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‹Profiles› ~Mirror Magic: Dreams of a Resolution~

Discussion in 'Profile Threads' started by Mystletainn, Feb 13, 2014.

  1. Mirror Magic ~ Dreams of a Resolution
    —Profile Thread—

    [b]Class[/b]: [Current class] — ??? — ???
    [b]Level[/b]: 1
    [b]Level XP[/b]: 0
    [b]SKILL XP[/b]: 0
    [*] [b]Skill #1[/b]: 
    [*] [b]Skill #2[/b]: 
    [*] [b]Skill #3[/b]: 
    [b]R–Skill[/b]: [i]N/A[/i].
    [b]DP[/b] [Dream Points]
    [b]FOR[/b] [Fortitude]
    [b]LUC[/b] [Lucidity]
    [b]IMG[/b] [Imagination]
    [b]RSL[/b] [Resolution]
    [b]FCS[/b] [Focus]
    [b]CLR[/b] [Celerity]
    Explanation of the stats:
    Fortitude and Lucidity correspond to Physical Strength and Physical Defence. Imagination and Resolution (!!!) correspond to Magical Strength and Magical Defence. Focus refers to Critical Hit ability. Celerity refers to Movement and has to do with Evasion (teehee, these last two stats are special).

    A, R, P and H (Hyperdrive) Skills are apparently called A-Ability, R-Ability, S-Ability and X-Ability here. Change the names if you so desire.
  2. RE: Mirror Magic: Dreams of a Resolution

    Réservé~Phenomena and Atmopheres and Themes
  3. RE: Mirror Magic: Dreams of a Resolution


    [NOTE: Durations of Buffs/Debuffs may vary based on Unit's stats.]

    1. Acrobatic
      Bestows CLR: +10. Bestows Pervasive. CLR that is not modified by Acrobatic is used in calculations.
    2. Agile
      Ignores all Terrain effects. Bestows Immune to Terrain.
    3. Bravado
      Bestows FOR: +20%.
    4. Camouflaged
      Enemy Units will attack Units other than the Unit Bestowed with Provocative if in range, and mostly only the other Units.
    5. Covered
      Bestows LUC: +20%.
    6. Damage–Immune
      HP and DP cannot be reduced except by Inflictions.
    7. Damagestopped
      HP cannot be reduced.
    8. Draining
      At the end of each Foe Phase, Bestows HP: +5%. Connected to Drained Unit.
    9. Dreamfont
      At the beginning of each Player Phase, Bestows DP: +8%.
    10. Guarding -&- Guarded
      HP Damage or DP Damage or Debuffs Bestowed upon Guarded Unit is instead Bestowed upon Guarding Unit.
    11. Healfont
      At the beginning of each Player Phase, Bestows HP: +8%.
    12. Immune
      Dispels specific Inflictions on Immune Unit. Immune Unit is unaffected by that Infliction. If not specified, all Immune Unit is unaffected by all Inflictions.
    13. Innovatory
      Bestows IMG: +20%.
    14. Pervasive
      Can Move anywhere, even past enemies and obstacles. Limited by CLR.
    15. Puppeteer
      Controls the Marionette Unit. Can instruct them to Move or Act. Connected to Marionette Unit.
    16. Quickened
      Can Move and Act twice per turn, but can only execute three such actions. Bestows CLR: +1. Atmospheric Dreampoint Restoration is doubled per turn.
    17. Realstopped
      DP cannot be reduced.
    18. Reciprocator
      After being attacked, Bestows half each of the HP and DP damage received back upon the attacker.
    19. Resolute
      Bestows RSL: +20%.
    20. Sanctified
      Dispels all Elemental Weaknesses.
    21. Sapping
      At the end of each Foe Phase, Bestows DP: +5%. Connected to Sapped Unit. Duration: until Sapping or Sapped condition is Dispelled.
    22. Synchronised
      When a Synchronised Unit would attack an Enemy Unit but has in CLR range more Synchronised Units, Bestows FOR and IMG: +10% for each Synchronised Unit in range.
    23. Zealous
      Bestows FCS: +5.

