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Northern Winds (Re-Re-Remake) Profile Thread

Discussion in 'Profile Threads' started by Irouk Inverse, Feb 13, 2014.

  1. Items

    Potion x2 - Is labeled "Not Poisoned". Restores 10 HP upon use [Type: Liquid; Quality: F]

    Herb x2 - Also a mild hallucinogen Restores 5 MP upon use [Type: Plant; Quality: F]

    Elixir x1 - A cure-all potion. Wonder what goes into it. Removes a status ailment upon use. [Type: Liquid; Quality: F]

    Yggdrasil Dew x1 - Bottled dew from the leaves of the great World Tree. Revives fallen ally with 20% max HP [Type: Liquid; Quality: D]





    Key Items


    Gold: 0
  2. Enemy Profiles

    Name: ???
    Gender: Female
    Age: 19

    Profession: Valkyrie - Maidens of light who have fallen from grace. Those who take up the title of Valkyrie are cursed to forever walk as a reflection of their former, virtuous selves. [ATK or INT-Based Basic Attacks] [Shadow of the Light]

    *Shadow of the Light - The Valkyrie's Holy and Dark attacks is converted to Brightshadow damage, causing Holy and/or Dark damage based on the weaknesses and resistances of the target.

    Weapon: Red Crimson - A rapier said to have devoured the flames of its own forge during its creation. [Resist Fire] [Resist Burn]
    Armor: Elegant Regalia - The gold trim and the overall design hints toward the wearer being of high class.
    Accessory: Gold Chain - A very simple gold chain worn around the neck, looks quite expensive though.

    A-Ability: Revolution

    + Doom Blade - The Valkyrie shrouds her rapier in a black light and strikes her target, the light dispersing and purging the target of beneficial effects. [120% Brightshadow ATK Dmg. Range: Removes positive status effects on the target. 10 MP]

    + Banish - The Valkyrie's rapier emits a bright glow which surrounds and envelops the target to sap away at their strength. [120% Brightshadow INT Dmg. Range: 3 cells. Reduces the target's main offensive stat by 20% for 3 turns. 9 MP]

    + Light Binding - The Valkyrie strikes the target with her rapier, causing golden chains to lash out from the ground and wrap around the target. [100% Brightshadow ATK Dmg. Chance of Disable. Chance of Immobilize. 24 MP]

    + Thani - The Valkyrie gathers energy above her target into a large sphere before dropping it onto the target. [150% Brightshadow INT Dmg. Range: 3 cells. 14 MP]

    R-Ability: Divine Bulwark - Whenever the Valkyrie uses MP she creates a barrier with value equal to 50% of the MP used. While the barrier is active up to 50% of all incoming damage is inflicted to the barrier instead of the Valkyrie.

    S-Ability: Twin Blessings - After using a physical attack or ability, the Valkyrie is bestowed the Blessing of Wisdom which causes her next magical attack or ability to restore 15% of her max MP. After using a magical attack or ability, the Valkyrie is bestowed the Blessing of Might which causes her next physical attack or ability to reduce the target's DEF and SPR by 20% for 3 turns.

    D-Ability: Angelic Thunder - "O gatekeeper of the sanctified realm... Retribution awaits those who stray from thine path." [100% Piercing Brightshadow Dmg. Range: Enemy party. Bypasses all defensive buffs and effects. Instant Death threshold increased to 60% max HP]

    Level: 6
    HP: 145
    MP: 95
    ATK: 7 (+2 from Red Crimson)
    DEF: 4 (+1 from Elegant Regalia)
    INT: 6 (+1 from Red Crimson)
    SPR: 5 (+1 from Elegant Regalia)
    Crit: 5% (+2% from Golden Chain)
    Evd: 5% (+2% from Golden Chain)
    Movement: 2 (+1 from Valkyrie Profession)

    Neutral Profiles

  3. Temporary Allies

  4. Name: Cordelia Y. Artwaltz
    Gender: Female
    Age: 19

    Profession: Sword Maiden - Female swordfighters who wield their blades in the name of light, justice, and all that is holy. While their mindset is heavily dependent on calling for the aid of deities, one must not underestimate their skill with both sword and magic. [Enchanted Blade]

    *Enchanted Blade - Cordelia gains an INT bonus equal to 50% the amount of ATK her weapons give.

    Weapon: Jeweled Rapier - A rapier with a red gem embedded into the hilt. The craftsmanship isn't the best but it looks very expensive. [+2 ATK]
    Armor: Court Regalia - Clothing worn by a proper lady of the highest class. [+1 DEF; +1 SPR]
    Accessory: Null Talisman - A diamond-shaped silver necklace used to ward off evil. [+1 INT]

    A-Ability: Divinity

    + Angelic Flight - Cordelia leaps toward her target through the air as if she had wings, directing a lunge attack at the target. [110% ATK Dmg. Range: 3 cells. Places Cordelia in an adjacent cell of the target. 6 MP]

    + Spiritsurge - Cordelia conjures a small sphere of light at the tip of her rapier, then directs it toward her target. [120% Holy INT Dmg. Range: 3 cells. Reduces target's DEF by 20% for 3 turns. 8 MP]

    + Searing Light - Cordelia strikes the target with her rapier enchanted by light energy, purifying the target and absolving their sins in fire. [120% Holy ATK Dmg. Range: Adjacent. Chance of Burn. 8 MP]

    R-Ability: Guardian Angel - Whenever Cordelia takes damage she will gain Protect or Shell depending on which type of damage she took. This R-Ability becomes disabled for 3 turns after activation.

