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Music of the Heart - Profiles

Discussion in 'Profile Threads' started by Silver, Feb 16, 2014.

  1. This will be where profiles are posted when Music of the Heart begins~


    Potion x4 (Recovers 20 HP upon use)

    Mana Fragment x2 (Recovers 10 MP upon use)

    Weapons / Armor / Accessories


    Key Items

    Abner's Seal (Ornate seal dictating that the one who presents it holds ties with King Abner, ruler of The Kingdom of Illumination.)

    Current Munny: 1000

    *See here for the Inflictionary
  2. Prologue: Of Predictions Come True?

    Prologue–01: Agents of the Dark

    Enemy Profiles


    Neutral Profiles

  3. Maren's Journal

    The Kingdom of Illumination

    Castle Luminescence

    Beautiful marble castle constantly surrounded by a luminescent glow; home to King Abner and his young daughter, Princess Cordelia, the Council of Three and the Royal Guard also reside within its walls. There are endless halls dedicated to each of the members and their backgrounds as well as personal rooms and just about every other addition that one could possibly need. Within the western wing there is a single tower, at the top of which lies Princess Cordelia's room. Unbeknownst to everyone outside the castle's walls, this tower is safeguarded by the most powerful of protective magicks which are supposedly able to ward of evil presences. Whether this is true remains to be seen. . .
  4. Characters

    King Abner

    The benevolent and highly praised ruler of the Kingdom of Illumination. He is a man possessing a quiet sense of justice, softly supporting those he has also placed in power around him. It appears that he deeply cares for his people and to an even greater degree his daughter, as he was willing to perform any act necessary to protect them from the message given to the mysterious woman by an even eerier figure known only as "The Seer." He expresses great worry over the fate of his daughter and kingdom, but persists, even two years later, in maintaining a calm and collected presence. The stress could be getting to him though. . .

    Princess Cordelia II

    Born exactly two years ago to King Abner and his late wife, Cordelia, Princess Cordelia II is a child of unique circumstance, being one of eight maidens born without a trace of darkness in her heart. As it has been foretold by "The Seer," a mysterious figure from another world, she is destined to fall prey to the darkness. Upon hearing this, King Abner sought to keep her safe from the impending doom, willingly ready to pay any cost to keep her out of harm's way. The Mysterious Woman offered a temporary solution, and so it seems the young princess is safe for now.

    The Mysterious Woman

    A woman entirely foreign to the Kingdom of Illumination. She appeared on the night of Princess Cordelia's birth with an enigmatic message from a figure of even greater mystery known only as "The Seer." Whatever her story is, she appears to care deeply for the fate of Princess Cordelia, going so far as to state "I envy you not, but brilliance blossoms from even the greatest hardship. Yours will be no different..."
  5. The Agents of Darkness

  6. Name: Maren Elisabeth

    Age: 23

    Gender: Female

    +Keyblade Wielder- The one who claims this profession was chosen to wield the immensely powerful Keyblade to defend the Realm of Light from darkness.

    +Keyblade Warrior- A practiced combatant with the legendary keyblade who has mastered the basic techniques and gone on to create fascinating combos and techniques powered by the light to help eradicate the darkness. (Resist Light) (Weak Dark) (Divinity Boost) (+1 Basic Attack)

    Divinity Boost: Increases the damage output of Light elemental abilities by 15% passively. Also increases the number of basic attacks by 1.

    Level: 1
    Exp: 0/10

    Weapon: Void Chain- Keyblade who's body is comprised of strange metal chains that allow for it to be more flexible than other keyblades.
    Armor: Destined Garb- Special get up worn to both protect the wearer in combat and provide comfortable clothing for travel.
    Accessory: Kingdom Deck- Large amount of cards with special tops that look like the tips of a crown.

    A-Ability: Unyielding Heart

    +Reverse FlairSpins around counter-clockwise with the keyblade held loosely in one hand allowing for a quick chain of attacks. 110% Atk Damage. 3 Hits. Range: Adjacent Cell. 8 MP.

    +PyreSlams the keyblade into the ground creating glyphs around the user that cause pillars of flame to rise up around her. 120% Int Damage. 50% Chance of Burn. Range: Surrounding Cells. 14 MP. Fire Elemental.

    +Descent CutterTosses the keyblade high into the air with in a special way that causes it to fly at high speeds around the target and then quickly stab into them from behind. 120% Atk Damage. Sure Hit. 50% Chance of Critical Hit. Range: 4 Cells. 12 MP.

    +CyroSummons several blocks of ice and positions them around the target before slamming them into the target brutally. 100% Int Damage. 5 Hits. Range: 3 Cells. 10 MP. Ice Elemental.

    +Surge RendDashes forward with keyblade positioned ahead of the body, knocking those in the way aside. 140% Atk Damage. Randomly Knocks Targets 1 Cell to the Left or Right. User lands in  opposite cell. Range: Straight Line. 16 MP.

