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Regarding MyBB 1.8

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Nebulon Ranger, Sep 2, 2014.


Upgrade now or later?

  1. Upgrade to 1.8 now

  2. Wait for more compatibility with plugins

  1. MyBB 1.8 went gold two days ago. This comes with good news and bad news.

    The good news: There's a new version of MyBB! This usually comes with new features, both on the design and functionality end. Usually, with MyBB, these updates are well thought out additions.

    The bad news: ... There's a new version of MyBB. Historically, this has meant lots of plugins and extensions break, and 1.8 is no exception. To name a few that we'll be losing: MyNetwork (no longer updated), and with it, post rep;  code select all, and some hidden goodies. Note we will not be losing mentions, as someone has stepped up to the plate and written a self-contained plugin implementation. However, until MyAlerts is updated, you will not receive alerts for these. We will also not be losing the rich text editor, as SCEditor was implemented as a core feature for 1.8!

    Now, I pose this question to you ugly fucks beautiful people: Do we upgrade, or do we wait?

    Note that I WILL be running a beta for the 1.8 upgrade regardless of which option is chosen. The only thing that changes is WHEN the beta starts.
  2. With SCEditor staying, there isn't much that we'd miss out on; the forum is small enough that we'd check threads we'd typically get mentioned in anyway, even without alerts. Code Select All going isn't too bad, since it doesn't take much effort to select manually, and post rep is basically useless.

    Depends on what "hidden goodies" are going, but I'm leaning towards upgrading now.
  3. Will losing post rep nuke everyone's reputation?
  4. Kam;

    Rep itself is a core feature, so it stays.


    I'll run a beta when I get home. It won't use the same database, mainly to avoid fucking shit up.
  5. I really don't see much of a reason not to. So I say go for it.
  6. eebit sux I upvote dis pls report
  7. So long as stuff doesn't get royally fucked up, I'm totally up for it.
  8. The beta is now live!


    You'll need to register a seperate account.
  9. Got an email about this for whatever reason o.o

    It looks nice, kinda like Xenforo, but without the shoutbox.

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