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Let's Talk ~ Galamion

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Eebit, Nov 7, 2014.

  1. @Eebit now that we have a real an thing going to happen within the very foreseeable future, can you give us a tl;dr of the changes you're bringing to the system?
  2. I thought I laid it all out decently enough in the original post... but I guess this can serve as a bullet point, elevator pitch summary of what I would like to introduce.

    - Creating a SINGLE Character Chronicle to keep track of all characters in Galamion (to be posted soon)
    --- All experience/gold/items/equipment/etc will be kept track of in Character Chronicle by players
    - Integrating Statistical Roleplaying into Galamion by awarding Statplay-styled experience after quests (will coordinate with all quest leaders to determine numbers)
    - ALL characters begin at Level 1
    - Profiles will have both freeform and statistical components. Users can fill out both, but it is only necessary to fill out Statistical information when participating in stat quests
    - Plans to introduce a "Quest Leaderboard" for notoriety in the realm.

    Hopefully that all makes sense. If anyone needs any clarification on my mindset, feel free to post/contact me however (Skype/PM/IRC/carrier pigeon/letter in a bottle).

    We actually have our own 'multiverse' of sorts on ZEJ, called the Manaverse (referenced a few times throughout this thread) in which all contained planets utilize and function around our established concept of Mana Theory. If you're interested in reading more, we have a Wiki established for it, which can be found by clicking the "Main" dropdown menu at the top of the page!

    For now, with Galamion, I think (and any of the Guardians can feel free to correct me if I am spewing misinformation) that we are aiming to currently keep the technology rather 'primitive' - steampunk at the most advanced. I am sure that we would be welcoming in the future to technological innovations, but for now keeping the pre-established vision would probably be the territory I would stay within. Just until we can actually get things rolling! Again, not to rule anything out for the future. Or you can feel free to contact the Guardians (Blackout, Mayari, Rose, and Codaster) to commune with them on the matter~
  3. Just to clarify:

    Guardians are able to have high level NPC characters that are important to country-affecting questlines, without making them start at level 1?
  4. I'm sure there's nothing barring you from making non level 1 profiles, as long as they have no effect on the actual statistical parts of quests, to make things fair for everyone.
  5. Yeah, Gist has it mostly right. You won't be taking them on quests for the sake of levelling up or anything, but the Guardians are most certainly allowed to have important plot NPCs in their arsenal. Think of them like "Guest Characters" of sorts - they stick with the party for a little bit (maybe to show them the ropes, or to progress the plot, or whatever), but ultimately they will not be a permanent part of a given party... at least until other characters get on their level.

    I guess on that note I should make it clear that these Guest characters can have an established level, but after that you won't be allowed to fluctuate it (unless it is increasing with the party [again, when they are at the level]). So pick wisely when you are establishing a power tier for each of your Guest characters!

    And one more thing completely unrelated to Cody's question; I intend to make permadeath A Thing in Galamion. I'm not quite settled on the mechanics of that just yet, but I want to make people cognizant of their choices, and allow some people the opportunity to kill off other player characters. Thoughts, anyone?
  6. As long as you allow revival in the sense of spectres and zombies.

  8. I'm down with Permadeath

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