    +ElectroRaises the keyblade high into the air and brings it down with a heavy swiping motion which calls down many bolts of electricity to strike those nearby. 130% Int Damage. Range: 2 Cell Radius. 18 MP. Lightning Elemental.

    +Burst ReleaseUnleashes power lying beneath the surface and manipulates it to increase the strength behind the user's swings as she lays into her target fiercely. 120% Atk Damage. 8 Hits. Range: 3 Cells. 24 MP.

    +HealPresses the keyblade into the ground and places a hand on the user's heart before lifting the keyblade from the ground and pointing it in the target's direction, which in turn sends some healing light towards them. 100% Int Healing. Range: 4 Cells. 6 MP.

    A-Ability: Divine Virtue *LOCKED*

    +Valor DriveDrowns the keyblade in immense light before surging forward and unleashing a powerful string of combos that finishes off with a sharp burst of light. 80% Atk Damage. 9 Hits. 100% Int Damage. Range: 2 Cells. 20 MP. Light Elemental.

    +LuzTakes the keyblade in two hands and points it directly at the target before firing off a large laser of light that never misses it's target. 140% Int Damage. Sure Hit. Range: 4 Cells. 14 MP. Light Elemental.


    +BrutalityWhenever the user is attacked with a physically she meets the attack with an extremely powerful one of her own. Whenever the user is attacked physically, she counters for 200% Atk Damage as long as she is in range.


    +Faith's FortuneThe user is constantly pushed by her cause to continue fighting. The user recovers 8% of her Max MP each turn.


    +AbsolutionReleases one's inner light, shrouding the keyblade a ethereal radiance which powers up the user to her limit before striking the target over and over again. 200% Pierce Atk Damage. Range: 6 Cells. 0 MP. Light Elemental.


    HP: 20
    MP: 20 (+5 from Kingdom Deck)
    HD: 0/10
    Atk: 3 (+1 from Void Chain)
    Def: 2 (+1 from Destined Garb)
    Int: 3 (+1 from Void Chain)
    Spr: 2 (+0 from Destined Garb)
    Evade: 3%
    Move: 2 Cells (+1 from Keyblade Wielder Profession)

    Skill Points: 0
  7. Name: Evisca Mooring
    Gender: Female
    Age: 24
    Level: 1
    Next Level: 0/10
    Appearance: Evisca is an athletically-built woman who is made for the chase. She is clearly a force to be reckoned with, as she runs with expert grace and calculated strides. Her neck is marred on its left side by a scar left by days long past, though she will never speak of its source - only a casual remark such as, "It has been dealt with." She is moderately tall, and has seizing green eyes that seem to always glare right on through those who she graces with her gaze. Evisca is certainly not a woman that one would want to cross.

    Profession: Displacement Warden - The one who claims this Profession manipulates their gift of psychokinesis and strong sense of justice for the purpose of apprehending and disabling their targets, expertly capturing and replacing the mark in prison. [Phantom Bindings]

    * Phantom Bindings - When a Tether imposed on an enemy unit is Severed by the user, the target is afflicted with Immobilization for the next Two Turns.

    Weapon: Battle Kite - A modified kite with a vicious weight to it, as well as several blades adorning its edges. The user is obviously quite skilled in manipulating such a tricky weapon. [+1 ATK] [Range: 3 Cells]
    Armor: Jailer's Clothing - Clothing worn to show that the wearer is serious about their job, and that they are an authority figure that one should not dare cross. [+1 DEF]
    Accessory: Broken Shackles - Shattered remnants of bindings which serve as a reminder that any prisoner is able to escape their bonds... [+5 MP]

    A-Ability: Apprehend the Target

    + Resonance Tether: The user creates a semi translucent bond with their target, linking them with the very fibres making up the universe. Bestows Target with Tethered Status. Cast Time: Instant. Hit Rate: 100%. Variance: N/A. Range: 2 Cells. Element: Neutral. 8 MP.

    * Tethered - Links the Afflicted to the Caster, bestowing 1.5x healing to Allied Targets who are Tethered, or 1.5x total damage received to Enemies who are Tethered. Afflicted moves when Caster moves, always staying in a 2 Cell range of the Caster. The Caster can Sever the Tether as a Free Command.

    + Phantasmal Leap: Using their powers of displacement, the user leaps through the dimensions to a distant location, effectively rendering any possible distance travelled irrelevant. The user may immediately reverse this leap with relative ease. Instantly Warps the user to a Cell of any choice up to 5 Cells away. Acts as a Movement Command. Places a Warp Sigil on user's current location. [Denoted
    {+} / User can Warp back to Cell as a Free Command / Fades on Effect] Cast Time: Instant. Hit Rate: N/A. Variance: N/A. Range: Self. Element: Neutral. 5 MP.

