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Goodbye Earth {RP THREAD}

Discussion in 'Statistical Roleplays' started by Spaughtyena, Jul 28, 2013.

  1. 'The struggle for survival is a war without end.......and war......war never changes...'

    The wasteland was a bleak and desolate place, showing no mercy to those who walked its lonesome roads. Often the sky was dotted with still black clouds, raining bits of ash onto the sun baked sands below. The ground was tomb for the scattered bones of nameless wanderers, leaving the rubble of old civilizations, providing no history. It was a place of death, and misery - and the last impression Earth would ever make...

    In the final days of Earth, the date is not recorded, nor the time, except for the scientists of Finale, as they finish the construction of the shuttle believed to save the Earth's races, as they leave the rest of the impure planet to die, shattering itself, and being forgotten undoubtedly. In these final days, there is much to be done; The gathering of supplies, the fight against impure mutants, and even doing what little good it takes for those who will never make the trip, to live a little better in their final days – whether they know it or not.

    On this particular day, eighteen sunsets before the shuttle is scheduled to leave, a group of wanderers would start their paths into becoming heroes. The weather was clear as the sun perched itself in the mid of the gray sky, its light turning the cracked earth a dusty copper. This particular location was not overly note-able, just a simple stretch of black that could have once been a highway, surrounded by dead trees, and littered by empty cans and animal skulls as the road trailed off into the sands, having only a decayed gas-station on its left side.

    The gas-station was rusted heavily,bearing only small pockmarks of peeling yellow paint, as two fallen pumps and a small metal shelf remained outside. The inside was dark, and echoed with the skittering of mutated bugs, and small clanks and the crunching of glass could be heard from outside.

    '...Into each life, some rain must fall, but too much is falling in mine... Into each heart some tears must fall, but someday the sun will shine... Some folks can lose the blues in their hearts, but when I think of you, another shower starts... Into each life some rain must fall, but too much is falling in mine...'

    The nostalgic tune was accompanied by a small amount of static, as it carried itself across the immediate area, its soft melody no doubt arousing curiosity or suspicion, as music was almost unheard of in the wasteland. It lasted only a minute and a half before it was cut out. The small radio on Vido's hip was the source of the music, and only ceased when he placed a paw on the dial, and switched it off.

    Vido stood, leaned back on the side of the gas-station, pistol in its holster as he took a long drag of his cigarette – another rare commodity. His sandy fur blew in the slight breeze as he looked absently down at his helmet, that rested at his feet. He took another long drag before dropping the cigarette on the ground not bothering to stomp it out, as he leaned down, picking up his helmet, and sliding in over his head.

    Behind the red-tinted visor, his brown eyes scanned the horizon, looking for any sort of trouble, or game to hunt – he hadn't eaten in a few days. Aside from the empty feeling in his stomach, Vido was fairly well off, aside from the fact that he and everyone else was irradiated beyond comprehension. However there was a reason he walked the lonesome roads of Earth in this dark hour. He had heard rumors of a city, known as Finale, where the waters ran clean, and people lived normal lives, as well as some line about being saved from the atomic fires of earth. That was enough for him. He was sick of drinking gritty water and eating over-sized bugs – He would find a way into Finale, and spend his remaining caps on as much booze and tits as he could, before enjoying whatever other services the fabled city had to offer.
  2. A long, gradually fading feline shadow could be seen around the left side of the gas station. As the sound of crunching glass grew louder, the shadow seemed to jolt a bit, as if surprised that someone may have found their way to what one could only assume was what it believed was its "home." Next to the shadow was another shadow, this time of what seemed to be a long, but perfectly round rod with spade-shaped protrusions on either end. This shadow immediately vanished as the other one rounded the corner of the building. Emerging from the shadow of the old, broken rest stop was a particularly oddly-colored Bengal tiger.

