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Oblivious [Profile Thread]

Discussion in 'Profile Threads' started by Masquerade, Aug 4, 2013.

  1. Current Inventory

    Soda x1 (Recovers 10 HP upon use)

    Mint x3 (Recovers 5 MP upon use)

    Wicked Elixir x1 (Revives target with 25% Max HP)





    Key Items

    Sketchbook (Rather small sketchbook the perfect size for traveling about and performing art on the spot)

    Current Cash: 5

    Achievement Points: 0


  2. Chapter 00: Paroxysm of the Soul

    Enemy Profiles

    Matthieu, Lv. 1

    Monster: Marble Knight
    Type: Inorganic

    A-Ability: Stone Sleight:

    +Razor Edge: Hones one's weapon to a fine sharpness. Critical Hit Rate +20% for 5 turns. Range: Self. 8 MP.

    +Stone Blight: Hurls stone at the foe to inhibit movement and action. 100% Atk Dmg. Range: 3 cells. Chance of Slow. 8 MP.

    R-Ability: None.
    S-Ability: Awakening - Upon activation, reduces MP costs to 0 for 2 turns.
    D-Ability: None.


    HP: 20
    MP: 15
    DD: --/--
    Atk: 4
    Def: 2
    Int: 1
    Spr: 1
    Evade: 2%
    Move: 2 cells

    *See above for Galvin and Nicolai

    Neutral Profiles

  3. Chronicle of Chapters


    Musical Library

  4. ~ B E S T I A R Y ~























    For the Inflictionary, please see this link: Status Effects
  5. Name: Jackson Harrows
    Gender: Male
    Age: 19
    Level: 1
    Next Level: 0/12
    Jackson is only of average height for a guy, a modest 5 feet 10 inches, with his body being more on the scrawny side--a result of going days without eating very much. He has short, wavy brown hair and dull green eyes, listless most of the time and lacking aspirations. A permanent look of indifference is set upon his face, and when he isn't stoic, he's often grimacing in disgust and contempt for what goes on around him in the real world. His skin is typically pale or sallow depending on how much time he spends indoors consecutively. Dark rings can be seen under his eyes from lack of sleep. His typically outfit consists of dark clothing--black shirts with neon graphic designs and black jeans or cargos. He's often not seen without his black winter jacket with the sleeves just a tad bit too long, often covering his hands as he walks. He wears black and white Converses upon his feet when he deigns to put on shoes at all.

    Profession: Mixer - Graced with strange turntables and discs of unknown origin, the one who claims this profession alters and remakes the previously made music on the discs to evoke an array of effects that both overwhelm the enemy while bolstering the position one's allies hold over the opposition. (Feel The Music)

    *Feel The Music: Effects afflicted upon enemies or bestowed upon allies have their durations increased by 1 turn. Said durations also are not reduced until the user switches tracks.

    Weapon: Broken Turntables - Already at the most basic of the basic, these beginner turntables are already exhibiting technical difficulties. (Damage: INT)(Range: 2 layers of surrounding cells)
    Armor: Winter Coat - Black winter's jacket meant for wear in cold environments...not in the middle of summer, for Christ's sake.
    Accessory: Bead Bracelet - Small bracelet made of wooden beads, beige, brown and black in hue.

    A-Ability: Debut Soundtrack:

    +Progression of Life: Surprisingly soft melody that emits a healing entity through its sound waves that can literally mend the corporeal wounds of the living over time. Bestows Regen. Range: 2 layers of surrounding cells. 10 MP. Continuing the melody after initial use costs 5 MP per tun.

    ---Withering Sky: Melancholy beat with some pretty wicked bass that darkness the area and makes all seem hopeless in the eyes of those who hear it. 120% Int Dmg. Range: 2 layers of surrounding cells. Chance of Sap. 10 MP. Continuing the melody after initial use costs 5 MP per turn.

    +Rainfall: Twinkling notes of beauty, the sound waves from this track seem to invigorate the soul over time making it easier to cast magic. Bestows MP Regen. Range: 2 layers of surrounding cells. 10 MP. Continuing the melody after initial use costs 5 MP per turn.

    ---Deceit and Sorrow: Possessing such a depressing tone that it literally weighs down on the soul, the progression of this track drains the very spirit from those who are unfortunate enough to hear it. 80% Int Dmg to MP. Range: 2 layers of surrounding cells. Chance of Mana Drain. 12 MP. Continuing the melody after initial use costs 6 MP per turn.

