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Members of Mayari's Army

Discussion in 'Character Database' started by ShadoeMayari, May 9, 2013.

  1. RE: Member's of Mayari's Army

    (Galamion Universe)
    Name: Marcus Algar
    Age: 27
    Weight: 156
    Height: Tends to vary, but it’s usually around 5’9
    Race: Eshdoan Faceless/Human
    Appearance: As he is part Faceless, his appearance tends to vary. As of the beginning of Training Days, he has yellow, snake-like eyes, burnt tan skin, and wavy, pale blond hair. He has several scars on his body, some of which resemble the ancient Eshdoan language.
    History: As a result of a union between an Eshdoan noble and a Faceless slave, Marcus had been an outcast since birth. However, when his father, one of the twenty-two Sages, died when he was a child, he was forced to follow in his footsteps, as he was his only heir and therefore the only one who could take the title of Zayinas, Sage of the Sword. While training in Iamayr he learned very powerful Eshdoan magic. He met Xyriel, and decided to help her escape the country in order to spread around Eshdoan magic. He left with her and escorted her to Planaya, and then went on his own way afterward.
    Personality: A very cheerful and odd fellow to most people, although he is very paranoid about having people touch him and watch him cast magic. He is also a bit of a trouble maker, casting spells on airships and dragons so that they’ll be too heavy to fly.
    He loves working with kids and sometimes teaches them magic, if he feels that they are pure enough. He is an excellent teacher, although many of his “students” may not be aware that they are being taught.
    Weapons: Zayinas' Sword - A longsword made of a rich material and carved with runes to cast magic.
    Abilities/Skills: As a Faceless, he can mimic other’s appearance by coming into direct contact with them, but his shapeshifting powers are limited. He can only mimic humans and can mimic only a single trait from each person, and the trait he receives is completely random, giving him a very odd appearance.
    He also knows very powerful battle magic and is a very good sword fighter.
    He can summon a familiar, which takes the form of a green slimeball thing with a mouth. Its name is Legion. Legion has a black hole for a stomach and can vomit acid onto enemies. Legion also has a very powerful sense of smell.
  2. RE: Member's of Mayari's Army

    (Galamion Universe)
    Name: Raiden Jykes
    Age: 18
    Weight: 142 lbs
    Height: 6'2''
    Race: Planayan Human
    Appearance: Raiden is a tall man and well-toned. One look at his face and you'll notice that he has bright green eyes, or just one, as his right eye is covered by an eyepatch. His dark brown hair is combed back on the left side while his bangs hide the right side of his face. He wears a blue military jacket with gold buttons (like this), khaki pants, and brown boots. He also wears a tool belt.
    History: After his father's (and his sister's, Reyna) death by Aingott when he was fifteen, he was left in charge of the family's business in building and fixing machine parts. In the same event that killed his father, he lost his right eye and received many burns from being pushed into an open fire. Eventually, he decided that doing the family business wasn't for him, that it was too boring.
    Personality: He's very quiet, doesn't talk much. He'll do what other people tell him to do, usually without hesitation. He just lets himself get pushed around. However, he's quite manipulative. Since he knows exactly when and how he's gonna die, he'll do whatever to save himself. He's also a bit of a pervert.
    Abilities/Skills: Engineering. He knows how to build and fix stuff that works. He can also fence, but not very well. He can also use mounted guns, but not normal muskets because he doesn't have a steady aim.
    Also, due to Aingott poison, he has fast reflexes and another perk that'll show up later.
  3. RE: Member's of Mayari's Army

    (Galamion Universe)
    Name: Xyriel Azara
    Age: 17
    Weight: 98 lbs
    Height: 5'1''
    Race: Eshdoan Human
    Appearance: Xy has long mop of black hair and dull blue eyes. She is very pale, to the point where it looks like she's sick. She is very small for her age, some may mistake her as a twelve year old. She dresses like a commoner, but she won't let anyone see her if her clothes look old and/or dirty. She has a pillar-shaped mark on her chest, the symbol of the traitor god, Samekh.
    History: Formerly an Apprentice Mage from Iaymar, she performed a memory spell on herself to force her to forget how to use magic so she could leave the country. She kept a journal of her studies from Iamayr and is slowly relearning the basics. However, due to the lack of resources, she isn't very successful.
    As an Azara, she is (supposedly) the descendant of Samekh, the Eshdoan traitor god.
    Personality: A little bossy and spoiled, but extremely vain. Having to spend the last year trying to relearn magic and failing, she had become much easily angered and frustrated. She's the type of person who always wants to be in control, and will try to take down anyone who gets in her way.
    Weapons: The Pillar Staff and a copper dagger.
    Abilities/Skills: Energy magic (electricity, freezing, and fire) and simple control over the elements. With the Pillar Staff, she can perform a spell that summons a powerful and destructive beam of light from the sky. However, it always lands right on her and has a chance of killing her or severely burning her.
    She can summon a familiar, which takes the form of a small black cat named Lyra. Lyra can lengthen her tail to capture and hold enemies and do the same with her claws.
  4. RE: Member's of Mayari's Army

