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Discussion in 'Freeform Roleplays' started by CodasterTheDisaster, Apr 17, 2015.

  1. A pair of mossy green eyes peered towards the sky, watching the heavy, grey clouds float over the English countryside. A cool wind blew through the trees, bringing with it the smell of rain and a promise of sweet reprieve to the small workforce nearby. "It will storm tonight," the elaph to whom the eyes belonged spoke. She looked down, scanning the surroundings; both through the trees and grasslands. "Lilian, your shift's up," called out the voice of a young man. The elaph woman turned and nodded, a slight smile spreading across her features.
    Like most elaph, Lilian was tall and graceful, with a massive set of antlers protruding from her temples. Her skin was rather pale, but smooth and mostly unblemished. Her slightly curly, light brown hair reached to just past her shoulders. The man that spoke to her smiled back, a slight blush gracing his cheeks. Lilian, however, payed no mind. After emerging from the darkness of the rock, she'd found most humans that she spoke with responded in a similar manner. Until recently she'd assumed it was part of human culture. One of the guards she shared night duty with explained to her that even an average-looking elaph appeared very beautiful to most humans. He then admitted he even found males attractive, which was apparently taboo in human culture.

    Lilian decided that she didn't fully understand the people whose planet she now inhabited. Many were not very accepting of what was considered 'abnormal' or 'unnatural'. The community she'd found herself in, however, seemed to be more welcoming. The humans went as far as allowing themselves to be exiled in order to build a settlement with the non-humans. Lilian considered that noble. 
    She returned to her quarters, quickly pulling off the guard uniform, which consisted of a red coat and black pants. The elaph woman found it unusual, as she would have dressed herself in dull browns and greens to camouflage herself from potential attackers. She pulled on simpler clothing--leather pants, knee-high boots, and a white blouse. 

    She stepped out and headed towards the building where most of the humans congregated. An inn, she remembered it was called. Another gust of wind blew past, bringing the thunderheads even closer. She stopped and looked at the sky once more, taking a moment to enjoy the weather. Despite spending most of her younger years in extremely low light, Lilian enjoyed cloudy and rainy days the most, though what the humans called 'spring' was lovely as well. She entered and found a seat next to the human man that was called 'mayor'. He was an older man, quite a bit shorter than Lilian's six and a half feet. The others knew him as Doctor George Ainsworth. Lilian just called him, and Lilian just referred to him as 'Lord Doctor', though it took a while for her to understand 'doctor' was not part of his name. The nickname still stuck.

    George, despite being in his early forties, was still a thin and fit looking man, with close-cropped brown hair streaked through with grey, and a matching beard that he kept closely trimmed. His voice was low and rumbling, matching his stern expression. Many that met him initially felt intimidated, but quickly learned that he was actually very kind.

    "Evening, Lilian," he said, looking up from a letter. "I've received word from London, it seems they have agreed upon a shipment of building supplies and food. Looks like salted meat and pickled vegetables,  from what I'm reading. I would have been content with the building supplies alone, but the extra food will be a Godsend."

    Lilian smiled and nodded. "Yes, I have heard some of the guards complaining about the recent rations. What else have they told you?"

    Dr.  Ainsworth continued reading. "It seems that they will only ship it half way; we are to meet them and take the rest of the supplies ourselves. I should have  suspected there would be some unreasonable circumstance...Bastards, we don't have the military force to travel that far."

    Lilian remained silent for a moment. "Perhaps we can gather some volunteers to make the trip? It will be difficult to move as a large group, but I believe if we take enough extraspecies, we can make it to and fro mostly unscathed."

    The doctor considered it for a moment. "Go ahead. I will write back, and arrange for a meeting place. Gather as many volunteers as you can that will be willing to fight or haul supplies, and notify me. We can't spare too many guards, but we also cannot send out a force of all greenhorns, either. Truly a predicament. Go, spread the word and come back to me in a week."

    And so she did; she spoke to her fellow guards, and any people that she spoke to throughout the day. Every night she would wait at the inn and discuss her plans with any who would show up. There she was, three days later, finding a spot at the inn. She ordered only distilled water, and waited for any who had heard of her plans, or those who wished to hear more.
  2. Becca Hargrave was an adlet, a speedy race likened to an Earth creature called a canine. While Becca would've likened her dark black hair and furred legs more as a sign of the Earth wolf, the townspeople seemed to view her as more of a so called "puppy", which she later found out to be a baby canine. To her personal dismay, she was often left with several children as their parents went off to work- in fact she was almost famous around the place as a sort of nanny. Despite being corrected after using the wrong term, she still referred to human young as puppies, the sneaky little humans were always clinging to her much like a young adlet would it's mother. She found herself begrudgingly forgiving the humans for dumping their puppies onto her. Some humans seemed stranger- wary, even- saying her skin looked like that of someone from some place called "India". Whatever that meant. At least the children liked her.

