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I will break all of your necks. <3

Discussion in 'Comings and Goings' started by Yunicon, Nov 15, 2011.

  1. :3

    Don't worry, I will make sure your deaths are quick. <3 I am Venomous Pidgey, but you may just call me VP, Venom or anything else you want. I adore Pidgeys, and I am a big fan of ASB, so I will be jumping over there for the time being.

    Au revoir!
  2. Welcome to ZEJ~ Have fun.
  3. Break my neck? Hah! Bring it. Your neck-breaking against my sword. B|
  4. ¡Bienvenidos a esta forum! Ojala que tendrás un buen tiempo aquí!


    Anyway, welcome to ZEJ! I look forward to seeing you in the ASB, and perchance in other RPs on this forum.
  5. Togepi will protect me while Togetic breaks YOUR neck.

    Anyway, welcome, yada yada, now- oooooh, Pidgey! Togepi, Metronome!
  6. Haha, a newcomer with an intense personality right off the bat; I'm looking forward to seeing you around! As everyone else has said, welcome to ZEJ, our humble corner of the internet! I hope you nestle right on in to our lovely little family here!

    Enjoy your stay, and hope to see you around :>
  7. Oh, hey, thar. Welcome to Cult ZEJ!
    Break my neck? Nice to know that. <3 I'm sure you can break my nonexistant neck. <3

  8. Welcome to our new, if murderous, member.

  9. Thank you for the welcomes everyone! Don't worry, I'm not really that mean.. Sorta. :3

    Vero, I adore that picture! :D
  10. No, really, just try and break my neck. I don't have one. (If I do, it's reeeeeeaaaaallly small. XP)

  11. How do you not have a neck!? D:

    Pidgeys are common because they are loved, and always used for HM Fly slaves. <3
  12. I have a neck, but my head's really deep-seated into my clavicle. XD
    (You a guy or gal? I'm guessing gal, from your avvie/siggeh. XD)

    *sigh* That's true... Pidgeot's a beast.
  13. I'm a boy.. 8D

    No, seriously, I am a girl. ;D

    I am glad you agree with me on that!
  14. Wait, lolno, you ARE a boy.

    Everyone knows that girls are nonexistant on the interent. Silly me for asking you your gender. *SHOT* XD
  15. But I am a special girl. :3
    Some of us are actually real!
  16. Welcome to ZEJ Venomous Pidgey!
  17. In Soviet ZEJ, neck breaks you! xD *shot*

    Anyway, welcome to ZEJ VP, hope you have an enjoyable time and hopefully some things (besides ASB ) will catch your attention on the forum.

    *gets back to writing story*

    (stupid smilies >.>)
  18. Thank you for the welcome guys! :)
  19. crazy; le smilies, they aren't stupid. :p

    VP; lolno you're a boy. EVERYONE knows that girls hate Pokemon!
  20. What? That is a total lie! Do I need to post a picture of myself to prove it? :|

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