    S-Ability: Divine Fervor - Cordelia borrows the strength of the light in combat, becoming empowered against unfavorable odds. Increases ATK, DEF, INT, and SPR by 10% for each enemy within a 3 cell radius of Cordelia. Bosses and minibosses count as 2 enemies.

    D-Ability: Crusade - For a single strike Cordelia becomes imbued by a massive amount of holy strength, allowing her to take out her target using that one single strike. [200% Piercing Holy ATK Dmg. Range: Any. Bypasses all defensive buffs and effects]

    Level: 5
    EXP: 0/16
    HP: 35
    MP: 30
    ATK: 6 (+2 from Jeweled Rapier)
    DEF: 4 (+1 from Court Regalia)
    INT: 6 (+1 from Null Talisman) (+1 from Enchanted Blade)
    SPR: 4 (+1 from Court Regalia)
    Crit: 5%
    Evd: 5%
    Movement: 2 (+1 from Sword Maiden Profession)

    Skill Points: 0
  5. Name: Razella Dazella Guitvich
    Gender: O+
    Age: 31
    Appearance: With an imperial air about her and coal-black eyes that could slay is looks could kill, Razella stands tall and proud in her fiery aura that captivates and consumes all around her. Her umber skin contains her raging disposition matching the acidic interior that is reflected in her parlance. Graceful and lithe as a lion, Razella's speech and deportment force into submission all around her. Her hair is black and red, like coals set to fire.

    Profession: Blue Flame — the one who claims this Profession commands the forces of the hottest of flames to do her bidding.

    Weapon: Fire Hammer — [INT: +2][Basic Attack: INT Based][Element: Fire]
    Armor: Battle Bracers — [DEF: +2]
    Accessory: Sunstone — [MP: +5]

    A-Ability: Roaring Ire
    + Erasmus: Conjures up a violet fireball that crashes into the enemy. Boring, but practical. Element: Fire. Damage: 125% INT. Range: 3 cells. Chance of Burn. MP: 8.
    + Jazz Flares: Now we're talking, fuckers! Places a charge on the target then causes it to EXPLODE two phases later, levelling the field around target. Element: Fire. Damage: 150% INT. Range: 2 cells. High chance of Burn. Duration: 2 turns normal. Cannot use Jazz Flares in this period of time. MP: 14.
    + Silverfire: You're a foul miscreation who deserves a burning death. May you be a good sacrifice to… me. Element: Fire. Damage: 120% INT. Range: 3 cells. Heals Razella by HP = half Damage dealt. MP: 13.

    R-Ability: Outburst — touch me, and I'll burn you. I'll burn the heart out of you. Upon receiving physical damage (modified by Razella's DEF): attacker is inflicted with Singed. Duration: 3 turns.
    *Singed: bestows +20% Damage Intake from Fire Element Basic Attacks and Abilities.

    S-Ability: Rage Tide — little child, has your mother never told you to play with fire? Passive Support. Increases INT by 30% when HP is 40% or below.

    D-Ability: Razzle Dazzle Roulette — ROULETTE TIME. Roll 1d6. If it's even, the element of this Ability is Fire. If it's 1 or 5, it's Light. If it's 3, it's Ice. Magical elements cause magical meteors to crash into the battlefield and do great damage to enemies. After the Ability is executed, all Fire-element abilities, affinities and equipment will for the duration of the battlefield will take on the element this Ability does, and cannot be changed or corrected further. Element: ???. Damage: INT 100%. Piercing. Chance of Burn (Fire), Blind (Light), or Freeze (Ice). Chance of Leak.

    Level: 5
    EXP: 0/10
    HP: 25 [Base: 15][Stat Points: 2]
    MP: 40 [Base: 25][Sunstone: +5][Stat Points: 2]
    ATK: 2
    DEF: 5 [Base: 1][Battle Bracers: +2][Stat Points: 2]
    INT: 10 [Base: 5][Fire Hammer: +2][Stat Points: 3]
    SPR: 5 [Base: 2][Stat Points: 3]
    Crit: 5%
    Evd: 2%
    Movement: 3 [Base: 2][Blue Flame Profession: +1]

    Skill Points: 0
    Stat Points: 0
  6. Name: Alla Marcia
    Gender: Female
    Age: 26
    Level: 5
    Progress: 1/16

    Profession: Twisted Cleric - The one who personifies this profession has beautiful intentions, but their magic is completely skewed and transversed. [Salvation]

