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DISCUSSION Roleplay Character Apocalypse Teams

Discussion in 'Roleplaying Discussion' started by Keileon, Aug 18, 2012.

  1. Sparking from a discussion on CoU Chatzy. Let's say the world is ending. You have to pick any five characters from any ZEJ roleplay for your team as you quest for survival. Explain why.

    My picks:

    1. Jason Shaver
    • Cult of Ustream ~ Official Roleplay / Oblivion Phantasy ~ The Obstinate Odyssey •
    Jason Shaver, as a shapeshifter, not only has the ability to turn into animals, but also has a nearly unrivalled sense of hearing, agile reflexes, excellent night vision, and powerful survival instincts. Despite his very... dominant, slightly arrogant personality, he is one of the most likely to survive by tooth and nail alone.

    2. Espira Xirro
    • Cult of Ustream ~ Official Roleplay / Oblivion Phantasy ~ Forsaken Malign •
    Need I say anything? Coolheaded, merciless, fast, and skilled, Espira Xirro is, in my opinion, the better of the two Xirros and an excellent melee fighter to say the very least. She strikes me as a born leader, which might conflict with Jason's personality... but I'm sure he'll get over it~

    3. Valen Scarlettburn
    • Cult of Ustream ~ Official Roleplay •
    Espira, gunslinger version. All that needs to be said, really, though his collected demeanor and ability to create guns from mana are definite plusses.

    4. Strytor Verano
    • Tales of Alidaire: The Struggle •
    Hasn't really seen much development so far other than being a smug little foxboy that loves to annoy the fuck out of Helena. His attitude, while complacent and arrogant at first, simply hides a decent intellect and a quick mind. He's got a few debuffing and attacking techniques and is planned to have more supporting, so he makes a good all-around magical character.

    5. Caleb Archeo
    • Organization Aurora •
    He hasn't appeared yet. However, his manipulation of relationships aside, he is a very skilled White Mage and easily serves as the team's supporter so Stry can concentrate more on offense and debuffing.
  2. I'll proceed to repost my team as I had already stated on the chat before (with a slight change because of a technicality), and elaborate.

    1. Espira Xirro
    From: Cult of Ustream ~ Official Roleplay / Oblivion Phantasy ~ Forsaken Malign
    Ah, Espira Xirro, probably my best-known character around here. Her ability to develop any kind of combat situation into an advantageous position comes from her extreme versatility in combat. Sharp, direct, and analytic, Espira is my first and primary addition to this Apocalypse Team.

    2. Rineai Scudo
    From: Oblivion Phantasy ~ Chain of Dreams / Durasken Uprising ~ Secret of the High Circle
    From within a cute shell of a disarming frame comes an insurmountably strong-willed spirit, capable of switching from defensive aspects of her barriers to a frighteningly strong, debilitating offense with much efficiency. Her powers extend very widely, a spectrum covering an ability to use barriers with myriad effects as pure aiding measures, to an ability to draw and create boundaries which effectively becomes better than my own main's.

    3. Fang "Seven" Szaufer
    From: Oblivion Phantasy ~ Legacy of Beyond
    Confident and capable, Seven is a natural leader--the leader of the group of dimensional leapers known as Team 13, in fact--and she makes an important addition to the Apocalypse Team in the form of the (mostly) laid-back leader who does not take chances to step it whenever possible. Her ability to manipulate Mana in its rawest form and the usage of unorthodox symbol-based techniques make her a formidable ally... or opponent.

    4. Eebit
    From: Cult of Ustream ~ Old Canon
    Self-insert of the tremendous faggot bro with the same name, Eebit is an experienced alchemist who would turn out to be an invaluable resource-supplier in an hypothetical apocalyptic world. Not only he does use alchemy as means of creating items, however, as he can also use it to perform better-known techniques such as "Putrefactio" and "Xanthosis". Did I mention he has Nuclear Fusion too?

