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Randon Roleplay

Discussion in 'Freeform Roleplays' started by Peny, Feb 16, 2017.

  1. Hello! I am Penelope, but you can call me Penny. This is just a random roleplay thread.

    You can use any style of role playing you like.

    A couple of rules...
    1. Please be nice.
    2. You can swear, just again be nice.
    3. Have fun!

    Once I hit create thread, it will begin. Again, please be nice and have fun.
  2. I am a level 99 bandido named Pablo 'El Dorado' Martinez. I also happen to be a pirate, can I ask for your booty or do I have to keehaul you off my Skull Eye's Schrooner?

    *points really edgy cutlass*
  3. *Raises eyebrow.*
    Ummm.... You said you were a...pirate?
  4. No I'm a bandido that also happens to be a pirate. I can do really cool stuff like hold cutlasses in my mouth and diddle my Pickle while I'm at it. Wanna see my Pickle?


    'SQUAAAAWK, I'M HERE MY CAPITAN, O CAPITAN MY CAPITAN.' He's my red parrot. He has gentle fuzzy feathers and a nice red and yellow feathers on his wings.
  5. Arg, Pablo El Dorado. I thought I saw the last of ye back in Port Cove. Ye remember I said, I ever see ye or yer pickle again, I'd cut the heads offa both of them??

    *shoves Peny back* Get behind me lassy, I'll take this scoundrel down. He's no match for my pet crocodile, Snappers
  6. 'Well well well if it isnt my old nemesis, Captain Kidder Diddler. And that t-that pesky crocodile Snapper! You almost killed my parrot with that meddlesome chomper but not today for the gold and the lady be mine!'
  7. *sips tea*

    "Ah, just another day on the deck." I adjust my robe and wizard hat as I watch this ... questionable skirmish as it is breaking out. "But, leave it to men to wave their pointy instruments and sic their pets among one another as they fight for the ladies." I beckon to Penny, who had been shoved back by the nefarious Captain Kidder Diddler. "Come, damsel. The view is much nicer from afar..."
  8. *laughs heartily* Ye should've stayed home knittin sweaters with yer grandmother, Pablo Dorado... *draws pistol* all the booty in this port be the property of Captain Kidder Diddler ehehehe

    send my regards to Navy Bones when ye find him in the murky depths, Dorado *shoots at him while Snappers lunges forward*
  9. ENOUGH! *her normal golden snake ring turns into a golden tagger. Disarms both of the males and dagger turns back into ring. It was enchanted by an old sorceress.* Now, are we done fighting boys? *puts hands on hips, like a disappointed mother, scolding her children.*
  10. 'What do ya think yer doing missy! That cutlass be with me since me circumcision! In fact they used it for that! Pickle, disarm the scruvy landlubber!'


    Pickle flies towards the golden ring in an attempt to snatch it from the LANDLUBBER.
  11. Captain Kidder crosses his arms and sticks out his lower lip. "Arr, but he's the one who started it," he whined to Peny. "That be explainin a lot, matey," he also shoots at Pablo's remarks. "And ye will not be harming the fair lass!" Kidder exclaims, swatting a hand at Pickle as the bird shoots through the air like a greased dildo towards Peny. With a jolt, the fine Captain notices the other lady nearby. Sheepishly, he calls, "A-Aye, miss? What kind of tea be that? My gullet be hankerin for some juices..."
  12. *She raises her hand so it is flat like a stopping motion towards the bird and the bird stops mid air.* Look, 'ladie' I ain't no ordinary lady. You understand that? I should be getting respect, not smart talking from you. Do you understand!?
    #12 Peny, Feb 17, 2017 at 12:36 AM
    Last edited: Feb 17, 2017
  13. *What she didn't realize is that the bird Pickle was actually a spastic timelord whos alias was Mr. Cheater, and Mr. Pickle Cheater pretends to stop as if she did something.*



    *Mr. Cheater the Pickle Parrot continues onto the LANDLUBBER and starts pecking at her head.*
  14. *sighs and sets down her cup with a clink on the saucer (but not before taking another sip of tea)*

    "Oh, Penny..." I tip my wizard hat as I stand, shifting my stance and pulling out my Needlessly Large Rod from within a pocket of my wizard robe. "I tipped my hand to you in friendship, thinking that we could relax and watch these two fools and have a good time." My Needlessly Large Rod glows golden with the Ability Power it is giving me. "Nay, you chose to ignore me." I point my glowing rod at the seemingly extraordinary lady. "Do you have anything to say for yourself, Penny, before I begin showering my golden power across the deck?"
  15. *She rolls her eyes and swats at it, she is more powerful than the silly bird.* Ugh, you pest. *she turns her attention towards the wizard and sighs.* I swear, all of you are just getting on my nerves, you have no idea who I am. *she says and puts her hand up to the wizard and an unbreakable bubble forms around the wizard, the power blocks all magic. Peny crosses her arms and a brilliant bright golden light surrounds her and once it fades, her whole look changed, her hair is all nice with to braids and half up half down, and a beautiful white dress.* I am really Koi, goddess of beauty and peace. I am an immortal being.
  16. As the people around him begin pulling out increasingly more ludicrous violations of mundane capabilities, narrative wholesomeness, and time/space physics themselves, Captain Kidder stands stunned. Shrouded by a midday shadow, his jaw yawns progressively wider and wider in disbelief until his eyes are nearly popping from his very piratey skull upon the goddess revealing herself. To the credit of his famously quick wit and legendary command over his mind, body, and spirit, Captain Kidder only proceeded to mumble incoherently like a lesser primate for a few seconds before managing to stammer out, "U-Uhhherrr, I don't rightly know what be happening now but I think it's time modest, honest pirates like me be getting along before they's souls be commandeered by some errant goddess or other..." Before taking his fate in his own hands and displaying the good sense to flee the scene, Captain Kidder Diddler looked Pablo in the eye and drew a suspicious frown. "Aaaaarrrr unless this be more of yer devilish tricks, Pablo, ye dirty abogado. Did ye spike me rum?" The more his variety of brain cells bounced against each other fleshing the idea out, the more it made sense. With Snappers at his side, the proud scion of the Diddler lineage advanced aggressively towards Pablo. "It be time to DUEL, ye blackguard," Kidder grumbles, drawing out his coveted Blue-Eyes White Dragon.
  17. 'It looks like its time to use my secret weapon before I get diddled myself. Pickle, return!'


    El Diablo Pablo begins to chant.

    'I am the lamb of the sacrifice
    Torpedo is my body and Goggle is my blood
    I have sacrificed over a thousand subs
    Unknown to death, Nor known to life.
    Have withstood pain to create many luck
    ...Yet, those hands will never hold anything
    So as I pray, Unlimited Maruyu Works.'

    ...and then it begins...

    '初めまして…まるゆ着任しました。え?聞いてないって…そんなあ!' 'Don't call me Moley. I'm Maruyu!' 'これでまた潜れるね!'Together we go!' 'もぐもぐアタ~~ック!!'

    In an instant thousands of cute adorable girls who all look the same appear out of thin air, each carrying either goggles, an anchor, or a torpedo as they all scream in solidarity.



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