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Pirategrind Profile Thread

Discussion in 'Profile Threads' started by CodasterTheDisaster, Jul 19, 2015.

  1. Inventory

    Healing Salve (+5 HP) x1




    Gold: 0

    Achievement Points:
  2. Enemy Profiles

    Jackson, Lv. 1

    Profession: Cutthroat

    Type: Humanoid (Pirate)

    A-Ability: Piracy

    +Salty Steel: This units next attack or damaging ability applies a poison that deals 75% of this units Atk over 3 turns. If a unit with the Salty Steel debuff would be affected by it again, the duration is refreshed. Range: Self. 6 MP

    +Seadogs: This unit's atk stat is increased by 5% for every other pirate in its party. Only applies to living units. Lasts 3 turns. Range: Self. 8 MP


     +Terror of the high seas: +15% A-Ability damage passively.


    HP: 25
    MP: 15
    Atk: 4
    Def: 3
    Int: 2
    Spr: 3
    Evasion: 2%
    Movement: 3 cells

    ***See above for Samuel

    Polly, Lv. 1

    Profession: Parrot
    Type: Beast (Pirate)

    A-Ability: Wants a cracker

    +Scream: 100% int damage, chance to apply addle. Range: 3 cells. 10 MP

    +Big Beak: 75% Atk, reduces Def by 20%. Range: Adjacent. 8 MP

     +Flappy Bird: +1 movement cell and immunity to immobilize

    HP: 20
    MP: 20
    Atk: 3
    Def: 2
    Int: 4
    Spr: 3
    Evasion: 2%
    Movement: 4 cells
  3. Bestiary





















    - - - - -

    [Name] (Location: /Number Defeated: /Gold: /Items: )

    ***Drop Rate:
    50% Common
    25% Uncommon
    10% Rare
    5% Super Rare
    1% Impossibly Rare
  4. Name:  Nasia Leonall

    Gender: Female
    Age: 28
    Race: Human
    Character Colour: Orange

    Level: 1
    Progress: [0/10]

    Profession: Alchemist - One devoted to the pursuit of taking two things and slapping them together into another thing. Alchemists are proficient in making salves and poisons to suit their needs, even in the middle of a battlefield. [Item Adept]

    Item Adept - Items have a usable range of 3 cells.

    Weapon: Brass Clockwork Quarterstaff - A highly-customized quarterstaff filled with mechanical components. [Weapon] [Weapon/Damage Type: Attack-based;Range: 2 Cells; +1 Int]
    Armor: Explorer's Smock - Basic attire suited to gathering outside of cities and not to getting stabbed. [Armor/+1 Defense]
    Accessory: Rimless Spectacles - The lenses aren't strong enough to fire laser beams out of your eyes, but at least they make you feel like you could. [Accessory/+5 MP]

    A-Ability: Compounding

    + Sloppy Synthesis: Quickly scrounges up a makeshift medical solution in a pinch. This produces a healing salve that has the potency of 100% int, despite it being made by questionable sources and who-knows-what. Range: Self. 5 MP Places  "healing salve" into inventory

    + Toxify: Using a few caustic compounds and a little bit of mana, reverse-engineers a healing salve into a toxic one. Requires healing salve. Damage is equal to amount that would be healed by healing salve. When used, applies a poison that adds 50% of a healing salve's potency onto basic attacks for 3 turns. Range: Self. 5 MP



    +Alchemastery - Using her knowledge of how not to spontaneously combust by merely existing, items used by Nasia or her abilities are 20% more effective and have a doubled chance of applying poison.


    +Alchemoverdrive Nasia sets the output of her quarterstaff way above its normal capacity, being able to dispense items with ease and efficiency. Enables her on this turn only to use 5 items in a row, and if an item is single target, they are granted a splash AoE with surrounding targets receiving 50% of the effect.

