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Pokémon: Shadowy Undertones

Discussion in 'Freeform Roleplays' started by Silver, Aug 15, 2016.

  1. Heart Conversion at 58%

    "Readings are stable. We should be able to proceed by Wednesday morning."

    "Oh goody! It's been getting so stuffy in here."

    "Then we can start converting live subjects soon. The commander will be pleased."

    "And then the real fun begins, riiiiiiight?"

    "Only after the commander gives us our orders. Until then we wait."

    "He's not just gonna have us sit around, though... that's no fair."

    Heart Conversion at 63%

    "You won't have to wait for long, Cassandra. You'll be able to play your little games soon enough."

    A fit of giggles erupts. A masculine sigh.

    "Calm yourself, Altair. Some people want to watch the world burn; Cassandra chooses to carry the proverbial torch. You too will see the outcome of all this research in time."

    ". . . Yes, sir."

    The fit of giggles trails off and all is silence. Silence and darkness.

    – – – – –​

    Day and Time: Sunday – Morning

    Location: Violet City

    The city bustles about, blissfully ignorant to the dark times ahead. People meander throughout the many restored buildings and spend their time enjoying the early summer heat – the sun beats its harsh rays down joyfully. Most citizens have ice cream cones or cold drinks in their hands, but there is one boy, a simple visiting Pokémon Trainer, who sits outside a tiny café with only a drink in his hands. There are flyers plastered with pictures of Falkner, the Violet City Gym Leader, and several signs pointing out the direction of the gym, but there is something about this trainer that would suggest to anyone nearby that perhaps the gym challenge just isn't quite the right fit. No one speaks to him. At least, not as of yet. He is merely left to his thoughts.

    Location: Route 29

    Although equally as unaware of what looms in the depths of the future, trainers traveling along Route 29 face much less of the heat than those in Violet City. The canopy of tall trees creates quite a cover – much of the path is shady and there is little to upset the natural serenity. Perhaps a Sentret rushes through the brush, but everything is calm otherwise. This is the perfect setting for all new trainers and it seems that one got started quite early that morning; much sooner than most, she had to have begun her journey before the sun arose, for she has made it just about halfway. A sign sticks out as the road forks. One direction leads toward Cherrygrove City whereas the other will take her up toward Routes 46 and 45. It is at this point that she had a very weighty decision to make. Will she proceed toward Cherrygrove and make her way to Violet City on the more traditional route? Or will she opt to head north and continue on to Blackthorn City? The choice is hers alone.

    Location: Newbark Town

    Neither instance matters for two young trainers patiently (or perhaps not so patiently) waiting outside Professor Elm's Pokémon Laboratory. The quirky little man had apparently stepped out the previous day or so to go visit a colleague of his staying in Cherrygrove City and was due back early this morning. At this point, he has not made his return. The older of the two boys looks less than enthused.

    – – – – –​

    Leven crossed his arms and let out a small huff. He wasn't quite aggravated, but waiting for the professor most definitely wasn't on his top ten list of things to be doing today. He had been waiting so long to be able to start his journey and now the time seemed to tick by even slower. He sighed. He certainly hoped the professor would arrive soon. The sooner the man did, the sooner he could make up for all this lost time – some other trainers had apparently left way before him. If any of them were Coordinators like him then they would have ample time to practice with their Pokémon before the first contest in Cherrygrove! He couldn't possibly lose because of a disadvantage like that – it just wouldn't be fair!

    Come on, he thought, trying to will the eccentric man to appear along the road that led out to Route 29. Return already! The look on his face certainly showed just how determined he was to get things started. Perhaps the other boy felt differently? Leven certainly wasn't paying enough attention to him at the moment to get a read on him.
  2. Day: Sunday
    Time: Morning
    Location: New Bark Town

    The younger of the two boys sat outside Professor Elm's laboratory, a smile on his face as he somewhat patiently awaiting the return of the man in question. Acento noticed it was taking quite a bit of time for the professor to return. Especially since it had been a while since his farewell to his father and his brother, leaving for Kanto where the latter would start a journey of his own. But at the same time, he was fairly understanding of the wait. A Pokemon Professor must be a very busy person after all.

