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Her Guardian

Discussion in 'Comings and Goings' started by TorpedoTen, Aug 5, 2012.

  1. Hi there!

    I'll write more later. Too tired. :c
  2. LOL!

    Welcome whoeveryourfaceis! I'd like to know more, but sleep comes before information, as demanded by the admins of the universal internetz!

    Anyway, welcome and enjoy your stay!!
  3. Hey Goliath~ I know you've been hoppin' around here for a while, and that I've greeted you in Chatzy before I left, but welcome all the same! PM me if you have any questions and all that jazz, though it seems you've already taken to fitting in just swell.

    Enjoy your stay!
  4. Hi there everyone. I didn't write much when I had popped this out because lazy.

    I'm Goliath, I come from TheZones like Mobius does, and I'm a comedian in training.

    I also have no love for owlpeople.

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