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Discussion in 'Comings and Goings' started by 悪魔の王, Jan 28, 2012.

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  1. My name is August, and I am the younger sibling of Venomous Pidgey! My username is Japanese for King of Demons, and I tend to use it on most forums. I am a big fan of Anime, but have never really played Pokémon, but I will be willing to try out the ASB, but I will probably just be a general role-player.

    I hope to see you all around!
  2. What the. You're not Draigon. What the crap you doin' with his title? You got a death wish?

    Oh wait... you mean demons... oh ok. That was a close one, cause like, I was about to cut you in half, cook your remains and feed you to the poor I plan on killing later.

    So uh... welcome!
  3. Haha.. Ha? I don't know whether to find this funny or to be scared. So I will do a bit of both. o:

    Thanks for the welcome?
  4. Welcome to zej, I don't have anything in particular to say, but, yeah welcome.
  5. Thank you Gold! c:
  6. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa centered text
    Hey there, August, I hope you have a good time here at ZEJ. There's actually plenty of RPs open right now, so I guess it was the perfect time to join. By the by, you can call me Nate ~
  7. こんばんは、あくまのおう! 私はエスピヨネチャール、でもあなたは、私をEspyの呼び出すもできます! 私は印度に住んでいる!

    Crappy 日本語 is crappy, never mind it. XD Also, I used the Kotoeri keyboard for this. I also dislike Kanji (</3), and I like spinach. <3
  8. So you roleplay eh? It'll be good to have another one of those around, especially since that's this site's main focus. XD I'm Masquerade, the resident crazy fellow, but you can call me Masq for short. Hope you come to enjoy it here as much as I do. :>
  9. Welcome, welcome! I hope you enjoy your time here in our lovely little 'paradise!' My name is Eebit, and I'm just one of your slightly insane admins here. I don't really have a whole lot to say that the others haven't yet, but I know that you'll get along well with everyone here just fine (or well, as much as a king of demons can)! :>
  10. Haha, thank you for the lovely welcomes, guys! c:​
  11. Nuu, that's MY title! The others will testify to my being more of a loon than you! XP
  12. Nope, Masq is crazier.

    (Also welcome. :p)
  13. ^ I'm crazier.

  14. Sorry Espy, but I don't think you've been in a chatroom with him. :|
  15. Fight, fight, fight...!

    Thank you Kudamon!
  16. Guys what the hell.


    Thank you. *eats Masq and poops on Espy*

    Oh yeah, welcome japanesecharacterman. Did you see me poop on this guy? It was funny huh? I also poop on Eebit, Shadow, Nate, and sometimes Lord X-Giga-X when he's not looking.
  17. Oh, August. You made me lol so hard. <3
  18. My point exactly. <3

  19. 1- If you've never been in a chatroom with Masq, you cannot judge his sanity. Trust me, Masq is far, FAR more insane than you are.

    2- If not existing means that you're insane, then Shadow's crazier than you, too. :p
  20. Oh, Shadow exists alright. :p Shall I tell you about the time when Never mind, let's not get into that story. XP
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