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note 2 selfbro

Discussion in 'Спам Oстров' started by Eebit, Nov 30, 2015.

  1. "Jake! I just noticed that the e in спам айленд is wrong, phonetically speaking it should be э. (though the actual Russian word for Island is остров) "

    change spam island's name accordingly
  2. my brain keeps insisting that айленд is "arena"
  3. Cham Ahrena??

    Did I just cast a spell??
  4. Это хорошо, что ваш друг может расшифровать по-русски без использования запачканный онлайн Переводчик, как я полностью сейчас не используете.
  5. fixed it

    @Skolli waddup

  6. [size=xx-large]Привет[/size]

    [size=xx-large]the trash lord is here[/size]

    [size=xx-large]WITNESS MEEEEEEEEEE *chrome spray paint*[/size]
  7. lmao comic sans russian

    There's something I thought I'd never see. Congrats on finally deflating this debacle and restoring glory to ZEJ.

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