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More of a coming than a going.

Discussion in 'Comings and Goings' started by The Nexerus, Aug 4, 2012.

  1. These square emoticons remind me of Minecraft.

    :x ssssssssssssssssssss
  2. Welcome to ZEJ!


    That's what she said!
  3. LOL!

    Welcome around to this not-so-lovely place! You'll notice the walls are stained with feces, just ignore it!
  4. Heya Nexy~ Glad to have you here! Welcome to ZEJ. We're presently working on a better slogan for the joint (though don't expect anything overly amazing!), but we hope you'll stick around anyways! I guess it has become sort of a 'tradition' for me to welcome you to our humble corner of the internet. If you have any questions, feel free to shoot me a PM or a profile comment, and I'll give you a hand as best as I can!

    All those formalities aside, welcome!
  5. Oh hey look new member.

    Don't feel like making a witty comment, so... welcome~
  6. No really we need FWLs here. Eebit has Flowerpost powers (*shot*) but ehh.

    Oh wait, I have the one I stole from Hak!

    Hello there! It is so very nice to meet you! Welcome to the world of ZEJ!

    My name's Espeonature. However, everyone just calls me Espy, Ninetales, Lunatic, blah blah, yada yada, et cetera et cetera. Enough about me! But, before I go any further, is this your first visit to this forum? If so, I think you'd better check how crazy we are. ;) But considering you've been here a while (2-3 days olol), I think that's not really necessary. And seeing as you appear to be a nice, rule-following person, you don't need rules! Screw the Rules, We Have Roleplays

    This world is widely inhabited by creatures called forum members. We members live alongside other forum members as friends. At times, we play together, and at other times we work together. Some forum members use their moderating powers to battle and develop closer bonds with some members. We all take roles and play with each other as a method of fun!

    What do I do? I conduct research on how to become a better forum member so that, errr, I become a better member.

    Now, why don't you tell me a bit about yourself? Are you a boy? Or maybe a girl? And your name is The Nexerus? A fine name that is!

    All right, The Nexerus, the time has come. Your very own tale of grand adventure is about to unfold. On your journey, you will meet countless (=> 5 or so XD) forum members. I'm sure that along the way you will discover many things, perhaps even about yourself.

    Now, go on, leap into the world of the Zantok-Eebit-Jonno forums! (Oh, and a bit of friendly advice: Kudamon bites! ... Or used to... I guess he still does, or doesn't he?! Well, let's leave you to figure out whether anyone bites and who does,'K?)
    Also I love your grammar Nazi powers. <3
  7. Do I see "he" with Kuda's name?

    lololololol Espy......
  8. I am not pleased with this arrival at all. I thought I would display my obvious displeasure again, even though you are already aware of it, and even though you probably won't do anything here on the forum anyway. Enjoy.
  9. I wouldn't have made an account if I didn't plan on doing anything. I merely have a peculiar taste in roleplays. A refined palette, if you will. It's no fault of mine; I like what I like.
  10. Welcome to ZEJ, Nexerus. not reallyHave a wonderful time here!
  11. fix'd :x

    anyway, welcome to zej!
  12. You dare question the refinement of my wooden board!?
  13. I already like you.
  14. Dark vs Nex gogogogo

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