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Secret Santa 2015!

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Santa Claus, Nov 30, 2015.

  1. [​IMG]


    Ha Ha Ha! …What do you think of this new laugh? The Missus has given me some flack over it, but I reckon that it does me some good to revitalize myself after some good thousands of years of the same ol’ thing! Ho Ho! …Ol’ habits die hard for ol’ Saint Nick, I suppose! Kris Kringle is back again! It’s a pleasure to be meeting those of you that are new here to this lovely land of ZEJ, and to those that I’ve met once before, I dare say – good to meet ya again!

    Nonetheless, a new year comes with a new catch for good ol’ Father Christmas and his latest ZEJian escapade. With a Bumble out back and a snowstorm up front here in the North Pole, things have been getting quite hectic over yonder. The elves are in a tizzy and even I, the venerable Lovable Bowl Full of Jelly himself, have been getting into the habit of buildin’ toys to make up for lost time all while checking that whole list twice! It isn’t just a slice of pie, ya snow, and so, the Big Red Guy needs your help once more.

    All of this work has made it a little bit harder for Santa to get his game on with the fine folks here at ZEJ, and so I am asking you today that, being the family types that ya are, you once again get into the spirit of givin’ once more! While Santa Claus is put on a Santa Pause, he’s figuring that he can encourage you all to have a splendid time acting as Santa yourself! Let’s spread some holiday cheer! Ho Ha Ho Ha Ho!

    “What do I need to do?”

    Now that we have a solid thread all propped and prim like a glorious Christmas tree, here’s the candy cane ice cream scoop: you post in here to let Mr. Claus know that you are interested in participating in ZEJ’s Second Annual Secret Santa event, and I add you to my special list! In your post, you should also give me the skinny on just what you’re interested in receiving this Christmas (gift-wise, such as a book, CD, or video game, a piece of artwork or fan fiction of a roleplay character or something else, an act of charity on your behalf, or whatever makes you jolly)!

    If you are fine with receiving your present by mail, then you should also let your dear ZEJians and I know in your post! You can then Private Message ol’ Saint Nick your address, and I can pass it on to whoever draws your name.

    To make this gift wrap accessible to everyone (and to give this ol’ man more time for eggnog), it is decreed that all presents stay within a $25 price limit, if you so choose to buy a gift for your fellow ZEJ member!

    The catch is this: we need to work quickly, friends! We can’t be late to the Christmas festivities! I would like to request that any and all members interested in partaking in this year’s Secret Santa event express their interest no later than Saturday, December 5th, 2015 at 11:59pm EST! That way, I can let you all know of your gifting assignments by Sunday. After that, it’s all up to each of you to deliver your gifts to one another and keep that rockin’-around-the-Christmas-tree spirit boppin’! Ho Ho!

    Keep in mind – you will be held responsible for this gift exchange! If I find out that anyone has signed up and hasn’t sent a gift of some sort, then they will be getting a fat lump of coal and a free ticket to the Faces of Santa event! What? You say that’s more promotion than punishment? Okay, reindeer dung it is, then.

    Let’s try and make sure that everyone has something to open, so please do your best to give a present if you are also hoping to receive one!  


    The final deadline to send me your presents (or, if you plan to send them a present via mail, a picture of the gift), is going to be Monday, December 21st, 2015. That should give you plenty of time to do some Christmas Reconnaissance, a bit of shopping or hands-on creativity, and getting it out there! It’s your mission, Snake!

    I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a happy holiday season, ZEJ! Have a happy Ramadan! Or Eid al-Fitr! Saint Nicholas Day! Eid’ul-Aha! Fiesta of Our Lady Guadalupe! St. Lucia Day! Hanukkah! Three Kings Day! Boxing Day! Solstice! Kwanzaa! Omisoka! Yule! Saturnalia! Don’t Attract Krampus Day! Ho Ho Ho!

    Now, let’s sign up for some gift-giving!
  2. Ah I loved this last year, was pretty awesome. Would love to participate again! Dont remember what I recieved or gifted last year though haha.