    1. Addled
      Cannot use skills.
    2. Berserk
      Bestows dominant attack stat: +100%. Bestows LUC: –67%. Cannot use skills.
    3. Blinded
      Bestows ACC: –30%.
    4. Bound
      Cannot Move.
    5. Burnt
      At the start of each Player Phase, Bestows HP: –7%. When attacked with Fire, Bestows LUC and RSL: –67%. When attacked with Water or Ice, removes Burnt.
    6. Damp
      When attacked with Water, Bestows LUC and RSL: –33%. When attacked with Fire, Bestows LUC and RSL: +33%. When attacked with Ice, Bestows LUC and RSL: –20%. When inflicted with Chance of Freeze, Bestows Higher Chance of Freeze. Cannot be Burnt.
    7. Disabled
      Cannot Act.
    8. Disoriented
      Bestows IMG: –20%.
    9. Doomed
      Bestows Expelled at the end of Duration. Duration: 5 turns. Can be Dispelled (unknown method).
    10. Drained
      At the end of each Foe Phase, Bestows HP: –5%. Connected to Draining Unit. Duration: until Draining or Drained condition is Dispelled.
    11. Dreamstopped
      Cannot increase DP.
    12. Expelled
      Removes Unit entirely from Battle until the end of the battle. Cannot be Summoned again.
    13. Exposed
      Bestows RSL: –20%.
    14. Frozen
      Cannot Move. Cannot Act. Cannot be Petrified. Cannot be Suspended or Expelled. When attacked by Ice, LUC and REL: –20%.
    15. Healstopped
      Cannot increase HP.
    16. Injured
      Bestows FOR: –20%.
    17. Insane -or- Confused
      Unit becomes Other Unit. Skills may not work. (Insane lasts longer.)
    18. Leaking
      After each Move or Act, Bestows DP: –4%.
    19. Marionette
      Cannot be told to Move or Act. Puppeteer Unit decides Movement and Actions of Marionette Unit. Connected to Puppeteer Unit.
    20. Napping
      Cannot Move or Act. At the beginning of each Player Phase, Bestows HP: +10%.
    21. Obsolescent
      Bestows Stopped. Duration: 4 turns. After Duration, Bestows Suspended. Duration: 4 turns. After Duration, Bestows Expelled. Can be Dispelled (unknown method).
    22. Petrified
      Cannot Move. Cannot Act. Cannot be Frozen. Cannot be Suspended or Expelled.
    23. Poisoned
      At the end of each Player Phase, Bestows HP: –6%. If Poisoned Unit is Drained or Sapped, then Dispels Draining or Sapping on the respective Draining or Sapping Unit, and Bestows Poisoned instead.
    24. Provocative
      Enemy Units will attack Unit Bestowed with Provocative if in range, and mostly only this Unit.
    25. Reduced
      Bestows FOR and IMG: –20%. Bestows CLR: +1.
    26. Sapped
      At the end of each Foe Phase, Bestows DP: –5%. Connected to Sapping Unit. Duration: until Sapping or Sapped condition is Dispelled.
    27. Sealed
      Cannot use skills that deal IMG damage.
    28. Slowed
      Can Move or Act, but only one of the two, per turn. Bestows CLR: –1. Atmospheric Dreampoint Restoration is delayed to every other turn.
    29. Stopped
      Cannot Move. Cannot Act. Bestows Immune.
    30. Suspended
      Removes from Battle until Duration. Can be Summoned. Duration: 5 turns.
    31. Torpefied
      Cannot use skills that deal FOR damage.
    32. Weakened
      Bestows LUC: –20%.
    33. Wounded
      After each Move or Act, Bestows HP: –3%.
  4. RE: Mirror Magic: Dreams of a Resolution

    Name: Notte "Noir" Nisx Dusoir
    Gender: O–>
    Age: 16
    Appearance: Possessing shining white armour and skin pale as mother–of–pearl; long, lustrous, lavish hair, luminous as the moon; but eyes and lips a lush red resplendent as a seething fire; arms and fingers as long and slender as his limbs; a pointed nose piercing the air in front of his face; and a regal elegance to his otherwise robust build: Noir cuts a striking figure—a mix of sophisticated whimsy and pure, brutal power—exuding an aura of emotion–clouding, stupefying, marvellous, almost lunatic hope.

    Class: Ergokinete—the one who claims this Profession commands energy possessed by his person to do his bidding, framing and fashioning it into various forms and functions. [Basic Attack: DEF] [Pressure Point] [Equipment: Shields]
    Level: 2
    Level XP: 3/11
    SKILL XP: 7

    [Pressure Point] When Ally Unit in CLR+1 range is brought to 50% of their Max HP or lower, Bestows Provocative on self. Bestows Zealous on self. Cannot stack. Duration: 5 turns. Duration is refreshed each time Pressure Point is activated.

    Weapon: Silvered Shield — a shield of some metal covered with a coat of silver. [RSL: +1]]
    Armour: Luna Clara — shimmering pearly pale armour the reflects the moon's light. [LUC: +1]
    Accessory: Moonstone Necklace — a simple string with a splendid moonstone charged with magical strength. [DP: +5]

    1. Overload: inputs too many thoughts and energies into the target, overloading them and causing them to near pass out of exhaustion. High chance of Bestowing any two of: High chance of Weakened. Chance of Exposed. Chance of Leaking. Low chance of Bound. Extremely low chance of Obsolescent. Range: 3 cells. DP: 7.
    2. Frenzied Touch: calls upon mystical energy to taint the target's life force, but exudes a high–pressure aura as well. Bestows Poisoned on Target. Chance of Confused. Bestows Provocative on Self. Range: 3 cells. DP: 9.
    3. Syntagmatic Swap: forces a reverse in a Unit's personal energy flow, exchanging power and energy for a short while. Bestows Exchanged Debuff. Range: 3 cells. DP: 10.
    [Exchanged] Exchanged Unit's FOR and IMG are swapped. Target's LUC and RSL are swapped. Skills that would use FOR still use FOR, and so forth. Normal calculations apply. Duration: 5 turns.

