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Looking for Partners, Mainly Winged Human Sci-Fi but also Others

Discussion in 'Interest Checks' started by Erka97, Mar 27, 2019.

  1. Hello, I am new here, but I've been writing for years elsewhere. I hope to find some good partners to RP with, although I warn you that I am extremely unfamiliar with how this site in particular works and will be needing some guidance on that. What follows is my current plot list, which ranges from my own universe that is fairly thought out to completely vague pairing ideas. I only do MxF pairings; I have nothing against others, but I just don't find them personally attractive to write. I write characters of either gender. I avoid rape in story or backstory [although some plots can get a bit questionable and it can be threatened], extreme stuff like torture, and most cases of mental illness. I've had bad rp experiences with these that I would rather not repeat -so talk to me about it beforehand at least. I also avoid extreme sexual things [kinks, people call them] and furry type characters. Plots based on cheating or multiple partners also do not interest me.

    Anyway I typically match what my partner does for most writing aspects such as post length or format of character sheets, and I'm usually pretty active when I've found a partner who is also active and engaged in the story we are writing. Expect replies just about as fast as you can give them. Let's begin.

    Winged Humans
    This is my own original “universe” and my favorite to rp. It is rather loosely based upon the Maximum Ride series of books, but changed primarily because I am a complete biology nerd [Studying biology/Pre-med in college currently] and wanted it to be more realistic.
    Like in the mentioned books, the main characters are genetically altered humans with wings and other changes originating from bird genes grafted into their cells when they were very early embryos. While the percentage changed is very small, it allows them to have wings [On the back like an angel’s, feathered usually either to match their hair or the color patterning of an existing bird species, and somewhere around fifteen -or somewhat more- feet span when fully grown and extended; somehow they still fold up enough to go unnoticed against the back -with some discomfort- under a jacket], more efficient circulatory systems, mostly hollow bones, improved senses -vision especially-, and higher metabolism and lower body fat than most, as well as other changes that allow them to fly. Some have other animal attributes, too, although those are usually side characters and they’ve often been much less successful -sometimes they exist as failed experiments, mentioned sadly by main characters as having died from their issues. These embryos were then grown in surrogates and then raised in the lab; their care and tests having similar questionable ethics to most human genetic experiments seen in sci-fi stories. As the oldest of these experiments have reached teenage years, some have begun to escape and try to live outside, sometimes returning to help those still in the lab. The story begins there for most of the following plots, with exceptions noted. All involve a specific male character which I’ve created, in this one I am looking for a female mate for him -although that’s hardly the only plot element I want. Other characters can be created and used based on need or partner interests. I’m definitely open to new suggestions for things to do with this “universe.”
    The plots I have for this are as follows, though they’re far from completely thought out;
    1. Following your character escaping on her own, she is spotted by someone my character knows or my character himself while he is flying. He follows her and then must convince her to join his group and teach her how to live in the normal world. Other plot things could follow; for example raids on the labs which created them and eventual attempts to shut them down as well as interpersonal things between characters both in the experiment group and with “normal” characters.
    2. My character attempts a raid or infiltration of the lab on his own, and it goes badly. He gets captured and is placed into a cell with a female of his kind [your character] as an attempt at a breeding program. Threats and other coercion are used to encourage breeding, and the two of them must work together to escape. The story continues from there as listed above.
    3. My character attempts a raid or infiltration and fails, and then your female character comes in and saves him. This both embarasses and impresses him. This plot for those who like stronger female characters and/or reversing the usual rescuing gender stereotype. I also like it for the dynamic it’d create with my character.
    4. My character gets captured somehow. He then meets a scientist’s [normal] daughter and there’s a connection, so she helps him escape. This plot would deal with the conflicts around her parents identity and differing treatment between her and the experiments, what his group would think of him bringing home a scientist’s daughter and “normal” as a friend or girlfriend, and more.
    5. My character succeeds at infiltrating the lab while impersonating a scientist and meets your character. He likes her and saves her, and then it continues from there as above. Heck, maybe he could even get with an intern scientist that got into the job without known what was going on… I actually like that one. I’d love to do that one, it’d have a good deal of conflict.
    6. Your character in this one is normal, perhaps and acquaintance of mine but more likely a stranger. She gets into a dangerous situation and my character sees it and swoops in -literally- to rescue her. He gets hurt in the process, so she has to help him and also finds out about his strange biology in the process. He then has to convince her to keep the secret and all.
    7. My character’s group does a raid on the lab, accidentally freeing an experiment that’s insane and violent. Your character, either normal or another experiment, becomes the object of fixation of that character, resulting in my character having to protect her from the deranged character until he can be dealt with. In the case of a normal person, there’s also the issue of keeping the secret and all.
    8. This one would be very long term. We rp the two first experiments of this kind through their childhood, mostly in the lab. It would eventually lead up to them escaping together, becoming romantically involved, and building a life for themselves on the outside while trying to fight the labs.
    9. My character and his winged friends were taken in during a desperate time by a doctor and his wife. Assume now that this doctor has a daughter around his age, and these two get together. I assume we could do some kind of plot like the ones mentioned in 6 or 7 to add some danger/action there, but there'd also be the potential that these characters would be close to begin with.
    10. Your character is also an experiment, but is some other type of experiment besides bird winged. This would create some kind of conflict and also could be mixed with most of the above plots. Note: No furries, nothing grotesque please. I was thinking something more catlike, maybe it doesn't even show much externally but gives them better fighting and physical abilities and improves senses, stuff like that.

