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Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous Conjectures' started by Keileon, Jun 6, 2017.

  1. Pokemon Direct just aired, we got three things announced.

    Pokken Tournament DX,
    Gold and Silver on the VC,
    and Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.

    November 17, 2017

    - New Solgaleo/Lunaala forms, merged with Necrozma it seems
    - "Offers an alternate story [...] Featuring Pokemon that didn't appear in the original versions of Sun and Moon"
    -"New features"
    - New Z-Crystal, apparently in the manga

    - Possible SUBTLE DP hints, looking into it now


    Generation 4 is not there.

    #1 Keileon, Jun 6, 2017 at 3:11 PM
    Last edited: Jun 6, 2017
  2. Kicking off the thread proper with Discord's speculation and realizations.

    [9:08 AM] Keileon : BUT YO THAT REVEAL
    [9:08 AM] Keileon : I'm watching Rowlit's stream
    [9:09 AM] Keileon : The disappointment with Pokken DX, and then suddenly everyone realized there were 3DS game boxes
    [9:09 AM] Keileon : WAIT
    [9:09 AM] Keileon : HE SAW NECROZMA IN THERE
    [9:09 AM] Lord X-Giga-X: Serebii posted an embedded video on his site, and I was watching on there
    [9:09 AM] Muddy: yeah, necrozma was predominantly in it
    [9:11 AM] Lord X-Giga-X: My thought on Pokken DX was "Okay, at least they've started on Switch."
    [9:11 AM] Lord X-Giga-X: And then UltraSun and UltraMoon happened
    [9:19 AM] Muddy: "Isn't his ability Prism Armor. It was right in front of us all along."
    [9:19 AM] Muddy: lolwow
    [9:23 AM] Lord X-Giga-X: "Hey Kyurem, I'm like you now!" "Goddamnit..."
    [9:24 AM] Muddy: wow, they hate DP so much that they didn't even bother
    [9:24 AM] Keileon : lol
    [9:25 AM] Keileon : Emerald, BW2, Crystal etc isn't there, but the fact that DP isn't?
    [9:27 AM] Keileon : ROWLIT'S STREAM RIGHT NOW
    [9:28 AM] Keileon : ... ALSO GUYS
    [9:28 AM] Keileon : Necrozma fusing with Solgaleo/Lunaala...
    [9:28 AM] Keileon : ... The dragon fusing with the lion and bat...
    [9:28 AM] Muddy: Oh right, that would explain Colress after all
    [9:29 AM] Lord X-Giga-X: Everything's started up again XD
    [9:29 AM] Keileon : IT ALL COMES TOGETHER
    [9:29 AM] Keileon : LITERALLY THIS TIME
    [9:29 AM] Nate: Oh god
    [9:30 AM] Keileon : Good lord I can't wait to hear what Lockstin says
    [9:30 AM] Nate: iT aLl CoMeS tOgEtHeR
    [9:30 AM] Keileon : Part 5 anyone?
    [9:30 AM] Lord X-Giga-X: Good god, what the hell is this gen even
    [9:31 AM] Keileon : It's amazing, that's what it is
    [9:31 AM] Nate: I half expect it to be like. The video titled "It all comes together" with clips of the fusions and just him screeching over it.
    [9:32 AM] Keileon : LOL
    [9:33 AM] Keileon : ... Guys, look at the Sun logo
    [9:33 AM] Keileon : I'm pretty sure it's based on an alchemic symbol. I'll have to look for it again.
    [9:34 AM] Keileon : ... They're suggesting Marshadow is the thing inside Mimikyu, wat?
    [9:34 AM] Lord X-Giga-X: That... I don't know...
    [9:34 AM] Keileon : Masuda had "all alolan pokemon plus Johto starters, Ho-oh, and Lugia" behind him apparently
    [9:35 AM] Keileon : "Johto Alolan forms" [9:35 AM] Keileon : "Plottwist: Alola is Orange Islands"
    [9:35 AM] Lord X-Giga-X: Really, we could use more Alola Forms in general
    [9:36 AM] Keileon : AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
    [9:36 AM] Keileon : GUYS
    [9:36 AM] Lord X-Giga-X: And honestly worse case scenario in terms of Pokemon in Alola, we just get another Pokedex expansion
    [9:36 AM] Keileon : SOMEONE JUST POINTED OUT
    [9:36 AM] Keileon : THE LOGOS
    [9:37 AM] Lord X-Giga-X: Which could get us new Alola Forms
    [9:37 AM] Keileon : LOOK LIKE ARCEUS'S RINGS
    [9:37 AM] Lord X-Giga-X: ... They kinda do... .__.
    [9:38 AM] Keileon : Apparently unused walking animations were datamined from SM, hmm
    [9:42 AM] Keileon : This is BW all over again I love it
    [9:42 AM] Lord X-Giga-X: Yea-
    [9:42 AM] Keileon : I might go Ultra Sun this time [9:42 AM] Lord X-Giga-X: Actually shoot, that explains a lot!
    [9:44 AM] Lord X-Giga-X: .... WAIT WHAT?!
    [9:44 AM] Lord X-Giga-X: "Edit @ 15:40: It is currently noted that The Pokémon Company International's press site is listing Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon as being on the Nintendo Switch with a "To Be Announced" date. It's currently unclear if this means they will come out on Nintendo Switch in the end but we'll provide all details as and when they come. They have since deleted this note."
    [9:47 AM] Muddy: Hmmmmm
    [9:47 AM] Keileon : People on the Rowlit stream were saying both
    [9:47 AM] Lord X-Giga-X: I'm getting either typo or "Guys, you weren't supposed to reveal that!" "Oh damnit!"
    [9:48 AM] Muddy: That would explain the out of place pre rendered scene in the teaser trailer
  3. More chat speculation and some things getting pointed out