    5. Brutal Krie
    From: Oblivion Phantasy ~ A Decaying Flux
    If you have seen him in the Decaying Flux Statplay, then I don't have to explain anything to you, at all. Personally I find him to be one of my favorite Masqcharacters, and for a good reason too. "Slaying people has never been this badass before.", I'd say. Wielding a scythe he just handles like it's nobody's-fucking-business, Krie is tank. And by tank I mean one holding a level of destructive power previously unseen to men. If I want someone to wreck the battlefield, it'd be him.

    Aaaand that should be all. And I'm not just going to survive, here!

    I'm going to beat the fucking game.

  3. In no particular order:

    1. T.E.N.
    ~ARKNET Reborn~

    TEN is a kickass robot that basically knows when something is a threat. And he'll tell you. And blow its fucking brains out. While not OMG UBER FAST, he makes up for it by being incredibly smart and really good in battle.

    2. Blaine Toshido
    ~Cult of Ustream: Official Roleplay ~ ARKNET Reborn (TBA)~

    Yeah yeah, I chose a Fallen character. Save the gunshots, lacerations, vectors and arrows, for I will explain why! If we're talking zombie apocalypse, you're pretty much going to win everything if you have Blaine. He's a fucking necromancer. If we're not talking zombies he still works considering he'd be able to raise an army of the undead from the numerous dead corpses that TEN makes which would then protect the party.

    3. Starrmalia Starkey
    ~Cult of Ustream: Official Roleplay~

    Starr'd be invaluable in an apocalyptic situation even if she has to prepare while working on patients. Who says that she couldn't use her amazing noggin to Macgyver some medical supplies from the environment? Plus, she's proven that she can even go as far as to revive people. What's not to love?

    4. Judas Numidius
    ~Cult of Ustream: Official Roleplay ~ ARKNET Reborn ~ Euthora-Roul: Friitai Vol~

    A rhythm-, sound- and tune-manipulating, H20-wielding vampire deity who just happens to be THE FASTEST FUCKING THING ALIVE. Seriously, much of the time, most enemies wouldn't even see the onslaught of brutal attacks coming, and in the event they do, they'll probably be busy going insane while being eviscerated by ice shards. The only problem is his vampirism, but that can be easily solved if I'm thinking of the right apocalyptic environment. Finally, if one of the party is kidnapped by some unseen force, he and TEN will hunt it down and tear it limb-from-limb.

    5. The Chinese Chef
    ~Crossover Task Force (Originally from TimeSplitters)~

    An insanely agile and deadly chef who can make food out of fucking zombies. Food that doesn't kill or poison people. Combine this dude with Blaine and you're set for food.​

    Well, there's my picks.
  4. Xalec (The Mystics): Alchemist. 'Nuff said.

    Austere Harrison Clements (The Mystics): Wind manipulation can protect us, get us outta there quick, or get enemies outta their quick, plus there's his animation. Plus Rock. Two for the price of one, and the second is a big ol' Rock. Something needs smashing? Rock. Something needs crushing? Rock. Rock's a Tank. Well, technically a rock, but... (Thanks Jonno)

    Xiax (Rise of the Keys): Keyblade wielder specializing in gravity magic, things get duble crushed with him and Rock, and then some. Plus his affinity with a blade/spear come in handy. The fact you can cook stuff on his wepon is also a plus.

    Zoltan (Raised to Win): Ruthles, he already has no problem killing, and neither do his Pokemon. Combine that with six for the price of one, and three methods of air transport, make him very useful. (Thanks Kuda)

    Riku (Crossover Task Force, originally Kingdom Hearts): Another Keyblade wielder, this one a user of darkness, he's already powerful, plus he can take an even more powerful form. All this, plus his calmness, allows for a cool and collected thinker for the team, who just so happens to be an epic fighter, too.