    R-Ability: None.

    S-Ability: Transit Mix - Progressing from one track into another evokes an added bonus effect based on which tracks were present in transition.

    D-Ability: Ultimate Track: The Queen Is Dead (Darkness) - Alone in the world, lay waste to the defiled. Their time is already over. The survivors have no chance without their leader same as the body is dead without its head. Withering and rotting away, fall to murder and starvation each day. Tendrils from the skies wrap the souls in a gentle caress stealing them away from this realm of lost happiness. This kingdom's crumbled, lost its prosperous sheen. Bloodstained throne, say farewell to our queen. Deals 30% Piercing Int Dmg each turn for 3 turns. The melody can be Extended at the price of [User Level + 4] MP. This cost increases at a rate of 20% per turn. Max turns played continuously: 10. Affects enemies in the two layers of cells that surround the user. Survivors are subject to Apathy and Slow.


    HP: 15
    MP: 25 (+5 from Bead Bracelet)
    DD: 0/10
    Atk: 1 (+0 from Broken Turntables)
    Def: 2 (+0 from Winter Coat)
    Int: 4 (+1 from Broken Turntables)
    Spr: 3 (+1 from Winter Coat)
    Evasion: 2%
    Movement: 2 cells (+0 from Mixer profession)

    Skill Points: 0

    Transit Mix List:

  6. ~Reserved for Guest characters~
  7. Name: Corinne Delgado
    Gender: Female
    Age: 27
    Level: 1
    Next Level: 0/12
    Standing moderately tall for a Lagomorph at 5'9”, Corinne has light caramel fur that transitions to white as it reaches her belly, paws, and large ears. She has coral eyes and wears a Teddiette of ebony and maroon. She is never without a look of suspicion, or a lit cigarette. Her voice is deep and commanding, and carries a thick Scottish accent. Despite her outfit, it serves her more as a distraction, and her acting skills have gotten her into many estates and other places of luxury where she can live comfortably until the law finds her.

    Profession: Presumptuous Concubine – The owner of this profession weaves their way into the lives of the more fortunate to pull the carpet of possessions from under their feet.

    *Resourceful Privation: Being as scantily clad as she is and as agile and lightweight as a feather, Corinne gains an additional 2% Evasion increase every 5 levels in addition to the base Evasion boost given at those levels.


    + Modernized Flintlock: A flintlock pistol with a modernized 9mm clip inside the grip to allow easier reloading.

    + Bronze Dagger: A simple,wide-bladed dagger with an ivory handle.

    Armor: Modified Teddiette: A rather revealing outfit that has been subtly modified to give the wearer an additional weapon slot. As well as conceal other gadgets used in abilities.

    Accessory: Antique Engraved lighter: A simple engraved lighter with a flip-top, weathered and rusted. (+5 to MP)

    A-Ability: Dispassionate Aspiration

    + Poisoned Needles: Small throwing needles laced with poison meant for quiet killings. [Range4 cells. 60% phy dmg. Element: Neutral Medium chance for poison 3 turns. 4 MP.]

    + Poison Vials: Vials of poison meant for dousing weapons with.[In addition to the base damage, the target's weapon gains a medium chance for poison for 3 turns. Range: adj cell. 6 MP.]

    R-Ability: None.

    S-Ability: Dual-Purpose Gadgets: Can enable poison vials to act as antidote, and thrown needles to sew injury, healing allies or self.

    D-Ability: Flashfrag Assault: By far the most useful, but noticeable gadget Corinne carries. With a quick toss, a small black tube is thrown at the enemy, exploding into a burst of light and metal shards.[Range4 cells. (2 cell radius centered on target.) 200% phy dmg. Chance for bleeding, high chance of blind for 3 turns]


    HP: 20
    MP: 20 (+5 from Antique Lighter)
    DD: 0/10
    Atk: 4 (+1 from Modernized Flintlock)(+1 from Bronze Dagger)
    Def: 2 (+0 from Modified Teddiette)
    Int: 1 (+0 from Modernized Flintlock)(+0 from Bronze Dagger)
    Spr: 3 (+0 from Modified Teddiette)
    Evasion: 5%
    Movement: 2 cells (+2 from Presumptuous Concubine profession)

    Skill Points: 0
  8. Name: Jay
    Gender: Male
    Age: 17
    Level: 1
    Next Level: 0/12
    Appearance: Jay is a fair teenager of striking frame and witty mind-- traits accentuated by his piercing, observant blue eyes. He stands at 5'8" and possesses short-cut dark blue hair. His facial structure is overall rather lean, not unlike the rest of his body, and his cynical eyes are expressed through thin, dark eyebrows. Jay's normal gait is a smooth, uncaring one, and he tends to maintain proud posture.

