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Hey all, hey all

Discussion in 'Comings and Goings' started by Lan Prower Kopaka, Nov 17, 2012.

  1. So I'm Lan. I'm friends with *ShiningStar* and DW_ and a few other people from another site called The Sonic Station who I think go here as well, so...I came over to see what it's like. :p Not much of an RPer, but I'm sure I'll have some fun here. So...yeah. :D
  2. Ohai, it's Lan~ Good to see you here, buddy. I know it's most role-playing and such here, but if you ever get into it, this'll be a good place for you. ^ ^ Glad to have you aboard~
  3. Oh mi gwash!! Hi Lan! I am so glad you decided to join! =D You are going to have so much fun here! There is a bunch of great people I want you to meet and so much here for us to do! I am also an RP novice but there is the best of the best here so I am sure we will learn in no time! Kyaa I am just so happy you are here now!

    I am sure you will fit in just fine!! But since you are new, you are my apprentice now!! ^^
  4. Thanks Shining! I'll be happy to meet new people

    And I guess I am. ^^;
  5. I'm sure people will be happy to meet you! You are such a great person Lan!! =D

    And don't worry! I will be a kind and fair mentor to you!! =3
  6. Hey, welcome to ZEJ! Always good to have new faces around. I'm Kuda and I will be your tour guide for this evening am an admin of the forum under the guise of a cult mod as navy blue looks cooler than red. We're fairly relaxed around here and not everyone roleplays, so I'm sure you'll fit in just fine~ Have a good day, hope to see you stay. [/awful rhyme]
  7. Very good to know, dude! I'm sure I'll like it here. :)
    Ah, so this is what Kudamon does when not working with Sampson. :p

    And I'll do my best to stay, don't you worry. ;)
  8. Hey, its Lan! Hope what I found in my toilet is still doing well Hope the sonic station is still going well! Now you have decided to join us here though, it makes us happy :D. A new member a day is like... An Aneurysm apple a day? IDK. Really though, hope you enjoy your stay here!
  9. ... what Sampson doesn't know won't hurt him. <.<'
  10. Oh shit, it's Lan. Hey Lan! It's me, DW_!
  11. *grabs Cid and spanks him*

    You watch your tongue when in the presence of TSS's Princess and King!!
  12. Yes, The Sonic Station lives on happily. :) And I'm glad I can bring all sorts of happy feelings. :p
    Of course. ;)
    Hey dude, I recognized the wolf. ;)
  13. Erp. I think I'm in trouble...
  14. Hey there Lan! I've heard lots about you from some of our other members (all good, of course!), so it's nice to finally put the uhh... virtual username to the virtual face/avatar/whatever! My name's Eebit and I'm one of the administrators of this fair community. It's a pleasure to have you here!

    If roleplaying isn't your cup of tea, then we'd still love to have you around our Miscellaneous Conjectures section, and of course, the ever-popular Forum Game Land and Spam Island! There are a few things lying around the forum that are just waiting to have their potential tapped into - after all, ZEJ was intended as a hangout forum in the beginning anyway, with some roleplaying included in the mix!

    Hope to see you around, and if you ever have anything you need, feel free to contact me :>
  15. Why thank you! I may check those out, see if I can contribute some posts. ;)
  16. *hugs* And I will post with you! =D

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