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Make a Dating Profile For the User Above

Discussion in 'Forum Game Land' started by whitesubtitlesoncanadianwinter, Aug 10, 2015.

  1. Post what kind of pictures and what their tag line would be etc.
  2. RE: Make a Dating Profile For the Uses Above

    Looking for individuals who love animals and Christmas...
    People with no appreciation for Drunken Caribou(s) need not apply.

    (You can tell that I have no idea how to do this)
  3. RE: Make a Dating Profile For the Uses Above

    I wish I was as cute at that puppy.

    (That's good you are far too young for online dating. Stay away from them dick pics)
  4. [​IMG]
    "I may be the Missus, but I what I misses is your sweet love."
  5. World traveler. Charitable philanthropist. Looking for singles who like to mingle across the globe for a night that'll feel like nothing short of a present. Ho Ho Ho.

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