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DISCUSSION Planetary Icons

Discussion in 'The Manaverse Wiki Project' started by Eebit, Jul 3, 2014.

  1. Essentially, I thought of an idea for people to draft up little "identifier" icons/emblems for their planets, so that they can be placed on the Wiki with their respective characters. It should make things look a little more professional-looking, which is always a bonus. Plus, it might be fun!

    If you have any ideas as to what a planet's icon might look like, or just have a sketch to submit for your planet, then post away. The idea is currently that they will be fairly small, so keep that in mind when you are designing an icon for your planet. It will likely be similar in appearance to the Starcraft Liquipedia's 'faction icons.' Seen here:


    I will be 'vectorizing' these icons as they come in. Submit to me a sketch and a general colour scheme and I will do my very best to make your dreams come true. :^)

    List of Planets Without Icons

    Active Planets
       Armonia - @crazE
       Causica - @Starrie
       Celaflora - @Starrie
       Crysia - @crazE
    Daeridune - Algorithm of Fate team
       Deveron - @Ziolang
       Euthora - @"Keileon"
       Ferona - @"Nebulon Ranger"
       Greniou - @Starrie
       Kaichrona - @"The Kakuzato"
       Mantua - @Starrie
       Ocera - @"Lord X-Giga-X"
       Phantasia - @Shadow
    Rinul - @"Shadow" / @"Keileon"
       Rokans - @"Lord X-Giga-X"
       Syelsumoia - @Starrie
       Terra - @Eebit / @"Lord X-Giga-X" / @crazE
       Vindrgard - @Keileon
       Yulatra - @Flimzy

    "Inactive" Planets
      Cytieresk - @"Timber-K"
      Ea - @blackoutEquinox
      Galamion - Guardians of Galamion
      The Misty Isle - @Spaughtyena
      S.S. Soaring Sky - @Cid
  2. RE: Discussion: Planetary Icons

    Just want to note that I'm fully willing to draw the icons for people who can't/don't want to.
  3. RE: Discussion: Planetary Icons

    This is Cid speaking, if you want me to design the icons for the planets (Or atleast create the designs for other people) then just shoot me a message on my account.
  4. RE: Discussion: Planetary Icons

    Icon for the planet? Well, The Misty Isle is basically just a floating island, so maybe just an Island with a castle atop would be fine? Either that, or an open doorway with a canine head within to symbolize a gate to a new realm, or the characters themselves exiting said planar doorway.
  5. RE: Discussion: Planetary Icons

    For Galamion: A magnolia. Vaguely shaped like a 'G'.
  6. RE: Discussion: Planetary Icons

    For Rokans, all I can really think of besides what I posted before is something that would represent the planet's six major elements (fire, earth, wind, water, light and darkness).
  7. RE: Discussion: Planetary Icons

    Okay, so I was fiddling around today to try and whip up and example of my vision for these planetary icons, and this is sort of what I have come up with for the infobox. Ignoring the fact that I used the Syelsumoia planetary icon for @"Starrie"'s main (who is from Mantua; I just didn't have the icon on hand), and how I shoddily slopped it together without having vectorized anything yet, this is sort of what I have in mind.



    I think it adds a little bit of "planetary pride" and a quick, visual way to identify the characters. I haven't yet started on the vectorizing process (since I will need to neaten up pretty much everything everyone has sent in haha), so it will obviously look ugly at the moment. Bear with me, though.
  8. RE: Discussion: Planetary Icons

    Whoops, forgot to update this with an "update." (yay for redundancy)

    So I'm still waiting for a lot of icons from a lot of people. I haven't had much of a chance to work on the icons that I have received, but I would really like to start to collect more from you guys, if that is a possibility. Right now, though, I have one 'proof of concept' icon, and that is Causica's icon.


    Eventually, I'd like to start putting the icons into effect. So, if you have a chance, please whip up a little doodle that you want to be the 'indicator' of your planet! Then we can make giga do some more work get the Wiki in a prettier state!
  9. RE: Discussion: Planetary Icons

    Posting these for @Flimzy to pick up on later:

    Causica.AI >>
    Deveron.AI >>
    Syelsumoia.AI >>
    Yulatra.AI >>

    Hopefully these links work for you. We approach a point where we can have our first three icons in place (although only one of them will really have any use on the Wiki until Causican and Yulatrian characters get pages... ah well!).

    EDIT: Added Syelsumoia
  10. RE: Discussion: Planetary Icons

    I'm sure I'll eventually come back to revisit this because I'm not entirely pleased with it, but I'm "finished" with Euthora's icon...


    It looks pretty good on Jason's page, I think, and it doesn't look bad in the planets navbar. I'm a little mad about the way the gradient ended up turning out (lots of trickery with clipping masks of the original image), and getting Cor's spikes to work was a bit annoying too when I first vectorized it. Also the stroke lines were uniform but then I remembered late in the process the way I was supposed to do it and basically ended up just saying screw it and doing whatever I wanted (which in this case was just using the Stroke layer style, heh).

    Kind of want to know what people think of the gradient style. I don't personally enjoy having to do it, but I think the end result is aesthetically pleasing (and significantly better than flat off-black and off-white).

    Went ahead and updated the navbar templates (main and the general use one). Removed Ea/Cytieresk/The Misty Isle/Galamion for the time being. Now I'll update the above list which is... somewhere in this thread.

    @Starrie -- if you have the time, I wouldn't mind getting a redraw on the Mantuanese, Celafloran, and Grenian icons (with priority going to Mantua's and Celaflora's since I might be able to make Greniou's work yet).
  11. Putting these here for reference though they're already on the wiki

    Daeridune: http://www.furaffinity.net/full/19478169/
    Rinul: http://www.furaffinity.net/full/19501828/

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