    If I were to recieve anything, some new clothes of some sort would be perfect. I've been losing weight like crazy so thats something I'll need. I'm a 2XL atm :). I'm fine with recieving by mail ofc. 

    Other things which would also be acceptable are art, music, video games, books, candy, or anything Megaman Battle Network related.

    Happy holidays to all, I'm excited to be doing this again :).
  3. An excuse to buy people things? ok.
  4. Oh man, guys, Santa's here again! SANTA'S HERE!

    So anyway, of course I'd be willing to participate!

    The only thing is that I really can't think of anything I want. Honestly, just about anything is fine with me. That said, my interests are video games (mostly jrpgs, but there's plenty of other kinds as well.), cooking  (more on the cooking side rather than baking) (and food in general, really. And even more specifically, I like "exotic," "unusual," "eclectic," and probably other similar words here. I don't really like the mundane.), and music (that said, I have Spotify, so I guess I'd prefer memorabilia stuff over albums or anything) for the main "general" kinds. For more specific things, I like graphic tees, small "knickknack" items/memorabilia/whatever, and would be pretty happy with just about anything.

    Also, something actually made by a ZEJ member would be pretty cool, too.

    If it isn't clear, I'm totally up for having something sent to me. And, Santa, I'm sure you have my address in your records from last year still. It hasn't changed.

    (everything following is mostly just "what I'd be interested in items/memorabilia from." If I listed everything I like I'd be at this forever. That said, I'll probably get and appreciate items/memorabilia from things I haven't listed. Basically, if it's "geeky," I'll probably like it.)
    • Doctor Who
    • How to Train Your Dragon
    • Pixar stuff
    • Star Wars
    • Quite a lot of anime
    • Dragon Quest
    • Earthbound/MOTHER
    • Portal
    • Just about all old-time country. Stuff like Johnny Cash, Charlie Daniels Band, Waylon Jennings, Hank Williams (and Jr).
    • Beatles

    Edit: Inspired by people who have posted after me, donating to a charity would be a wonderful gift here as well.
  5. Yeah sure, I'll bite this year too.

    Starting with what I can give I'm fairly poor so I can't really buy anything, but I can write and I can art.

    As for receiving, I'm fairly certain half of ZEJ has my address by now, Santa included and it's not that hard to get from me anyway. I'm fine with getting stuff in the mail.

    I have a couple of wishlists for various reasons, this which lets people know what I'll do art for and my Steam wishlist. I also like How to Train Your Dragon, Pokemon, Digimon, foxes, dragons, and art.

    If you want to draw me something then a quick glance through my FA gallery's Personal or Gift folders should give you an idea of who I like drawn.

    Happy (advance) Solstice~
  6. Oh, you already know I do enjoy the spirit of gift giving :)

    As for what I ask for? Hm...Whatever comes to mind when you think of me ;) Gag gift or serious gift, I don't particularly mind.

    EDIT: Charity donations are p cool too. Helping somebody who needs it is a great feeling, after all!
  7. Gift giving? Me? Heck yes.

    I definitely love to give more than receive so I am very partial to donations or gifts of service to a charity.  Currently I volunteer in the areas of historical education and women's advancement/children's education so I am partial to charities in those fields but any gift for those who need it is a good gift. :)

    If you do want to send me something I would love to receive a Christmas card and/or a book.
  8. I'm certainly up for another round of Christmas joy, ol' Santa! Sign me up.

    I feel fairly the same as @whitesubtitlesoncanadianwinter does, which is, I'm more for giving than receiving. If you are up for donating money that would otherwise have gone to a "traditional" gift for me to a charitable organization, I would like to direct you towards causes related to either the environment, LGBTQ, music education, wildlife, or diabetes as, for varying reasons, these are causes that are close to my heart. That said, if you would like to, say, help fund a worthy cause on a site like GoFundMe, like hospital or veterinary expenses, I think that that would be a wonderful idea and support that, too.

