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Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Grand Rebellion

Discussion in 'Statistical Roleplays' started by CerberusLycan, Dec 15, 2016.

  1. There was light streaming through the treetops. The day was young and bright, and beyond the foliage overhead, the sky was cloudless and the sun was only just beginning to truly outpace the horizon. A lackadaisical breeze weaved its way through the forest, bringing warm tidings to the brisk morning air. Normally, it would have been a perfect day, a prime opportunity for relaxation or family activities or whatever one desired. The Pokemon gathered beneath the lazily-rustling leaves knew better, though. What would have been a tranquil scene was betrayed by the lack of disturbance-- amid a forest normally teeming with life, there were no insects droning, no calls echoing through the trees, no smaller Pokemon foraging among the shrubs and plants that crowded the ground all around. There was only these three, sticking out oddly with vibrant orange and white and blue pelts.

    "Okay!" the Growlithe yelped, spinning around to face his Absol and Swablu compatriots. "Everyone was saying the Mystery could begin at any moment once you enter the forest, so from now on we have to be prepared!" He had an energy befitting a Fire-type Pokemon, and an excitement even in his current situation befitting his youth. "We're ready, right? Astrid? Deck-- um..." The canine paused and examined the Absol sheepishly. "Dirk... Darkrai... Decra-- er, could you tell me your name again? Last time, I swear!" Before the Disaster Pokemon had a chance to respond, the Growlithe added, "Oh, yeah! And Miss Tanda said we should stay close while going into the Mystery. It might stop us from losing each other!"

    Most Pokemon had taken to calling them Dungeons for short, although somehow the full term 'Mystery Dungeon' had quickly come into use to describe what the small squad was facing; an area that had become scrambled and no longer cleanly followed the rules of reality. The prevailing rumor was that time and even space itself was distorted and contorted in the depths of a Mystery Dungeon-- for the most part, they retained the climate typical of their location, although tales of snowy mountains turning into volcanoes brimming with lava, and swampy pools suddenly giving way to underground caverns had become popular conversation pieces since the first reports of Mystery Dungeons had surfaced several weeks back. As confusing as they were, however, they might've remained mere spectacles, intriguing and harmless, had the first stories not also come with accounts of Pokemon suddenly becoming insane and violent within their confines. Anyone could enter a Mystery Dungeon freely, even if on accident, all agreed. You must be able to make your way out of one, as well, reasonable Pokemon further attested. The trouble in attempting to do so, however, had become a fear in every sensible Pokemon's mind; if you didn't find the Dungeon's exit quickly enough, you risked losing your mind forever.

    And so, these three Pokemon were gathered at the entrance to the forest, as were several other similar groups spaced miles apart, formed up in the nearby Decion Town for the purpose of disaster relief. Only yesterday, without any warning or apparent cause, a Mystery Dungeon manifested in what was only moments previously a perfect, tranquil woodland. Neighbors, friends, and loved ones had been reported missing since, and so the goal had become to send in prepared squads of able bodies, to find and help any Pokemon that might be trapped in the Dungeon's twisted grasp, and hopefully guide them out before their minds could be lost to the Mystery.
  2. One last dig, Asra reasoned, furiously shifting the earth around beneath her claws. Sableye did not mind the underground, or the air underground, or any other complaint one might make about a dirt mining tunnel— but the air in this particular tunnel felt off. Too sour, maybe bitter. Asra was not the best taster, she couldn't tell you.

    Frustrated, she began tapping around in the deep hole she'd created until, yes, that was definitely the sound of tapping a gem. She swiped her hand across the dirt to clear it and quickly snatched the gem from it's place. It was loose, probably discarded and not naturally occurring. Asra wasn't sure if she wanted to consider all the reasons one might drop a gem down here. Clumsiness, she insisted, scampering down the lonely tunnels. Something skittered past, a small flash of light... Asra blinked, the tunnel suddenly dark before her. She blinked again, nervously passing the gem (two gems, she realized) between her hands. After a moment, her eyes adjusted to the darkness again and everything was absolutely clear.

    A sound rumbled from deep in the cave and the surrounding earth shook ever so slightly. If it was that noticeable here, and the sound was still audible, then the rumbles at the source... it would depend on the volume of the original sound, wouldn't it? The Sableye shook her head, calculations were not urgent. Getting out? A different story. Her claws dug into the side of the tunnel as she attempted to haul herself high on the wall, groping at the ceiling for any section of earth that felt soft or thin. It felt the same, maybe because of panic. There was no way she was getting rusty, and no way she was getting trapped, so Asra plunged her hand into the earth with sudden force, knocking the dirt around with intense vigor. Clumps of dirt and rock fell to the ground with little patters, and it was almost as if some small bubble of awareness had grown in her surroundings, like something was there. Light poked through once, then twice, then in a reasonable radius.