    Betty Kline's contrasting red and blue eyes scanned the strange helmeted individual. Noticing a colt revolver, she immediately ceased trying to remove the bladed staff from its double loop clip on her back. Instead, she yelled to the individual to remove his helmet. "Sir, would yeh kindly take that headgear off? Bit hard to speak with a new face if yeh well, can't see their face." she beckoned, waving him over. Of course she wanted to know why he was here, if she hadn't already guessed he was on his way to the Hellhole of a city they were all already kicked out of for not being "pure" enough, which in her opinion meant a lot of fucking inbreeding among the so-called "whites." She, of course, was on her merry way to Finale as well, but she sure as Hell didn't want to be left behind when everyone left for 'The New World.' "Yeh on yer way to Finale?" she asked as she waited for him to remove his visor.
  3. Vido instinctively drew his revolver as he heard the stranger approach. The female carried a long staff-like weapon and looked to be feline. Vido was surprised at how trusting she was,  especially in the wasteland. She spoke with a southern accent, which Vido found strange, but lowered his pistol enough to give some semblance of security to the girl, as she asked him his business, and for him to show his face. red flags had already gone up for Vido.

    ”No.” He said bluntly in answer to the girl's question, his voice had a slight amount of static to it as he spoke through the speaker inside his helmet. He noticed her waving him over, and came to the immediate conclusion that she was stupid – she wouldn't last a day like that. He listened a little more and heard her say the obvious words. It seemed everyone who was headed to the city wanted a companion – perhaps all except Vido. ”Ma'am...” he started, ”I personally find your trusting nature appalling, and yes, I'm headed to Finale – aren't we all?”

    With that, Vido turned away from the girl, finished with the pointless conversation, as he re-leaned himself against the wall and stared blankly out to the horizon again, ears flicking to the sound of bugs inside the gas-station. After a few moments of thought, Vido gave a sigh laced with static. He lowered his right hand into a pocket, rummaging around until he withdrew a small tin of cigarettes, and a small matchbox. He popped off the tin's lid and let it fall to the ground as he slid a cigarette halfway out of the container, and pointed it to the girl in offering. ”What's your name?”
  4. Traveling alone could be a danger for anyone, especially if you were a human. Unlike Anthros, humans were weaker than the aforementioned species, but it didn't stop this individual from going on his journey to 'paradise' as some would call it. This gas station would be one of his last stops before venturing to the fated city, Finale. He had stopped to find food here, but his search was in vain as he did not find anything.

    Phelix Marzian, better known as Dex, was about to leave his spot on the roof of the gas station until he heard two voices below him. He watched the two individuals as they conversed each other, noticing the man's blunt way of speaking to the woman. Making sure he had all of his equipment and his facial gear on, Dex quietly climbed down the roof, not making a sound to not disturb the two people in front of him. He examined the two of them, noticing the contrasting species of the Anthros. He had heard the conversation the two were having and paused before leaving the gas station. They were heading for Finale as well. It was always better to travel in groups then alone, so why not travel together?

    The sole human walked out of the shadows, bow still in his holster, staring at the two in front of him. "So you two are heading to Finale as well?" Dex interrupted their conversation, hopefully not startling them. He looked at the man with the helmet, expecting him to draw his weapon. "Do not worry, I am not an enemy, I am just like like the two of you. Well, except for the being an Anthro part." He tried to joke around, though even he had to admit, he had NO sense of humor, at all. "My name is Phelix Marzian, but you may call me Dex. Just like the two of you, I am going to Finale to start anew." He greeted the two of them, showing no hostility in his voice, hoping he would be welcomed despite his race.
  5. Betty looked dumbfounded that the man had immediately jumped to the conclusion that she was essentially too naive for her own good. "Trustin'?" she scoffed, almost having to suppress a loud, sarcastic laugh. Too trusting. Yeah right. "Who said I trusted yeh? Ain't nobody been polite and friendly to yeh before? Too trustin'..." She kicked a broken chunk of concrete across the shattered station with her left foot, then looked him straight in the face. "Name's Betty. Betty Kline. Been livin' here temporary while on my merry way to Finale." she said, inspecting the man. His headgear reminded her of an old legend. "And what would yer name be?"

    Just then, there was a dull thud as the feet of another impacted the cracked earth around her as another poor sod who had fallen victim to the government's exclusionary policies stepped out of the shadows. This one was also a man -- a human, no less -- in almost defiantly black attire. Her head snapped to the new arrival almost instantly. Inspecting him, not only did this man seem to wear a lotof black, but he also seemed to have an affinity for ranged weapons. Or, at least, that's what Betty thought from looking at his strange-looking bow and quiver. She was about to ask the strange human for his name when the man saved her the effort and blurted it out.