    The list of """"needs"""" here at homebase is fairly nondescript, right now, if you choose to get me something in the end; I would not be adverse towards an ukulele capo, a set of pens or permanent markers ... or anything, really. For starters, I love handwritten letters and cards and would be content with just that. Seriously. 

    Otherwise, I'm interested in getting to know what you like - book-wise, music-wise, or movie-wise (not much for gaming as I don't have the time I'd like for it right now); I think that would be pretty cool to have something personal like that, that you are passionate about, so that we can share in that enthusiasm. I have very broad tastes. The only general rule to follow is nothing smutty. I just want to feel inspired to get writing a novel again as its been a while since I've been able to afford the time to write one, and this holiday season is giving me that particular essential.

    (Yes, of course I'm fine with physical mail.)
  9. when you weren't emotionally prepared to see Santa Senpai again so soon

    Can't believe it's already that time again! Unfortunately purchases might still be a bit of a far-off thing for me for this sort of thing, whoops. (However, I've still got my writing and mediocre art!)

    -LGBT related
    -Giving to a nearby shelter/soup kitchen (or even volunteering at a soup kitchen for a day! I did it once, very nice.)
    -Heck, do something nice for your neighbor or someone in your community!
    -Always up for Sly Cooper, lbr.
    -Fire Emblem (Really anything after/during the GBA saga except the games focused on Ike and Roy/Eliwood would be especially nice)
    -Tomb Raider (2013) or Rise of The Tomb Raider!
    -Summon Night: Swordcraft Story, tbh, that would be cool (Particularly fond of Sugar, Sanary, and also Lynn from the second title)
    -Really only a steam gift card code or something off my wishlist (the second only really matters if I have you on Steam), I'm not really big on you guys necessarily having to spend money on me since I wouldn't be able to return any of you the favor!
  10. Hi kids!

    Last year Flimzy gifted me a copy of Shovel Knight on Steam and I can't imagine anyone topping that tbh. Please consider giving to other people! I'm a big supporter of arts programs in underfunded schools so if you did that I'd love that!

    But assuming you want to give Aunt Kamantha a present! Um. I love everything 8-bit, and I have a thing for assorted bugs (cockroaches, spiders, moths; fuck wasps though). Space Jam is the best film/song of all time.
  11. Oh boy, the big man in the red made a return in a big way! How's it goin', Papa Xmas? I hope you've been well!

    Would I be interested in partaking in Secret Santa this year? Hah, I'd be positively delighted. I hope that it helps to get everyone into that holiday spirit!

    Things I'd be interested in receiving...
    - Posters! I am really in need of posters for my walls. I really like cool fan-made artwork of various video game franchises, so that'd be an idea. I also really like the works of Christopher Nolan (the director), so a movie poster of one of his films would look great on my walls.
    - I am a big fan of receiving handwritten letters, so if you want to write/post me something straight from the heart I would be more than happy to receive it.
    - I think anything handmade by a ZEJian would be absolutely aces, for sure.

    If you, my lovely future Santa, are really strapped for an idea (or want to get a better sense of my interests in terms of video games/films/etc.), feel free to PM my lovely girlfriend @whitesubtitlesoncanadianwinter and I am sure she'll be more than happy to supply you with an idea or two.
  12. Yooooooo
    Im sitting here cramming a gingerbread clif bar into my face HELL FUCKIN YEAH ITS HOLIDAY TIME

    So I'm down with mailing people relatively small packages or buying stuff on steam or making rad art etc etc whatever floats your boat!! Ideally if someone has anything in particular that they would like mailed/drawn/etc. that would help a lot since i'm quite possibly the most indecisive person ever haha

    as for myself i really love books, especially anything sci-fi and/or fantasy (very broad categories lol. if i had to narrow it down id say deep space sci fi and medieval-ish fantasy are my faves in each category! especially if they're different than the usual "somehow the west has culturally taken over the known universe..??" type of stuff) but really im open to anything - if youve read a book you think is the coolest damn thing then i'd love for you to share it w me!!
    i have an ungodly love for anything elder scrolls so a poster or art or something coolio like that would be super great!

    im trying not to be too vague lmao seriously i'd be thrilled with anythign, gift exchange is fun!
  13. My oh ho ho my! I'm quite impressed by the number of you already getting your Christmas spirit on with your pledging for this year's ZEJ Secret Santa event! Even good ol' Prancer and Dancer could learn something silver and gold from your spirit of generosity! Ol' St. Nick is just droppin' by to remind you all that Saturday, December 5th, 2015  is the cut-off date for anyone else keen on signing up! 

