthday?), I'll keep this short. Thank you once again for spreading some cheer amongst your friends - for the third year in a row, I might add! - ZEJ! See you in 365 short days... or perhaps sooner. You can never be sure just how naughty I might be with some early posting, my holly jolly pals. ;)

    To @Keileon from @Jonno

    To @'The Kakuzato' from @Keileon

    To @Flamezone from @Zantok

    To @Eebit from @Flamezone

    To @Jonno from @'Gold Dullahan'

    To @whitesubtitlesoncanadianwinter from @'The Kakuzato'

    To @Zantok from @LaTyrannia

    To @'Gold Dullahan' from @Eebit

    To @LaTyrannia from @whitesubtitlesoncanadianwinter

    Onward, my trusty steeds! Ho Ho Ho and Zanty Claws away!

  19. Holy fucking shit Tyran!

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