    Profession: Unreturned Wanderer- a longing to survey the expansive world fulfilled; the one who claims this profession has chanced upon a unique power, and deigns to use it to break free of normality and experience the limitless adventure. [Bearer of the Cursus Crucesignatis][Basic Attack: 0.5(Atk. + Int.), mitigated by Def.]

    *[Bearer of the Cursus Crucesignatis]- an extraordinary, arcane bestowal granted to one who exhibits the traits of a true wayfarer. Intrinsically a power related to space and properties thereof, bearing the Cursus Crucesignatis allows the User to create Waypoints in an adjacent cell using an Act Command, denoted by {W}. The User can at any time use a Move Command to Fling themselves over to a Waypoint, disregarding obstacles. Two Waypoints can be used as a means of instant teleportation for any ally unit, consuming an Act Command and 1 DD. Another outlet of the Cursus Crucesignatis is embodied in possession of ambiguous Vestiges, which are auras of differing properties that manifest in useful ways as a whole. Vestiges innately leave their victims with odd vulnerabilities to Waypoints.

    Vestige: Irrelevant Trace: a wavering aura of untapped potential. [Alternates between +1 Atk. and +1 Int. every turn][Basic attacks cause enemies to exert an additional Cell's-worth of movement when passing adjacently to a Waypoint. Duration: 2 turns (No Stack)]
    Armor: Motif T-Shirt: a thin, grey T-shirt with intricate, spiraling designs strewn across it, in varying hues of blue and black. Obviously meant for combat. [+1 Def.]
    Accessory: Ultramarine Ascot: a silk bandana of a deep blue color-- to be worn around the neck. [+5 MP]

    A-Ability: Brevis Sensus

    +Advance Pulse: the User sends forth a vital aura, with properties consistent with those of a frontrunner. {110% Int. Damage. If there is only one enemy in range, that enemy's Move command for next turn is stolen and given to the User as an extra Move command. Range: 3 cells, linear, one direction. Element: Neutral. 8 MP.}

    +Parallel Slash: the User leaps forward, bending space and twisting the locations of themselves and an enemy while landing a sidelong cut in the process. {120% Atk. Damage. Switches the location of the User and the enemy. Range: 3 cells, linear. Element: Neutral. 8 MP.}

    R-Ability: N/A.
    S-Ability: The Cynic's Stride- For every Cell the User passes over, the next attack within the same Turn treats the enemies' defenses as being [5 x # of Cells]% lower, capped at a total possible 50%.

    D-Ability: --Evanida Levis--

    As there is a light at the end of every tunnel-- of every journey-- so too is there a light which exists only to glimmer briefly in a display epitomizing hope, and make the soul in witness strive to reach the ever-distant destination. {60% Piercing Atk. Damage + 60% Piercing Int. Damage. The User establishes an Entrancing Light, which draws in all enemies and bides time for 3 turns. Enemies who have attained arriving within a 2-cell radius of the Entrancing Light are rendered unable to act in any way for the biding duration, but will break free of the trance for one turn if attacked. At the end of the biding duration, the Entrancing Light begins to diffuse in an irradiating fashion, damaging the nearby enemies while the User zips along trails of the disseminating light at a blinding speed, damaging all enemies within range. All enemies have a residual Blind status for 3 turns after the event. Range: 2-cell radius. Element: Light. 10 DD required.}


    HP: 20
    MP: 20 (+5 from Ultramarine Ascot)
    DD: 0/10
    Atk: 4 (+1 from Irrelevant Trace*)
    Def: 1 (+1 from Motif T-Shirt)
    Int: 4 (+1 from Irrelevant Trace*)
    Spr: 2 (+0 from Motif T-Shirt)
    Evasion: 5%
    Movement: 2 cells (+2 from Unreturned Wanderer profession)

    *Only boosts one of the tagged stats at a time, alternating between the two each turn in battle.

    Skill Points: 0

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