    With great effort, Asra scrambled to widen the breach before hauling herself through her makeshift exit. She ended up flat on her stomach, lying in the grass, with her legs partially still in the small breach. Taking a deep breath, she pulled herself up and eyed the scene before her. A heck of a lot of other people were gathered around, by her estimates. Bringing a gem to her mouth, Asra easily bit it in half as she walked further from her little hole in the ground. She'd meant to keep both for later use (maybe even sale) but everyone deserved a little snack after such a harrowing moment.

    Little gem pieces still being crunched in her mouth, Asra snapped her fingers as she realized what was before her. She wiped at her mouth and began walking further into the clearing.

    "Relief parties, huh?" She said to herself "Didn't realize the tunnels stretched so far into this area!"
  3. A gentle breeze ruffled her downy feathers. Astrid smiled as she waddled and hopped along to keep up with her more nimble companions. It was difficult for a tiny little Swablu to outpace a Growlithe and an Absol on land. The wind on her face made her long for the sensation of flight, but she didn't want to appear rude to her assigned partners. It would be unkind of her to take off without so much as a word, so she compromised by doing her best to skip along the ground. The slower pace of her strut gave her the opportunity to study the landscape in front of her. The day was shaping up to be beautiful, and it had only just started. Her artistic sensibilities were aflutter as she studied the sun ascending through the sky.

    "Decarabia." Astrid corrected her excitable Growlithe companion. She wanted to prevent the possibility of drawing any ire from the Absol, interjecting before the Disaster Pokémon had to do so. "Her name is Decarabia. It's a nice name, Alaster. You ought to keep it in mind." She turned and gave a soft smile upwards to the taller Pokémon, who looked rather regal as her fur was tousled by the morning wind.

    The best way to make friends is to listen.

    Astrid had to admit that she felt a little unfit for the relief effort. After all, she was just a hobbyist painter who had happened to take up residence in Decion Town. She kept mostly to herself, minding her own business and keeping out of everyone's way. It was only once her mentor, Rufus, went missing without a word that she had started to interact with the other villagers. One thing led to another, and before she knew it, she had caught word from a sturdy Ursaring by the name of Leonard that her plight was not unique. Rufus was not the first to go missing; several of the local villagers had gone missing without a trace. She learned that there was a recruiting effort going on to get to the root of the issue. And timid Astrid volunteered.

    She waggled her wings, which still had flecks of multicoloured paints from the day before. It was no secret to Astrid that she was not exactly "cut out" for this line of work, even though recruitment was done on a voluntary basis from the townsfolk. But back in town, Astrid always tried her best to stay out of everyone's way; perish the thought that she, a little Swablu, get involved in fighting other Pokémon. No, compared to Alaster and Decarabia, she was certainly out of her element. And moreover, she was much smaller in stature than either of her companions. And she had to admit, stories about the Mystery made her a little nervous...

    A sudden chill passed through her. It wasn't the wind this time. The thought of getting lost - alone - in the Mystery made her more than a bit anxious.

    Forcing herself to stay with the group, to not check out mentally, she tried broaching a new subject of conversation. "So... sorry if this is a little personal, but I thought we might want to talk a little bit about ourselves before we went any further? After all, we only barely know each other's names..." She looked towards Alaster in particular. "W-well, I mean, I don't know if you two know each other... but I would like to get to know you, at least..."
  4. Why did I volunteer for this?

    The Absol thought bitter thoughts at the situation, ignoring the Growlithe as he began yelping his enthusiasm at her and the Swablu. She paused in an unconscious reaction to them stopping, staring off into the trees as she berated herself. Decarabia of course knew the answer to her own question- some inherent sense of duty to help those who were too unaware to help themselves. Warnings and prophecies were often given by her kind, and always met with mixed reactions. She had been turned away and blamed for the very disasters she had tried to warn about before, in other communities. She had not foreseen any conflict coming to her current residence so far, so she had decided to try helping out to gain everyone's trust before she had to come to them with tales of doom and disaster.

    Decarabia was pulled from her reverie as Alaster struggled over her name. Again. Giving him an unamused look, she opened her mouth to correct him, before Astrid spoke up and did so herself. The Absol gave a sigh as Astrid chided the Growlithe, but it probably spared the "team" from building their relationship atop sarcastic remarks.

    Team. An odd way to describe them. A pariah, an artist, and an overly-energetic pup. Quite the team they were indeed. Not that they were guaranteed to stay together; groups of Pokemon could form for any reason and just as easily break apart, whether the reason justified it or not.

    Almost as if reading her thoughts, the tiny Swablu smiled up at Decarabia. A common, harmless gesture among most Pokemon, but the Absol looked back at Astrid with surprise and some uncertainty. Unsure how to react- smiling was something she was very much not used to doing or receiving- she looked down and away. Regretful. Making friends was something she should do but never really had the opportunity to, and it showed in her interactions with her team thus far. Aloof, distant, withdrawn- these were all apparent to the Pokemon around her, of course, but only she knew that it hid the uncertainty and fear of inevitably being cast out, yet again, because she tried to warn others of danger and be blamed for it herself.

