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Original ARKNET [Reboot] RP-THREAD

Discussion in 'Freeform Roleplays' started by Spaughtyena, Jun 12, 2014.

  1. "For over 2000 years, the multi-trillion dollar organization known as ARKNET has ruled this galaxy." The bland automated voice sounded as the monorail carried its prisoners above a large city-scape of white. The monorail car was cramped and humid, the four prisoners; Jack Evans, Velma Kelly, Kelyren Nenellra, and Korran, were all cramped together at the back, all bound in cuffs of an indeterminable material, likely unbreakable. "Please sit back and enjoy your ride, while we give you our fully informed and unbiased tour of ARKNET's home planet."
    For Jack, it was obvious why he was held captive. For the others it was unclear. They had been systematically taken hostage upon arrival to the planet without warning, and roughly placed inside their current transportation. "To your left, you will see--" The electronic voice was cut short as the speaker box shorted-out and exploded violently, lighting the interior of the cabin with sparks. It was no surprise why though. Across from the group of captives was a vulpine man. He wore a blue suit and tie over top of his brown fur as he held a smoking finger towards the speaker-box. "Much better." he said relieved, before going back to counted the large stack of dollar bills he held in his paw. "You four are going me make me a very happy man indeed."
    The cabin darkened as it entered a tunnel that passed through the mountainside, lit only by the glowing cuffs worn by the prisoners. After a moment, the cabin was lit up by a secondary light source. The fox across from the group cupped his paws to his face as the sound of a lighter being flicked could be heard, followed the aroma of cigarette smoke. The fox's face was illuminated as he took a long drag of the cigarette, puffing out a large cloud of smoke that lingered at the cabin's ceiling, as if seeking to escape just as the prisoners were. "Good thing we caught you when we did. Drake was getting impatient, never a good thing when that happens. Cigarette?" he said, offering to the group, despite their inability to take one for themselves if they so desired.
    The monorail carried the prisoners for another few minutes, before slowing itself if front of a large Onyx building. 'ARKNET' was plastered in large red letters across the front. "Well friends, here's your stop. I assume you won't be alive much longer, so I'll lead you guys in right quick. What do you reckon I should buy with all the money I'll get? Sex? Booze? Both? Haha!" The fox then leaned forward, snuffing the cigarette out on Korran's knee, and tossing it out the door of the monorail car as it opened. Outside, a menagerie of unpleasant faces. All guards, with one exception. An astoundingly beautiful vixen with crimson hair extending to her lower back, her bangs covering her left eye. A mischievous smile plastered on her face. "Well now, you look like something else there beautiful," the fox said to the vixen.
    "Leave me," The vixen demanded sharply.
    With that, the fox erected his back as his faced blanked. "Absolutely." He obeyed, walking into the building without pause, leaving the prisoners with the plethora of guards, and the strange woman...
  2. "For over 2000 years, the multi-trillion dollar organization known as ARKNET has ruled this galaxy."

    Blah blah blah. He'd heard every single last word of this bullshit before, and Jack was having none of this robotic voice's tomfoolery. He couldn't exactly do much about it though, as being bound via what he could only assume were adamantium handcuffs to the seat he was on prevented him from really moving much, let alone throwing himself off the damn train which he was dragged on to.It was his own recklessness that got him into this situation in the first place, and he was cursing himself for it. Unless he could have found a way to escape and somehow dodge the likely hundreds, if not thousands of guards built of the same technology that powered his current body, then he'd have to resign himself to this. But he couldn't do either. He knew he couldn't break out without killing himself even if the cuffs weren't made of nigh-unbreakable adamantium, much like his weapons were, but he also couldn't resign himself to the fact that he had been caught by the same fascist assholes that had killed his entire family over 50 years ago. He couldn't accept it.