    "Dex? I'll just call yeh Dex." she started. Betty almost had to wonder where a man could get a name like that. Phelix Marzian. Made him sound like some strange alien from another world or something. "I'm Betty. As I told this here insultin' one, been holed up here for a bit meself. Surprised I hadn't noticed yeh show up." She looked at his garb again. All black. No wonder she hadn't seen him -- after all the only thing that would have made her stick out was her shirt and stripes. "Then agin, yer wearin' a Hell of a lot of black..." She turned to look at the horizon for a moment. "So we're all headin' fer Finale. After all the formalities are over, what do yeh all say we go about it together?" she said, giving the helmeted man the eye, "Yeh don't earn trust without work, and what better way than to help a fellow out, eh?"
  6. Vido slid his pistol to his hip, holding it at his side as he stood quietly, listening to the woman who was known as Betty. The hyena gave an audible sigh as he purposefully neglected to tell her his name, despite her asking him directly. Instead he focused his attention on the sound of thudding feet behind him, immediately tilting his pistol's barrel upwards from his hip, and aiming it roughly for the man's chest as he spoke.

    For the most part, the pair that had surrounded Vido seemed harmless, save for not having the decency to give him some idea that they were there before jumping out at him, barely saving them from Vido's trigger finger. The man called himself Phelix, but seemed to want the people he spied on to call him 'Dex,' Vido remained quiet. After a few more moments of talking, as well as hearing Betty's distaste for Vido's lack of social adeptness, Vido had decided he had enough of the current situation and turned away from the two, not speaking a single word.

    The sandy-furred hyena walked along the black tarmac with slow and purposeful strides, leaving his revolver in his left hand as he strode forward, past the gas station and continued west. In this direction there were two distinct features. One, to the Northwest, was a small funnel of blackish-green smoke, pluming up to the horizon, strangely attracting no wildlife, coming from beyond a large hill. The second, to the Southwest, was another small, but decimated road, leading into a small canyon path, and into the unknown.

    For a moment, Vido stopped, weighing his options as he scanned the two locations, taking the slightest glance at the two at the gas station, only a few meters behind him, before speaking. ”I don't care if you follow me – but we aren't partners.” he said in another static tone as he pulled the small, rectangular device off his hip and turned a switch. ”Hope you like music – I won't go anywhere without a travel tune.” he said as an old-timey country tune played, laced with static from the small device.
  7. Dex grinned, but the pair of 'allies' with him couldn't see it. He had found some traveling partners, a word that the brooding disliked, and they were...okay for a lack of better words. The one who introduced herself as Betty seemed like an okay Anthro, though any person could tell that her accent was strong. The helmeted one sounded like he had a lot of trust issues and would should either of them for even the slightest slip-up. Dex mentally sighed at his luck at finding traveling companions, these two may be the end of him in the future.

    The sole human looked back at the gas station as the Trust-Issues Anthro began to walk away.  Soon, well not really soon, he would be in Finale and then he could find...her again. Dex unsheathed his bow and examined the wood, mesmerized by its features. With his luck so far, he may end up having to use this weapon to defend himself against someone...or something. Hopefully, it won't come to that just yet. He turned around and started to catch up to the other male. Today was going to be an interesting day for Dex.

    He looked at the two paths ahead of them, one looking dangerous, while the other was mysterious. "Well the choice is obvious here, isn't it, Mr. Trust?" Dex coined the nickname for the man since he had yet to 'trust' Dex and Betty with his name. It was just a name, what would the two of them would do with it anyway? "That smoke could potentially be poisonous, so we should not go that way, right? That small pathway could have potential ambushes waiting, but looking at the two of you." He paused, observing the two Anthros next to him and their weaponry. "I'd be more worried if the ambushers will come out alive." He made a small joke while inputting his own thoughts into the conversation.
  8. She turned around to face Dex. Maybe he had the best plan of action -- after all, this is still the wasteland, who knows what that strange smoke could mean. Could be raiders or something for all they knew. "Yeh sure? Dunno of Captain Distrust would agree as he just seems teh be waltzin' on ahead in some other direction." she said, pondering whether to follow Dex's suggestion or not. Then she remembered that the man was walking away.