    R–Skill: N/A.

    P–Skill: Dream Tideergokinetic practices lead to being able to access Dream energy more easily. Bestows 1 extra Cycle Dream Energy Command independent of Act Command.

    H–Skill: Showstoppercalls open a portal to the Soisyshtra around the battlefield, creating a rush of dream energy out of the Psyche Stream to flood and alter the energy of the field. Damage: RSL 100% Piercing. Range: all enemies. High chance of Exchanged. Chance of Bound. Chance of Disabled. Low chance of Obsolescent. Bestows Provocative on Self.


    HP 20
    DP 25 [Class: 20; Moonstone Necklace: +5]
    FOR 3
    LUC 7 [Class: 6; Luna Clara: +1]
    IMG 1
    RSL 6 [Class: 5; Silvered Shield: +1]
    FCS 5
    CLR 2
  5. RE: Mirror Magic: Dreams of a Resolution

    Name: Black Rose

    Age: ?

    Gender: Female


    Profession: Plague Manifest—With guns at the ready, the one who claims this profession utilizes the workings of toxic mana that make her up to first cripple and then murder all who stand in her way. (Poisoned Blood) (Equip: Twin Pistols)(Basic Attack FOR-based)

    > [size=-2]Poisoned Blood: Once at the start of battle, the user is granted immunity to one random status effect. Whenever the user utilizes the A-Ability Imbue, the status effect that the user is granted immunity to becomes added to basic attacks for the duration of the battle.[/size]

    Level: 2
    Level Exp: 3/11
    Skill Exp: 7

    Weapon: Pain and Panic- Two shockingly blood red pistols that fire off bullets which spread exactly what it said on their shared case: Pain and Panic. (2 Hits) (Range: 4 Cells) (FOR: +1)
    Armour: Demon Claw- Ripped from the hand of a vengeful demon, this earring is charmed with powerful protective magicks. (RES: +1)
    Accessory: Neck Scarf- Just for show. (DP: +5)

    A-Ability: Blood Runs Red

    +ImbueImbues the natural devastation brought about by disease into the user's weapons in order to deal out just as much destruction. No Damage. +10% FOR for Ten Turns. Range: Self. 3 DP.

    +Crippling ShotFires a bullet laced with a special magic which attacks the target's immune system, severely crippling it. 100% FOR Damage. Increases the target's susceptibility to negative status effects. Range: 4 Cells. 7 DP.

    +Black BulletTakes aim and fires off a bullet shrouded in darkness which can blind the target without even touching their face. 130% FOR Damage. Chance of Blind. Range: 4 Cells. 10 DP. Darkness Elemental.

    A-Ability: Item

    R-Ability: n/a


    +WickedThe user's basic attacks have a chance of causing positive status effects placed on the target to be dispelled.


    +Cloud of DeathReleases a violent storm of bullets in which the user's true status as manifestation of disease and poison becomes revealed, a dark could shrouding all in what can only be called a predestined graveyard. 150% Pierce FOR Damage. Immensely High Chance of inflicting random negative status effects. Range: 4 Layers of Surrounding Cells. 0 DP. Darkness Elemental.


    HP: 22
    DP: 23 [Class: 18; Neck Scarf: +5]
    FOR: 8 [Class: 7; Twin Pistols: +1]
    LUC: 4
    IMG: 3
    RSL: 2 [Demon Claw: +1]
    FCS: 5
    CLR: 3
  6. RE: Mirror Magic: Dreams of a Resolution

    Name: Alissa 'Lissa' Diomke
    Gender: Female
    Age: 16
    Appearance: Lissa is a girl of 5'9", and weighs about 124lbs. She typically clothes herself in subdued colours of dresses and skirts, but also often changes her clothing style drastically, wearing long, comfortable pants for days where she is on the run. She appears fragile, but this is only an exterior appearance. She is, in fact, quite powerful for one of her build, and is remarkably fast. She wears no makeup on her face, and her eyes are a soft blue. Her hair is a dirty blonde colour, and it is naturally wavy. Her skin is very pale from lack of sun; even though she is outside for the majority of the day (her people are unable to tan their skin, due to their natural 'abilities').

    Class: Spirit Invoker - The one who claims this profession is a chaser of spirits, a searcher of those remnants yet to pass into the Beyond, and one who attempts to capture them for future use of invocation. [Paranormal Blessing] [Basic Attack: Magical] [Equips: Snaring Staves]

    * Paranormal Blessing - Asking for support from Beyond, the Spirit Invoker receives a blessing upon her soul from those she has set free... Increases the User's IMG and RSL by 10% for Three Turns upon landing the killing blow on an enemy. Stacks a Maximum of 3 Times. Refreshes duration of the buff when an additional enemy is KO'd.

