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Discussion in 'Спам Oстров' started by Kells, Feb 18, 2016.

  1. it's ya boi Dave Phranco here with the latest news:

    KUMQUAT TREES holla at

    no but the Eebs wanted me to post this and tag @jonno (am i tagging correctly) lmao so HERE YA GO FOLKS my shitty touchpad drawing of a kumquat tree for a facebook group chat display picture :p

    how's it going in ZEJland? what have you guys been up to?
  2. It wasn't showing up so I fixed it for all to see

  3. *puts some sriracha on shorts*

    it was showing up fine for me, what was the issue w it?
  4. Facebook, son

    Facebook was the issue all along
  5. No but seriously

    I suspect that you and I could see it because we're in the Facebook group, but @Jonno couldn't see it because he's not. Facebook and hotlinking is a bizarre thing.
  6. Kumquats all make the world go round
    Kumquats all make the world go round
    Kumquats are made for you and me
    Kumquats made from the kumquat tree

    You and me
    Eating kumquats in our kumquat tree
    You and me
    Eating kumquats is our destiny

    Kumquats find us in the strangest ways
    In our home or from a kind old man from Norway
    He gives us the kumquat to restore life
    and destroy any personal strife

    Because kumquat is as kumquat does
    Kumquat tree is the life for all but one
    The one who hate the kumquat do not know
    What they are missin - kumquat is the heart of home

    You and me (kumquat, kumquat)
    Eating kumquats in our kumquat tree (kumquat, kumquat)
    You and me (kumquat, kumquat)
    Eating kumquats is our destiny (kumquat, kumquat)

    Kumquat, kumquat
    Kumquat, kumquat
  7. * Jonno looks back into this topic.

    Nice kumquats.

    Man, I have a propensity to break into random, long-winded song. LOL
  8. so i had no idea where to post this so KUMQUAT LAND IT IS


    its not the exact font but the tall, skinny caps paired with a slight tilt is making this feel very overwatch-y lmao. so dramatic

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