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[Original ARKNET Reboot - Signup!]

Discussion in 'Profile Threads' started by Spaughtyena, May 28, 2014.

  1. This is the signup for the freeform reboot of ARKNET.
    As it was before, the type of character does not matter, powers or no, anything at all! The species may be from any number of races from ARKNET lore, or your own creation. However this is NOT an open license for Mary Sues, and all characters MUST be PM'd to me for approval or else they will be voided.  Thnx~

    [b]Physical Description/Reference Image:[/b]
    [b]A short bio:[/b]
  2. ~General~

    Name: Velma Kelly

    Sex: Female

    Age: 79

    Weight: 29 kg

    Height: 191 cm

    Race: Fallen Angel

    Description of Physical Attributes: Velma has a glow about her that makes her skin have a pearlescent shine. She tries to make herself eternally captivating, even though the illusion of skin she creates can't hide everything. She always wears a yellow blouse with sleeves that only come down to her forearms and shoes that normal people can't even balance in. She thinks she's absolutely stunning, but is she really, with those haunting green eyes and makeup heavier than a Mack truck?

    Personality: Velma is conceited and she outs herself before thinking of others. She can ally with people... if it benefits her in the end. She has the ability to protect those she has a bond with. She distrusts mostly every male.being in existence, save that special someone... She doesn't like speaking to people, but will if she must. She has a legendary silver tongue that's said to calm a lion's den... Will she use it?

    ~Powers and Perks~


    +<Illusion/Perception>: Velma can alter what someone sees. She is only able to alter herself or something she is very close to.

    +<Silvertongue>: Velma skillessly lies without effort. She is able to make most anyone bend to anything she says... for a while.

    +<Hydroimpery>: Velma can manipulate water and shift it between all its states, for whatever good that does.

    Skills: Diplomacy, Espionage.


    Weapons: Otherworldly Ether: One drop is enough to burn through two sheets of lead... That's strong.

    Apparel: None that's beneficial.

    Miscellaneous: Tube of gold lipstick.
    Golden locket.
    Gilded pocketwatch.


    Not yet. I'll reveal this as she develops.
  3. ~General~

    Name: Korran
    Sex: Female
    Age: 42
    Weight: 164
    Height: 5'7"
    Race: Felidi
    Description of Physical Attributes: Korran has golden-yellow fur and crystal-blue eyes that makes it easy to spot her at times when she is staying still.  She wears tattered and worn-out jeans, on her lower body, that has a tiny opening for her tail to roam free.  She also has a black jacket/vest that has a torn-up smiley face on the back of it to cover up her upper body from those perverted Lycans.
    Theme: Will add one in the future.

    ~Powers and Perks~


    +Manipulation of Fire Element: Korran can manipulate the Element of Fire in anyway she seems fit, like creating, changing, or removing it.
    +Techno Wiz: An odd power, Korran can manipulate the technology around her by making it be able to work, shut down, or even come alive in some cases.

    Skills: Speed, stealth, and Skill in Aerial Combat(ie. When in the air from jumping)


    Weapons: Hand-made Bow and Arrows, two pocket knives, Spiked Boots.

    Apparel: Smiley-Face Vest, tattered Jeans, Spiked Boots.

    Miscellaneous: Diamond-chained necklace.

    What is known from what she tells people, Korran had a bad run-in with Lycans when she was younger and now thinks ill of all Male Lycans.
  4. Name: Jack Evans
    Species: Prototype hybrid AI, resembling a black Lycan
    Age: 53, or the equivalent of 26 human years
    Sex: Male
    Physical Description/Reference Image:

    Jack Evans, known internally by his serial number KAI-456-13AB4F-D or simply as Jack, is a prototype hybrid AI cyborg developed jointly by ARKNET and the former Lycan of the same name, as well as Dean Matheson, his adoptive father. Resembling his former organic body--that of a pure black Lycan with silver-white hair reaching down to the middle of his back--Jack’s current body was designed to look like him from the start (mainly the idea of Jack himself), but have a rather large focus on stealth and quickness. In addition to his trademark black fur and flowing silvery-white hair, some modifications were made to his design by him as well as ARKNET. He is predominantly made of nanites, although his organic brain can be found where it normally would. Because of this, he is incapable of further natural growth, and is permanently around six feet, nine inches in height and 205 pounds in weight. His eyes, which were changed from their natural green when he took on this body, are a distinct slate grey color, almost intentionally designed to look cold and uncaring, although he himself is quite the opposite. Surrounding the top halves of his ears and forming two rings around the widest part of his tail near the end are organic light-emitting diodes, or OLEDs, which are hooked into a processor in his watch that takes care of converting emotions into known colors, and as a result these OLEDs change color depending on how he feels. He can usually be found wearing wither his ninjutsu gi with a belt of a very high rank or a pair of simple hakama, but he never wears shoes. Regardless of which he wears, he is always found with his trademark tattered and frayed red headband and an adamantium katana on his back.

    In addition to all this, he wears a standard-issue control watch and communicator hooked into an irremovable earpiece in his left ear. There are a few things unique to his specific variant, however, and those are as follows; an advanced, extremely secure operating system with functions to switch between his “natural” brain and ghosted personality and memory modules in the watch itself, a blue LED screen capable of projecting its current view out into the air as an interactive hologram (only able to be operated by Jack himself), a multipurpose laser emitter that can perform a range of function from scanning to cutting materials depending on laser focus, a shuriken launcher hooked up to two bandoliers full of red-edged M105 explosive shurikens worn diagonally across each shoulder, and finally cloaking modules controlled by the watch.