    Shaking her head to drive the thought from her mind, Decarabia spoke for the first time in a while. She wasn't ready to give her life's story to these two Pokemon she had basically just met. "There isn't much to tell, at least for me." The Absol's voice was smooth, melodic, measured. "But we should keep our wits about us- we don't want to enter the Dungeon distracted."
  5. It was clear Alaster did not like the Swablu's suggestion; the Growlithe pulled a confused face and frowned. After Decarabia gave her response, the Fire-type didn't hesitate to add, "Yeah, we don't have time for that." He shuffled his paws uncomfortably, and then abruptly disguised his awkwardness by taking a leap into the air. "Some of the Pokemon in there might need us right now! We can't stand around talking!" The Pokemon was quick to avert his gaze and take a glance at their surroundings, offering a deflective, "Uh, did anyone else hear any rumbling?" When his scan turned up a sudden surprise, he automatically yelped out, "Oh!" The creature in the distance was a deep, nocturnal shade of purple, red eyes gleaming brilliantly in the post-dawn light. "It's a Saberli!" the Growlithe shouted, nearly interrupting himself with a subsequent bark. Without warning, the Puppy Pokemon bounded off across the forest floor, crossing several yards in seconds as he closed the gap between their group and the mysterious Sableye.

    "Hey!" he barked, skidding to a stop a half a dozen meters from the newcomer. "You haven't been corrupted by the Mystery Dungeon, have you?" A smarter Pokemon would have stayed much farther away to pose that question; Pokemon that had succumbed to a Dungeon's taint were not only notoriously aggressive, but a Sableye especially was dangerous up close.
  6. Wiping the small flecks of crystal from her mouth, Asra watched as a Growlithe energetically hurried towards her. She expected for a second to somehow get dragged into whatever these Pokemon were doing at the moment— only to find herself questioned. Corrupted, huh?

    "Yeah," Asra decided to say "I'm a very corrupted and evil lady; Just yesterday, I skipped ahead in a line."

    Blinking for a second, Asra wondered if any of the Pokemon in the clearing would even appreciate a bit of humor. "Actually, I'm not sure," She admitted "It felt a little spooky down there, and there was some rumbling. I feel fine though— a little parched, actually— but fine."

    "You know," She glanced at the hole she had crawled out of "Maybe I ran into the beginnings of one."
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  7. Astrid was visibly crestfallen at the lukewarm response to her suggestion. "O-oh... alright." She didn't understand the reluctance of her fellow Pokemon to, if nothing else, introduce themselves. Perhaps it would break the tension that lingered in the air between them as the Mystery loomed ahead. Astrid tried to keep herself from shivering once more.

    Perhaps the others were right, and Astrid's desire for self-comfort was a little misplaced, given the current situation. As far as they knew, the lives of other Pokemon were at stake within the emergent Mystery. She puffed up her chest a little bit, attempting to mask her internal fears of what might be ahead. She felt like it might be important to establish some meaningful trust, even if they were only volunteering for a little bit.

    Besides, it seemed like her companions were both distracted by other things.

    Astrid let out a sigh as Alaster again stumbled over a name. "A Sableye," she stated, patiently. Although the Growlithe pup had already bounded away from her and Decarabia, so her correction fluttered to the winds. Helplessly, Astrid turned once more to the Absol, lifting her colour-smeared wings as if to say, 'what can we do?' before half-fluttering, half-running after the Growlithe.

    Slowing to a halt a few steps behind Alaster, the timid Swablu observed the Sableye brush something off from her mouth. Astrid bristled for a moment, concerned for the safety of her companion. "Alaster, don't-" she began as the Growlithe started to bark at the newcomer. Before she had the chance to complete whatever sentiment that surely would have gone unheeded regardless, Alaster had already posed what Astrid would have thought to be a rather thoughtless, insensitive question. Alaster... you can't just ask a Pokemon if they're "corrupted..." she kept her thoughts to herself, maintaining a silent hope that the newcomer would not take too much offense. That's... really not how it works. Although she herself was a little wary of the appearance of the Sableye.

    By the mercy of Arceus, the Sableye hardly seemed bothered by the badgering she was subjected to by the fearless (if not naive) Growlithe. In fact, her sarcastic response had Astrid audibly let out a relieved breath that she didn't realize she had been holding. Her fears had not entirely dissolved, but it was a good sign that the Sableye at least had a sense of humour. "Please excuse Alaster," she said, mustering up as much confidence and politeness as she felt she had in her entire body. "He's a little... fixated... on the Mystery."

    Putting a wing on the back of the pup, Astrid gently attempted to put some space in between them and the stranger. Putting her back to the Sableye and looking into the eyes of the orange canine, she quietly whispered to chastise him, "Come along, Alaster. Didn't you just say we shouldn't be standing around talking?

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