    ~ Statistics ~

    HP: 15
    MP: 25 (Rimless Spectacles +5)
    DD: 0/10
    Atk: 2
    Def: 2 (Explorer's Smock +1)
    Int: 4 (Clockwork Brass Quarterstaff +1)
    Spr: 3
    Evasion: 3%
    Movement: 2 Cells (Alchemist Job +1)

    Skill Points: 0
    Upgrade Points: 0
  5. Name: Luca di Angelo Graves

    Age: 20

    Gender: Female

    Profession: Adventurer- Prone to breaking out of the mundane life fate has granted them, the one who claims this profession journeys forth to visit the vast unknown in any way possible. (Traveler) (Equip: Rapiers)

    Traveler: Accustomed to coming and going as well as prepared for the obstacles in the road, the user strives to always move forward. Grants +1 Move and +5% Evasion.

    Adventurer- Prone to breaking out of the mundane life fate has granted them, the one who claims this profession journeys forth to visit the vast unknown in any way possible. (Traveler) (Equip: Rapiers)

    Traveler: Accustomed to coming and going as well as prepared for the obstacles in the road, the user strives to always move forward. Grants +1 Move and +5% Evasion.

    - - - - -

    Geomancer- Having traveled across the land, the one who claims this profession seeks to become one with the earth she walks. Taking the earth's challenge in stride, she draws from its power and uses it to continue her ventures. (Earthwalker) (Nature's Embrace) (+1 Basic Attack) (Equip: Rapiers)

    Earthwalker: The user can cross any terrain so long as it is to continue her ventures. Enables the user to passthrough any nature-based terrain and grants +1 Move.
    Nature's Embrace: Stopping for a moment to immerse one's self in the true air of Nature is a wise tactic; used often it can easily lend the power of the earth itself to an individual. Whenever the user uses Rest, she gains Nature's Embrace status. Nature's Embrace: The user's next attack ignores 20% of her target's respective defensive stat and the user absorbs 10% of the damage dealt as MP.

    - - - - -

    Pirate- Having walked the earth and become well acquainted with the land, the one who claims this profession sets her sights on the unknown horizons of the vast seas and waterways that ribbon the land. Taking the steps to become one with the sea as she is with the land, her ventures will no doubt lead her to the greatest feats the world has to offer. (Well-Traveled) (Ocean's Gift) (Relaxation) (+2 Basic Attacks) (Equip: Rapiers)

    Well-Traveled: One with the earth and now seeking a similar relationship with the sea, only they who have seen some of the greatest sights can truly make that dream a reality. Enables the user to occupy most any unoccupiable cell (within obvious limitations) and increases Move by 1.
    Ocean's Gift: Waiting for the proper moment to make a move–flowing like the water in a carefree manner–evokes the secrets within the ocean. Whenever the user uses Rest, she gains Ocean's Gift status. Ocean's Gift: The user's damage output is increased by 5% for every water cell or water-type cell on the battlefield for the following three turns. If there are no water cells or water-type cells present, water cells will begin to randomly appear for the next five turns.
    Relaxation: The sea, when calm, is a truly serene sight–nothing but utter peace exudes from the gentle waves. Rest costs 0 MP to execute as long as there is a single water cell on the field.

    - - - - -

    Trailblazer- Having traveled the farthest reaches of the world she inhabits, the one who claims this profession has turned over every rock, climbed every mountain, explored every depth, and claimed her place as a world-renowned explorer. Nothing of this world can surprise her, not when she has seen it all and become its master. (Northern Star) (Journey's Gift) (Serenity Stance) (+3 Basic Attacks) (Equip: Rapiers)

    Northern Star: The North Star shines bright to guide the way through the night–without the need for it, the user walks her own path. Enables the user to occupy most any unoccupiable cell (within obvious limitations) and increases Move by 2.
    Journey's Gift: Seeing the world and learning its secrets grants the user a near infinite knowledge–stopping to take everything in and recollect grants such knowledge. Whenever the user uses Rest, she gains Journey's Gift status. Journey's Gift: Increases all of the user's stats by 30% for Four Turns, but forces Rest to have a recharge time of 10 Turns.
    Serenity Stance: When resting everything is peaceful–no spite or pain to deal with. Just serenity. Only serenity. Rest now costs 0 MP to use so long as there is not an enemy within 2 Layers of Surrounding Cells of the user.