    Two Mystics, two Keyblade wielders, and a Pokemon trainer. I think I'm good.
  5. 1. - Aexides Licari
    • The Ultimate Tournament 3 •
    Aexides is a badass. He's not only encased in some of the finest, toughest enchanted armor out there, he also maintains control over the four elements: fire, water, earth, and wind, and has a huge-ass spear to boot. He can one-man an entire world of zombies.

    2. - Espira Xirro
    • Cult of UStream ~ Official Roleplay/Oblivion Fantasy ~ Forsaken Malign ~ The Ultimate Tournament 3 •
    Another day, another badass, I do say! There's nothing more I can say about Espira that hasn't been said above already, but she's one of ZEJ and the Cult's mascot characters, there's a good reason as to why she's already a popular choice for this list-making business.

    3. - PFX-72 Bloccato
    • The Ultimate Tournament 3 •
    PFX-72 Bloccato is a war machine. Though his intentions are generally unknown to the public (he's actually being used by an evil magician, and won't be freed from his form unless he keeps fighting successfully), but in this form, he's very much like a souped-up version of Hulk. His pure strength and invulnerability to the majority of all attacks makes him a force to be reckoned with. He won't stop until he wins and is able to return to his human form!

    4. - Jude Lumsden
    • ARKNET ~ ARKNET 2 ~ The Ultimate Tournament 2 •
    HEEYYYY JUDEEEEE. YOU ARE SOOOO COOOL. YOU ARE A WEREWOLFFFFF. WITH A TON OF MAGICCCCCCccccccckaaaaa~ and with that in mind, it's speed, combined with furious strength, and ice, to boot!

    5. - Tomari Spalding
    • Segregation •
    Tomari is a cookie. A smart cookie. A smart cookie with many science degrees. If there's one person out there who can find the cure to this outbreak should any of his party members suffer from it, its him. Then again, perhaps all he needs is a healthy dose of heal serum for everyone, and use his SnakeBite tool to doze through dozens of zombies at a time.
  6. 1. Cornelia Lancaster ~ The Mystics

    ---Cornelia hasn't had a chance to portray her powers in The Mystics yet, but I know exactly what she's capable of. If there was any dangers around in the form of hostile life, Cornelia would be able to trap it in an illusion or just outright kill it via illusion as well. Her powers are extensive, versatile, and when she uses them, she gets healthier and gains more power. She hardly has any limits. Besides her powers over illusion, she's a great person to be around in general. She'd make for wonderful company during the apocalypse and I definitely wouldn't mind repopulating with the likes of her, hee hee hee.

    2. Celestine Delumnia ~ Obscure Harmony

    ---Trustworthy and kind, Celestine has the type of values and maturity that would be very valuable in such a dire situation as the apocalypse. Throw in powers to heal and support and you're pretty much made. Her reliable nature would give me peace of mind because I would know that I was in capable hands.

    3. David Shaver ~ Oblivion Phantasy: The Obstinate Odyssey

    ---He can make rain. All kinds of rain, it seems, based on the fact that he can make it rain stones. He would be invaluable as a magician who can make it rain all sorts of things. Water in and of itself would be amazingly significant. Not to mention he is a rather sensible and cool-headed guy who lacks the immense stubbornness of his brother. Altogether he would be a welcome addition to my apocalypse team.

    4. Brutal Krie ~ Oblivion Phantasy: A Decaying Flux

    ---Really? Do I NEED a reason? Master of improvisation. Do first, ask questions later. Some would see him as reckless, but in reality, he doesn't waste any action he takes. SOMETHING gets accomplished no matter how insignificant it may seem. Not to mention that anything that we'd run into would run with its tail between its legs at the sight of a madman with a scythe lumbering towards them. Yeah, he's pretty crazy, but still trustworthy. Despite his berserker archetype, he's actually rather intelligent and extremely capable in battle (in the case something is foolish enough to take him on.) As long as we ran into animals or mutated creatures or what have you, Krie would ensure we'd get as many resources from them as possible, not to mention saving our lives in the first place.