    It should be noted that this watch is on his non-dominant right hand as Jack is left-handed by birth.


    + Invisibility: The cloaking modules provided by the internal systems in his watch allow him to become invisible for as long as he wants.

    Skills: Ninjutsu, high- and low-level knowledge of an extremely wide variety of computer systems (hacking and cracking included), oddly cooking.

    A short bio:

    Jack was born to a predominantly Japanese- and English-speaking bilingual family more than 50 human years ago. He led a relatively normal, “boring” life up until age 11, when a team of assassins contracted by Dean Matheson raided his house in the middle of the night, silently killed his parents, and took him and his brother Sam off to ARKNET headquarters on the pretext that they would “make good additions to the team.” That day was the last time he would ever see his brother.

    Shortly after arriving at the huge complex that contained ARKNET headquarters, he was forced into learning ninjutsu by Dean, however he accepted this because he figured it would help him avenge his parents. During the ensuing 25-year period, he also taught himself the inner workings of computer systems, which would lead to his involvement in the production of his current body, as well as, oddly, the ability to cook. As well, he had established contact with one Saki Takahashi, a Felidi who was to become his rival later on.

    25 years later, he decided to--or, rather, was forced to consult with Dean and his superiors for what Dean described as a “secret project.” This project would turn out to be the design for his current body, which was put into production a few months after. He would, of course, get to test the prototype of the new body, which was to be a modular hybrid cybernetic “shell” of sorts, but due to circumstances, this would end up being his permanent form from then on.

    Around five or six months later, he met a girl in his department who went by the name Sly. This meeting would prove to be not only far from their first, but also far from their most eventful, as a mere three months later, while on a scouting mission, his jet was shot out of the sky by an unknown assailant, forcing him to crash-land on the outskirts of the city to the north. Sly, who just happened to be flying in the same area at the time, took notice and for some reason flew in to aid him. This was when he decided that if they ever met again, he would do his utmost to repay her for the service she had done him. Despite this, he never found out who was behind the attack on his jet.

    However, this re-meeting was not to be, as ten years later, he quit ARKNET by force, disgusted and disillusioned with the lies and cover-ups mainly orchestrated by Dean surrounding his brother Sam, who he hadn’t known had escaped the very same day he had. While he was out on the run, he decided to try and fight--and kill, no less--his rival and bitter enemy, Saki, however he lost this fight, dying by Saki’s hand and leaving that body temporarily to take over a skeleton and become a Fallen Angel. This would last six years, during which he vowed to take revenge on not only Saki, but ARKNET.

    On what would have been his 52nd birthday (which would be the equivalent of a human’s 26th), he confronted Saki once more and killed him, regaining his previous body by way of a pact with the heavens. Having become himself again, he began planning and gathering like-minded people for an assault on his old stomping ground.
  5. ~General~​

    Name: Kelyren Nenellra
    Gender: Female
    Age: 19
    Weight: 149 lbs (67.59 kg)
    Height: 5'10" (1.78 meters)
    Species: Nogitsune

    Personality: Generally energetic and social, Kelyren(often "Kel" for short) does have a temper and an eager ambition. Craving adventure, she can be ruthless and reckless when she doesn't get what she needs or greatly desires. One of her favorite "hobbies" is to annoy the everliving fuck out of people who cross her or just generally seem unpleasant... or even just complete strangers. Don't let her soft fur and almost reflective eyes fool you: Kelyren won't hold back in a fight. To friends, however, she is indeed usually rather happy and kind, and proves to be a good problem-solver. She seems to have a fondness for open areas of water, especially the ocean.

    Theme: [O-Life Japan] Corpse Voyage ~ Be of Good Cheer!


    -- Manipulation of Crystalline Structures: Kelyren can manipulate the structure of any crystalline formation, including but not limited to gemstones, certain types of rocks and metals, and even things such as ice, sugar, and salt. This ability currently allows her to change the shape of the object, though not the actual atomic structure. Through this she can make armor and weapons, as well as mundane objects. This ability has the potential to extend and develop further, but said potential is as of yet unknown.
    -- Increased Stealth: Kelyren is adept at moving quietly and with silence, so while she is easily recognizeable due to her striking eye color and pale lavender hair, she can move unnoticed in the background, sneaking past enemy lines and such as long as nobody looks in her direction.


    -- Panthera Katana: A blade which has a single mechanic that keeps it hidden: it is retractable. Extending up to 30 inches(76.2 centimeters), this silver-steel alloy blade retracts and extends much like a radio antenna, however it stays in position unless pushed in a certain way. The different segments of the blade are also less obvious than a radio antenna, and are nearly unnoticeable unless one closely inspects the blade.
    -- Enigmatic Collar: A seamless choker-type leather collar rests around Kelyren's neck. As it doesn't stretch and has no apparent seams from stitching, it is unknown exactly how this collar came to be around Kelyren's neck, especially as she doesn't usually speak of it. It seems to match a wristband on her left arm, however the wristband does stretch and easily slips off.
    -- Simple Jacket: A black jacket with purple lining which seems to be Kelyren's favorite piece of her outfit. There is absolutely nothing special about it except that Kelyren is never seen not wearing it. This jacket has no zipper, and instead is a simple pull-on.



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