    [10:55 AM] Flem: Legendary fusion is so two gens ago.
    [10:59 AM] Keileon : I just had a thought
    [10:59 AM] Keileon : What if it isn't fusion?
    [10:59 AM] Keileon : Hear me out-
    [11:00 AM] Flem: Also the trailer was like 80% pokken which is sort of hilarious in terms of priorities
    [11:00 AM] Keileon : Necrozma is based on a prism and crystals. Crystals can form and grow, given proper conditions. Solgaleo and Lunaala have Necrozma's parts in weird places and it looks less like they're fused with Necrozma and more like a Necrozma is forming on them.(edited)
    [11:00 AM] Flem: But then again I've wanted to play pokken but never wanted to get a Wii u
    [11:02 AM] Flem: I would still file that under fusion at the end of the day
    [11:02 AM] Keileon : I mean maybe, but not fusion in the sense of Kyurem
    [11:02 AM] Muddy: I wonder how Ghost Bird will play in Pokken
    [11:03 AM] Flem: But I do hope this "alternate story" will go more into the aliens and their world
    [11:03 AM] Lord X-Giga-X: Same

    11:07 AM] Keileon : I'd like to point out
    [11:07 AM] Keileon : That the crystals on Solgaleo's paws and Lunaala's wings are the same shape as Z-Crystals
    [11:09 AM] Keileon : Wait
    [11:09 AM] Keileon : WAIT
    [11:09 AM] Keileon : THAT'S GLADION'S Z-RING DESIGN?
    [11:09 AM] Flem: I think necrozma being related to z stones was always hinted at.
    [11:09 AM] Keileon : Was it?
    [11:14 AM] Flem: Well I felt that way at any rate
    [11:14 AM] Flem: What with it being a mysterious rock God in a game where you get power from mysterious rocks

    [6:51 PM] Keileon : @Shadow Thoughts on the news?
    [6:52 PM] Shadow: I still have no idea what UltraSun/UltraMoon are supposed to be. Sequels? "third" version analogues? man
    [6:52 PM] Flem: "Alternate Stories" everyone keeps saying they were called in an interview
    [6:53 PM] Flem: Which I'm taking as "we don't know yet"
    [6:53 PM] Shadow: Closer to a third version analogue then
    [6:53 PM] Shadow: :thinking:
    [6:53 PM] Flem: Most likely
    [6:53 PM] Flem: That's probably the worst timeline though
    [6:53 PM] Shadow: Well if there's anything they can do to improve the experience, by all means. SuMo was quite the ride... easy as fuck but still a ride
    [6:54 PM] Flem: It was at least harder than XY
    [6:54 PM] Shadow: tru
    [6:55 PM] Flem: Which by the way, what the fuck, why didn't they get z/sequels/alternatestories

    [6:59 PM] Flem: Hopefully if nothing else this game will actually have the fucking mega stones
    [7:00 PM] Lord X-Giga-X: Yeah... This whole getting them via Serial Code thing is kinda dumb(edited)
    [7:02 PM] Flem: Battle frontier would also be nice but we go through this every fucking time
    [7:06 PM] Lord X-Giga-X: Most of these naturally make sense, as does the gyms thing if these are confirmed sequels
    [7:07 PM] Flem: Even if they are "alternate" Gyms might make sense
    [8:39 PM] Keileon : Yeah I definitely think I'm getting Ultra Sun this time
    [8:39 PM] Keileon : Partly because Lycanroc
    [8:39 PM] Keileon : Partly for variety
    [8:40 PM] Keileon : I mean I got Black and then White 2 but that was because I preferred Reshiram



    "Ultra is from the manga. It's a Z-Crystal plus a Mega STone." - someone from Rowlit server
  4. CoroCoro has started leaking, and you know what that means....