    Like I said, I’m also open to whatever other ideas you can think of for this universe. Message me with them, it’ll be fun.

    Prehistoric RP or Time Traveller RP
    In this one we would be RPing early modern humans, in a time when humans lived in tribes and hunted and gathered for food. What I’d like to rp are strange characters who begin to invent better things, try to study their world, and do other more recognizably modern things. This would bring them into conflict with their more traditional tribemates and might even get them kicked out.
    Another thing that could be involved is prisoners taken as slaves or wives.. The more modern character could then take pity on them and help them out, resulting in banishment or attempted killing by his tribe.
    This could also be changed to involve time travellers, because those are fun too.
    Many other plots could use time travellers as well. Just ask, I’m sure we can come up with one together.

    ARK rp
    For those of you familiar with the ARK computer games [the ones with dinosaurs and floating islands and all], I would like to do a RP in that universe with original characters. Since characters in the story of the game come from a wide range of times and places, it seems like a very interesting universe to use for a RP with near endless possibilities. We can work out the details together.
    Other, even less fleshed out plots/pairings [I’ll explain when/if I get messages expressing interest, this post feels like it’s becoming too long. Also definitely open to any suggestions.]

    Avatar the last Airbender RP [Mostly new characters, but it might also be interesting to rp Zuko and Katara together. It’s one of the most interesting and non-insane non-cannon pairings I’ve encountered on the internet.]
    How to Train Your Dragon [I have a few ideas both with existing and original characters for these]
    Hunger Games [I want to do one with Katniss and Gale going into the games together. They’d probably be an unstoppable team, and also would end up together. Peeta was always weird to me.]
    Harry Potter/Fantastic Beasts/ Any other wizardry/magic stuff
    Best friend pairings
    Scientists or doctor pairings
    Criminal minds [I’d like to get someone to pair with Reid; he’s my favorite and gets tortured too much in that show.]
    The Good Doctor [Because why not]

    Ignore the "fandom" stuff if it's not done on here. The site I've been on recently did a lot of that, but I'm new and don't see any rules on the topic here thus far.

    Hope to see messages from interested partners soon, thanks.
  2. Oh my, that's a lot to digest.

    Well, stop by the Discord server (linked at the top) to talk to us more directly, but I will say that romance is generally supplemental rather than central to what we roleplay; it just sort of happens naturally as characters build friendships. We have our own universe as well called the Manaverse and I can definitely see your winged humans fitting into their own planet.

    This forum is also mostly... I guess you could call it an add-on to the community. We usually talk on the Discord server (we used to use Skype and IRC which were less conducive to the kind of conversation we'd have here, so the forum was used more) and the forum's just become a place where we have roleplays. I suppose it also serves as a good landing zone for new people though!
  3. I have been told I tend to write too much.

    Is this a large group roleplay site? I typically stick to 1x1 rp.
  4. We've been known to do 1x1 roleplays, but they're less common than larger-scale parties. You'll find most players here can do either, though!

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