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Roleplay Archives and Handling Interest Checks

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Eebit, Jun 13, 2016.

  1. So something that has been on my mind here and there lately is the Interest Checks forum, and its relationship with the other "moving parts" of our RPing sections.

    We have a Roleplay Archives section for the actual, in-character and OoC threads that have materialized. It has admittedly sort of fallen off. We (the staff) haven't been very diligent about moving the "inactive" roleplays into that section. But, all the same, we do have an archive for a reason -- to house our RPs that are inactive.

    What we don't have is something similar for Interest Checks that have been "completed" -- that is to say, the ones that have advanced on passed the preliminary "gathering interest" stage, and are now onto the profile-making or actual roleplaying stage. Back in the day, Magnolia Roleplays had a section for Completed Interest Checks as a subforum to their Interest Checks section, making the interest checks elegantly organized and making it obvious which were still, hypothetically, in the process of garnering a playerbase.

    I'm posting this thread wondering what you guys are thinking about how we should handle this. Internally (as a staff) we've briefly touched on this matter, and there are a few ideas that we can see working to varying degrees of success.

    1. We could also move the completed Interest Checks to our current Roleplay Archives. It keeps everything in one place, although there are concerns that we would lose our Interest Checks in the clutter of the Archives in the event that we needed to easily find them to refer people to questions that have been answered in those threads.

    2. We could change how we handle OoC threads by having a staff member move a completed Interest Check to the Out of Character Discussion section. Since oftentimes dedicated OoC threads have their first post as "you know what to do." and nothing else, it allows the discussion to carry over from the Interest Check, makes it immediately clear which RPs are still in the "gathering interest" phase, and gives a new purpose to these Interest Checks once they've fulfilled their original one. The one thing I guess it inhibits is "collective OoC" or suite-style OoC threads that house discussion for multiple RPs, like those seen for Kuda's Euthora-Roul statplays or Silver's "SilvStyle" OoC thread.

    3. We could create a new subforum for the completed Interest Checks just like how Magnolia used to do it.

    I would like to know what you guys think is the best solution, and you're welcome to extend the discussion with ideas of your own.
  2. I personally like things the way they are, but mainly because none of those options really appeal to me, and also because if we remove threads from the IC section then- knowing our activity levels- eventually that section's going to start looking empty.

    I think of completed ICs in that section making a sort of "look at all these cool ideas we've done" statement to new people. Yeah, we have the pending ICs, but those often die quickly (unfortunately) and the section just ends up looking like a graveyard for failed concepts.

    Then we have certain cases- TWEWY SP and F/LT come to mind- where a roleplay either takes off, or tries to take off, before it dies and the IC is later bumped for a revisit. It's easier to do that if the IC is, well, somewhere you know to find it. Or, like Somnambulance (even though I think I bumped the OoC, point still stands), someone might be browsing the section to take a trip down memory lane, see an IC for a roleplay that started and died, and decide to ask the GM if they're restarting.

    I dunno it seems like a minor concern since one can do that just as easily in the archives or OoC (though I think non-staff can't bump archived threads?) but I felt it worth voicing.

    As someone who does OoC threads based on canon rather than roleplay I kind of don't  like option 2 either, but that's bias and can simply have an exception for those kinds of OoC threads. (Do not merge ICs with these kinds of OoC threads though. That'll result in horrible clutter.)

    No subforum. No. Bad Eebit.

    TL;DR I prefer everything as it is

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