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Discussion in 'Comings and Goings' started by MoshiMordio, Nov 9, 2014.

  1. Well hi there, I guess I am the new blood here now! I'll fidget with my profile when I can get on my computer to upload things and what not. But other then that I am pleased to meet you all, I actually used to rp a lot online, but am out of practice so bear with me. Um, ooh I am a furry, white lion to be exact. But I am really bad about this kinda thing, self intros and all, could just be my shyness coming out... So feel free to bug me about anything else your curious about!
  2. Welcome to the forum, luv! *slings arms around you* we can be newbs togethor, though I'm not really one anymore =D =3
  3. Hey, another furry. You're the second recent member and one of a handful of furries here.

    Welcome to ZEJ! I'm Keileon (people here tend to call me Kuda or Khya as well) and I'm one of the administrators here. If you need help, PM me or anyone else with a red, orange, or blue name.
  4. Thank you for all the warm welcomes! *fidgets slightly* I will do my best and bug you if I have any questions or concerns.
  5. *looks sly* Teh furries are invadin'!

    on another note......be friendly! *turbopokes* I guess Eibet(?) gets the privilage of giving him the tour?
  6. And it's good to see you honey...*whimpers slightly, fidgeting under your arm*
  7. *pounces you.* =3
  8. Real close on the spelling, there, but just a couple letters off. :p

    One tour comin' right on up. I don't know if it's a hundred percent needed, since you two seem to know one another already, but it never hurts to show everyone the ropes! Get acclimated to the joint and the people, and whatnot. Hi there, Moshi (and I hope you don't mind if I call you that)! I'm Eebit, and I am one of your admins clad in red. It's nice to meetcha, and I am usually around to answer any questions if you happen to have them.

    As far as the "grand tour" goes, in general we are a roleplaying forum, but don't worry too much about skill level or anything. Just beat to the sound of your own drum; write as much or as little as you feel comfortable in writing, and do your best to stay in character, and I am plenty sure that everything will work out for the best. To get you started, you can check out the Interest Checks section for a bunch of ideas swirling around in the minds of our users. Just give them a nudge if you see something that tickles your fancy! You'll see some roleplays that are labelled as 'freeform' and some as 'statistical,' and there is a bit of a distinction there. Our freeform roleplays are the traditional play-by-post fare, whereas we have a 'house blend' of sorts in statistical roleplaying. It handles a bit similarly to Final Fantasy Tactics or Fire Emblem, except the only limitation that you'll find is your creativity. I have set up a little Statistical Roleplaying Tutorial for people to check out if they are interested in learning more!
    I also encourage you to check out our collaborative world of Galamion. It's fantasy-based in nature, so I hope you enjoy that sort of thing. Get yourself acquainted! You never know what might pop up there in the near future...

    It would probably be a good time to ask what kind of stuff you're into, in terms of roleplaying. Are you looking for a specific genre? Fantasy, sci-fi, apocalyptic? Do you have a preference between roleplaying one-on-one, or with a group?

    As you said you're a little out of touch with the roleplaying scene, don't fret, since we also have other areas for discussion and merriment. We have our Miscellaneous Conjectures section for general discussion and just about everything under the sun, and a little more 'serious' or personal things can go in "Real Talk" - a section hidden from the eyes of guests. Feel free to start up some discussion, or chime in as you will! Nobody here will chop your head off for any of that, so no need to be shy. We're a pretty tolerating bunch.

    Oooh, one more thing. If you have any questions for any of our members, or just want to get to know people better, then check under the lid of "Real Talk" - you'll see a subforum called ZEJ-o-AMA, where some people have set up shop to receive questions. I totally encourage you to ask some people questions there, or even set up a thread for yourself when you feel comfortable.

    That's all I've got for you on the tour, but that really is just the tip of the iceberg. As @Keileon said, us folks with the red, orange, or blue names are typically around and are really only a PM away if you want to chat, or have any questions about how we operate around here. But I'm sure you'll get along just fine! Welcome once again~

    I'll be sure to call pest control as needed...
  9. *chuckles* Well thank you my love, for the warm welcome.
  10. Heyo- Moon Moon Maroon here. No one actually calls me Maroon, btw. You may call me Moon or whatever else you would like. I'm resident youngster and uh... Big deal person! I'm basically the most important person here. Ha.
  11. I will definitely keep that in mind! Haha! Thank you for another warm invite.
  12. Wow where are all these new people coming from o.o

    Hello! My name's Gist and I'm this place's resident troll as Eebit and Cerberus like to call me. I've RPed for a while, but have been slowing down as of late. It's nice to see you here, and I hope that you stay a while. :)
  13. Haha thank you! I don't plan on going anywhere for awhile, so no worries there!

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