    Level: 2
    Level XP: 3/11
    SKILL XP: 7

    Weapon: Pitchfork - A dual-purpose weapon which is used to both snare spirits, AND weed your garden! [+1 IMG] [Range: 2 Cells, Straight Line]
    Armour: Dusty Dress - A once-beautiful dress which has faded drastically in colour. It has been salvaged, but was clearly coated in a thick layer of dust when the wearer found it. [+1 LUC]
    Accessory: Luna Pendant - This family heirloom takes the shape of a crescent moon, and gives the wearer minimal protection from otherworldly powers. [+1 RSL]

    A-Skill: Spiritual Incantations

    + Ghost Blade: Transmuting the power graced upon her by spirits snared, the user extends a powerful blade of captured spirit matter in order to rip through her enemies, adding them to her power. If this skill is used to land a killing blow, the user recovers 15% Max DP. 110% IMG Damage. Range: 3 Cells. Element: Darkness. 8 DP.

    + Festering Cutter: Lissa releases three viciously-hooked blades composed of some ethereal matter, obviously transferred to the land of the living from beyond, mowing down those in her direct vicinity, and touching them with the very essence of death. 3 Hits. 80% IMG Damage (each hit). Chance of Healstop. Range: Surrounding Cells. Element: Darkness. 9 DP.

    + Banshee Howl: Channelling through themselves the powers of the Beyond, the user unleashes a terrifying howl at her enemies to induce paranoia and panic that would strike them to their very core. 120% IMG Damage. Chance of Confusion. Range: Fan-Shaped Area (1-3-5 Cells). Element: Darkness. 11 DP.

    R–Skill: N/A

    P–Skill: Candle of Fate - As the candle burns low, the Spirit Invoker grows ever more in touch with the world Beyond. When below 50% HP, all damage dealt to the user is recovered as DP. If the user's DP is entirely depleted, attacking enemies are treated as Dreamstopped.

    Hyperdrive: Equitable Soul - Marks an Ally for the next Three Turns with a Vengeance Rune. If the target Ally is KO'd or otherwise removed from battle, the enemy responsible for the final blow takes 150% Piercing IMG Damage from the User, and 100% Piercing [dominant attacking stat] Damage from the Ally marked. Procs Paranormal Blessing if the target Enemy is KO'd.


    HP: 16
    DP: 24
    FOR: 3
    LUC: 4 [Class: 3; Dusty Dress: +1]
    IMG: 7 [Class: 6; Pitchfork: +1]
    RSL: 5 [Class: 4; Luna Pendant: +1]
    FCS: 5
    CLR: 2

    Last Updated: May 26, 2014 (1:10pm EST) - Level Up (Level 1 --> 2)! Stats Increased: LUC (+1), IMG (+1), RSL (+1). Received +7 SXP.
  7. RE: Mirror Magic: Dreams of a Resolution

    Name: Alban Séverin
    Gender: Male
    Age: 19
    Appearance: Short, and with pale-gray-tinted skin, Alban seems almost like walking ghost. His unkempt,dusty-black hair tops two silver eyes, often covering them up as well. He's usually wearing a thick, many-layered cloak that completely hides the entirety of his thin body.

    Class: Battle Tailor: A tailor whose ability to control cloth has landed him in the battlefield. As he cuts the fabric of his clothes, he forms them into things such as blades and shields, which are surprisingly effective. [Basic Attack: FOR][Equipment: Sewing tools]
    Level: 1
    Level XP: 0
    SKILL XP: 0

    Weapon: Sewing Scissors: Scissors used to cut fabric. [FOR +1]
    Armour: Layered Cloak: A cloak that has been fashioned with dozens of layers of cloth; even the wearer's arms can't escape from underneath it. [LUC +1]
    Accessory: Ariadne’s Spool: A spool of thread that seems to be endless. [FOR +1]

    1. Rooting Thread: Alban pierces a target with a long, thin, yet incredibly strong thread that ties them to the ground. 120% FOR Damage. High chance of Bound. Range: 2. DP: 7
    2. Confining Link: Alban strikes multiple enemies with a single piece of thread, tying them to each other. 100% FOR Damage. Targets two enemies, so long as the second is adjacent to the primary enemy, and within the range of the skill. High Chance of Threaded. (A single roll for Threaded effects both targets.) Range: 4. DP: 9
      *Threaded: Must effect two characters at once. The two characters cannot leave adjacent cells from each other; all movement must take into account the CLR of both characters.
    3. Trimming the Edges: Alban makes multiple cuts into his cloak, which turn into several sharp sections of fabric that he uses in a series of quick slashes on the opponent. 3 hits. 100 % FOR damage each. If the target is Bound, this skill cannot miss. Range: Adjacent. DP: 12

    R–Skill: N/A.

    P–Skill: Measure Twice, Cut Once: When a target is Bound, Critical Hit chance is increased by 25%

    H–Skill: Alban cuts his robe away like a madman, each shred of fabric becoming another weapon -- another gouging blade with which to decimate his enemies. Number of Basic Attacks is tripled. CLR is doubled. LUC is halved.