    Level: 1
    Exp: 0/10

    Weapon: "Fallen Angel"- Exquisite copy of a famous rapier. 
    Armor: Adventurer's Garb- Well-fitted garments tailored specifically for one to travel great distances..
    Accessory: Ruby Earring- Simple earring with a ruby gemstone.

    A-Ability: Journey's Start

    +OnsetThe beginning of one's adventure is always the most important part of any successful journey. The user takes a prominent step forward and delivers two slashes in the target's direction. 90% Atk Damage. 2 Hits. Range: 2 Cells. 6 MP.
    --- PlungeDiving into the life of adventure, one must take it headfirst or miss out on a wonderful experience. Follows through by delivering a devastating stab at the target's stomach. 110% Atk Damage. 50% Chance of Critical Hit. Range: Set. 8 MP.

    +RestKnowing one's limitations and acknowledging them is also vitally important. The user stops a moment to breathe and refresh before continuing onward. No Damage. User waits. User recovers 1% Max Hp and Mp; Enables a second act action the following turn. Must be the user's first action. Range: Self. 5 MP.

    +PreparationIn order to better take on the challenges of the road, one must make sure to be prepared for anything. The user takes a moment to ready herself before making her next strike. No Damage. Bestows Bravery. Range: Self. 6 MP.

    +Passing GlanceOne must be able to act on something the moment they spot it. The user, perfectly in range of her target, makes a swift assault which they are unlikely to dodge. 100% Atk Damage. Sure Hit. Range: 2 Cells. 4 MP.

    +OvercomeStopped in mid-travel by an obstacle, one must persevere in order to move forward. The user walks her path with a powerful stride, striking aside any who challenge her so that she may move forward. No Damage. User moves [User Move Stat] Cells in given direction; Enemies in the way take 100% Atk damage. Range: Set. 8 MP.

    +AidUpon finding another travel, one must choose whether or not they are friend or foe; if friend, grant them your help if the need arise. The user offers her assistance to an ally for a brief period of time. No Damage. Lends 25% of the User's Atk to the target's main attack stat for the next Three Turns. Range: 4 Cells. 8 MP.

    +Final StandThe last legs of one's journey prove to be the hardest. In the face of her final moments, the user delivers an all out assault that leaves her extremely fatigued afterwards, but gives her hope for a conclusion to her travels. 120% Atk Damage. 12 Hits. The user must be in Critical Condition. User's Stats are reduced by 20% for Five Turns. Range: Adjacent Cell. 30 MP.

    A-Ability: Natural Path *LOCKED*

    +Inner PowerIn order to walk the path less traveled, one must look inside themselves and find their inner strength; the power they've always had but never used. The user unlocks a seal on her mana to produce the inner strength that lied dormant within herself. No Damage. Causes the user's Int-based abilities to use the user's Atk stat as the base; must be used before any other Natural Path ability may be used. Range: Self. ? MP.

    +Focus ConnectionDraw power from nature and it shall lend itself to one when it is most needed. The user focuses on her connection with nature and slowly recovers her reserves by drawing from the earth's own. No Damage. User recovers Hp and Mp equal to 100% of the user's Int for Five Turns; takes Two Turns to use. Range: Self. ? MP. Earth Elemental.

    +Earthen SpireReshapes earth into one's desired form to use as a weapon. The user concentrates on the ground and rips the earth itself up and reforms it into a spike before firing it off at the target. 130% Int Damage. Range: 3 Cells; Linear [One Target]. ? Mp. Earth Elemental.