    [size=-3]*Salvation - Light and Dark elemental skills have their MP costs reduced by 25%.[/size]

    Weapon: Holy Symbol - Sounds fancy, but really it's just a wooden staff with a silver cross at one end, the silver works quite well to detect poison though. [+2 INT] [Resist Poison]
    Armor: Cotton Robes - Robes fashioned out of the finest cotton fabric to keep the wearer warm while out in the snow. [+1 DEF] [+1 SPR]
    Accessory: Circlet: Just a ring. That's all. [+5 MP]

    A-Ability: Light and Dark

    + Cure: Get better, okay? The user sends a wave of emotion at a target ally, healing them for 10% of their max HP.Range: 3 cells. Accuracy: 100% Element: Light. 5 MP (4 with Salvation)

    + Bloodlet: Time and time again, I see you get sick. Let's get you better! Through a twist of fate, what was meant to be a healing spell goes horribly wrong. The user sends an ethereal blade at a target enemy and lets out their lifeblood. 120% Dark INT damage. Chance of removing all ailments. Range: 3 cells. Accuracy: 90%. Element: Dark. 8 MP (6 with Salvation)

    + Heaven's Light: Looking within herself, the user finds a strand of benediction to grant upon her allies. Grants Protect and Shell for 3 turns. Range: 3 cells. Element: Light. 20 MP (16 with Salvation).

    S-Ability: Salvation: MP costs of the user's Light and Dark abilities are reduced by 25%.

    D-Ability: Broken Schema: The user feels the peril that the party has fallen under. The user then looks inside her very soul to find assistance. The user heals all Ally Units for 40% of their Max HP and grants them a buff that adds a random element to their attacks and skills for five turns.

    HP: 25
    MP: 40 (+5 from Circlet)
    ATK: 1
    DEF: 4 (+1 from Cotton Robes)
    INT: 7 (+2 from Holy Symbol)
    SPR: 5 (+1 from Cotton Robes)
    Crit: 3%
    Evd: 3%
    Movement: 2

    Skill Points: 0
  7. Name: Cornelia the Terrene

    Age: 19

    Gender: Female

    Profession: Terre- One with nature in many ways, the one who claims this profession draws power from the earth and utilizes it in the form of powerful earthen magicks. (Resist Earth) (Weak Fire) (Equip: Parasols)

    Level: 5
    Experience: 0/16

    Weapon: Fruits of thy Labor- Elegant parasol whose earth-tone fabrics feature embroidered depictions of summer fruit. (Damage: Int) (Range: 4 Cells)
    Armor: Autumn's Warmth- Frilly dress whose emphasis on nature is fondly reminiscent of Autumn.
    Accessory: Frilly Headband- Headgear to compliment one's overall earthy look.

    A-Ability: Earthen Connections

    +GroundingThe user closes her eyes and lets her surroundings fall to pieces so that she may focus deeply on her connection to the earth and strengthen it so she can draw more power from it. No Damage. +20% Int. Usable Once per Battle. Range: Self. 6 MP. Earth Elemental.

    +BurstCalls upon the user's connection with the earth and generates many beautiful blooms whose petals become sharp as razors before flying at the target. 110% Int Damage. Range: Single Enemy. 8 MP.

    +FlourishDraws upon the life source of the earth and utilizes it's power to heals the wounds of another. 80% Int Healing. Range: 3 Cells. 6 MP.

    +Thorny VeilCalls forth a wall of thorns to surround the user and protect her immensely from physical assaults. No Damage. Physical Attackers receive 50% Piercing Int Damage upon attacking the user for Three Turns. Range: Self. ? MP. Earth Elemental.

    +Breath of LifeSummons forth a large amount of the earth's life source and sends it's energy into a fallen target to bring them back to the realm of the living. No Damage. Revives Target with 20% Max HP. Range: 3 Cells. ? MP.

    A-Ability: Item


    +RespiteThe Earth's energy is omnipotent, much to the point that when drawn in it can be channeled in more than one form if the user is skilled enough. Whenever the user recovers MP, she also recovers HP equal to 50% of the MP recovered and vice versa. Cannot activate upon itself.


    +Nature's SpiritThe user shares such a deep connection with the earth that it renews her energy as she fights. The user recovers 8% Max MP each turn.


    +Gaia's WrathVents the user's anguish through her connection with the earth, causing it to quake with such ferocity that the resulting disaster can only be regarded as the wrath of the Gods. 100% Pierce Int Damage. Destroys all unoccupiable cells. Range: All Enemies. 0 MP. Earth Elemental.


    HP: 30
    MP: 35 (+5 from Frilly Headband)
    Atk: 1 (+0 from Fruits of Thy Labor)
    Def: 4 (+0 from Autumn's Warmth)
    Int: 7 (+2 from Fruits of Thy Labor)
    Spr: 5 (+2 from Autumn's Warmth)
    Critical: 3%
    Evasion: 3%
    Move: 2 Cells (+0 from Terre Profession)

    Skill Points: 0

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