    Betty seemed to almost slap her face with her "free" hand when the man discounted what happens when people travel together for extended periods of time. If they weren't partners, then what exactly were they? "Oi! Captain Distrust!" she hollered, running to catch up with him. Thus far, he was the only person not to give them at least a handle. "What do yeh take us fer? Bandits? As if there'd be a point teh banditry 'round these parts. Ain't nobody ever comes by here." She reached out to stop him for a moment, hoping to at least get a name the could refer to him as. She couldn't call him Captain Distrust forever. "Could yeh at least give us a handle? You know, something to remember yeh by if yer uncomfortable with tellin' us yer real name?"
  9. ”Don't call me that.” Vido stated in annoyance when he heard 'Mr. Trust'. He looked down to the tin of cigarettes he still held in his paw, the lid back where he had been leaning, and counted the small, wrinkled rolls of tobacco out on his fingers. Not a moment later he pocketed the 3 remaining smokes he had and tossed the tin aside, making a small clang as they hit the concrete.

    As the hyena took a few more steps, Dex commented on the two routes that lay ahead of them, and the dangers each could pose. Vido turned slowly around, his head tilted slightly in confusion as he stared at Dex. ”I'm not scared of poisonous smoke pal.” he said pointing to the dented tin that once contained his cigarettes. Then, much like before, the woman known as Betty wanted his name, or more specifically a name. Vido sighed.

    Taking his hands from his side, he slid them upwards, reaching for his helmet. He ran his paws to the back of his neck, where the sound of a light metallic pop could be heard, then not long after, the hyena's large paws worked on loosening the helmet. With a light pull, and small neck movements, the helmet was off, with it a small amount of dust that drifted off the top and neck-cover. Vido dropped his left arm limply, letting the weight of the helmet cause it to sway slightly as his hardened brown eyes stared with slight contempt at the feline. On his face were many scars and traces of burns, and his ears were riddled with holes.

    Though his face was no longer being requested, Vido knew that you could tell a lot from someone by their face, and what the look in their eyes could tell you about their past. He looked long, only blinking twice before taking a small breath. ”Satisfied? Good.” With that, he turned away , letting the bottom of his coat follow after. He raised his helmet up and slid it back over his head and began another slow walk towards the canyon, and peered in. ”Goes pretty far – once we head in, it may not be wise to backtrack – still interested?” Vido took a halfway glance at the green smoke, knowing that it was probably trouble, but remained curious. ”The smoke looks like trouble – but it also reeks of prospecting.”
  10. Betty was taken aback as the strange man--now revealed to be a strange hyena--removed his gas-mask helmet-thing. Not only was she not expecting him to have removed the headgear, as he had vehemently refused to when asked to do so earlier, but she wasn't exactly expecting what she saw underneath. Well, not so much 'not expecting' as surprised slightly by what the hyena's face looked like. His ears had holes in them--presumably from bullets that barely missed his skull-- and he had scars all over his face. Not only that, but his eyes--which were set on her in what she could only interpret as contempt and irritation at her persistence in wanting an identity to associate with him--were of a striking hardened brown color, which only seemed to pierce through her whole body. She backed off slightly, almost expecting him to take shots at her with his now-imposing revolver. "I would ask fer a nam t' associate with that there face, but now isn' the best time, I see..." she said, faking fear in a slightly sarcastic tone as she turned toward the canyon.

    She took a glance down the canyon. The hyena seemed to be correct about how far it went; she'd been staring down it for a few minutes trying to see a proverbial light at the end of the tunnel, but with no luck. It just seemed to go on forever. Plus, if they got ambushed while down there, it would be hard to survive given the cramped quarters. She looked in the other direction towards the strange smoke. "Hmm..." she started, pondering whether to go one way or the other. Given her previous considerations, however, she came to a satisfying conclusion rather quickly, and was equally as quick to point it out. "I would have to disagree there, Dex. While I may look armed to th' teeth, anyone ambushin' us would have teh upper hand, given weh'd be on lower ground. I say we head for teh smoke."

    She again focused her gaze on the hyena. Wondering why he seemed intent on not giving them something to call him seemed to baffle Betty slightly, but she decided not to focus on such comparatively trivial matters for the time being. Instead, she posed a simple question; "So, we headin' toward th' smoke? Or no?"

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