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DISCUSSION If You Could Pick Any One ZEJ Roleplay to Become a Video Game...

Discussion in 'Roleplaying Discussion' started by Eebit, Dec 25, 2012.

  1. ...which RP would you pick? A pretty standard question, but one that I've been mulling over in my mind lately. I could probably prattle on about the majority of the RPs and why I want each of them to become video games, but really, I'm interested in the opinions of the rest of you lot. So, have at it, I s'pose. What RP would you pick to convert into a game of 'feature' length?
  2. When finished, ARKNET.

    [sub]totally not biased[/sub]
  3. Tales of Alidaire: The Struggle.

    Hands down.
  4. Well, hm. I'd pick RtW because Pokemon, but with all the different perspectives it works best as an anime. Same goes with CoURP, ARKNET, and most likely QI. Statplays are already geared like a video game... and with it narrowed down that much, I'd have to pick Tales of Alidaire: The Struggle or Oblivion Phantasy ~ A Decaying Flux. They both have interesting plot bases, killer soundtracks, and often hilarious character interactions, and anyone who knows me knows full well that I choose video games for their plots, character depth, and music. :)
  5. Probably The Ultimate Tournament. It would make an awesome fighting game, in my opinion. Think about it. It has a memorable and cool cast, many of which would feel right at home in a fighting game. It has a simple, yet cool crossover-like story. Plus, there are plenty of cool rivalry possibilities. Baboy Man vs Giott the Dwarf, anyone? It would just be plain awesome.

    Or a massive crossover fighting game featuring several different ZEJ roleplays in Super Smash Bros/PlayStation All-Stars style. That would be cool too. :p
  6. I almost went with The Ultimate Tournament as well. With such depth in such a simple design, such individuality, and such a legacy that it has imparted upon ZEJ as a whole- UT is pretty much the primary reason ZEJ even came into fruition, mates - one would think that it would be a no-brainer for me to choose. It certainly is the most influential message board RP to me, personally, even to this day and likely always will be since I hold such a great sentiment towards it- and yes, Brawly, Baboy Man vs. Giott the Dwarf was an amazing fight - but, for the sake of being unique, and giving real wonderful, unique stories as a whole a chance... I'm giving Mayari's L'inno della Morte my top honor.

    Surprised? So am I, but seriously, L'inno della Morte becoming a video game would bring the real horror back to horror games that's been missing, to a point, for the past decade or so. The lead antagonist (while it would likely need to be toned down just a tad to let the title retain an M rating) is truly horrifying, and knowing the Magnolia girls, there's probably some major underlying plot line going there for how it materialized that I'm really interested in, plus, the ambiance that's perfect for a horror title is just there. L'inno della Morte, if it were professionally pitched somewhere, could've became a major motion picture with its basic premise in tow. It reminds me of a really, really, really good Resident Evil-y storyline (though the actual Resident Evil movies are something else...), without as much cheesiness, and with more Tomari Spalding, who is definitely a character whom I hope to really expand upon somewhere-somehow someday.

    So, L'inno della Morte it is, for me.
  7. The obvious answer here, everyone, is Teh Quest of a Buncha Heroes to Get the 4 Orbs n Dafeet da Evul Overlord.
    10/10 would play
  8. I would actually like to see Quirenyun's Imprinted as a video game most, to be perfectly honest. While it isn't very far (partly my fault, especially at the moment...), I could see it as an awesome tactical military/stealth game.
  9. Actually, never mind. How about...


  10. ^ 10/10 would play #GameOfTheYear
  12. For this to happen, Faces of Eebit would have to be a real roleplay!

    Bumping this because I think it's a cool topic and warrants some more in-depth discussion. What sort of style of video game would you translate freeforms like QI or ARKNET into? And how about those statplays; FFT-style, Fire Emblem, or something entirely different?
  13. For Freeform, I would imagine you have to fit the topic of the RP to the game. For example, something like ARKNET could easily go into something like an Action RPG, while something like PKMN Raised to Win would go into... well, that's just freakin obvious.

    For Statplay style I would prefer a FFT-style game, but of course I'm highly biased toward that...
  14. Aren't we all? ;P

    I read through all of the freeforms in page 1 though, and I have to agree that ARKNET could actually be taken somewhere with its intricate plot and evolving storyline. Though to be fair, it was the only one that developed enough to make a true opinion about it, other than RtW.
  15. RtW wouldn't smoothly transition into a game; traditionally, Pokemon really only focuses on one viewpoint, whereas in RtW we currently have like three or four different scenes.

    I could see an adaptation that focuses on a player and has Zoltan/Acento/etc as rivals and such, but that's it.

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