    A sweet 2 pages of the recently revealed Lycanroc Dusk Form!

    As previously discovered, this form comes with both Accelrock and Counter, and also has the ability Tough Claws. The pages also mention a Rockruff distribution starting from the release date of these games. While this isn't the clearest image in the world, Joe Merrick is fairly certain the section that mentions the distribution also mentions ルガルガンZ. So a Z-Crystal exclusive to Lycanroc....?

    Then again, it doesn't surprise me that they would do this. I mean think about it:
    XY: Torchic with Blaziken's Mega Stone
    ORAS: Shiny Beldum with Metagross's Mega Stone
    SM: Munchlax with Snorlax's exclusive Z-Crystal
    It makes sense for them to continue this trend.
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  5. A new trailer for Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon has been released, and you know what that means...

    Vague information that we could have easily figured out on our own!

    Yeah sorry, nothing amazingly new from this. Though we do get art of our protags, scenes featuring Kahili and Ryuki, and this sweet map of Alola:

    Oh yeah, Necrozma's here too. idk
  6. Well, Corocoro is starting to leak, and we get this thing:


    Comment from Serebii:

    The first images from CoroCoro have leaked and have revealed the latest news on Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon. As always, do note that translations are preliminary while we work on them. The image confirms that the forms shown on the boxarts are fusions of Solgaleo/Lunala and Necrozma when Necrozma absorbs the other Pokémon. The Solgaleo style one is called "Necrozma Mane of Twilight". Lunala's is "Necrozma Wings of Dawn". They have the signature moves of Solagelo & Lunala: Sunsteel Strike and Moongeist Beam

    So these are Necrozma forms even though they look more like the other two.

    This is like Kyurem but weirder.
  7. And then another page was posted, revealing Lycanroc's exclusive Z-Move:
    Buuuuuuuuuuuuuut let's be honest. We all saw it coming.
    Anyway, Radial Edge Storm (as it is called in Japanese) requires Stone Edge, and has the benefit of removing Terrain effects. Can't use Accelerock because there's a Psychic Terrain on the field? Just use Radial Edge Storm to solve all your problems! Also, while the page mainly shows off Dusk Form, Radial Edge Storm can be used by all forms of Lycanroc.

    It also gives a bit more info on the Rockruff event. It will have Own Tempo, an ability Rockruff normally can't have. It also evolves into Dusk Form Lycanroc when leveled up between 5pm and 5:59pm starting at the same evolution level for Midday and Midnight Forms.
  8. Nintendo Direct delivered more than we were expecting:

    So we have the English names of our new Necrozma forms and Lycanroc's exclusive Z-Moves. Necrozma Dusk Mane, Necrozma Dawn Wings, and Splintered Stormshards. What followed was the reveal of two new Ultra Beasts: UB-Burst and UB-Assembly. Hopefully this is a good sign for Ultra Beast presence in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.... Although these two seem to be version exclusives... Of course... Burst for Ultra Sun and Assembly for Ultra Moon.

    Also, Nintendo Direct showed a brief scene of the starter encounter... involving the player facing off against a wild Yungoos. Interesting...

    Also of note, purchasing Gold and Silver on the Virtual Console grants you a serial code that you can redeem in these games and Sun and Moon to obtain a Celebi.
    ... Not that most of us need a Celebi at this point...
  9. I'm posting in this thread a lot this month. Good lord...

    So guess what? We got another trailer:

    As expected, we have at least 100 Pokemon added to the Alola Pokedex, as indicated by the new toy Rotom Dex showcasing Necrozma with a dex number of 400. This features Pokemon such as Mareep, Tropius, Zorua, and even Larvesta. Oddly enough, Lunala's seems to be 390, so if it's just as simple as 100 Pokemon being added and the other Pokemon's numbers being pushed as a result, it looks like Burst and Assembly are the only new Ultra Beasts we're getting. Which kinda sucks...

    On a more positivie note though, we get info on the Island Trials. Yeah, they're still A Thing. Mallow's has changed, having you talk to Sudowoodo now... k...Wela Volcano now has a Totem Alolan Marowak. Mina now has a trial of her own... the full details of which are unknown, although it seems you battle her- W-Wait... That's what we did in Sun and Moon!! What even?

    Also the previous trailer hinted at it, but we have a new PokeRide: Mantine Surf. With this, we can travel between the islands of Alola while playing a surfing minigame.