    Instead of dwelling on it, however, he decided to try and pass the time he'd have to spend bound on this blasted monorail above the very white city he'd tried so hard to escape from engaging in relative small talk with his fellow prisoners. If anything, he could maybe glean some information from them regarding their presences, and maybe form alliances to help him find an old friend of his. After all, it was still very much his goal to rid the world of these fuckwits, and given their imprisonment, he figured the others might be more inclined to assist him. He surveyed them. A Fallen Angel, a Felidi and what appeared to be a... human with fox ears and a tail? Strange, he'd heard about these, but never actually seen one.

    He turned to Velma, the Fallen Angel, his eyes displaying an attempt at suppressing anger, although the anger was most certainly not directed at her. "What'd they haul you in for?" he asked, ignoring the sleazy scumbag's comments regarding alcohol and sexual favors. Was that all he talked about? He didn't care, nor would he have had time to, as the train came to a stop outside the very familiar--and quite hated, at least to Jack--onyx-colored monolith that contained ARKNET headquarters. He, along with the others, was marched out of the train and immediately met face to face with dozens of guards.

    Studying the monotony of the guards, he noticed one of the figure was not quite like the others. A rather striking crimson-haired vixen stood among them. Knowing this joint, she only meant trouble. He observed as the slimeball who had accompanied them walked up to her... and immediately tried to hit on her. Typical. However Jack had to suppress a laugh as the guy got rejected faster than a health insurance claim. He noticed that the rejection was followed by the man bolting upright, blank faced, but he didn't care. It was still hilarious. When he looked up at the familiar red lettering displaying the name of the corporation, he almost lost himself in anger. ARKNET, the very people he had tried to escape from, had captured him again. Jack felt some satisfaction in the fact that the reward for his return would likely have been six-, maybe even seven- or eight-figure. He was a wanted man, after all.

    However, in all this, he couldn't help but think of the very person who had prompted him to try and escape in the first place--Sly. She had saved his life years ago. It wasn't a good feeling. If they had managed to find and catch him, despite all of his efforts to cover his tracks, what had become of her? No. He didn't want to think about it. Not now. Instead, he aimed his head at the ground and faked a spit. He didn't have time or the ability to continue his prior small talk, so that would have to wait.
  3. Velma Kelly was fuming in the back of the train car, huddled in the corner like a piece of rubbish that had been casually tossed away without a second thought. How could someone like her end up in chains and headed to a fate worse than death? Someone like Velma should never be tossed away into the gutter of society. She was simply too valuable to just waste away. The car lurched around as it rode on the track, and she lurched with it, being the light weight that she was. The shackles on her wrists were beginning to chafe with all the motion that the ride was forcing her to undergo, and she was not happy camper.

    Then suddenly, a gunshot rang out and bright sparks lit the dim cabin. Her ears rung from the sudden loud burst of noise. She was definitely not in a good mood. The attendant that was riding with them was speaking to the group of prisoners that had been taken into custody, but his voice was just rumbling in the background. She couldn't really hear anything. She could see however that the fox was offering the group what appeared to be cigarettes.

    A craving rose up in her throat, but she would not give up her pride to even attempt, so she tossed her head and looked away from him. Never would she give in to mere needs and grovel before people that seemed superior to herself. She was Velma Kelly. No one was more important than her.

    And then it all stopped.

    Just as harshly as she was forced into the train car, she was forced out of it, her wrists becoming more raw with the movement. Her heels clicked on the hard ground and she looked ahead. Dismal, bleak, a dark building rose from the ground and into the sky. ARKNET. If she was here, then that means she had landed out of the frying pan, and into the fire. She let loose a sigh and shifted her weight.

    Then a voice came to her from her side. "What'd they haul you in for?"

    A simple question. She smiled. Her face had been everywhere as of lately. She was a master criminal, one of deception. The thing she had wanted most, she had obtained, and at the greatest cost she could imagine. She was wearing it on her neck. A simple question required a simple answer, did it not? "Stealing."

    A smile played on her lips. And she still had the possession, even after all of this. It was only a matter of time before her true motives came to light, and all with the help of this locket.

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