    +Brine SquallCalls upon the harshest gales to blow water mana in a fierce burst. The user redirects gales in the target's direction while also generating a large surge of water mana which slices into the target several times. 120% Int Damage. 3 Hits. 50% Chance of Wet. Range: 3 Cells. ? MP. Water Elemental.

    +Eternal BlazeSimilar to the fires in one's hearts, natural fire burns strong and consumes in its passion. The user sparks a small flame at the tip of her rapier, swirling and adding to its body before firing off a burst of flame at the target. 100% Int Damage. Lasts Five Turns. Range: 4 Cells. ? MP. Fire Elemental.

    +Frozen CalamityUnleashes one's ruthlessness in a frozen gale that freezes not only the target, but also the ground around the victim. The user directs a ruthless gale in the target's direction, utilizing ice mana to flash freeze the target and the earth around them. 110% Int Damage. 50% Chance of Freeze; Adjacent Cells become Ice Cells. Range: 5 Cells. ? Mp. Ice Elemental.

    +TerraformPleads with the earth to meld part of itself to one's likings. The user offers up some of her mana to the earth to form a special part of nature. No Damage. Spawns 1 Nature Cell of the user's choosing. Range: Single Cell. ? MP.

    +MeteoformDraws upon one's connection with the earth to alter the atmosphere to fit one's desires. The user focuses one's connection with the earth and utilizes her own mana to alter the surroundings to fit her need. No Damage. Changes Atmosphere based on Nature Cell utilized. Range: Set. ? MP.

    +Nature StrikeUtilizes the power of nature to one's fullest potential, drawing all of its power into a single attack. The user pulls from the energy of the verdant earth to strike the target with all of nature's power. 210% Atk Damage. 25 Nature Cells must be available; Element varies depending on most abundant Nature Cell. User cannot act the next turn. Range: Adjacent Cell. ? MP. Varying Elemental.

    A-Ability: Seaward Bound *LOCKED*

    +Crest SurgeDirects the sea to bend its will to the user in order to herald her arrival. Gathers a swell of seawater around the user before using it to surge to whatever destination the user desires. No Damage. Moves user to target cell. Can link basic attack combo. Range: Self. ? MP. Water Elemental.

    +BroadsideWith a hearty call, all cannons let loose fire upon the opposition. Swipes the blade through the air causing a barrage of bullets to fly at the targets 80% Atk Damage. 14 Randomized Hits. Range: 4 Cells; Fanshape. ? MP.

    +Dolphin KickBends the sea around the user in order to propel herself at a high speed. Uses the water's strength to launch the user at the target, delivering a sharp kick that is hard to recover from. 140% Atk Damage. High Chance of Addle. Range: 6 Cells. ? MP. Water Elemental.

    +Sea BreezeDirects the winds that dance across the sea to bend their will to the user, gifting her and her allies with its vigor. Gathers the swiftest gales from every corner of the ocean to bless the user and her allies with unparalleled speed. No Damage. Bestows Haste. Range: All Allies. ? MP. Wind Elemental. 

    +CommandeerBack's the target into a corner in order to prime them for capture. Place's one's self in the perfect positioning to ensure escape is futile. No Damage. Roots Target for the Next Turn. Range: 3 Cells. ? MP.
    ---Forced CamaraderieSuccessfully captures the target and places them within the user's jurisdiction evermore. Christens the target as the user's prisoner and forced ally, using iron will to rule over their actions... for the time being. No Damage. Gains control over one enemy for the rest of the battle. Does not affect bosses. Only one enemy may be controlled at a time. Range: Rooted Target. ? MP.

    +Sea's ScourgeWith gun in hand range is no longer an issue, the best buccaneers always land their shots. Pulls out a special gun crafted specifically for the user to use in dire situations; if one is worthy, a bullet fired from this weapon never misses. No Damage. Equips the Sea's Scourge as a subweapon for Five Turns. Sea's Scourge: Enables the user to perform a 4 cell ranged basic attack combo alternatively to her normal basic attacks; the user will automatically counter any ranged attack by firing a shot dealing 100% Atk damage if this weapon is equipped; if the user has gained the title Queen of the Pirates, this weapon as a Sure Hit effect. Range: Self. ? MP.

