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Rantzen Literature OoC Thread

Discussion in 'Out of Character Discussion' started by CerberusLycan, Mar 28, 2015.

  1. Okay, let's try this.

    This is going to be a very free-flowing roleplay. Remember that there are no character sheets, and the objective is to keep your posts to around a paragraph. I'm not the GM in the conventional sense-- you can lead the story as much as I can. Rantzen's Literature is essentially a cooperative writing exercise, where you are given a prompt, and make what you will with it. Your character can be anyone-- I just introduced a tall man with a dark coat and a male patient who is purported to be unable to die. Want to jump into either of them? Go ahead. Adding somebody of your own creation is great, too. Scenes are very collaborative-- you can control anyone or establish anything so long as it makes sense in the universe (which we can presume is Earth). People who seem to be other people's characters are specifically theirs to control, of course, however, and you are to respect their character's right to function in the roleplay. Beyond that, do what you want or what comes to you while writing.

    Also, people can likely jump in whenever they want, so long as it makes sense. A lot of things are allowed here, but everything must make sense.

    We're writing this together, guys.
  2. RE: Rantzen's Literature OoC Thread

    So I guess my question is, what is the significance of the hospital? Is it a ward or is it a treatment facility? And are all the patients able to survive, or is it just the one homie? Aaaaaaaaaand are the other patients cognizant of this undying-ness, such that the rumour is fairly widespread?
  3. The hospital is naturally where the events will-- or, presumably, should-- be focused. Whether that's contained to one ward or the entire facility is flexible. It could be the case that all the patients in the hospital turn out to be immortal, if that's where we take it. I don't want Rantzen Literature to be an explicit fantasy setting like most other ZEJ roleplays are, where the environment and physics are definitively different from those of the reality we know, but something a bit more abstract like, say, people inexplicably becoming unable to die while within the hospital, or something of the like, would be more acceptable. That said, if you start going in a direction while writing that seems particularly fantastical, just go with it. It's the first trial of Rantzen Literature. Just don't show up with a character with superpowers or shit.

    And lastly, let's assume that mainly only the hospital staff know the rumor (with the select few who attended to the patient first-hand naturally knowing for certain-- or however certain they can be). It doesn't really matter who knows, so long as there's a chain of logic to it.
  4. We should...... continue this....... v good idea....... interesting concept.........

    @whitesubtitlesoncanadianwinter @Eebit
  5. I'm game! I totally fell off the rails with where I was going with this, though... I'll have to try and figure things out. Without going too far into it, what did you have in mind when you were last posting, Moon?
  6. I don't think I'll be returning to this roleplay any time soon. Sorry...

  7. oh boy, I suppose your visit?
  8. Well, how far away is Suzanne going from 120? She seemed to be in a hustle to get out of dodge, and at least moved down the hall past 116.

    Perhaps would she be in range of Grey to hear him, were he to call?

    Also we might need someone to step in and take over Krista's character. I'd planned to connect the story threads by having her "patient" be, perhaps, the patient that Grey was going to visit, but we might need to work around that if she's not planning on coming back to the RP.
  9. Yeah, she'd probably hear it. And it would be good to get someone for the patient. Should we check if someone new wants to hop in?
  10. I'm certainly in favour of finding another person to liven up our hospital! It'd be neat to have more people expanding upon the setting, and having someone take the reins on Krista's character would be cool. She said to me that she has "no designs on the character any more nor any thoughts on her at this point" so if anyone is intrigued by the baseline that she has laid out, they are welcome to go hog wild with the nameless patient.

    @"CerberusLycan" - Are you planning on returning to RL, yourself? Perhaps you might like to inject a couple new characters into this RP's lifestream?
  11. Probably not, or at least not for a little while; I have a lot of other things to do. That shouldn't prohibit you guys from moving forward at all, though-- the plot can be taken into anyone's hands at any given moment, as long as it's contingent with what's already been established. The nice thing about Rantzen Literature is it should be really easy for people to hop in and out of participating in the roleplay. I'll try to come back in once I'm able.

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