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How would one edit a post?

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Xeluior, Jun 15, 2015.

  1. I have a post I would like to edit but I have found no way of doing that. Is there a button, because I haven't found one.
  2. Along the bottom of your (own) posts, you should see a bar with options to Edit a post, Quote it, Reply to it, etc etc.  


    Obviously, some of those options are mod-exclusive, but the edit button should be there...

    Also, this is the wrong section for you. The ZEJ-o-AMA section is used for asking other users questions -- getting to know each other a little better! The section for help with the site and such is actually our Suggestions section. Sorry for the confusion! I'll move it for you posthaste.
  3. At the bottom of your post, there's those little icons on the right- like reply and quote. Edit is all the way to the left of the list- it looks like a little square with a pencil/pen.
    And for future reference reference, AMA is more for making a thread where people can ask you questions about yourself. (if you want, you can try to edit your current post and you can change the thread's title- just click "full edit" and scroll down)

    In the future, help questions should be put here, I guess, or PMed directly to say, a staff member. To PM someone, just go the top of the screen and click the blue square next to "messages" (it's on that little bar under the logo). From there, look the left where it says menu and click "Compose".

    That whole Menu is for the User Control Panel, shortened to User CP. There's a link to access it in the same little bar where the messages icon was. From this screen you can then check other User CP icons.

    For example, clicking "Edit Profile" let's you set your location, birthday, user title (the thing under people's user names, your default one right now is "Still Just a Newb"), gender, and other little tid-bits of info. Under that "Edit Profile" button are also the options to change your avatar and your signature, which appears at the bottom of your posts (so for example, mine is the image of "bespredel" written in Russian and then the word written out in text).

    Hope this provides some good info for you during your stay here at ZEJ. :)

    EDIT: Damn it eeboob, right when I post
  4. [​IMG]

    fastest posts in the west, baby
  5. it's just because mine's bigger
    #lolol #fiteme

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