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Hello! I am Nue here!

Discussion in 'Comings and Goings' started by Nue, Feb 11, 2017.

  1. Hi, I am Nue. I am a Lvl 34 Furry Shitposter with access to high-end russian mayonnaise weaponry, eternal PUNisments, and duct-tape so don't mess with me!

    Who brought you here?
    @Nebulon Ranger , he's a really convincing goy.

    What is your knowledge of this site?
    I know nothing about the Manaverse, but I trust it truly is something enthralling and worth my time. I do know roleplaying, however, and have been RPing for several years. So there's that.

    Why puns?
    Because Wynaut?
    Anyways, nice to be here! If you have any more questions for me, just let me know, otherwise, I have a quation for y'all...

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  2. omg HI NUE 8D

    -throws flowers and skips away back to Hell-

    *narrows eyes* yeah that's right, back to hell with you!
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    Hi, I'm Gold/Moon! I'm the baby, I'm like a level 7 gay shitposter. Nice to meet you, always good to have more jokesters around here :5

    If you're interesed in RPing you should check out our Interest Check section! Anyways, I'll let one of the staffers give you a real intro.

    EDIT: and hey, maybe check out our Discord!
  5. I think you'll fit in well here.

    Welcome to ZEJ! If you need any help or have questions just talk to anyone with an orange, red, or blue name.

    We have a ton of furries here anyway (myself included) and about half the forum is shitposts tbh
  6. Hey there, Nue!

    Glad to see that Dark is putting himself to use and bringing people over! I'm Gist, and I've been here for a minute now. If you have any questions, like Kuda mentioned above, please don't hesitate to ask. As for getting started RPing, I'd go ahead and suggest our Interest Check board to get a feel for what kinds of stuff our members have cooking. If none of that is your cup of tea, start something of your own, and I'm sure that someone will come flocking to your thread at some point in time. Also check out our Discord if you're interested in that sort of thing as well, as there are quite a few people always online and chatting their lives away.

    Make yourself at home in the abyss...
  7. It's open collaboration, so if either you or Pahn wanted to, you could drop me a message and I could set you up with a wiki account (you can browse without one but open registration is disabled because we had a rather large spam problem at one point) and Discord channel access.

    But anyway, I think that's two people now who moseyed on over to our little corner of the internet because I posted regular updates on my XF theme journey on Iwaku's discord? I am 100% okay with this.
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  8. Welcome to ZEJ, Nue!
  9. Thanks for sparing us the time on learning how to pronounce your username with that title! Puns are both entertaining AND effective. Take that, world - only toasters can say the same.
  10. Aha, another Nue-comer! Welcome to ZEJ! It's good to meet you. My name is Eebit, and I'm one of the administrators of this slice of the internet pie. I'm a big fan of puns, so if you've got 'em feel free to let 'em fly!

    Accidental rhyme. Nice.

    It would seem that I was a bit late on the welcome wagon this time, so I can see that your question of where to start RPing has been answered a couple times over. The logical flow of things is generally Interest Check / "gathering" phase --> Character Creation --> In-Character Roleplaying.

    The Manaverse, at its core, is a great big collaborative universe. An umbrella under which a number of our members' worldbuilding projects exist. We've been playing long enough that we've "grown into" each other in terms of the way we handle things like magic and superpowers in the universe. So if a roleplay is set in a Manaverse world, there's no confusion as to the "how" of some things happen; less room for godmodding and the like. It's by no means exclusive -- in fact, if you're interested, I'm sure most anyone involved would be happy to yammer on about it for a while! Otherwise, as @Nebulon Ranger mentioned, we do have a wiki that you can browse at your own leisure.

    Beyond that, if you have any questions, feel free to reach out! Most of us are pretty knowledgeable on how the site works at this point, so if you message anyone they would be happy to help. Us red- and blue- (and orange- and green-) named folk are, in particular, good sources of knowledge. And, as they say, knowledge is power!
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  11. Hullo friend with wolf avatar. I, too, have a canine as my avatar (a completely normal one), as you can plainly see, and am told all the time what a good boy I am. :dog:

    The old song and dance has been performed by everyone else above, so aside from welcoming you to our community, I figured I'd be our local Statistical Roleplaying advocate. I notice you took an interest to Gold Dullahan's "602 Laws of Command"-- statplaying isn't terribly different from DnD when it comes down to it, although it's more easily comparable to Fire Emblem games, Final Fantasy Tactics, or Disgaea, if you've experienced of any of those. It's basically our attempt at conveying an RPG through a forum, and it's a lot of fun to get into if you have any interest in it. If you're looking for roleplays around here, at least half of our current activities are Statistical in nature, so there's no shortage of things to join!

    To name an immediate few, my statplay based on Pokemon Mystery Dungeon is always accepting (and is in its opening scenes), we have a very exciting project in the ZEJ Statistical Colosseum coming up, and Keileon might be starting her fascinating sci-fantasy roleplay, Interface soon! If any of them catch your eye and you're willing to give our statistical system a shot (you can really see it in action straight away by giving this thread a peek), you can always contact me on how to get started.


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