    R-Ability: N/A
    S-Ability: Intimidating Presence - Enemies within a 2 Cell Range of Evisca have their ATK reduced by 20%, and have a 25% chance of skipping their Movement Command.
    X-Ability: Jerk the Reins - The user slips through a dimensional gate, removing them from battle for a single Turn before reappearing on any Cell of choice. The use of this ability allows the user two casts of Resonance Tether as Free Act commands without MP Cost upon reappearing, also drawing the two selected targets to cells adjacent to the user. In addition, deals 50% Piercing ATK Damage to enemy units who are Tethered, and grants 50% ATK Healing to allied units who are Tethered. Element: Neutral.

    ~ Stats ~

    HP: 25
    MP: 15 (+5 from Broken Shackles)
    HD: 0/10
    Atk: 4 (+1 from Battle Kite)
    Def: 3 (+1 from Jailer's Clothing)
    Int: 1 (+0 from Battle Kite)
    Spr: 2 (+0 from Jailer's Clothing)
    Evasion: 4%
    Movement: 2 Cells (+2 from Displacement Warden)

    Skill Points: 0

  8. Name: Simone Radi
    Gender: Male
    Age: 28
    Level: 1
    Next Level: 0/10
    Appearance: Simone is a short, yet muscular man, sitting at only 5"2. He can always be seen wearing a hard-hat, with black jumpsuit, and workboots. Simone has a bag hanging from his side, usually filled with explosives, and gunpowder. He has an orange sleeve on his right arm, covered in black dots. Over his black jumpsuit, he wears and orange vest, and a pair of brown greaves. His skin has been darkened from working with gunpowder for several years, and his brown spiky hair usually sticks straight down out of his hard hat.

    Profession: Demolitionist - The one who claims this Profession is a pyrotechnical genius, focusing all of their power on explosives, traps and the occasional firearm. [Volatile Powder]

    * Volatile Powder - When an enemy unit attacks the Demolitionist, they gain a debuff which dirties their garmants with gunpowder. This causes any fire-element attack to ignite it, and cause extra damage. [+ 25% damage increase]

    Weapon: Firearm - Rather than being a weapon, the firearm is actually a special sleeve the demolitionist wears, in order to effectively light his arm on fire for use in melee combat. [+1 ATK] [Range: 1 Cell]
    Armor: Fireproof Jumpsuit - This jumpsuit is made to withstand fire, so that the demolitionist doesn't destroy his clothing in combat. [+1 DEF]
    Accessory: Work Goggles - A pair of goggles meant to protect the eyes. [+1 DEF]

    A-Ability: Bag of Explosives

    + Land Mine: The user summons an immovable unit, which is invisible to enemy units. When an enemy steps on the cell that the unit inhabits, it explodes dealing large damage, with a chance to light the enemy on fire. 40% chance to light on fire for 2 turns. Deals extra damage if enemy is inflicted with Volatile Powder. Cast Time: Instant. Range: 3 Cells. Cells Damage: 150% to Center Tile, 125% to Adjacent Cells Element: Fire MP: 12

    + Firefly: The user sends a small flying bomb to home in on the enemy target unit, moving one cell per turn. When it hits, it will do damage, and have a 50% chance to blind for 2 turns. The unit can be destroyed when flying toward the enemy, although it will instantly light the person to destroy it on fire for 1 turn, and deal small damage to the person who destroyed it. Cast Time: Instant. Range: 5 Cells. Damage: 150% If Destroyed: 50% Element: Fire MP: 10
    ---Stats: All stats based upon Simone's [HP: x.75 / Def: x.45 / Spr: x.35]

    R-Ability: N/A
    S-Ability: Explosive Presence - Due to the Demolitionist's skill in using explosives, he is able to do it at an extreme speed. When using an ability, the demolitionist can choose to use it twice, with one use free. The free cast ability has its power reduced by 30%. Cooldown of 2 turns.

    X-Ability: Gunpowder Overflow- The user of this ability damages both himself, and the enemy in a final desperate attempt to destroy his enemy. He runs up from up to 3 cells away, and explodes on his enemy of choosing dealing massive damage in a 2 cell radius to all enemies within it. Element: Fire Damage to Self: 20% of max health. Damage to enemies: 200% (Piercing)

    ~ Stats ~
    HP: 15
    MP: 25
    HD: 0/10
    Atk: 4 (+1 from Firearm)
    Def: 2 (+1 from Fireproof Jumpsuit) (+1 from Work Goggles)
    Int: 1 (+0 from Firearm)
    Spr: 3 (+0 from Fireproof Jumpsuit)
    Evasion: 2%
    Movement: 2 Cells (+0 from Demolitionist Profession)

    Skill Points: 0


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