    Santa out.
  14. I'm definitely down for some gift giving! I'd love to participate.

    Purchasing something for somebody is exactly what I'd have to do. If I sent anyone a piece of artwork I made, that person's Christmas would ABSOLUTELY be a letdown (not saying receiving GOOD art is a bad thing at all, it's just my art is very, very, very bad), so please let me buy you something!

    As for what I receive, well, it honestly doesn't matter to me. Anything would be pretty cool, and I don't mind receiving it in the mail.

    The thing is, video games are basically my hobby, my thing, my jam, but I don't want to receive any physical copy of any video game at all, or a steam card, and nothing like that. If you send me a game, chances are I probably own it, since I basically collect video games and my backlog is absolutely massive.


    But if you have anything video game related you can send me, that's right on! I would definitely appreciate anything you can send me. As for what games I am most fond of, here's a quick list I suppose:

    -Fire Emblem
    -Smash Bros
    -Mario Bros.
    -Legend of Zelda
    -Phoenix Wright
    -Kingdom Hearts/Final Fantasy

    My two top of the list is definitely Smash Bros and Fire Emblem.

    But yeah! I'm really excited to participate this year, it seems like it will be quite interesting!
  15. Well I suppose it's only right that I join in on the fun. Address will be sent your way Nickolas. 

    As for thing I want... shit. I pretty much gave all my other stuff I'd want to my two other Secret Santas I'm in. Hmm. I've been looking at getting Left For Dead 1 & 2 on Steam. Loved it on the 360 but it doesn't exactly work anymore. A good gaming controller that I can use with my laptop would be nice as well. Keyboard works for most games but for others I realllllly would need a controller. 

    Some ZEJ artwork would be fun though I'm not sure how easy to make any of my characters would be. Giott would of course be the one I'd like to see brought to life the most. Karma & Tempest would be cool as well.

    As for what series I'm into absolutely the Mega Man Battle Network games. I've beaten them all and recently 100% beat 2 for the first time which was amazing. Game of Thrones is pretty awesome as is Doctor Who. I don't care what anyone says Tyrion is the best GoT character of them all. 

    Pokemon of course is great. Cubone, Farfetch'd and Darkrai are probably my three favorites. Dark-type is best type. Gotten into RWBY lately and it's pretty good. Wish the episode were a bit longer but can't really complain. 

    Yu-Gi-Oh! is great fun. Haven't gotten to really duel in a long while but I used to play all the time and the show was good. Fuck XYZ though. I can stand Synchros but XYZs and whatever the fuck is in the other new series can kiss my ass. It's all about old school dueling with me. I've got 2000+ cards spread about. A card binder with ZEJ or Yu-Gi-Oh! art would be pretty cool actually so I could store all my cards properly. 


    Duck Hunt Dog, Bowser Jr. & King Dedede are my Smash mains.

    Lions are the best animal on earth.

    Reeses is the best candy on earth.

    Yeah that's all I got. I'm sure if there are any questions whoever has any can ask Santa to send me a letter by owl.
  16. Ho Ho! That you are reading this means that good ol' Saint Nick here has just finished up his preliminary batch of holiday cookies in time to inform you that the application for ZEJ's Secret Santa 2015 extravaganza has now been met! Many a merry apology to those of you who may have meant to join in on the oh-what-fun this year, but we are on a holly schedule that has to be met in order to spread the right amount of jolly!

    Again, I would like to dredge up this silver-and-golden quote from my first post this year to remind you all of our new deadline and parameters for the next step in our festivities!