    One day, as she lay on her back while a few children played with the soft fabric of her maroon shirt and black trousers (which she had cut to knee length herself), her adlet ears caught wind of an offer of work. Item collection...? She pet the heads of the little children and called over a passing human to watch them before walking towards the inn, she saw an elaph who seemed to match the description she had overheard. She slowly walked over, ears skimming through any conversation taking place. She glanced at the glass of water before pulling up a seat and addressing the woman "Becca Hargrave," her voice seemed awfully melodic and low for her appearance "Fast runner, excellent ears... good with kids?" She added the last detail hesitantly.
  3. Lilian's pointed ears picked up the sound of a rather melodious female voice. "Greetings, madam Hargrave, my name is Lilian," the elaph responded. "I presume you are here about the supply collection? I think one of your talents will be an excellent addition to our group. But first I must ask, miss," she said, her expression becoming more serious, "have you ever fired a rifle before?"
    Lilian's voice was quiet and smooth, and moderate of pitch; normally she sounded content and at peace, but now she sounded more serious, almost foreboding. "The area through which we shall travel is known to be frequented by Taihou. I, along with a trio of other guards will be overseeing the security of our group. Unfortunately, four of us will not be able to defend everybody if we do not train others the basics of combat." She paused for a moment. "Before you commit to this, I am obligated to ensure that you understand the dangerous nature of this task, and that it may end in grievous or fatal injury for you or others."

    The look in the elaph's eyes was melancholic after finishing her warning to the adlet. Lilian had already experienced so much death and despair upon leaving her rocky prison to find the surface of Earth, and she expected miss Becca had as well. Many of what the humans called 'extraspecies' did. From what she'd heard, though, not all of the groups were in nearly total darkness for decades, like the elaph. Lilian took a deep breath and exhaled slowly. Her moss-green eyes traveled up to look directly into Becca's. "I do not blame you if you do not wish to enlist," she said gently.
  4. Of all the nights Manges had been forced to endure, this one by far, was the worst. He was sodden from his head to his toes. The rainwater ran down his back, taking with it what scraps of fur he had left on his as his hollowed ribcage and empty stomach rumbled in desperation. He was starving. In this new world his life had become something of a Garou's worst nightmare. He had arrived only a short while ago – and while water was in ample supply he found himself constantly at odds with the native human inhabitants, who were less than pleased to find him (on multiple occasions) to be scooping a newborn from his crib – ready to pop open their heads like a soft boiled egg.

    Not once had he be been successful – too many a person seemed ready with sharp metal or loud noises to shoo him away, making sure to seal entrances and leave him a small cube of arsenic, forcing him to purge up whatever sustenance he had managed to find. But like it always was with Manges – the nose knew first – what did it know tonight? He knew that there were barrels of refuse along the backside of a large wooden building. Food. Finally. It was not the 1st time he had been fed however. In a strange series of events, an elderly lady (whom he was forced to refer to as: “Mistress”) had been inclined to feed him in return for strange activities he was forced to partake in – otherwise he was beaten and starved – it was short lived however, as Manges (once fed) found it easy to overpower her frail arms, and drown her in her bathtub one fateful night. He missed crunching on her bones...

    As he approached the building, he heard the telltale sounds of humans – their strange gibberish and sudden spastic movements of their arms as they pointed to one another, grouping, groping and ultimately causing his heart to race, unsure if he should take a barrel and run. But surely then they would notice him – surely they would not take kindly to him taking their smelly refuse would they? In the end, he dug in, scooping voraciously with his hands at small rats and bugs – eating the molded meats and throwing the bread aside. And after the barrel was empty, he moved to the next, and in the event of a goo meal, he may have forgot what stealth was......
  5. "A rifle?" She responded, ear flicking at various sounds from the room "I don't believe I've ever used a rifle. I've fiddled with a bow and have been taught to use a quarterstaff. However I suppose those have become more or less outdated recently."

    Becca leaned forward slightly, as if confiding a secret "I'm not giving up on this job just because of some danger. I'm in need of work gravely, sitting with children for hours does not pay well. It doesn't pay at all actually." She was going to continue before she noticed a Garou had snuck behind the inn, openly rummaging through a food barrel. It was an interesting sight, seeing another canine-extraspecies. She remembered that the first time she had found this place, she almost ate someone's goat. That woman was particularly un-tolerating of any shenanigans from Becca.
  6. A sad smile spread across Lilian's lips. "We have plenty of rifles, most of those consisting of the older, muzzle-loading models, though there are a few that are breech-loaded and use cartridges. It is a shame we cannot have more, the efficiency of the new rifles is wonderful." Despite the elaph's outward gentle and serene appearance, she rather enjoyed the feeling of firing a rifle. When the meteor containing the elaphs was split open, the new world was a very dangerous place for many of them, and Lilian was somewhat desensitized to killing out of necessity. They didn't have rifles, and they did not know what plants were edible, so they were forced to hunt for sustenance.