    EDIT: And just because, a clearer, larger version of that super cool poster:
    #11 Lord X-Giga-X, Sep 22, 2017 at 4:01 PM
    Last edited: Sep 22, 2017
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  10. Guys, I'm not even sure what to say this time. Just watch this video:

    Okay, freakout from just waking up to this aside, yeeeeaah...

    So we have a THIRD new Ultra Beast, UB-Adhesive. It is Poison-type.

    We also finally have details on Burst and Assembly. Burst is Fire/Ghost with a new move, Mind Blown. Assembly is Rock/Steel.

    Our evil team this time is the Ultra Recon Squad. Their members include Dulse, Zossie, Soliera, and Phyco. Their appearances vary between games... Okay... They dwell in an area of Ultra Space called Ultra Megalopolis.

    Oh yeah, and as for Ultra Space.... expanded as fuck.

    So yeah, Ultra Space getting the attention it deserves. And utter insanity. Can this gen just never end please?
    #13 Lord X-Giga-X, Oct 5, 2017 at 3:00 PM
    Last edited: Oct 5, 2017
  12. Oh look, these new Ultra Beasts also have that sound in their cries.

    Man, Lockstin's gonna have a field day. Part 5 anyone?
  13. Well I kinda skipped on the CoroCoro leak, but since we just got a trailer that shows the stuff in it, I guess now's a good a time as any.

    So first of, Necrozma has a brand new move, Photon Geyser. It compares the user's Attack and Special Attack stats, and the higher attack stat is used for damage calculation.

    We also have two new Z-Moves. Solgaleo and Dusk Mane Necrozma have Searing Sunraze Smash, which uses Sunsteel Strike. Lunala and Dawn Wings Necrozma have Menacing Moonraze Maelstrom, which uses Moongeist Beam. They just have the same effects as the moves they require, so let's move on.

    Rotom Dex gets a number of additional features. For starters, if you ever felt like wanting to talk to it, now you can! ... Yeah, there actually is a point to it. Bonding with it allows you additional features, such as the Roto Loto. With this, you can get items with effects similar to O-Powers. You can also get Z-Rotom Power, which allows you an additional use of a Z-Move in battle.

    .... Yeah, not as exciting as our last pair of trailers, I know. But we're still a month away from the release, so who knows what other surprises there are waiting for us?
  14. So after a CoroCoro leak, we have a Famitsu leak. Still needing more translating since the magazine isn't out yet, but here's the gist...

    According to an interview, if it hasn't already been obvious, there's gonna be a lot more story. (NOOOOO really?!) Though yeah, it does mention more post-game content. Interestingly, it's also been noted that these games are going more in-depth than Platinum. Yeah. PLATINUM. Oh boy...

    It also appears that these games will also add elements to training and catching to make it easier compared to Sun and Moon. Whether they're simply referring to what we just learned about Rotom Dex's new functions or something else, idk.

    And if there wasn't enough to do in Ultra Space, it turns out that we'll be encountering Legendary Pokemon through Ultra Wormholes. Mewtwo was noted as a possibility. It's Hoopa's rings all over again, except we get to go through portals to a different dimension. Yay!

    Also, here's the English version of that awesome story trailer:
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  15. Well, when we thought these games couldn't get any crazier, it turns out that Team Rocket's involved:


    They really must want to end the 3DS era of Pokemon with a bang considering USUM are the last core games for the 3DS...
  16. And you thought we were crazy when we kept saying that "it all comes together"... With the month of release here, it's time... for another exciting trailer.

    The rumor was true folks. Team Rainbow Rocket is here to take over the Aether Paradise, Giovanni has Mewtwo now, and all of the other Team Leaders are back. Prepare for utter chaos.
    In other news, we have the Battle Agency. Which is pretty much just the Battle Factory. Yay...
    Now scattered throughout Alola are Totem Stickers. Collect them to get yourself a Totem Pokemon. Thank god, now we can finally get our very own Totem Vikavolt!
    Oh yeah, once again, the Legendaries being found in Ultra Wormholes was brought up again. Which ones can we find? ALL OF THEM.

    Good lord, these games...

    EDIT: Japanese trailer:
  17. Don't you just love surprise trailers?

    Yeah, we just got a new trailer, and HOLY ARCEUS!

    So today's trailer shows off Move Tutor moves at long last. Have fun with that.

    But just when we thought they ran out of pre-release surprises for us, they decide to tease another form or Necrozma. It appears that besides their respective Z-Moves, Dusk Mane and Dawn Wings Necrozma gain one more battle option: Ultra Burst. Where exactly is this going, you're asking? I don't know, and I'm excited for it!

    Just 3 more days, people. Three more... torturous days. Goddamnit, can't it just be the 17th already?!

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