    +Tidal BurstGathers and reforms seawater into a wall before firing it at the user's targets. Creates a veritable wall of water and sends it hurtling toward the user's targets; the closer they are the harsher the force of the wave. No Damage. Briefly occupies the chosen column or row adjacent to the user with water cells and pushes them in the direction away from the user; the water travels to the edge of the battlefield, anything caught in the way gets pushed back depending on how close they were to the initial 'wall of water' (as decided by the GM); objects in the way may be destroyed depending on how close they were to the initial 'wall of water (as decided by the GM). Range: See Description. ? MP. Water Elemental.

    - - - - -

    [strike]+Lese MajestyWith blade at the ready, delivers the ultimate judgement of the sea to the target with a single strike that eradicates any chance of the target crossing the user again. 270% Atk Damage. Does not activate Target's R-Ability or Innate Abilities. Target cannot directly target the user for the duration of the battle. Can only be purchased after Luca has obtained the title Queen of the Pirates. Range: Adjacent Cell. ? MP.[/strike]

    A-Ability: Pathway's Master *LOCKED*

    +Heaven Step"Celestial bodies guide me! Let me follow in Heaven's footsteps!" Utilizes the power of the stars and other heavenly bodies to bless the user with the ultimate dexterity. No Damage. Increases Move by 1 for Two Turns; Increases Evade by 30% for Two Turns. Range: Self. ? MP. Light Elemental.
    ---Celestial Impact"Starlight guide my blade! Heavens, unleash your fury!" Transforms the blessing of the stars into a radiant aura which surrounds the user's blade for one strike that leaves the target baptized in true heavenly energy. 250% Atk Damage. Removes Heaven Step buff. High Chance of Purification. Range: Adjacent Cell. ? MP. Light Elemental.

    +Shooting StarWith the utmost dexterity, the user launches herself into the air and expertly tosses her blade in the target's direction with premium force. 175% Atk Damage. Knocks Target back Three Cells. Range: 6 Cells; Linear. ? MP.

    +Blaze of Glory"Blaze your own trail and ravel in the grasp of glory!" Raises the blade high in order to collect pure determination in its slender frame before sinking it into the ground, creating a fiery aura that embodies the user's will. 120% Atk Damage. The user's stats are increased by 5% for Five Turns; if the counter is two turns or below, the counter resets. Range: Surrounding Cells. ? MP. Fire Elemental.

    +Tactical AdvanceTakes advantage of strategic placement in order to advance upon the enemy, swiftly attacking and moving on before counteraction can be taken. 100% Atk Damage. 3 Hits. The user moves into an adjacent cell of the target; if there is another target within the move's range after the first target has been attacked, the user performs the same set of actions on that target until there are no more targets within range. Can only be executed once per enemy per action spent. Range: 4 Cells. ? MP.

    +Keen Eye"I've seen it all." Bolsters mana to the user's eyes in order to get a more acute look at everything. No Damage. Bestows Sure Hit for Three Turns [User]. Reveals Traps, Hidden Treasure, and Hidden Enemy Locations [Map]. Range: Set. ? MP.

    +The Path Less Traveled"Take the path less traveled by. It makes all the difference." Rewrites the target's destiny to take the path less traveled, incurring great difficulty for the moment to bestow great rewards at a later time. No Damage. Decreases the target's stats by 25% for Two Turns; after the debuff wears off, the target receives a 20% boost to their stats for Five Turns. Range: 3 Cells. ? MP.

    +VoyagerTakes notice of the target and delivers a powerful slash before moving on, only to turn around after passing to get in another strike before truly continuing onwards. 150% Atk Damage. 2 Hits. The user may take a second move action. Range: Adjacent Cell. ? MP.

