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Obscure Harmony Profiles

Discussion in 'Profile Threads' started by Masquerade, Oct 4, 2011.

  1. This is the CP thread for Obscure Harmony, a one-on-one between me and Eebit. Inventory, Bestiary, Chapter Chronicle, etc. can be found here.

    Current Inventory

    Herb x3 (Recovers 10 HP upon use)

    Mana Shard x2 (Recovers 5 MP upon use)

    Life Crystal x1 (Revives fallen character with 20% Max HP)

    Chest Key x5 (Unlocks target Treasure Chest)


    Astral Vapor x1 (Mist emitted from an astral being that has been captured and jarred for later use)

    Corrupted Light x1 (Blackened light harvested from a fallen star that shines evilly within its glass prison)



    Key Items

    Sketchbook (Completely blank book of unlined paper on which to draw stuff)

    Current Gold: 48


    >Raym Falls
    ---River Outlook
    ---Village Square
    ---Old Dalen's Place

    ---Central Circle
    ---Anitia Lakeshore
    >The Pinnacle
  2. Chapter 01-A: Progression

    Enemy Profiles

    Mazut, Lv. 4

    Monster: Temple Behemoth
    Type: Beast

    A-Ability: Massacre:

    +Gore: Jabs horn into enemy. 130% Atk Dmg. Range: 2 cells. 8 MP.

    +Heave: Headbutts enemy high into the air and watches as they hit the ground. 25% Max HP Dmg. Range: Adjacent cell. 10 MP.

    +Glyph: Evokes arcane symbol beneath an enemy that reduces defenses. No damage. Range: 3 cells. Chance of Deprotect.

    R-Ability: None.
    S-Ability: Fierce - Damage output innately boosted by 10%.
    D-Ability: None.


    HP: 80
    MP: 45
    DD: --/--
    Atk: 10
    Def: 6
    Int: 4
    Spr: 5
    Evade: 2%
    Move: 3 cells

    Romul, Lv. 2

    Monster: Astra Knight
    Type: Humanoid

    A-Ability: Galactic Protection:

    +Swipe: Swings sword to slash foe. 110% Atk Dmg. Range: Adjacent cell. 5 MP.

    +Haze: Covers self or ally in a shifting mist. Boosts Evasion by 10% for 5 turns. Range: Self or single ally. 6 MP.

    +Gravity Plunge: Deadly sword thrust amplified by gravitational forces. 100% Atk Dmg. Range: Adjacent cell. Chance of dealing additional 25% Max HP dmg. 14 MP.

    R-Ability: None.
    S-Ability: Star Blessing - Bestows Protect for 3 turns upon reaching HP Critical condition.
    D-Ability: None.


    HP: 40
    MP: 20
    DD: --/--
    Atk: 7
    Def: 4
    Int: 2
    Spr: 3
    Evade: 3%
    Move: 3 cells

    *See above for Lavin

    Neutral Profiles

  3. ~ B E S T I A R Y ~


    Astra Knight (Location: The Pinnacle/Number Defeated: 2/Exp: 1/Gold: 12/Items: Astral Vapor)




    Curse Serpent (Location: Raym Falls/Number Defeated: 1/Exp: 1/Gold: 6/Items: None)








    Fallen Star (Location: The Pinnacle/Number Defeated: 1/Exp: 3/Gold: 18/Items: Corrupted Light)







    For positive/negative status afflictions: Inflictionary
  4. Name: Masquerade
    Gender: Male
    Age: 19
    Level: 3
    Next Level: 6/10

    Profession: Composer - The one who claims this profession creates beautiful music and commits it to memory so that he may play the miraculous notes at any time for devastating effects that leave all who hear and see in awe.

    Weapon: Rough Violin - Makeshift violin with an unpolished wooden body giving it an unsightly appearance. (Damage: INT)(Range: 2 layers of surrounding cells)
    Armor: Composer's Coat - Fancy coat for those who play elegant music.
    Accessory: Simple Bow - Standard bow required for playing the violin.

    A-Ability: Power of Music:

    +Searing String: Plays rapid notes creating serious friction between the bow and strings, and through the ignition of fire mana, unleashes a blazing jet of flame at an enemy. 100% Int Dmg. Range: Straight line; one direction; only hits first enemy it comes in contact with. Chance of Burn. 8 MP. Fire elemental.

    +Tension: Executes a series of power beats before finishing the scale with a tense pulling of the bow causing a static emission to electrocute a nearby enemy. 130% Int Dmg. Range: Adjacent cell. 10 MP. Lightning elemental.