    But this did little to quell the anticipation building up within him. His Pokemon journey was about to begin, and he was thinking of everything that lied ahead of him. His first partner Pokemon. The many other Pokemon he would catch on the way. The numerous friends and rivals he would make. The heated battles he would find himself in. The amazing places his journey would take him. The thought of it all excited him.

    He was somewhat patient about waiting for the professor to return. But at the same time, he could hardly wait.

    Acento then looked over to the older boy, taking note of the determination of his face. He was likely eager to get his journey, although displaying differently. He couldn't begin imagine the thoughts going through his mind now. But for now, it definitely looked like the professor wasn't back yet, and they've merely been silently sitting outside his lab. "Quite the wait, isn't?" he finally asked with a lighthearted chuckle, hoping to start a brief conversation to pass the time.
  3. Sunday morning
    Violet City

    The boy flicks a pen back and forth across the table, staring into the coffee he'd bought inside the café. A bright golden Charmander rests almost draped over his head, watching his trainer play with the pen through strands of thick brown hair. The tiny dragon makes no noise or movement aside from his breathing, and the two sit in what would be a companionable silence if the trainer wasn't distracted.

    Kaiser is pulled out of his trance by a sudden tug on his scarf. He jumps, startled, causing Blitz to reflexively grab Kaiser's hair to keep from falling off. Both looking down, Kaiser grins slightly and Blitz glares at the trainer's other Pokemon- a Shinx- with one end of the scarf in its jaws, watching boy and Charmander quietly with bright yellow eyes. To Kaiser, at least, the message is clear.

    Picking Statix up in his arms, Kaiser scratches him behind the ears and the feline rubs his head against the boy's arm affectionately. "We should go take on the gym, I guess," Kaiser mutters to the two Pokemon, seeming almost to sigh. "If anything, Statix shouldn't have any issue with Falkner."

    As Kaiser talks, in typical cat fashion, Statix paws at the cup of coffee before being lightly swatted away by his chuckling trainer.
  4. Sunday/Morning/Route 29

    "Day two: Extracting plant tissue sample from Bulbasaur to determine reaction with Paras fungus."

    Clarice sat on the picnic blanket set out on the grass, her small tent behind her. It was early in the morning and she was already nearly to Cherrygrove City, having started the afternoon of the day prior. In her hands was a thin, tiny spoon and a small plastic tray and she was staring intensely at the bulb on Vinny's back which shook as the Bulbasaur ate its breakfast. "Good boy Vinny, just hold still now..." She spoke as she carefully lowered the spoon into the opening of the bulb and gently scraped across the side. The process was painless, and it seemed that Vinny hadn't even noticed.

    Clarice gave the spoon a tap over the edge of the tray to remove the sample, then reaching into a box roughly the size of a suitcase to retrieve a bag with two mushrooms belonging to a Paras. She removed a small piece with a pair of tweezers, also dropping them into the tray before sealing it. "Will observe for changes every four hours." Clarice spoke into her Pokegear, which at this point was nothing more than a recording device for her scientific journal.

    As soon as she finished she would feel a soft tug at her coat. Looking down she saw the Cleffa, who had already finished her food and was holding up the sandwich she packed for breakfast over half an hour ago. "Oh, thank you Stella. I almost forgot." She spoke cheerily to the baby pokemon and gave her lap a pat. The signal was clear and Stella hopped up onto her trainer's lap with Clarice petting her with one hand and eating with the other.

    The commotion seemed to attract Vinny's attention, for before Clarice had even taken her second bite she would see out of the corner of her eye the small green dinosaur leaping through the air, flying into Clarice and landing directly on top of her chest. "Oof! Hehe quit it you goof! I need to eat!"

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