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Hiya! What a lovely place.

Discussion in 'Comings and Goings' started by Mythril, May 3, 2017.

  1. Hello! The name is Sam, but Silver works too.

    I've done forum RP for a few years and have been looking to get back into one and thus I stumbled upon this place. I have little witty to say in this intro other than Anime and especially Nasuverse are the love of my life and I'm excited to get back to writing (but hell's bells this creative freedom I love it and am terrified simultaneously XD ).

    Anywho I'm looking forward to RPing with all of you lovely people here :D
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  2. Hey! I've already somewhat met you on our Discord (a lot of people seem to be going there first these days, it's just easier for more immediate questions), but I am / was the guy with the visible emoji nickname, since for some reason @Keileon 's fox face appears as a box for a lot of people. Windows quirks, I guess.

    I'm Nebulon Ranger, but a lot of the current guys know me by my older name, Dark. Either one works, honestly. I'm the guy you go to if something's broken here on the forums, which is the reason I have the orange banner in my post author box.

    I see you found Fate/Lunaterra! I decided to get involved with it myself despite not knowing much about the Fateverse as a whole (more of a Dragonball guy myself), but I look forward to writing with you. ;)
  3. Same to you Nebullon! I had spotted your name in the roster, so huzzah!

    We'll see what Master my dear magus partners up with so who knows if we'll be on the same side or not :D
  4. Well hi hi to you Captain and dear resident fox ^o^

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