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Discussion in 'Miscellaneous Conjectures' started by BatterymanAAA, Feb 16, 2013.

  1. Yesterday, I had a day off of school. I slept in till about 10:30 and went downstairs. My mom wasn't there, but that wasn't a surprise to me. She still had to work today. Before I got myself breakfast, I went over to the den. My mom puts our dachshund, Coney, in there when she leaves and doesn't want him roaming around, probably so he wouldn't wake me up. I let him out and brought him outside so he could go to the bathroom. I watched him from the door, and then I heard the door to the garage open. I checked and saw that my mom was coming inside. She said hi to me, and then she asked if I saw her note in the kitchen. I hadn't been in the kitchen yet, so I told her no. She told me that she had to take the day off work because when she fed the dogs this morning, she found out my beagle, Jay, had had a seizure in the night and was still unconscious. He'd had a lot of seizures when he was two because he had a bad liver and he couldn't break down meat proteins, but the vets told us that it probably got better and he'd been fine. But apparently, he'd been having seizures again lately. My mom had mentioned before that he kept throwing up on his bed at night, but didn't seem to think that he was having seizures when I suggested it. The vets told her that he had, in fact, been having seizures again. And, apparently, the only thing they could do was put him down.

    Jay was only four years old. He was my big baby. All he wanted was attention. But, recently, our two other dogs had been bugging him, so my parents would just put him in his room and shut the door, so I rarely spent time with him recently. He was just happy all the time. Whenever me and my sister would come home from school, he'd be hopping around and wriggling with excitement. Whenever he was in a room with another person, he'd always come up to them and sit with them, and try to get them to pet him. He was also such a scaredy cat too. Since we moved our dogs' water bowls to the basement, he'd always need me to turn on the light and walk down the steps with him. He was also the only one of our dogs to steadily move backward when he was barking at something. I loved the little guy. I wish I would've spent more time with him. I knew I wouldn't have him forever, but I had no idea how soon I'd be without him. I just wish I could have one more day with him.
  2. Oh, man... AAA, that's horrible news, and I'm sorry for this late response, but I feel terrible for you. I hope that everything is alright... I understand that feeling of having someone/thing close to you passing on. That is truly an awful, heart-wrenching feeling, and I hope that everything with you is going better, now that there has been a bit more time in between now and that day. My condolences, and just keep in mind that he is in a better place now, if you believe in that sort of thing. <3

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