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Hey, presto!

Discussion in 'Comings and Goings' started by Lord of Umbra, Apr 18, 2012.

  1. Hello, Zantok-Eebit-J forums. I am the Lord of Umbra, and am cousin to the one called 'Espeonature'. I am an alien species who loves Fire Emblem and uses Dark Magic and Staves and, as indicated by my user name, is a lord of shadows. I have been put on ZEJ for the sole purposes of GM-ing FES: AoS (the FE statplay), and drumming up activity, and being as annoying as my brother. Except not really, but you know what I mean. I also rant a lot and speak in overly long sentences that don't even make sense if you think about it for a while which you shouldn't do because you will go all existentialist and that is not good because someone is bound to come near and squirt you with a water gun or something to prevent you from turning into Cyrus from Pokémon and destroying the world to make a new world which is NOT a good thing and I just noticed how long this sentence is so I'm terminating it.

    So. Hello!

    [PS: Administrators and moderators, do note that my IP is the same as Espeonature's IP because we use the same network. Much appreciated.]
  2. > ZEJ
    > Hey, Presto!
    > YOU
    > mfw: WELCOME HERE, BRUDER! <3

    I'd give you the whole spiel of an FWL but a) not really famous; and b) you already know it and I know you. :p
  3. Yes, bruvva, I am here. Welcome to me, I guess!

    And ZEJ, do note that I am much more annoying than Espeon (his name's too long so I will call him this) in real life. Just sayin'
  4. Welcome to ZEJ! We seem to be getting a new person here every week or so! Well, I hope that you enjoy your stay here!
  5. ^...Somehow, it seems to me you don't actually mean that. :p
  6. Don't read too much into it, Espy. I'm exhausted and generally pissed off, but at least I'm being welcoming. :|
  7. ^I'm sorry, it's only that everyone is angry with me for no fault of mine, and is always getting mad at me because I say something that isn't even offensive, and always targets me ALL THE TIME. Excuse me while I simply sit around taking abuse! After all, Espeonature isn't human enough to have feelings, so let's all get mad at him, he won't mind! I mean, GIVE ME AN EFFING BREAK HERE.
  8. ... Except my original comment wasn't even directed at you...

    Either way, let's avoid cluttering the thread, shall we? Expect a PM cause I'm mildly confused here.
  9. Right, please do take it to PM. I probably shouldn't be telling off an admin, but I'm not having you both fight publicly, especially off-topic.

    But, Kudamon, I thank you for welcoming me.
  10. Nah, you weren't even really telling me off. :p But yeah, my welcome was sincere, despite how I came off. You're welcome~
  11. Welcome to ZEJ+DSKF, Umbra!
  12. Welcome to ZEJ! I'm looking forward to roleplaying with you!
  13. Well, thanks for welcoming me, all of you.

    Dark, what is DSKF? Dark's Secret... Keyblade... Forum?
  14. I think it probably stands for Dark-Shadow-Kudamon-Flamezone since we're the other admins.
  15. Welcome to ZEJ, Mr. Umbra! I do hope you enjoy your stay here, and hope that you stick around for a while! It seems that you're already getting yourself acquainted with everyone around, so I'll keep this nice and short (and hopefully sweet!). If you have any questions, fire a PM my way, and I'll be happy to answer them! Hopefully you don't go on any world-destroying sprees around here; we most certainly don't need more of those ;)

    Overall, welcome, and enjoy your stay!
  16. Thank you, Eebit! Don't worry, I do not get angry very easily. If Espeon hasn't been raging and destroying the countryside already, then I am not likely to do so!

    I know a little about ZEJ already Espeon's been telling me a lot about ZEJ. :p Don't worry, nothing bad. :p
  17. Welcome to ZEJ, I would be our resident Nobody (Nobody, as in empty shell), and yeah. So, anyway, welcome.

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