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RESOURCE Roleplaying Resource Thread

Discussion in 'Roleplaying Discussion' started by Nyumi 413, Jul 22, 2012.

  1. Nobody likes a Mary Sue in an RP. Are you worried that you have created one? Use this test to see if you have.

    (Requesting a sticky for this, by the way, since it applies for all RP's except ASB.)
  2. RE: The Universal Mary Sue Litmus Test

    EDIT: It seems this website has been taken down or something.

    Found some good generators for stuff.  All of which can be used for building ideas, with you having to flesh them out.

    Story Archetype Generator: Here's a good generator if you want basic ideas for a plot/subplot in an RP.

    Character Archetype generator: Actually quite a nice idea if you're stuck on character ideas.

    "Everyday Problems" generator: A good generator if you're having trouble keeping you character realisticc.  Gives ideas for quirks and such.

    All of this found here. Honestly, this looks like an awesome site. I'll have o explore around it.
  3. Found a great Reddit thread for prospective GMs about an interpretation of Pixar's rules of storytelling. It's geared more towards tabletop GMs in terms of writing, but I feel like it's pretty applicable to any kind of roleplaying. Check it out here!
  4. I'm going to unstick this thread for now. There's nothing particularly substantial in it as far as "resources" go. If anyone would like to champion a new roleplaying resource thread, I'd welcome the effort (and would be happy to sticky such a thread)!

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