    Lilian blinked several times, reminding herself that she was at the inn with a recruit for the supply retrieval mission. "Well, if you are still willing after my warning, then we shall gladly accept you. In four days, I want everyone to meet back here. We will be receiving our official orders from Lord Doctor at that time." The elaph woman nodded slightly towards Becca, who seemed interested in something outside. Lilian spared a glance back, where she caught the lanky form of a bipedal canine rummaging through something. "Ah...I better go shoo away the garou before he tries to creep into someone's residence," she remarked, quickly dismissing herself and heading outside.

    She whistled loudly at the creature, approaching slowly and carefully, but with her head leaning slightly forward, so that all twelve of her antler points were leaning towards the creature. "There's no children for you here, shoo!" she called out, waving an arm at it.
  7. Lifting his head from the rubbish, with a muzzle coated in fruit peels and mouse guts, the Garou peered at the Elaph. His head cocked to the side as she spoke of children; that she knew for certain that none were here. This was peculiar, he thought, as he swallowed a mouthful of dead rat and stared at her blankly. He slid down from the side of the trash, and curled his arms inwards, ready to defend as he approached the Elaph. He was hungry and desperate, and if she knew there we no children here...

    “Where are children then?” He said in a quick rasp as his head shot around. His claws moved upwards to his lips, shaking. “Manges is hungry! Hungry Hungry Manges wants lots of things -- shiny clinky things, yes? Maybe soft chewy tasty screaming things? Manges likes those things... Manges likes all those things.” The Garou lifted a boney finger, and pointed into the windows, at a silhouette within the tavern. “No-one likes Manges, Manges doesn't like them... all scary, with scary sharp pokey bits. Uplight is no place for Manges.” He skittered backwards and repeated, ears forward “Hungry, hungry Manges needs tasties! Shinies too, for when he gets bored. You, you have them! Manges can hear them jingle in your pockets, give them here! Give Manges tasties and clinkies!” His hands made grabbing motions before beckoning them into the darkness behind the tavern.
  8. Becca followed Lilian to the Garou, resting against the wall as she listened to him.

    "Manges?" She pointed to him, ignoring his current appearance (she had been worse a long time ago). She pointed back to herself, in an attempt to introduce herself "Becca."

    After a small moment, she pointed to her canine ears "I'm an Adlet. We're both, um... canines, yes? Can you trust me?"

    "There are no children in this inn," she stepped a bit closer "But if you want, there can be animals procured for you. That would be... wild meat? meaty-things? Do you like meaty-things? I know where to find some meaty-things. And no one will bother you if take those specific ones."

    Becca continued, clearly somewhat happy by the appearance of someone somewhat like her "If you were to take the little screamy, chewy things- the children -then the... adults, the bigger ones, will get quite angry at you. Same for if you try to take their shiny things. Wouldn't it be smarter to take the meaty things no one will be mad at you eating?"
  9. Lilian watched the Garou babble and gesture and twitch with a slightly amused expression. Becca tried to communicate with it, which didn't seem to do much. She wasn't sure if she'd have to chase the creature away or if it would leave. "Becca," the elaph spoke. "Do not try to befriend the wretch. These poor souls are not the brightest, and even if you were to give them rules to follow, they would just break them."
    Lilian did nothing until 'Manges' tried to pull the duo into the dark alley behind the tavern. Her hand snaked out to grab Manges' wrist, her elegant fingers like a vice grip. She pulled him forward, then backed off and lowered her head slightly, so that the points of her massive antlers were pointed right at Manges' face. "No," she scolded, voice cold and harsh. "You will not receive your meaty-things and shiny-clinky things here! You will leave now or I will drag you to the edge of town myself!" The normally quiet and gentle elaph now displayed an air of uncharacteristic dominance.

    "Unless," she began, voice quieter, an idea forming the recesses of her alien mind, "you promise to be subservient to me. You will only eat what is given to you by me, and you shall only play with what is given to you by me. You shall not be hungry, and I will ensure that you are not bored, but you will be giving your undying loyalty and servitude to me. Understood?" Lilian folded her arms across her chest, raising her head. She took a step back and glared at the garou harshly, waiting to hear his response. "Should you decline, I expect you to be on your way immediately, or face a harsh penalty."

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