    R-Ability: None.

    S-Ability: Melodic Soul - User recovers 5% Max MP at the start of each turn.

    D-Ability: Expression (Fire) - With a single song, the user's heart and soul pour forth. All emotions are laid bare before the audience. He plays to convey what he really feels, and to protect all of those he loves. On the final note, they who aim to hurt him and his allies explode in a fiery explosion. Deals 200% Piercing Int damage to a single target on the battlefield.


    HP: 20
    MP: 30
    DD: 7/10
    Atk: 1 (+0 from Rough Violin)
    Def: 4 (+0 from Fancy Coat)
    Int: 6 (+1 from Rough Violin)(+1 from Simple Bow)
    Spr: 3 (+1 from Fancy Coat)
    Evade: 1%
    Movement: 2 cells (+0 from Composer profession)

    Skill Points: 2


    As of October 15, 2011 (2:19 AM EST): Update element added.
    As of October 23, 2012 (9:54 PM EST): Level increased to 3. HP +5, Def +1, Int +1. 1 Skill Point gained.
  5. Name: Clarissia Fairchild
    Gender: Female
    Age: 17
    Level: 2
    Next Level: 6/10

    Profession: Dancer - Feeling the music flow through her, the one who claims this profession dances, letting the notes guide her to channel her own emotions into pure strength.

    Weapon: Ribbon - Tantalizing ribbon that flutters when one dances. (Range: 2 cells)
    Armor: Dancer's Dress - Lightweight, comfortable, and most likely overly revealing dress that's easy to dance in.
    Accessory: Dancing Shoes - Their purpose is obvious.

    A-Ability: Footloose:

    +Tourner Deux: Balances upon a single leg and spins around twice with arms held out to the point where the user's weapon smacks surrounding foes. 100% Atk Dmg. Range: All surrounding cells. 2 hits. 14 MP.

    +Miracle Step: With beautiful control, the user seemingly glides across the ground in an elegant dance, one with a deeper cause behind it than mere expression. Bestows Regen. Range: Ally party. 16 MP.

    R-Ability: None.

    S-Ability: Background Music - All skills have their MP costs reduced by 50% on a turn where an ally used a music-based skill.

    D-Ability: Pound the Ground (Earth) - Filled with a great rage, the user releases it through a fierce dance with powerful steps involving stomping the ground viciously causes the ground to tremble and quake beneath the force of the user's anger. Deals 100% Piercing Atk damage to all enemies on the battlefield.


    HP: 25
    MP: 20 (+5 from Dancing Shoes)
    DD: 9/10
    Atk: 5 (+1 from Ribbon)
    Def: 3 (+0 from Dancer's Dress)
    Int: 3 (+0 from Ribbon)
    Spr: 2 (+1 from Dancer's Dress)
    Evade: 5%
    Movement: 2 cells (+2 from Dancer profession)

    Skill Points: 1


    As of October 15, 2011 (2:19 AM EST): Update element added.
    As of October 23, 2012 (9:57 PM EST): Level increased to 2. HP +5, Atk +1, Def +1. 1 Skill Point gained.
  6. Name: Diago Castellui
    Gender: Male
    Age: 18
    Level: 3
    Next Level: 6/10

    Profession: Rogue - The one who claims this profession has turned to a life of thievery and pillaging to steal away from an otherwise broken life.

    | Right: Wobbly Katana - A katana which clearly was not designed to last long. [+1 ATK]
    | Left: 4-Point Shuriken - A supply of shuriken which can be used to attack an enemy from a distance. [+1 ATK] [Range: 4 Cells]
    Armor: Sport Jacket - A casual jacket made to show off the athleticism of the wearer. [+1 DEF]
    Accessory: Volcanic Patch - A patch depicting a volcano. The patch seems to be a reassurance to Diago... [+1 DEF]

    A-Ability: Thievery

    + Muting Gouges: Diago makes sizable gashes in the mouth of his opponent, causing them to be stricken with terror and bleed without stopping. 110% ATK Damage. Chance of Silence. Range: Adjacent Cell. Element: Darkness. 8 MP.

    + Mug: Diago blitzes an opponent, shaking them up so that he is easily able to steal any gold that they happen to have on their person. 100% ATK Damage. Receives Gold equal to Damage Dealt, Knocks Target Back 1 Cell. Range: Adjacent Cell. Element: Neutral. 8 MP.