    +Journey's End"This is the end." Announces the end of not only the target's current ventures, but all future ventures at well through the deliverance of a single attack. 340% Atk Damage. If the user KOs the target with this move, the user's next ability costs 0 MP; If the user fails to KO the target with this move, the user may not access A-Abilities for Two Turns. Range: Adjacent Cell. ? MP.


    +Adventurous SurgeThe thrills of adventure leave one totally energized, ready to combat all that comes one's way. When an enemy unit enters a two cell radius of the user, she rushes to an adjacent cell. If this ability has activated and said enemy unit attempts to leave a two cell radius of the user, she follows so long as they do not move out of her movement range and there is a cell available for her to occupy.


    +DirectorOn the road, one rarely has others around to make decisions for them; in order to take the best possible route for one's self, one must make their own decisions. Dissolves Act Actions and Move Actions into plain Actions for the user to take advantage of as they see fit.


    +HomeboundEvery path must eventually lead the one walking it back home, hopefully with a better understanding of themselves. With hopes to return to where the journey started when the user is through journeying, the user releases a flurry of attacks which ensure the user's ability to return home. 200% Pierce Atk Damage. The user may take a second move action. Range: Adjacent Cell. 0 MP.


    HP: 25
    MP: 15 (+5 from Ruby Earring)
    DD: 0/10
    Atk: 4 (+1 from "Fallen Angel")
    Def: 3 (+1 from Adventurer's Garb)
    Int: 1 (+0 from "Fallen Angel")
    Spr: 3 (+0 from Adventurer's Garb)
    Evade: 2% (+5% from Traveler)
    Move: 2 Cells (+1 from Adventurer Profession) (+1 from Traveler)

    Skill Points: 0
  6. Name: Physis
    Gender: Irrelevant
    Age: Unknown
    Level: 1
    Progress: 0/10

    Profession: Ink Blot-- The one who claims this Profession is a creature dark as gasoline, taking the outline of a dog. They seem to be made almost entirely of some inky substance, even secreting the viscous fluid when cut... is that really ink? [Basic Attack: Physical][Rorschach Being I]

    *[Rorschach Being I] The User has no MP, and instead uses HP as the resource for fueling Skills. The User can only have one Clone Unit on the field, and the User and his Clone Units share a Substance resource, which is depleted by one point when any of these Units expend an Act or Move Command. Substance is set at a Maximum of five points, and recovers two points at the start of every Turn. Clone Units have 60% of the User's Base Stats.

    Weapon: Blunted Fangs: A dulled set of terrible cuspids. [+1 Atk][BA Range: Adjacent]
    Armor: Dense Anatomy: A black-as-pitch body composed of a curious substance. [+1 Def]
    Accessory: Innocent Shadow: Just a harmless shadow. [+5 HP]

    A-Ability: Dark Smear

    +Shadow Split: Creates a Clone Unit. Clone Units operate independently of the User, and are able to use all of the User's Abilities, although they do not possess DD, and they cannot expend more HP on any Ability cast than double the amount of HP that was used to create them. Range: Adjacent. 15% Max HP.

    +Bloodswell: A wave of whatever composes the User's body swells up and bursts outwards, covering everything nearby. Gives all Enemy Units within Range a High Chance of Skill Failure for 2 Turns. A Splatter Cell is created in the User's location when Bloodswell hits two or more Enemy Units for the first time in a battle. Range: 1 Layer of Surrounding Cells. 4 HP.

    R-Ability: None.
    S-Ability: They Bleed Darkness: The User's Clone Units create a Splatter Cell ({ }) in the Cell where they expire. When the User or a Clone Unit Moves over a Splatter Cell, one point of Substance is gained (limit one point per Unit per Turn). Using an Act Command, the User can absorb and clear a Splatter Cell they are occupying to regain a percentage of HP equal to the number of Substance points depleted * 4. The User is unable to do this again for a number of Turns equal to half the Maximum amount of Substance.