    HP 19
    DP 21
    FOR 6 [Class: 4; Sewing Scissors: +1; Ariadne’s Spool: +1]
    LUC 5 [Class: 4; Layered Cloak: +1]
    IMG 2
    RSL 2
    FCS 5
    CLR 3
  8. RE: Mirror Magic: Dreams of a Resolution

    Name: Rhyme
    Gender: Female
    Age: 18

    Class: Weapons Maniac - For better or worse (probably better) this girl is one-of-a-kind. She's an unstable concoction just ready to burst and she's got her hands on quite the collection of weapons. She won't care that there's no reason to, she'll shoot you just so she can hear the sound of gunfire and see bullet holes. [Arsenal]

    *Arsenal - Rhyme can equip two different weapons, a shotgun and a minigun. She may switch between them once per turn as a Free Action.
    --- Shotgun - Range: 2 cell long cone. Attacks and abilities made with the shotgun inflicts 20% increased damage to the target of the first row of the cone.
    --- Minigun - Range: 4 cells. Attacks and abilities made with the minigun grants a stacking 10% increase in damage output (max 30%). Stacks are reset upon spending a turn without inflicting damage with the minigun.

    Level: 2
    Level EXP: 3/11
    Skill EXP: 0

    Weapon 1: S-800 - Standard issue shotgun commonly used by military personnel. Wonder how she got her hands on one of these.
    Weapon 2: "The Heavy" - Yeah, probably don't need to tell you where the name for this minigun comes from.
    Armor: Vest - Doesn't seem like much. But it wouldn't be thrilling if she were weighed down by all that protective armor.
    Accessory: Goggles - They're just there for style. She never uses them. [+1 ATK]

    A-Skill: Mobile Armory

    + Overwatch (Shotgun) - Rhyme becomes more alert to her surroundings, giving her a better chance to see attacks coming toward her as well as providing interception fire against targets nearby. [Range: Self. Increases the Evasion bonus of Run and Gun by 10% for 1 turn. Grants Counter for 1 turn. 10 DP]
    --- Suppression (Minigun) - Rhyme's firing becomes so wild and crazed that enemies have to pin themselves to the ground just to try to avoid being shot full of holes. [Range: Self. Basic attacks have a chance of inflicting Slow. 7 DP]

    *Counter - Retaliates against attackers within weapon range for 100% ATK Dmg.

    + Grenadier (Shotgun) - Rhyme tosses a grenade at the targeted area. Grenade explodes. Rhyme is happy. Simple as that. [110% FOR Dmg. Range: 3 cells and surrounding cells. 11 DP]
    --- Tactical Retreat (Minigun) - Even when Rhyme retreats she'll never consider to stop firing. [80% FOR Dmg. Range: 4 cells. Rhyme may move up to 2 cells after the attack. 10 DP]

    + Concussive Shell (Shotgun) - Rhyme fires a shotgun blast with enough force to knock the target back and cause them to fall on their asses. [120% FOR Dmg. Range: 2 cell long cone. Knocks target back 1 cell. 11 DP]
    --- Rapid Fire (Minigun) - Rhyme let's loose an unrelenting storm of bullets at the target. Of course it'll also be accompanied by maniacal laughter. [100% FOR Dmg per hit, 3 hits. Range: 4 cells. 14 DP]

    R-Skill: Excitement - Rhyme can get incredibly excited in the midst of combat, perhaps even a little too excited. Whenever an enemy is defeated or a boss's HP is reduced to or below each 25% increment, Rhyme's body fills with adrenaline, energizing her for 20% of her max DP and granting her Quickened for 1 turn.

    P-Skill: Run and Gun/Spray and Pray - (Shotgun) Rhyme gains a passive 10% increase to Evasion. This bonus temporarily doubles if she has moved at least 2 cells that turn. (Minigun) Each turn Rhyme may take an additional Act action in exchange for her Move action that turn.

    H-Skill: Fire EVERYTHING! - Rhyme unloads her full arsenal of weapons upon the unfortunate soul she's chosen as her victim, firing one gun after another without care whether or not all the bullets hit. And of course she ends with a rocket launcher. Because explosions make everything better. Except maybe shell shock. [200% Piercing ATK Dmg. Range: Target enemy. High chance of Disable. High chance of Bound]

    HP: 28
    DP: 23
    FOR: 9 [Class: 7; S-800: +1; Goggles: +1 / "The Heavy": +1; Goggles: +1]
    LUC: 4 [Class: 3; Vest: +1]
    IMG: 3
    RSL: 3
    FCS: 5
    CLR: 3
  9. RE: Mirror Magic: Dreams of a Resolution

    Name: Thandavi Mrithyukuli
    Gender: Female
    Age: 13

    Class: The Ensorcelled: Driven by demons, a frenzied dance kills all; macabre wolves pulling the chariot of the world's end and enjoying every drop of the spilled blood along the way. A howl chills the bone, a glare freezes the soul, and a snap rips the flesh. The dance of the apocalypse spins throughout it all, her will tossed by the whim of the hounds she appears to be master of. [Basic Attack: Img]
    Level: 1
    Level XP: 0
    Skill XP: 0

    Weapon: Smoky Quartz Crystal [+1 Img] A shard of black Smoky Quartz. It is said to banish negative energy... but concentrate it if it has not been cleansed.
    Armor: White Dress [+1 Rsl] A deceptively innocent white dress.
    Accessory: Maleficent Hood [+5 DP] A black hood that Thandavi wears like a hat most of the time. It somehow radiates evil.