    5. Otis Mythern ~ Tales of Alidaire: The Struggle

    ---Only having been briefly mentioned in the role play mentioned, he is still more valuable to me than some of the actual main characters, at least for my apocalypse team. Otis is a time mage who works with a group of assassins threatening to overthrow the maddened Chaos Knight and King of Dalmaschior, Albert. One, it takes balls to do shit like that. And two, Otis's role might not be important to the assassin organization, but his powers over time are solid. He's capable of reversing actions performed on objects to a point where he would cast the spell on a skeleton and in moments, the living creature would be standing in front of us. As such, he could reverse time and make us a little paradise in the apocalyptic wasteland. Why he doesn't have a larger role in The Struggle is beyond me, but he's epic.
  7. 1. Sharra Xirro
    ~ From the roleplay Organization Aurora
    Cool, collected, and far more flexible and adaptable to team situations than her sister, I personally far prefer Sharra to Espira. Apparently I am in the visible minority based on this thread, but frankly, I just think that the elder Xirro makes for a much better leader, and has a more level-headed mind about her. Organization Aurora shows that she can work well in a team situation, and can adapt. She accommodates the ranged aspect of my team, sniping any possible enemy from afar. Sharra can also hunt, having lived off of the wilderness in the prologue to Organization Aurora. Espira... well, she certainly doesn't have these credentials. She works better as a solo artist, which is why Sharra wins the spot over her younger sister.

    2. "Brutal Krie" Nordston
    ~ From the roleplay Oblivion Phantasy: A Decaying Flux
    I honestly can agree with both Shadow and Masq when they said that there is really no explanation needed for this man. He's a little (read: A LOT) creepy, and is going to certainly be an interesting foil to Kaya Escala in A Decaying Flux. He is not afraid to break the formation to make quick decisions, and frankly... he's a tank that can get anyone out of a sticky situation. The only possible downside I see to being with Krie is that he is not going to take orders well, unless he recognizes their benefits to him, but I just don't see that as a possible failure in an apocalyptic situation.

    3. Jason "Kuda" Shaver
    ~ From the roleplays Cult of Ustream ~ Official Roleplay, Oblivion Phantasy: The Obstinate Odyssey, Euthora-Roul: Friitai Vol, etc
    Jason Shaver's credentials (a few of which are listed above) are incredibly extensive. The leader of the Cult of Ustream. Rookie of the Year in the unlisted TheZones Dueling League 2011. The list expands to things that I probably shouldn't know, but do. He's obviously adaptable, being a Euthoran Shapeshifter, and is typically cool-headed enough to lead the Cult of Ustream, gaining quite an advantage over his second-in-command. He can be a bit stubborn, which is a drawback, since he does not exactly trust anyone very easily. That could be an upset on this team, but the truth is that he is loyal and protective of his friends. Should things warm up on the team, then Jason will definitely have the backs of his allies. His flexibility, and natural instinct to simply survive make him an obvious choice for my team.

    4. Pricilla Starrmalia Starkey
    ~ From the roleplay Cult of Ustream ~ Official Roleplay
    The Cult of Ustream's medical expert; Starr is fierce. She's been shown to have a spine - and that's something I like about her character. She's adamant about her beliefs, but not to an idiotic extent. A mother of twins to this point in Cult of Ustream canon, she has the instincts about her to know how to protect. She is also a Sky Serpent, which allows her to really pack a punch. But primarily, I chose Starr because she would simply know what to do. Not necessarily step up and take control of the situation, but she would certainly be able to mesh well with her allies (being quite personable at some points in the roleplay). Also, it is impossible to pass up someone as invaluable as this, seeing as she brought Espira Xirro back to life (and that is just the first on the list of many abilities).