    D-Ability: Grim Behemoth: The User grows to occupy 2 Cells and gains 50% Current and Maximum HP. While active, the User may use the Special Command: Seize once. Clone Units created while Grim Behemoth is active are enlarged, treat the HP increase as a Base Stat increase, and have access to Special Command: Seize as well. Duration: 5 Turns. Costs 10 DD.

    +Seize: Removes Target Unit from the field for 1 Turn. In the next Ally Phase, the User must select an Adjacent Cell and return the Target to the field. The User cannot Act while the Target is removed from play. After the Target is returned to the field, they cannot have Seize cast on them again for the remainder of the battle. Range: Adjacent.


    HP: 30 (+5 from Innocent Shadow)
    Sub: 5/5
    DD: 0/10
    Atk: 4 (+1 from Blunted Fangs)
    Def: 3 (+1 from Dense Anatomy
    Int: 1
    Spr: 2
    Evasion: 2%
    Movement: 2 Cells (+1 from Ink Blot Profession)

    Skill Points: None.

    [b]HP:[/b] 35/35
    [b]Sub:[/b] 5/5
    [b]DD:[/b] 0/10
    [b]Atk:[/b] 5
    [b]Def:[/b] 4
    [b]Int:[/b] 1
    [b]Spr:[/b] 2
    [b]Evasion:[/b] 2%
    [b]Movement:[/b] 3 Cells
  7. Name: Thage Ehrenphreis
    Gender: Female
    Age: 19 
    Level: 1
    Progress: 0/10

    Profession: Sharpshooting Gunmage: A witch who specializes in enchantment and modification rather than pure destructive force. The one who claims this profession is a beginning mistress of magic. (Dead Aim) (BA: Int, Range 3) (Equip: Revolvers)
    Dead Aim: If the User has Critically Struck a Unit during battle, subsequent Basic Attacks against that Unit are 20% more effective against that Unit for 5 Turns afterward.
    Weapon: Six-Shot Revolver: A gun with a bullet chamber that can hold six rounds. Not too exciting. [+1 INT]
    Armor: Form-fitting Pantsuit: Dressed to impress, Thage struts in style. [+1 DEF]
    Accessory: Earplugs: These are an attempt to preserve Thage's hearing, given that she's always firing that gun of hers. [+5 MP]

    A-Ability: Magic Bullets

    + Enchanted Shot: Using the power of Mana, Thage takes time to line up the perfect aim and fires a bullet. After charging for 1 Turn, the next Basic Attack the User makes has Sure Hit and a High Chance to Critically Strike. Range: Self. Accuracy: -- Use Time: Charge 1. Element: Neutral. 8 MP.

    + Aspected Aim: Refraction changes the color of what we see and what we feel. It is only a matter of time before a weak spot is found. The next Basic Attack the User makes is aspected of an element of the User's choice. Range: Self. Accuracy: -- Use Time: Instant. Element: Neutral. 4 MP

    R-Ability: Locked.

    S-Ability: + Low Blow: If the User exploit's an enemy's elemental weakness, the next Basic Attack that lands against that enemy is guaranteed to critically strike.

    D-Ability: + Æther Cannon As a last resort, Thage composes a cannon of Mana, drawn from her own life energy and charges for a moment before firing its destructive force in a straight line. 150% Piercing Unaspected INT Damage. Range: 1 Column or Row. Accuracy: 100%. Use Time: Charge 1. Element: None. 10 DD.

    ~ Stats ~

    HP: 15
    MP: 25 [+5 Earplugs]
    DD: 0/10
    Atk: 1
    Def: 2 [+1 Form-fitting Pantsuit]
    Int:  4 [+1 Six-Shot Revolver]
    Spr:  3
    Evasion: 3%
    Movement: 2 [+1 Sharpshooting Gunmage profession]

    Skill Points: 0

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