    + Raktabīja: The demon of regeneration and spilt blood is the first to let itself loose, to savage the foe, to unite all good with its destruction. A manifestation of one of the most malignant of states of mind, conceit, Raktabīja focuses on self–preservation, while aiming to bring the world all around crashing down onto its knees. Summons Raktabīja; as long as he is on the field, Thandavi's Basic Attacks have low chance of Wounded. Range: Adjacent. Element: Darkness. 15 DP.
    + Jīvachaura: The demon of theft of life–force and possession wax vicious as the Ensorcelled's power grows. When awakened, their lust and greed for life–force which is not its own turns it and its puppet bloodthirsty, as they command the dark arts to appropriate hope and light from the faces of others, simper sinisterly as they see their foe reduced to a mere shell of their former self. Summons Jīvachaura; as long as he is on the field, Thandavi's Basic Attacks have a chance to drain half of the Total Damage inflicted as HP Healing. Range: Adjacent. Element: Darkness. 15 DP.
    + Ananyavadhī: The third demon, easily the most ferocious and hardest to control, is the demon of pure rage and fear. Exuding an aura of sheer, unadulterated evil, Ananyavadhī strides the narrow world, a colossus, and mows down all in its path to shreds. Insurmountable at the art of blind murder and destruction, this monster as contained must be let out rarely, if not never, for the pure power of which it is made can spontaneously reduce entire galaxies to stardust. Summons Ananyavadhī; as long as she is on the field, Thandavi's Basic Attacks have low chance of Insane. Range: Adjacent. Element: Darkness. 15 DP.

    R–Skill: N/A.

    P–Skill: Aghatrayatvam: With each demon that joins the fray, the pack's power grows. Every time Thandavi summons a demon, she and her demons gain a (cumulative) 10% increase to their dominant attack stat.

    H–Skill: Thandavastram: And when comes the end of the world, a dark dance sets the beasts loose on mankind, that will bring about the destruction of all. Frozen by the malevolent majesty of demonic presences, the poor victims who take the harshest effects of the apocalypse will be unable even to scream. For those that can still wail, they do with heart-rending intensity, feeling their energy drain away with every step they take... Chance of Obsolescence. High chance of Leaking. Range: All enemies. Element: Darkness.


    HP: 19
    DP: 26 [Class: 21; Maleficent Hood: +5]
    For: 2
    Luc: 2
    Img: 5 [Class: 4; Smoky Quartz Crystal: +1]
    Rsl: 6 [Class: 5; White Dress: +1]
    Fcs: 5
    Clr: 2

    Name: Raktabīja
    Gender: Male
    Age: Unknown

    Class: Dark Triumvirate ~ Blood Seed: Futility, draining of life, and ultimately destruction are all that await those who dare stand against the demonic canines who, together, dance to bring about the end of the world. A powerful and dark entity regenerates, letting the poor mortal waste its energy before finally, cruelly yet somehow mercifully, killing it. The sweet release of death eases the exhaustion away into the black oblivion, the final emptiness of the void... [Basic Attack: For]
    Level: 1
    Level XP: 0
    Skill XP: 0

    Weapon: Tenebrous Claws [+1 For] Dark, shadowy claws that seek out the victim's weak spot, eliciting the shrill cries of fright and pain that the demon thrives upon.
    Armor: Fog Pelt [+1 Luc] Fur giving off a constant shroud of smoky mist, hiding it from its victims until it is too late.
    Accessory: Triad Mark [+5 HP] A demon's mark to instill the beginning of entropy and destruction.

    + Vrthatvam: Even as one inflicts physical wounds to the demon, his spirit remains unfaltering and indifferent to the pain. A fanged grin is all that greets those that try to harm him; these cuts and bruises are mere scratches to him, and heal even as the opponent watches. Maddening, is it not, how nothing you can do to me will last? Do not fret, little pest. You shall be freed from your misery very soon. 100% For HP Healing. Range: Self. Element: Darkness. 9 DP.
    + Pratitadam: For men may come and men may go, but evil does persist; the forces come to rise against shall here themselves desist. For one mere touch to the umbral fur and light shall die of rage; the unholy fear that strikes all hearts shall dominate this stage. Bestows Reciprocator. Range: Self. Element: Darkness. 13 DP.
    + Raktabijatma: A steady wave reaches out from this demon to its companions. Their souls, however corrupt they may be, resonate with one another. A shudder and a veil of dark light; the demon's allies are bestowed with a regenerative property befitting this blood-demon perfectly. Raktabija and all Synchronized allies within Celerity range are bestowed with Healfont. Range: Celerity range. Element: Darkness. 13 DP.