    5. Tomari Spalding
    ~ From the roleplays Segregation, L'inno della Morte
    A character that Jonno has told me he has big plans for. I know for a fact that Tomari would be able to provide some serious benefits for this team, using his incredible intellect to help to mitigate all possible threats to the team, and also back Starr up as the medical aide to the party. Tomari will have survived both the Medium's tyrannical and oppressive rule, staying out of all view in order to prevent them from owning him, and also will be dodging out of whatever Mayari has to come our way in L'inno della Morte. While he hasn't had a whole lot of time in the spotlight (sorry, Segregation folk ;-;), I am confident that Jonno will sprinkle the same life and magic into this character that he does with his others!

    Runner-Up: Judas Numidius
    ~ From the roleplays Ultimate Tournament 2, ARKNET: Reborn, Cult of Ustream ~ Official Roleplay
    Formerly Jude Lumsden, this demigod has the dominion over water and all of its states. An incredibly flexible power to begin with, but Judas is also an invaluable asset in the way of mind-reading, and imprinting. He would be able to use his speed to his benefits, and harmonize the team with the guidance and formality that they may need. I could not, unfortunately, fit him into the team given that I only have five slots to choose from, but if given one more, the spot would go to the grey-furred, formal badass that is Jude. His icy-calm nature would pave the road to victory for any team he is added to.
  8. 1- Espira Xirro
    (Oblivion Phantasy ~ Forsaken Malign | Cult of Ustream ~ Official Roleplay)

    2- Kyton Haryn
    (Cult of Ustream ~ Official Roleplay)
    As a Euthoran Shapeshifter, Kyton has all the instincts and none of the stubbornness of Jason. Combine this with military training from Euthora's strongest military and you've got a solid fighter who'll take orders.

    2- Daivam Sasvata (Eternity Project Zero)
    (Oblivion Phantasy ~ Forsaken Malign)
    He's fucking immortal. Need I say more?

    4- Helena Galangar
    (Tales of Alidaire: The Struggle)
    A strong ranged fighter and a no-nonsense type- from what I've seen- Helena seems to get along with everyone in the party except for the resident foxboy. Her apparent friendliness and willingness to get shit done lands her solidly on my list.

    5- Kalum Tasis
    (This Dream)
    Surprised? Accompanied by his "Spirit Guide" Kip'yaia, Kalum is a definitely fast and powerful fighter. In the first battle of the roleplay, with everyone going "wat do", this guy just kept rushing the enemy and going "BREAK BREAK BREAK". And he played no small part in nearly reducing her HP to zero. His build, according to Kudamon, is to do as much damage in as small a timeframe as possible. And unlike the other aggressive fighters on the team, Kalum can keep his cool- in fact, he's quite passive out of combat.
  9. bump because i saw a bot viewing this and i think it's an interesting discussion

    Would any teams change now, given what new characters and roleplays have appeared?
  10. Over a year later, I am bumping with the same question.

    (I'm heading out like now but if there are no replies this afternoon I'll edit this post)
  11. Seeing as the only ZEJ characters I'm remotely familiar with at Helena and Kat, I feel I would be better off attempting to answer this thread with characters from ED. Please don't stone me! ;_;

    1. Auza Varshtig
    Featured in: Tales of Alidaire: The Chase

    I honestly couldn't think of a better character to include on an Apocalypse Team. Sure, Auza's a little rough around the edges––she's quite intimidating and capable of holding her ground even if she's not a fighter per-say. But (and it really shows in The Chase) she has a very good reason for behaving the way she does. Apart from whatever personality issues might arise, I can honestly say I'd feel incredibly comfortable with her at my side. Auza's binding and sealing magicks have failed only a handful of times––most of which were negligible in the moment and were quickly corrected. Furthermore, at this stage of the game she's started to pick up some offensive skills, so while she may not be the throwing fireballs and lightning bolts like they're going out of style, she can definitely handle a monster or two.

