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Discussion in 'Comings and Goings' started by Ladon, Jul 1, 2017.

  1. This place looks fascinating after I stumbled onto it. I have not been role playing for a while as I recalled, but this place looks to be a perfect opportunity to do so. I may not be experienced in role playing, but I've been committed to it such for actually a decade!

    I do hope to make new friends and enjoy my time here! Any ideas how should I get started?
  2. Welcome to ZEJ! I'm Keileon, one of the admins here. If you have any questions, you can talk to anyone with a red or blue name and we should be able to help you out.

    A couple of good ways to get started:

    1. Click the Discord link at the top of the page in order to join our server and chat with us. You don't need to download anything, since Discord can be used both as a client and in your browser. Most of our daily activity is there.

    2. Have any roleplay ideas? Start up a thread in the Interest Checks section and see if anyone wants to join in!

    3. Just want to talk? Check out or create threads in Miscellaneous Conjectures (a "general" chat area) or the Roleplaying Discussion board.

    By the way, I love your username and avatar. Dragons and mythology are two of my weak points.

    Enjoy your stay!

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