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Hollow Reflection (Out of Character)

Discussion in 'Out of Character Discussion' started by Ziolang, Apr 4, 2016.

  1. OoC shenanigans here.

    Also, if anyone wants anything about there characters in a public reference location, I can add them to this post. Otherwise, Character Profiles will be handled by use of the Manaverse Wiki.

    My Characters:

    Benson Eilevoa

  2. Don't let the size of my opening post intimidate you or give you the wrong impression. It needed to be long to help paint the setting. A post, except for maybe intro posts, never really needs to be longer than a single paragraph.
  3. If anyone's curious, my character is a Sarkiri, basically a Manaverse Argonian.

    Any screenshot of a lizard with white and red warpaint here is my recreation of him:
  4. Welp, I think Lanes is already becoming her own character. She's like, half a player character now. So that already puts my tally at... two and a half characters? Grand.
  5. For those familiar with Skyrim: Caligan is wearing basically the Shrouded Outfit.

    For those who aren't: He's wearing what Shii-Ra is in the linked image, but robes/gloves/simpler shoes instead of actual light armor:

  6. If y'all want, I could time-skip us to Clan Hall
  7. I know I've mentioned it to a couple of ya but I realize I should probably mention it here.

    Apologies for my hiatus, I'm visiting family this week. Will be back up and running next week. Dun worry bout it~
  8. [1:00:12 AM] [Starr] Do note the rifle is entirely Syelsumoii engineered. It most likely came from her mother
    [1:00:27 AM] [Starr] Before, well, she ded
    [1:00:41 AM] [Starr] Reccel has a rifle too
    [1:00:50 AM] [Starr] So I gotta wonder where THAT came from
    [1:00:57 AM] [Ziolang] yeah anyone but Benson right now probably doesn't even know what it is
    [1:01:13 AM] [Starr] "ehh thats a funny looking sword..."
    [1:01:20 AM] [Ziolang] ^
    [1:01:24 AM] [Starr] "Do you want me to demonstrate what purpose a rifle has?"
    [1:01:26 AM] [Starr] "sure"
    [1:01:35 AM] [Starr] *Airakou shoots off Benson's hat*
    [1:01:42 AM] [Starr] "Your hat displeased me anyway."

    Can we please make this A Thing that happens
  9. Sorry I'm not posting much in this. Caligan has a very clear sense of how he wants to do things and when.
  10. Apologies for my general absence. I am still intending to push on with this. So. Kuda are you posting or should I timeskip to morning?
  11. I'll figure something out. Between irl things, CoU, and trying to update KeM after losing some files I haven't had time.
  12. @Red Starr @CodasterTheDisaster @Keileon

    Prompting for interest. I kind of let this fall by the wayside and I apologize for that. Are we up for continuing this? Or shall I let the reaper claim its own?
  13. Airakou still needs to piss more people off.
  14. alright I think we left off with @Keileon ? Unless you were finished?

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