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Mage of the Tricore Redux

Discussion in 'Freeform Roleplays' started by ShadoeMayari, Feb 5, 2014.

  1. There was emptiness.
    That was the only way you could describe that place. No, even then, “empty” wasn’t the proper term.
    There was nothing. It was neither light or dark, warm or cool, loud or quiet. Numbness took over her body as she floated in this isolated nothingness, unfeeling, unthinking. She could not remember how long she had been in this wretched place, or how she had even gotten here.
    Not like it mattered. She was there, and she could do nothing about it but accept it.
    Then, like the small spark that gives birth to a roaring fire, a minuscule detail changed that place in such a quick and dramatic fashion. The quiet, distant spinning of gears was proof. Proof of what, she did not know. But as her ears focused on that one proof of sound, an odd yet familiar feeling of warmth washed over her as the numbness itself became nothing. And, for the first time in what felt for quiet a while, she opened her eyes.
    The sudden brightness blinded her, but soon the world around her became clear. She quickly found the source of the whirling gears: a small wind-up toy dragonfly that zoomed around her head. It dropped gently into her hands, its four “wings” spinning above its body like the blades of a helicopter. A feminine voice whispered softly in her mind, so quiet and gentle that she could barely hear what it said.
    “Welcome back.”
    She whipped her head around, trying to find the source of the voice, but instead was met with the sight of a glorious marble fountain, decorated with statues of three winged goddesses and spinning wheels. The sight and sound of water trickling was unusually calming, along with the cool breeze that brushed against her skin. She looked into the water and saw an unfamiliar person with bright, curious blue eyes and long wavy hair, the color of chestnuts. She had a pale face with freckles childishly drawn across her cheeks, an image of youth. She’s really pretty, she thought to herself, unaware who the girl in the water was. She sat there for quite a while, admiring her reflection as if it were a completely different person.
    “Um, Miss?”
    Her thoughts were interrupted by a young voice. She turned and blue eyes met more blue. The boy was much younger than her, but he looked unfazed and knowledgeable and had an unsociable vibe come off of him. He held a small leather-bound book close to his chest and kept his chin down while his dull blue eyes stared up at her.
    “Aren’t you cold?”
    She pondered his question for a bit, confused as to why he would ask such a question out of the blue, before realizing that all she was wearing was a thin hospital robe. Her face quickly turned into a bright red as she threw her arms around herself, covering her sensitive bits. The toy dragonfly landed on her head, buzzing almost teasingly.
    The boy sighed, hoping someone would stop by and offer this girl a jacket so he didn’t have to give up his own. “What’s your name, Miss?” he asked, oblivious to her obvious embarrassment.
    “K-kleis,” the girl said without thinking. It just came out and it sounded just about right, she thought.
    “Alright, Miss Kleis,” the boy said, his annoyance evident in his voice, “We should start by getting you some actual clothes.”
    "Where am I?" Kleis asked, looking around curiously. They appeared to be in a park with the fountain as a centerpiece; she could spot taller buildings in the distance and a towering wall even farther than that. The fountain was beautifully decorated: The statues were so realistic that Kleis felt as if they could come to life at any moment.
    The boy shrugged, before noticing other people appear by the fountain. "How should I know?" His words were sour, especially considering that they came from a boy as small and young as him. "We might be finding that out soon."
  2. There were signs of a dotted existence all around her, signs of a lack of anything here and far in between. She seemed to be the only thing she could detect, and she was okay with that. There was not really much to go off of, except for that there was a faint something in the distance. What was that? The girl tried to further attune herself to whatever the stimulation was, but she found that there was just no way. If she perhaps tried harder... but alas, she ends up in the same place she was in. There were no defining features about the girl floating in this black, dank aether. Why was she here? Why was she stuck in a point of limbo? Who was she? How did she get here? Questions ran through what little mind the girl had, and she tried to answer them, but try as she may, she was just as stuck as she had been when she first realized she was actually there.

    Finally, though, as she was starting to recede back into the oblivion from whence she came, she thought she could hear something. She thought she could hear something. The girl tried to focus her every being on making sure she could discern that sound, being as faint as it was. There was not much to go off of other than the fact that the sound was quite high in pitch. It wasn't exactly screaming, but there was definitely a wavering set of tones, as if someone were singing. The voice slid up and down in tessitura, making for a pleasing effect that she kind of liked. She wanted to get closer to the sound, as if she could recognize it from somewhere. She felt a kinship to the wavering high voice, as if it were calling to her. However, there was not really anything to anchor her towards any real recognition, as she could not even identify what she even was, if she even had a self, if she even had her own form of life.

    As time went on, if one could call it that, the sound became more and more clear. It sounded as if it were a vocal soloist, belting out somber tones in a foreign key and language, making one feel as if the singer were lamenting over a tragedy. It really moved what was there of the girl, tickling some spot of her mind, as if there were something of this she had heard before, but alas, there was nothing there.

    And then all around the girl, light began to fade in all around her. There was a fountain not that far away from her, and there were two people conversing. The evening light burned bright in the corner of her eyes, giving everything she saw a fiery hue. With listless eyes, she watched an exchange between two figures in the distance. Unlike the beautiful aria she had heard within the floating dream, there was no sound.

    Copper red hair fell around her shoulders, and green eyes stared out forwards into a wall of nothingness. A white hospital gown was gently blowing in the breeze, being held down only by a deep purple rhinestone.

    There was not a sound coming from the girl, and a single tearstreak was present on her face.

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