    So, get on out there, and let's have ourselves a giftapalooza (and some more cookies)! Ho Ho Ho!

    P.S. Remember to send me your address if you haven't yet, should you be okay with the possibility of receiving a physical gift!
  17. Aho Ho-hoy there, you jolly sprinkles of holiday delight! Your jingly man in the red suit is just stopping by to remind you that our deadline is approaching for the gift-giving festivities: Monday, December 21st, 2015!

    Please remember to send your gifts of good tiding over my way by that day! Send me a Private Message with a picture of what you are gifting to your recipient (or a description, or the gift itself!) by midnight on the 21st, so that I can have everyone's gift set up and under the (virtual) tree on December 22nd.

    If you are in need of help, ideas, or the real-life address of your recipient, please do not hesitate to send a Private Message my way! I am always happy to help out my own little extended elves. Ho Ha Ho Ho Ha!

    That's it for now! Keep spreading that Christmas cheer once more, ZEJ! On Zantok, on Eebit, on Jonno, on Kamantha; on Gold Dullahan, on whitesubtitlesoncanadianwinter, on Keileon, on Skolli, on Kakuzato! On Cody, on Cid, on Ziolang, and on me! Let's make this Secret Santa fun for everybody!
  18. golly gee i didnt know i was a reindeer ty santa

  19. This is the one that kills me. I'm just imagining all the other names being said normally and then Santa trying to say this one all in one quick breathe before continuing on with the rest.
  20. Good ol' Mr. Claus here never runs out of breath! The gut is aesthetic, my energy is electric. "whitesubtitlesoncanadianwinter" is eclectic, but any name for me is just part of my linguistics! I know it doesn't always rhyme, but I have more flow than Father Time. Hit me, @Zantok. Another eggnog please. Ho Ho Holiday Rap! Here to stay is this Santa attack!

    Merry (almost) Christmas, ZEJ! I have returned to deliver your presents a couple of days in advance of the time when I will be making my round-trip to deliver all the toys and gifts to the good boys and girls of the world. Let me just say that there have been some great gifts exchanged this year, and I hope that you all enjoy what you received! There are a couple that are still "in transit" so to speak (hence any placeholder messages), so you can look forward to receiving yours soon if you haven't already!

    Now that that is out of the way, let me unveil the Secret Santa gifts for all of you "good" ZEJians!

    To @Cid from @Keileon

    To @CodasterTheDisaster from @"Gold Dullahan"

    To @Eebit from @Jonno

    To @Flamezone from @Ziolang
    Your (physical) gift is currently on its way! Stay tuned!

    To @"Gold Dullahan" from @Zantok

    To @Jonno from @whitesubtitlesoncanadianwinter

    To @Kamantha from @Cid

    To @"The Kakuzato" from @Kamantha

    To @Keileon from @Flamezone

    To @Skolli from @"The Kakuzato"
    Your (physical) gift is on its way! Stay tuned!

    To @whitesubtitlesoncanadianwinter from @CodasterTheDisaster
    I got you a book that I thought you'd like. There's also more in the book regarding your present :)
    No I did not edit this in using mod powers are you crazy

    To @Zantok from @Skolli
    Your gift is on its way! Stay tuned!

    To @Ziolang from @Eebit

    That's all for gifts this year, you jolly jimmies and jum-jums! I'm happy to have once again seen the joy of ZEJ spread throughout its various members, as I'm sure you have been, too. Today marks yet another successful Secret Santa for the ZEJ crew and good ol' Saint Nick himself! Now, it's time to ready myself for traveling the world and gorging myself with as much cookie and milk as possible while reindeer still somehow continue to carry me in my sleigh as we throw presents at the houses of children and make them happy in their wonder! On Dasher, on Dancer, on Prancer, on Vixen! On Comet, on Cupid, on Donner, on Blitzen! On Rudolph! On Zanty Claws McDuddy! Ho Ho Ho Ha Ho Ha Ho!

    Merry Christmas!


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