    2. Archer Red
    Featured in: Adventures of Naletia: The Second Dragon War

    Continuing with the honesty here, I will admit that I limited myself to a single Masq!character (because they're all so goddamn amazing and I could make forty teams using just them alone) and he partially won a spot because I have a huge boner for him. As far as why he deserves to be a part of this team (apart from the fact that I want to get with him), Archer is a decorated Cadet who, despite having a lot to learn to eventually lead the Royal Guard, performs efficiently and never fails to do what he must. His heart is always in the right place and he's a incredibly powerful ally. Not to mention he can see through fog of war and (later on) invisible mofos trying to be a sneaky. He'd be a great asset both in and out of troubling situations and I'd love to spend alone time with him.

    3. Darragh Loxley
    Featured in: Pursuit of Happiness

    I'm betting all of you are scratching your heads going "what the heck is Silver on right now? Who the HELL is this?" but bear with me. Darragh is one of those hidden gems made by the fabulous (and often missing) Cerani. He didn't get much "screen time" in PoH, but the one major battle he played a part in certainly qualifies him to be on this list. Darragh is the tank to end all tanks. It's what he does! He sits there and sponges up damage and, as long as he has someone else supporting him, he doesn't fall. He came pretty damn close in his first real encounter, but he managed to hold his own and keep (almost) everyone alive. Not to mention he's just a charming guy in general. And who else gets Shell from stopping to smoke some sweet Mary Jane in the middle of battle? Unless someone's slipped by me, the answer to that question is: no one.

    4. Elisia Fairchild
    Featured in: ReCreation / Heartbreak Armageddon: Eternal Scars

    Ahh Elisia. She's the first character that belongs to me on this list and she's also the first bow-wielding character of mine that I've ever liked. Maybe that makes me a little sentimental, but there's no doubt in my mind that this girl would be a serious asset on any team––apocalypse or nah. For starters, she's not afraid to get her hands dirty. Years of fighting to keep not only herself, but her younger sister, Natasha, alive has hardened her and made her willing to go well beyond what most people would to protect the things she holds dear. She's got a strong heart, immense determination, and her attacks really pack a punch! Seriously, even without the Quick Shot innate she has on her, her attacks never fail to dish out some hurt. The fact that she becomes capable of messing with reality and illusions later on is just a nice bonus! It's a shame HA:ES never got far enough for her to take part in the story...

    5. Cerys Wren Shaere
    Featured in: Chronicles of Haladway: Treasured Tales

    This is probably a not-so-well-known fact, but Cerys is my baby. Maybe I'm a little biased, but she's my favorite character ever. She may not have been my first ever character, and she certainly wasn't the last, but she is the character that I've come to learn the most about. I could fill in every detail of her life for you from start to finish. I've told her story in several mediums (most recently in a stage play that I'm writing as a part of my theatrical career) and she's been with me for a long time. All of that aside, I would be honored to know her on a face-to-face/in person level. Her inner strength is without match. Despite all of the terrible events in her life (a small number of which include watching her mother commit suicide and creating a portal to another world where she has almost all of her power stripped from her) she takes everything in stride and handles life with an elegance that is commendable. Not to mention she's a spellcasting prodigy––self-taught, I might add. I desperately need to rework her statistical profile because it's fairly outdated, but I would have no greater honor than to have her as part of my team and that's why she's my final pick.

    Runner-Up Clara Aimee Linnet
    Featured in: Tales of Alidaire: Heart of the World

    Perhaps putting Clara in as a runner up is a poor decision considering she's the only person on this list with dedicated healing and support, but I feel fairly confident that my top picks could handle keeping us alive. That being said, if I had the option to add one person to my team I would definitely choose Clara without a second thought. Although most everyone on this list would be easy to get along with, I feel that all of them, even Cerys and Darragh, have an edge to them created by their experiences in life. Disregarding the key role Clara would play in keeping us all alive with her powerful barriers and music-based support, I feel that out of all of these characters that Clara would be the shoulder to cry on. She'd be the one person who would always just be present to help everyone around her bear the burdens of our situation. She's yet to truly find her own strength in Heart of the World, but I am confident that when she does she'll be the strongest character on this list.

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