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Merry Christmaswe'en, ZEJ!

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Nebulon Ranger, Oct 19, 2014.

  1. By that I mean I finally got off my ass and updated to the latest version of MyBB!

    You may notice there's a new theme. This is staying, albeit with some aesthetic updates somewhere down the line; the old set would have been too much work for me to update as a lot of stuff in them broke. More than likely going to move the header back to the left where it belongs.

    We are also running a limited subset of plugins compared to the MyBB 1.6 days. Some are no longer maintained (RIP MyNetwork) and some have become core features! This does not mean our previous features are gone forever, just that the developers of some plugins haven't updated them yet.

    I also entirely redid the file structure. It was an ugly mess. Someone like @Gist would have had my head on a stake, that's how bad it was. Think of this as a fresh start for the backend, meaning less bugs!

    Yes, the editor is still around, and it's core now! However, it does have to be re-enabled manually from your user control panel, under Edit Options. This image should show you where to go to enable it, and optionally (aka if you're @"Shadow"), enable source mode by default.

    With that, I've said all I need to.

    Happy Hallowe'en in advance, you bunch of misfits!
  2. Okay so I am really enjoying how much more slick and functional this new theme is.

    That being said a link to the main menu in the navigational bar would be awesome.

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