    R–Skill: N/A.

    P–Skill: Baddhatma: When Raktabīja is summoned, he and Thandavi are Bestowed with Synchronized.


    HP: 25 [Class: 20; Triad Mark: +5]
    DP: 20
    For: 3 [Class: 2; Tenebrous Claws: +1]
    Luc: 6 [Class: 5; Fog Pelt: +1]
    Img: 1
    Rsl: 4
    Fcs: 5
    Clr: 3

    Name: Jīvachaura
    Gender: Male
    Age: Unknown

    Class: Dark Triumvirate ~ Lifetaker: Futility, draining of life, and ultimately destruction are all that await those who dare stand against the demonic canines who, together, dance to bring about the end of the world. A cunning and sly entity sings the death of its foes, a mournful howl chilling the blood and sapping away the victim's life force, and its will to fight back. And the more the howling beast croons to the mortals, the more in strength it ultimately grows... [Basic Attack: Img]
    Level: 1
    Level XP: 0
    Skill XP: 0

    Weapon: Tenebrous Voice [+1 Img] A dark, shadowy voice that seeks to destroy its victim's mind with a chilling howl, marking eagerness to kill.
    Armor: Shadow Pelt [+1 Rsl] Dark fur imbued by shadows themselves, melding this creature in with the inner darkness of a terrified victim's mind.
    Accessory: Triad Mark [+1 Img] A demon's mark to instill the beginning of entropy and destruction.

    + Glanikararesham: Let yourself go, see your fears realized in front of your selfish eyes. A single clear note rises into the air, causing such an intense feeling of fear that the victim is momentarily unable to move. Dropping to its knees with its hands over its ears, the panic-stricken soul's will to fight is drained away, leaving nothing but a quivering target at the mercy of the pack. Chance of Petrified. Range: 4 cells. Element: Darkness. 15 DP.
    + Haranalapanam: The clear howl rises to a fever pitch, this time truly inflicting damage upon the soul. The victim wails in unison with the demon, feeling its very life drain away. Even after the cry ceases, an aftereffect echoes around the inner confines of the mortal's consciousness, a constant reminder of the lasting effects of the macabre scream. 120% Img damage. Chance of Drained. Range: 3 cells. Element: Darkness. 12 DP.
    + Sphutachatu: Fear and the stealing of life is not enough for Jīvachaura; the beast must target the victim's dream, its mind, the very essence of what separates humans from lesser creatures. A cacophony rends the heart and enters the soul; a predator's cruel grasp seems to tear the very fabric of the mind to shreds before deftly retreating to admire its work. Energy trickles faintly away with every move the afflicted makes; though perhaps not enough to matter immediately, over time the effects are certain to be felt... 120% Img damage. High chance of Leaking. Range: Adjacent. Element: Darkness. 12 DP.

    R–Skill: N/A.

    P–Skill: Baddhatma: When Jīvachaura is summoned, he and Thandavi are Bestowed with Synchronized.


    HP: 20
    DP: 20
    For: 2
    Luc: 2
    Img: 6 [Class: 4; Tenebrous Voice: +1; Triad Mark: +1]
    Rsl: 5 [Class: 4; Shadow Pelt: +1]
    Fcs: 5
    Clr: 3

    Name: Ananyavadhī
    Gender: Female
    Age: Unknown

    Class: Dark Triumvirate ~ Destroyer: Futility, draining of life, and ultimately destruction are all that await those who dare stand against the demonic canines who, together, dance to bring about the end of the world. Nothing but pain and death at the fangs of a vicious and brutal entity, who seeks only the warm splash of fresh blood against its coarse muzzle. Death does not come swiftly enough for some, and while this creature prides itself in killing, sometimes it just cannot help but stop to enjoy the pleading screams of its victims, a plea to end the pain... [Basic Attack: For]
    Level: 1
    Level XP: 0
    Skill XP: 0

    Weapon: Tenebrous Fangs [+1 For] Dark, shadowy fangs that seek out the victim's throat and gleefully rip it to shreds.
    Armor: Skewer Pelt [+1 Luc] Sharply matted fur tinged red by the blood of mortals who met their ends at the fangs of a demon.
    Accessory: Triad Mark [+1 For] A demon's mark to instill the beginning of entropy and destruction.