    (The Mystics Universe)
    Name: Millie Areleous
    Age: 18
    Appearance: Short blonde hair that tickles the nape of her neck. Her eyes are a dull green and she is very pale and thin. She is rather short, standing at 5’3”. She tends to wear heaving clothing that covers her well, such as scarves, jackets, and ponchos.
    Personality: Millie seems to be very cold and distant. She greatly dislikes nosy people and gets very paranoid whenever anyone touches her stuff or goes near her house. Also, she doesn’t quite like making close friends, as the closest most people have gotten to her are acquaintances. She does keep a watchful eye over her acquaintances’ health, though.
    Bio: She loved experimenting with stuff as a child, and, after mixing a couple of chemicals together, her guardians were killed by the gas that was produced from the reaction, while she became very sick. After properly ventilating the area she tried to wake them up and ended up reanimating their corpses. However, they ended up being empty shells and they could not function properly due to damage to their lungs. She was hospitalized for a few months after that to recover. While there, there were a few incidents where bodies would walk out of the morgue before collapsing in the middle of the hospital. The Mystics had visited her while she was hospitalized, and, once she had recovered to the point that she could live and breathe on her own, joined the Council. She still suffers from some respiratory problems, though.
    Power: Organic Constructs-Millie can reanimate corpses, but in order for them to function properly certain parts have to be present and in certain conditions. So to make her power effective she has to spend most of her time ripping apart and sewing back together dead body parts.
    Position: Vice President
  5. (Will add more to these later)

    Name: Rashaad Ikram, King of Eshdao, Sage of Ages
    Age: 42
    Weight: ???
    Height: ???
    Race: Eshdoan Human
    Appearance: Surprisingly, not many people know what King Rashaad actually looks like. Only his family and his closest advisors have seen anything of him other than a red sleeve and a gloved hand.
    History: Along with the throne, Rashaad had inherited the title ‘Sage of Ages’ and was trained to master the skills associated with that title. He has three daughters and one son, who he does not expect to inherit the throne as he is physically handicapped. He also had some trouble with his many wives at one point and most of them began to “disappear”; he first wife, Scheherazade, is still alive and well and acts as his most trusted advisor.
    Personality: For a king, he is quite shy. He doesn’t make many public appearances, and, even when he does, his face os often obscured from view. He is a kind man and father, but he hasn’t done much as a leader. Not much has changed since he inherited the throne.
    Abilities/Skills: As the Sage of Ages, he can alter the memories of people to some extent.

    Name: Scheherazade Ikram
    Age: 35
    Weight: 123
    Height: 5’6’’
    Race: Eshdoan Human
    Appearance: She is a slender, dark-skinned woman with dull green eyes. She has curly dark brown hair that goes a bit past her shoulders.
    History: The daughter of a powerful noble. She married Rashaad when she was 13 (he was 20) and produced a daughter (Ester). She failed to produce a male heir which caused him to look towards other wives, which made her very, very angry.
    Personality: Proud, independent, and very, very clever, she much more of a leader than her husband.
    Abilities/Skills: She’s very persuasive and has a way with words. She also knows some elemental, life, and mind magic, but her skills are nowhere near that of a Sage.
  6. Name: Neylan Kreis
    Age: 24
    Weight: 112 lbs
    Height: 5’4’’
    Race: Planayan Human
    Appearance: She has long, curly black hair that goes a bit past her shoulders and light blue eyes. She wears a black trench coat over a white dress shirt, a long, pleated brown skirt, and boots. Atop her head is a brown fedora and a pair of black gloves around her hands.
    History: She was born into a family of detectives, and was of course chosen to follow that path. From a very young age she had been exposed from things young children probably shouldn’t be exposed to and damaged her hands when she was still an amateur. Due to her family’s desire to remain neutral when it came to detective work, she doesn’t know of popular trends and is very awkward with social interaction.
    Personality: She is very cold and stoic. She’s very hard to read, but a sure-fire way to get her mad is to hold information from her (although she does that quite often).
    Weapons: A small dagger.
    Abilities/Skills: As a detective, she is a brilliant sleuth and very intelligent. She also has some knowledge of anatomy (due to all the dead bodies she has to deal with).

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