    + Silhouette Slicer: Using Dark Mana, the user phases out of view for a brief moment, at the blink of an eye, before slashing through the target for all it is worth, leaving a remnant of the cover of shadow. # Hits = # Basic Attacks + 1. 110% ATK Damage. Increases user's Evasion by 10% for 3 turns. No Stack. Range: All Adjacent Cells. Element: Darkness. 12 MP.

    + Vitality Rend: Slashes deeply into the target with a pair of devastating slashes, before leaving a trace of Mana that slowly steals the life force of the target, returning it to Diago. 2 Hits. 130% ATK Damage (each hit). All Damage Dealt to Target over Next 3 Turns becomes HP Recovery for User. Range: 2 Cells. Element: Neutral. 14 MP.

    R-Ability: N/A
    --- Dual Wield - The user is able to equip two one-handed weapons at any given time so long as this S-Ability is in use.
    D-Ability: Shadow Massacre - Diago channels his own Mana into a multiple-hitting attack. He cloaks himself in the shadows, before delivering powerful cuts to his opponent, shredding them to pieces. 60% ATK Damage (first 3 hits). 150% Piercing ATK Damage (final hit). Chance of Blood Loss (if final hit is successful). Range: 1 Cell. Element: Dark.

    ~ Stats ~

    HP: 25
    MP: 25
    DD: 10/10
    ATK: 6 (+1 from Wobbly Katana)(+1 from 4-Point Shuriken)
    DEF: 3 (+1 from Sport Jacket)(+1 from Volcanic Patch)
    INT: 2 (+0 from Wobbly Katana)(+0 from 4-Point Shuriken)
    SPR: 4 (+0 from Sport Jacket)
    Evasion: 5%
    Movement: 2 cells (+2 from Rogue profession)

    Skill Points: 0

    Last Updated: October 23, 2012 (10:50pm EDT) - Level Up! Added stat points to MP (+5), ATK (+1), and DEF (+1). Added +1 Skill Point to total. Unlocked A-Ability Thievery - Silhouette Slicer, and Thievery - Vitality Rend (-2 Skill Points).
    • October 15, 2011 (1:28am EDT) - Level Up! Added stat points to HP (+5), ATK (+1), and SPR (+1). Added +1 Skill Point to total.
  7. Name: Celestine Delumina
    Gender: Female
    Age: 19
    Level: 3
    Next Level: 6/10

    Profession: Astrologist - The one who claims this profession is a powerful believer in the relation of celestial bodies to the lives of people. [INT-Based Basic Attack]

    Weapon: Fragrant Blossom - A small, but pungent flower perfect for clearing the mind while casting spells. [+1 INT]
    Armor: Elegant Dress - Precisely what it says on the tin; a blue dress that provides little in the ways of protection. [+1 DEF]
    Accessory: Luna Earrings - Crescent Moon-shaped earrings that seem to offer a mysterious boost in Mana capacity… [+5 MP]

    A-Ability: Zodiac Magicks

    + Leo, the Lion: The caster channels the Lion of the Zodiac, kindling the fire within them, which grants an ally a substantial boost in attack power as they attempt to vanquish their enemies. Bestows Bravery. Range: 3 Cells. Element: Fire. 8 MP.

    + Virgo, the Virgin: The caster summons the divine power of the immortal Virgin, who heals those who she deems worthy with her holy powers. 100% INT Healing. Range: 3 Cells (+ Shape). Element: Light. 12 MP.

    R-Ability: N/A
    --- Generosity - When a spell of Celestine's targets an ally, its cost is reduced by 25%.
    D-Ability: Moonshine Brewing - Celestine creates the potent, yet harmful drink called Moonshine. In a battle of wits, her enemies have the drink forced down their throats, causing them to go blind or even maddened. High Chance of Addle, Blind, Paralyze, or Poison. Range: All Enemies. Element: Water.

    ~ Stats ~

    HP: 20
    MP: 30 (+5 from Luna Earrings)
    DD: 1/10
    ATK: 1 (+0 from Fragrant Blossom)
    DEF: 4 (+1 from Elegant Dress)
    INT: 6 (+1 from Fragrant Blossom)
    SPR: 3 (+0 from Elegant Dress)
    Evasion: 1%
    Movement: 2 cells (+0 from Astrologist profession)

    Skill Points: 2

    Last Updated: October 23, 2012 (11:05pm EDT) - Level Up! Added stat points to MP (+5), DEF (+1), and INT (+1). Added +1 Skill Point to total.
    • October 15, 2011 (1:28am EDT) - Level Up! Added stat points to HP (+5), DEF (+1), and INT (+1). Added +1 Skill Point to total.

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