    + Charmani Asthi, Ayasi Kittam: Mortals scattered by the plague of decay, succumbing to the rending power that this demon prides itself on. Their thoughts crumble before the wolf, their sanity slowly shattering into irrational notes and fragmented thoughts. Lucidity slowly fading before the might of insanity, the delusions of darkness. Permanently lowers target's Luc by an unstackable 20%. Range: Adjacent. 9 DP.
    + Anadhruvam Apakshayam: Pulse of death, decay, destruction; the body itself revolts against the energy, before revolting against itself. For the body cannot heal when it cannot comprehend its wounds, or its enemy. The monster's tactics to kill and torture the helpless victim work perfectly in synch, for a wounded animal that cannot heal can neither escape nor prolong its certain death. Chance of Healstopped. Range: 3-cell radius. Element: Darkness. 10 DP.
    + Vyadhakopahasam: Run, until the silence splits you open, until the pain puts you underground. Entertain me with your foolish pleas for help and mercy, for someone to spare you your life of the world of torture it is my joy to put you through. But know this, O senseless prey: know that there be no further roads left for you to run. No roads but one. Leaping at the victim, the demon slashes deep and true with her fangs. Blood drips down the dark fangs as the corners of its mouth twist upward in a crazed, macabre grin. The beast remains utterly silent as it waits for its prey to fall. 120% For damage. High chance of Wounded. Range: Adjacent. 12 DP.

    R–Skill: N/A.

    P–Skill: Baddhatma: When Ananyavadhī is summoned, she and Thandavi are Bestowed with Synchronized.


    HP: 20
    DP: 20
    For: 7 [Class: 5; Tenebrous Fangs: +1; Triad Mark: +1]
    Luc: 3 [Class: 2; Skewer Pelt: +1]
    Img: 3
    Rsl: 2
    Fcs: 5
    Clr: 3
  10. Translations of Aeforei Terms

    [Please note that Aeforei is a constantly evolving language with respect to construction; especially note that it is unfinished, with important grammatical forms not existing. As such, these phrases and words will be retconned and retranslated as seen fit.]

    1. ʟɔ̋ɴ;: | lóːn |

      • Night.
    2. ɢeüŋʒ̆uɴɔvɪ́v ʟɔɴɪmfe ca͡ɪ̩Þʀɔvʒv́a̋;- | geʔuŋʒunoˈviːv lonimˈfɛ sʌɪˈt̪rowʒváː |

      • Let's begin the assault!
  11. Inventory

    1. Vigour Brew [2x]
      [A lively concoction that lends a bit of life to those who drink it. Restores 33% Max HP. Range: Self or Adjacent.]
    2. Naga Venom [1x]
      [A highly potent and dangerous restorative that could prove injurious if taken in too great a dose, or too often. Revives an ally Expelled by being Knocked Out with 33% Max HP. Range: Adjacent.]

    Important Items

    • None.
  12. Enemy Profiles

    Name: Zlagudèi, Ypnebuś, Ximeda, Woltum

    Class: Raeshtorjha [Basic Attack: Darkness, FOR]
    Level: 1

    Weapon: Malign Claws — Gives Basic Attacks and all Skills that use FOR Low Chance of Poison.
    Armour: Murky Skin [DEF: +1]
    Accessory: –

    1. Skill #1: Nightcrawl — FOR: 110% Damage. Element: Darkness. Range: CLR. DP: 10.
    2. Skill #2: Sleepy Touch — FOR: 100% Damage. Chance of Sleep. Element: Darkness. Range: CLR. DP: 10.

    R–Skill: N/A.

    P–Skill: Noisome Aura. Cuts DP costs in half when an Atmosphere from the Dark Category is in effect.

    H–Skill: N/A.


    HP 11
    DP 14
    FOR 3
    LUC 2 [Class: 1; Murky Skin: +1]
    IMG 3
    RSL 1
    FCS 2
    CLR 1

    Name: ???
    Appearance: A black void that draws in the unwitting, playing upon the deepest memories and darkest fears of each, inviting them with promises of happiness and wonderment, and then paralysing and capturing the poor souls

    Class: Phobos [Basic Attack: Darkness, FOR]
    Level: 3

    Weapon: ???
    Armour: ???
    Accessory: ???

    1. Pandæmoniacal Flood: FOR: 150% Damage. Low Chance of Obsolescent. Element: Darkness. Target: All Foes. Range: 3. DP: 15.
    2. Seething Night: Sets Time to Night. IMG: 100% Damage. Extremely high chance of Sleep. Low Chance of Obsolescent. Does not affect those with Immunity: Darkness or Immunity: Sleep. Element: Darkness. Range: CLR. DP: 15. Cannot be used when natural light–based Atmospheric Conditions are in effect.

    R–Skill: Dream Devour. When targeted by an Action that expends DP, nullifies that action. Recovers HP = any damage that would have been dealt. Recovers DP = DP cost of that action. Ends the turn of the unit attempting that Action.

    P–Skill: Invigorate. At the end of every Movement/Action, if DP < 50% of Max DP, recovers DP = 50% Max DP.

    H–Skill: ???.


    HP 30
    DP 30
    FOR 5
    LUC 5
    IMG 5
    RSL 5
    FCS 7
    CLR 0


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