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Here's where things get weird...

Discussion in 'Ask-a-Character' started by Nebulon Ranger, Apr 28, 2016.

  1. ... because this thread is where my cast (or at least most of it) will answer pretty much any question you can think of.


    • Dark (wiki page) will answer in red.
    • Kam (son of the above) will answer in silver. He does not have a wiki page yet. Image for reference.
    • Jude (wiki page) will answer in this shade of blue.
    • Alex (Jude's daughter) will answer in this shade of blue. She does not have a wiki page yet. Database link for reference.
    • Mirah (Jude's wife) will answer in gold. She does not have a wiki page yet. Eat your heart out, Jason.
    • Dennis (Jude's cousin) will answer in orange. He does not have a wiki page yet, and does not appreciate the "x is fire" meme, so don't bother asking.
    • Jack (wiki page out of date) will answer in this shade of grey.


    • Ayana (queen of blueberries and snowcones) will answer in yellow.
    • Terrence (or Terry, if you prefer), the only black Euthoran, will answer in grey.
    • Rodrick (destroyer of sinners) will answer in whatever this color is, you SINNERS!

    [ HIT IT! ]
  2. Jude: "Hm... for a man who knows what a fridge is, you seem to not know what the cold storage door looks like."

    Jude: "On second thought, it is baffling that I even call it that. Simply look for the door in the basement that seems to be frosted over."
  3. @Dark- Do those oversized canine teeth of yours ever get in the way? Do they bother you at all? What does your dentist have to say about it
  4. Dark: "I... um... well, yes. A lot. Most of the time I stuff the side of my face rather than the front, and I'm pretty sure the dentist long ago figured that out. It's awkward sometimes."
  5. Jude: "Valen, that is ice cream. Ice cream is not shaving cream or hair wax. That would be disgusting."
  6. Hey Jude. Being a musician myself, I gotta ask: Did you ever have lessons or are you self taught? If the former, who taught you? I mean, there has to be someone super specialized in this to teach a /demigod/.
  7. Jude: "Interesting that you would ask such a question. It is not a straightforward answer by any means." he says, reaching up to retrieve a stack of books from a shelf, "These books are my own chronicle of self-learning based on knowledge from past incarnation of me, or so they say. They contain quite a number of sheets, among other theory miscellany and playing technique. It is through a combination of them and my own passion that I learned the art of putting marks on a paper to music." A chuckle. "Though, at times poring over these tomes for knowledge is somewhat akin to learning from others. Some of my past selves did not seem very good at committing information to text."
  8. @Jude- in Alter timeline, what do you expect your incarnations after SCT will have to say about the shenanigans that are CoU?
  9. Jude: "Difficult to say for certain, given the nature of reincarnation. Whatever shape I take next could be vastly different compared to who I am now." he responded, eyes immediately darting from left to right as if to check if anyone was nearby as he raised his left hand to the side of his mouth, "I find myself thinking that some may agree with cousin Dennis on the teenager angle, though. Do not speak a word of this to hi--" "YES! Validated! They're all fucking idiot angsty teenagers!"

    A sigh.
  10. Dennis I wasn't fucking talking to you
  11. Dennis: "Think I give a shit?"
  12. Are we going to hold an argument in an AMA

    For that matter am I going to hold an argument with a fictional character
  13. Dennis: "I dunno, are y--WAAAAAAH!" *SLAM* "FUCKING HELL JUDE."

    Jude: Lowering his arm as the slight bluish glow fades from his eyes, he continues, "At any rate, if you have any questions for any of the others in addition to myself, Dark or Dennis, feel free to ask them, as I noticed that Jack seems to be quite bored sitting in that chair over there."
  14. @ Jack: what kind of chair is it...? Is it comfy...? :eek:
  15. Jack: "Well, it's a leather swivel chair, which is nice. Definitely more comfortable than a cheap office chair like the one I have back at my computer bank."
  16. jack what would you do if the back of your chair just snapped off at the left armrest
  17. Jack: "Steal one from the mess hall and modify it. Either that or weep for the old chair before ordering a new one."

    (that question LOL)
  18. Jack, Jude, Ayana, and Terrence: when are you going to react to the battle raging around you

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